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In The Beginning

How my wife, Livvy and her friend, lost their virginity to an older man.
It was a curiously scorching summer night and a mischievous feeling permeated the air. Livvy whistled as she pushed the door open, slinking her way through the doorway.

Livvy's best friend Brittney, invited her over for a girl’s night while her parents were out of town. As Livvy walked throughout the house it felt humid and stuffy. All of the lights to the house were lit. She walked up the long staircase towards Brittney’s room tracing her fingers along the banister.

The notion of Brittney's fingers tracing her silky smooth sides and her full lips caressing Livvy's skin was intoxicating. As soon as brittney had asked Livvy over she was thrilled at the endless possibilities the night could bring. They had only recently experienced an awkwardly sensual moment and Livvy was but too excited to explore her body, but that is another story.

Livvy peered into the room to see Brittney. Her back was to the door. Her figure was athletic and trim, her blonde hair rested on her shoulders, and her summer tan made her skin exquisite. Livvy loved how her red boy shorts hugged her backside. She easily noticed how long and lean her legs were.

Brittney turned, tossing her golden locks of hair behind her. She was wearing a low-cut shirt; her ample chest stretched the already thin material further. Livvy was speechless. Brittney was absolutely stunning. They hugged, and Livvy instantly knew she wanted more of brittney as her hardened nipples peered out of the thin material.

Livvy tossed her bag on Brittney’s bed and kicked off her sandals. Her toes dug into the plush carpet as she peeled away her skinny jeans, letting them fall and rumple at her feet; revealing her bare skin, a cotton black thong conforming to her nubile figure.

Livvy's semi-transparent tank top hung close to her skin, scarcely concealing her fledgling breasts. A breeze suddenly entered the room from the open window, sending chills across her taut body; nipples erect.

Brittney shot an intrigued gaze in her direction. Her lips pursed and pouted as she spoke.

“Is that all you’re wearing tonight,” she asked.

“Yep!” Livvy smiled.

“Livvy, you’re such a whore!” Brittney giggled.

Livvy smirked in agreement. Even at sixteen, sinful urges surged through every fiber of her body. Brittney briskly passed by her, slapping her bare bottom. Livvy let out a playful ‘ah-ha!’ Brittney realized the curtains to her room were still open, so quickly she drew the curtains shut and she raced down stairs to the game room.

Secretly, Livvy adored the thought of strangers watching their every move with one another. She felt the blood rush to her face, she blushed, ashamed of her wicked desires.

Brittney and Livvy were both about five foot, five inches tall at the onset of their sixteenth birthdays. Their fledgling breasts were ever so firm and supple. Their bodies and minds were highly sensitive and curious in those early years. They had often played with one another’s body, but had yet to experience a man. They snickered at what their first time might be like.

Brittney rushed passed Livvy down the corridor and stairs towards the game room downstairs, Livvy hastily followed. Brittney plopped onto the brown leather couch.

Her red painted toes pointed outward as one of her bare feet traced the curvature of her taut calves. A seam ran down the center of the crotch of Brittney's little boy shorts accentuating her plump sixteen-year-old pussy, and her tits nearly spilt out of her top. Livvy esgerly hopped onto the couch, her skin clung to the leather due to the unseasonable humidity.

“Sorry the AC is out,” Brittney said.

“I don’t care I just want to hang,” Livvy replied.

“Awesome” she beamed!

They opened a bottle of vodka, from Brittney's parent’s liquor cabinet. They each took a few shots to celebrate the upcoming carefree weekend together. They cranked up the radio, taking turns dancing for one another. Mockingly giving one another childish lap dances. Their bodies gyrated in unison flaunting their amateur sexuality.

They were both buzzed and giggled, as they reminisced about the night they played in the hot tub. Brittney reached out and grabbed Livvy's waist. Livvy gasped at her brazen act. Brittney smiled seductively as she ran her finger through Livvy's thick hair.

