Lesson learned

By Wrapgroupie

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School had just ended and I was exhausted and ready to head home to my hubby but had so many papers to grade. I had just left the faculty meeting and I needed to stop by my class to pick up all those papers. As I walked towards my classroom I heard noises coming from inside. As I opened the door I saw two of my older students, seniors, in the corner of the classroom by the chalkboard making out! Knowing it was wrong I wanted to yell at them but part of me wanted to take them both. Greg was young, but well-built. He had huge biceps and his chest muscles bulged through his t-shirt. Sarah had a pretty face with pouty lips that I wanted to kiss, shoulder-length light brown hair, perky c-cup breasts and an ass that begged to be squeezed. They stopped abruptly when they noticed I was standing there. I told them to go over to my desk because he was doing it all wrong and asked if I could show them.

I push her body onto my desk and nicely spread her legs, he watching in anticipation. I kiss them all the way to her entrance and gently place my fingers along her opening and rub. She moans out and he "says show me more", I look up and him and smile as I then lean back down and lick where my fingers had been..

I lick her opening up and down til I see she is getting wet, so I take a finger and stick it inside with my tongue and push up. She's so squirmy because she's so tight she's not used to anything inside. After a few minutes of showing him, I get up and push the boy down to where I was as I shove his face into her pussy and say "lick"

Watching is very hot and now I find my self wet, and wanting more, I go up to her and ask her how she feels.. She can barely talk just moans of pleasure come out as she grabs my shirt and pulls me down to kiss her. Her mouth is so soft and her tongue is smooth and long..

I tell him "now that's enough"as I make him stand up and have her jump off of the desk on to floor. " on your knees" I look at her as she's listens. I unzip his pants and pull his hard cock out for her with my hand and start stroking it.

I show her that stroking with a rhythm is best and that ball play is key. Using tongue is a great way to get him hard quick and makes a great tool for getting faster at it. As she takes over stroking his cock, I see his eyes close with amazement about what is happening. I take her hand off of him and push her mouth on top of his shaft. " now, lick it and then push it down to the back of your throat" she's a good girl and does as she's told and is turning me on more. He's harder than ever now and I can see he's greeting close but I'm not done teaching them so I tell her to stop leaving his hard cock out.

I then tell her to watch as I turn facing my desk and bend over. I motion him toward me and tell him to lick his fingers then rub them along my wet pussy. He does so instantly, and very excitedly. I now tell him to stick it inside my pussy holding on to my hips and thrust himself into me. Ahh, feels so good him doing as told! The girl watches with interest then wants to join in

After a few trusts into me he pulls out and us girls swap making him harder. To help speed along the process I kneel down and lick his balls as he rams her from behind. She's so turn on her moans are getting louder and I can hear her little c cups hitting the desk, they both are about to cum..

I jump up and tell him to pull out and flip her over onto the the desk. Spread eagle on the desk he shoves his cock back into her and rams her. She's now squirming and can't take much more. I tell him to pull out once more and to make her squirt.

He looks at me confused so I lean down take two fingers and place them deep inside of her hitting her g spot. As hes watching I'm multi tasking by showing and sucking his pussy covered cock. I move my fingers back and forth and deep inside her. I feel his cock about to explode so I take my mouth off and let him move in closer as he sprays his massive load onto her tiny chest! She's so wet from him cumming on her with my fingers inside she just lets her body go! She squirts everywhere as she has successfully had her first orgasm.