Their skin was fiery with arousal and the lack of a working air conditioner on that hot summer night causing beads of perspirstion to form over their bodies. Brittney's kiss was soft, and Livvy's tongue quickly began to slide into Brittney’s mouth. Brittney’s hands trickled up Livvy's back and under her top. Their lips embraced passionately rather than playfully.

Both teasingly tugged at each other’s tops and Brittney aggressively tugged at the strings to Livvy's thong. Their tits were pressed against one another; slim material separating one another. Their hands fumbled wildly across each others bodies with the appetite of a starved man. Livvy felt her body begin to tingle and her wetness pooled at the mouth of her virgin pussy.

Livvy coursed her hand down Brittney’s flat abdomen. Her fingers pulled back the folds of Brittney’s smooth pussy once, twice and then a third time. Brittney's hot breath rolled over Livvys mouth and lips. Brittney's oily girl cum saturated her fingers as her mouth gave way to moans. Livvy buried two fingers deep into her nubile girly parts. Brittney expelled a low gasp with every deep drive of her wrist.

Brittney's hips gyrated in unison with Livvy's fingers movement. Brittney splayed Livvy's pussy open with her fingers as well. She had begun with one finger then a second, all the while swirling her fingers in a circular motion.

Their girly juices now flowed between their inner thighs as their panties hung mid-thigh and shirts were draped over each of their sixteen-year-old tits. Abruptly Brittney forced a third finger into me. Livvy let out a submissive shrill followed by several hushed gasps, while each of them panted for breath.

Many of their teen nights had been spent innocently exploring their youthful bodies into the late hours of darkness. Neither of them had felt that they had truly experienced an orgasm at this point in their young lives, all they could say is they had experienced tiny flutters and excessive amounts of delight.


The doorbell rang, scaring the daylights out of me Livvy. She had not been expecting anyone at the door. They stopped in the middle of their wicked embrace. Brittney pulled away from Livvy with a devilish grin. I have us a surprise; she whispered.

“Now, who could that be?” Brittney mumbled.

Livvy reluctantly pulled down her shirt and hiked up her panties, while Brittney walked towards the front door. Livvy always hated answering the door, especially at night.

Livvy was stunned to see Mike standing in the doorway. Mike’s ravenous hands aggressively pawed at Brittney’s tender nude young body, writhing with delight.

‘Where and when she planned this?’ Livvy thought to herself. A curious yearning crept over her as I became aware how this man was to be their very first taste of cock.

Mike was Brittney’s parent’s pool guy. He was twenty something and a ruggedly handsome handy man. He stood at six feet and two inches tall, his semi-muscular frame towered over Brittney’s petite stature. His brown hair was short and slightly combed to the side. His emerald eyes seemed to cut through the very fabric of her flimsy attire.

Livvy was in rapture of what he would do to them. Brittney hastily undressed Mike revealing his sculpted physic. It was astonishing as Livvy's eyes feasted on him. Brittney stood on her tippy toes to meet Mike’s mouth. Her hands grazed his supple chest hair.

As Mike and Brittney moved towards Livvy, the sounds of their barefoot steps resonated in the silence, as the music continued in the background. Livvy could easily picture Mike’s hands and mouth moving about her body.

Livvy found herself in awe of mike's hard, lean frame, as he soon stood naked before her. Livvy tried to tear her gaze from the golden hue of his magnificent form, but it was no use. His devilishly handsome features shifted into a devilish grin as he caught me staring.

“Like what you see Livvy?” Brittney asked.

Livvy's mind was flooded with my arousal, so her words fell on deaf ears. Brittney stood before me while Mike stood behind her, his hard eight-inch cock knifing at her firm backside. Mike’s tall frame towered over Brittney and livvy's petite bodies. Brittney pulled Livvy toward her. Brittney's hands ran across every inch of Livvy's curves. Livvy's fingers touched her body, tracing her silky sides and feeling the heat of her skin on Hers.

Brittney's smile turned serious, and her eyes, bright with joy a moment ago, now burnt brighter with yearning for Livvy. She moved closer to Brittney, her hands found Livvy as well, and their lips met. Livvy splay Brittney’s moist lips with her warm tongue. Brittney directed Mike to sit on the couch, quickly he obeyed her.

“Let’s give him a little taste,” Brittney whispered.

Without hesitation she moved towards Livvy and pressed her stomach against her. Brittney's hands rolled over the sides of Livvy's body finally resting on her fledgling breasts. Livvy instantly let out a light moan as Brittney rolled her tank top off of Livvy's torso and flung it towards Mike. Livvy looked in Mike’s direction to see a smirk break out across his face in approval.

His desire for the two caused livvy's nipples to become erect as a wave of sensuality came over her. Livvy began to feel powerless as she gave into her sexual cravings. As Brittney straddled Livvy's thigh, her bare pussy glided up and down the length of Livvy's leg, coating her skin with her virginal juices; while she tugged on the strings of Livvy's thong.

The excitement was intoxicating as Livvy's own wetness flooded her inner thighs. Their hips continued to sway back and forth to the raunchy rhythm of the melody. Their lips, tits and hips pressed together, continuing to entice Mike with their puerile movements.

Mikes manhood was engorged, witnessing two sixteen-year-old hard bodies pressed against one another. His reddish tipped penis streamed with pre-cum as he stroked slowly.

Mike complimented their fledgling curves as Brittney moved her hand from the bottom of Livvy's back towards her bare ass, caressing and cupping it firmly.

“Your ass is SO tight!” Brittney exclaimed.

Brittney ran her hands up Livvy's stomach towards her chest explaining that she wanted to see Mike lick, bite and kiss her tits; taking taking Livvy's virginity. Livvy was floored and her eyes shot open with surprise by this revelation. She was fearless as Mike stared in awe at their boldness. Livvy was enthralled by the lecherous glances from both of them, their eyes scanning her body.

Brittney twirled Livvy around, Livvy's back was on her chest and her ass pressed firmly against Brittney's pelvis. Her warm breath rolled over Livvy's neck and shoulders. Livvy tossed her head back with her mouth slightly open, turning back to kiss Brittney. Brittney's hands moved along Livvy's tender sides. Suddenly Brittney pulled the strings of Livvy's thong off of her body exposing her manicured landing strip for Mike.

Livvy became red-faced with embarrassment and threw up her hands covering her face. Mike and Brittney both giggled at her shyness. This wouldn’t always be the case. Brittney peeled her hands away and tenderly kissed Livvy's cheek. Livvy's senses were besieged by the mystery of this man and what was to happen. An endless number of scenarios flooded her mind.

“Go get him,” Brittney said, pointing at Mike.

She looked back at her sheepishly as Livvy's hands trembled.

“Go on,” she said, slapping her ass.

Anxiety rocked Livvy's core and the butterflies swirled angrily in her tummy. Brittney pulled Livvy over to the couch next to Mike by her hands. Livvy stood in front of Mike as if she was a sacrificial offering; her body shivering uncontrollably. Livvy glared at his eight-inch fuck stick imagining the sensations in would soon inflict on her fledgling body. Beads of sweat caused by the heat and anxiety poured out of her.

Mike leaned in with an open mouth and consumed Livvy's tits. His fiery tongue rolled over her nipples. Livvy stood with her hair draped across her shoulders, hands at her sides, paralyzed by anxiety. Livvy's head fell back and her eyes shut surrendering to the moment. She felt a sudden sharp pain as Mike bit down on her nipples. Livvy bit her lower lip as she quietly shrilled.

Mike guided Livvy towards the couch and he lay her down while Brittney lay watching us from the opposite side of the couch. Mike stood over Livvy, his masculine body casting an ominous shadow.

Mike’s cock was fully erect at eight inches long and two inches thick. Abruptly, Livvy's mouth watered, her pussy and anus pulsed wildly; her head was swimming. Mike effortlessly positioned Livvy for his taking and held her down with one hand as the other splayed her legs apart. Instinctively, Livvy reached between her thighs for his engorged cock. Her petite hands dwarfed by, in her eyes at the time, a monstrous cock.

His cock teased her clit slowly then splayed the folds of Livvy's sex. His pre-cum mixed with her girly juices. Mike groaned and then gasped.

“Fuck I want that teen pussy,” he murmured.

He pressed his cock down onto her pussy, feeling tremendous pressure.

“SHIT… you’re tight!” Mike stammered.

A second, third, and fourth time he attempted to spear his manhood into her. Livvy's eyes shut and tears streamed down her face from the excruciating pressure on her cunt. She braced herself with her hands against the couch, her nails digging into the leather. On his fifth attempt her pussy reluctantly accepted the head of his cock. Mike let out a tremendous growl.

“Fuck...” Livvy cried.

Mike’s diamond shaped head slowly stretched and fed deep into her nubile slit. The ache was excruciating yet blissful. Even the veins of his cock felt swollen as they rippled throughout her pussy. His cock went deeper and deeper with every thrust only stopping at her cervix.

Suddenly, the slow and somewhat gentle thrusts gave way to deliberate and aggressive thrusts. With every stab she let out deafening shrieks and groans of pain and ecstasy. Livvy tried to ease her pain by concentrating on the moans of Brittney as she played with herself and watched Mike take Livvy's virginity.

Livvy's petite frame was repeatedly impaled on Mike’s beastly manhood. Every penetration was met with a pang of agonizing ache as his cock stabbed at her cervix. Mike leaned down with an open mouth. Their warm moist lips met and their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Mike hastened his pace as his manly cock thrashed her nubile pussy aggressively. With a sudden jerk, Livvy felt Mike become rigid from head to toe and then his hot cum lurched into her fertile pussy. Livvy let out another ear piercing shrill as her toes curled and nails drove deep into the leather couch.

Livvy looked down between her legs as Mike unsheathed himself from her. Livvy saw that he had a shaven pubic area, which was now glistening with cum. He stretch out onto the couch saturated in sweat, his body became limp.

Brittney jumped from the couch and bowed her head between his legs, taking Mike’s smutty cock into her accepting mouth, cleaning Livvy's juices and his cum with her tongue. His heavy and rapid breaths became deliberate as Livvy watched them both writhe in animalistic lust.

As Livvy watched Brittney and Mike cavort with one another. She felt Mike’s seed spill out of her tight hole and trickle onto her anus. It was warm and thick. "OH MY GOD!" He fucked me and came inside of me, she cried to herself.

She hastily hopped up from the couch and ran to the bathroom, jumping into the shower. The scorching hot water streamed over her body soothing her sore pussy. Livvy frantically washed her pussy as Mike’s residual cum trickled out of her. It reminded Livvy of the ferocious depravity unleashed on her for the first time just moment ago.

As the ache to her pussy languished, she wondered what Brittney and Mike where doing at this very moment. Livvy climbed out of the shower and wrapped her damp body in a towel.

Livvy stepped back into the game room. The air was damp and thick with the aroma of sex. She witnessed a variety of sex acts Mike was performing on Brittney. Brittney was on all fours as Mike fucked her feverishly from behind. Livvy walked closer towards them. She stood for a long moment scrutinizing their every move. When she noticed strings of Mike’s cum gushing from Brittney’s pussy.

Holy shit, he had already cum in her! Now, he was fucking Brittney's ass bareback, her spine was arched, and her skin was red from the aggressive grasp of Mike. He viciously tugged on her hair as she panted and cried for more of his hard cock. Every stab of his cock caused a loud slapping sound, her tits jostled violently, and her ass jiggled.

“Your little ass is so tight,” Mike said.

Livvy stood mesmerized by the salacious desire that was overpowering her senses. Livvy's young sex ached and cusped with wetness as she watched Brittney be taken so forcefully. Livvy dropped the towel, allowing it to rumple at her feet. She was naked, again.

“Fuck…too much,” Brittney whimpered.

Mike stopped his assault on her tight ass. His body saturated in sweat crumpled on the couch with exhaustion. To Livvy's amazement his cock remained engorged.

Nervously, Livvy licked her lips, dredging up the courage to sit on Mike’s cock. She knew that Mike was primed for a prolonged cum. Livvy lurched onto Mike securing his body down by clamping her hands on his defined chest.

Livvy wrangled his cock with the lips of her inexperienced pussy, teasing the head of his dirty cock with her swollen clit. Livvy whinced and panted heavily from the pressure Mike’s cock inflicted as it slowly at first, stretched her pussy.

Mike forcefully slammed Livvy's sixteen-year-old body down onto his messy cock. Bringing Livvy down with all of his strength. Mike's eager cock effortless stabbed her hungry cunt, filling it deeply. Livvy's pelvis rocked back and forth without abandon, grinding on Mikes’ member.

Every thrust of her hips was followed by a blast of hot breath and muffled shrills, while her tits heaved wildly. Livvy felt her uterus cramp and quiver violently. Mike grinned from ear to ear, watching her body heave up and down on his long member and then he plunged his villainous lips onto her erect nipples.

As he kissed, he licked and bit Livvy's tits alternating this action from one to the next. The veins of his cock inflamed from fucking Brittney’s asshole now rippled long and deep into Livvy. Any of her previous anxiety was set aside. His desire for her now drove Livvy wild.

Mike grabbed her wrists, binding them behind her back with one of his. His free hand fondled her tits and pinched her nipples. As this happened he slowed his thrusts. His breathing became shallow and his chest heaving. Suddenly Livvy felt two feminine hands on my shoulders, it was Brittney. She furiously played with Livvy's tits as she rode the fuck out of Mike. His breathing was hot as he kissed and bit at Livvy's neck uncontrollably squeezing her fledgling tits with his rough hands.

“Slam her on my cock!” Mike ordered.

Without hesitation, Brittney slammed Livvy down on to his eight-inch cock with all of her might. She screamed loudly in agony. Mike’s body crashed against hers with deliberate force. Tears of anguish and ecstasy streamed over her cheeks.

With every thrust her brow furrowed, tits heaved and her breath was knocked out of Livvy. Both of Brittney's hands grasped at my lower abdomen. Mike grunted heavily and even whimpered with every slam of Livvy's body onto him by Brittney.

“Fucking… cumming!” Mike shouted.

His cock lurched and unexpectedly his man seed spilled into Livvy. Her eyes shot wide open and her mouth agape gasping for breath. Brittney held Livvy down vigorously on Mike as his cock continuously pulsed inside of her. She made sure Livvy milked every last drop of his thick cum with her girly parts. Livvy felt so wickedly sensual at that moment.

Livvy withdrew Mike’s member from her stab wound. Suddenly, Brittney pulled Livvy down onto the floor. Both girls collapsed giggling in shame and awe at what they had done with this older man. He lay on the couch half asleep.

As Brittney and Livvy continued their exploration for their bodies Brittney then lay next to Livvy with her face directly in front of her pussy. She spread her legs open with her hands. Livvy moved her body to meet hers. Brittney rubbed her clit in a circular motion. The warmth between their thighs was overwhelming. Livvy needed to taste Brittney’s pussy.

Livvy moved her head between her thighs. She immediately savored Brittney's sweet juices mixed with Mike’s cum as they flooded her mouth. As her tongue entered her eyes lit up with delight as Livvy's tongue swirled wildly inside of her. Brittney’s breath flowed over Livvy's erect clit sending shivers along her spine.

They could hear Mike stirring about the room. Brittney and Livvy sat up. Both of their faces, lips, and chins drenched with each other’s wetness and Mikes cum. They kissed passionately, their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths as they swapped Mike’s cum.

They both paused and swallowed what was left of Mike's seed. They laughed and giggled as the saw the look of anticipation on his face. They raced out of the room and down the hall to the backyard. They both dove head first into the pool for some late night skinny dipping. Mike reluctantly left not long afterwards to meet up with his wife.

As for Brittney and Livvy, they spent the remainder of the night swimming and playing with one another. Livvy never expected Brittney would have planned this. Let alone that she would have gone along with it. Livvy was simply stunned by what she had allowed themselves to do.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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