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Lost Keys Part II

Lara gives her first blowjob and swallows my cum
As I followed Lara into the house I considered how lucky I was. I had just lost my virginity to the most beautiful woman I had ever met. Lara had fucked me in a packed car right behind her boyfriend's back.

I looked at Robbie. He had no idea that I had just fucked Lara and cum twice in her pussy.

 After a few minutes Lara emerged from the washroom. She had changed into a flowery knee length skirt and a light blue blouse. All evidence of our earlier encounter had disappeared.

Lara joined us in the lounge taking a seat next to Robbie, however she did not seem to be herself. The Lara I had gotten to know on the beach was talkative and engaging. Lara was quiet and contemplative and hardly said a word. A few times through the evening I looked at Lara and caught her watching me, however unlike during the day she would not maintain eye contact and quickly looked away.

I was starved so I suggested that we order some fish and chips for dinner. All agreed and half an hour later we were stuffing ourselves with greasy starch and protein.

After dinner I saw Lara get up and start gathering her things. She announced to the group that she was not feeling well and was going home. Robbie’s disappointment showed on his face. He had great plans for his first night back with Lara and those plans had just come to nothing.

Lara came over to me and said, “I have to go now. I will come and collect you tomorrow morning at eight to take you to the locksmith.”

“Eight? Why so early?”

“Most businesses start work at eight so they should be open. I would like to get it over and done with so we can go to the beach afterwards. I also think we should leave plenty of time for in case it takes longer than we expect.”

“That makes sense. I will see you at eight then. I hope you feel better.”

“Oh I will be better by tomorrow. Bye.” She leaned in closer to me with a mischievous look and said quietly, “Have sweet dreams of me.” She then turned and left the room with Robbie.

Robbie took Lara home and returned ten minutes later. His plans for the night had clearly failed.

That night I fell asleep to the vision of Lara lying on the beach staring into my eyes. My dreams were filled with visions of Lara but I did not have any erotic dreams of her. My mind seemed to be more focused in the social aspects of my interaction with Lara.

The next morning I woke up thinking about Lara. I had been having a pleasant dream about her being my girlfriend. I then remembered that she was going to collect me at eight.

I checked my watch. Damn it! It was twenty to eight and I had overslept. I jumped into the shower, shaved and brushed my teeth. I had just pulled on a T-shirt and shorts when I heard the doorbell ring.

I found Lara in the kitchen speaking to Robbie.

“Good morning,” I said, trying not to appear too happy to see Lara.

“Good morning,” Robbie replied. “I was going to go with you and Lara this morning to help you get a key for your car but I can’t come.”

“Oh, why can’t you come?” I needed to at least pretend that I was disappointed that he would not be joining us.

“My grandfather has been pretty sick so I am going to visit him this morning and after that I am going to catch up with some old school buddies. I will meet you at Boulders beach at three this afternoon. Lara knows how to get there so just follow her. Hopefully you will have your car back by then.”

“I’m sorry that your granddad is not well. It is a good call going to see him this morning while I waste my time getting a key. Why don’t you get your school buddies to come to the beach? It will be good to meet them.”

“I will ask them. See you at three,” Robbie concluded.

“Is Boulders beach near the one we went to yesterday?” I asked.

Lara, speaking for the first time, said, “No, it is on the Indian Ocean side, the water is much warmer there. I think you will love Boulders beach.”

“I sure could use a swim in warm water. The water was freezing yesterday.” I shivered.

“We should get going. Bye, Robbie, I will see you later.” Lara kissed Robbie and we left.

Following Lara out the house I was once again struck by how gorgeous she was. She was wearing a blue and white stripped sundress that extended just past her knees. She wore a peach colored cardigan over the sundress with the buttons done up. The cardigan was tight enough to nicely show of the shape of her breasts. The outfit was completed by a pair of simple blue flats. Lara managed to make a simple outfit look sexy.

“I have seen a locksmith shop in the strip mall near my house. I think we should go there first and see what they advise,” Lara said climbing into her car.

“Good idea. Are you feeling better this morning? I was concerned about you last night.”

“I am feeling great today. I think it is going to be another hot day and I just love hot summer days. To tell you the truth I was not really feeling sick last night.”

“Oh, I thought you were. Why did you lie?”

“Well I didn’t exactly lie, I was feeling uncomfortable and I wanted to go home. I did not want Robbie to… well… you know…have sex with me.” Lara paused, gathering her thoughts.

“It is not that I did not want to, I certainly was horny. I was afraid that if we did it he would know that I had just had sex. You filled me up with so much cum yesterday that I was a mess down there for hours afterwards.”

“I didn’t think of that,” I admitted. I was surprised that Lara was being so open about the topic. “I know Robbie was pretty bummed last night after he dropped you off. I know he has been dreaming about getting back together with you for months.”

“I know. So was I. I had even identified a nice motel that we were going to go to last night. Then you came along and spoiled all my plans!”

“You say that like it is a bad thing.” I didn’t like where this conversation was going.

“Well it is a bad thing. I was unfaithful to Robbie and I disappointed him last night.”

“I am sorry that I ruined your plans, but yesterday was the best day of my life. I had sex for the first time with the most beautiful woman in the world!”

“Yesterday was an awesome day for me too. I am just feeling guilty about it right now.”

Feeling hopeful I said, “Does that mean I have a chance to convince you to leave Robbie and become my girlfriend?”

Lara paused, surprised by my question. “No... I really like Robbie and I think that I love him. I like you a lot too but you will be leaving in two weeks and I am pretty much done with long distance relationships. If I broke up with Robbie now it would create so much drama that the next two weeks would be hell for me. Let’s just stay friends and enjoy what we had. We can’t let that happen again. Okay?”

Deflated I said, “I understand, you can’t blame me for asking though. You are every man’s dream.”

“Thanks for understanding. This is the locksmith shop I told you about. Let’s go get you a new key.”

We had just pulled into the strip mall and parked in front of a locksmith shop. We walked in and I explained to the locksmith my predicament. Half an hour later we walked out with a new shiny key for my car.

It turns out that it is really easy to get a replacement key for your car. All you need to know is the serial number of the key and the vehicle make and model. When I had bought my car the dealer gave me a spare key that had a small numbered plastic tag on the key ring. The number on that tag was the serial number for the key. If I gave that number to the locksmith he would be able to cut me a key from his key database. All I had to do then was phone my mother and ask her to read the serial number off of my spare key.

I was really pleased. We could go get my car and get to the beach early. It was already warming up and a swim in warm water would be nice.

“I’m starved,” Lara said. “Did you have breakfast this morning?”

“No, I overslept this morning. I had just managed to get dressed by the time you arrived.”

“Good, neither have I. Why don’t we go to my house and make some breakfast? We can go get your car after that. How does bacon and eggs sound?”

My stomach rumbled. “Great, I love bacon.”

A few minutes later we arrived at Lara’s house. Her parents must have been well off because they lived in a big house on a two acre property.

“My parents are at work and my sister is visiting a friend, so we have the house to ourselves,” Lara volunteered as we walked into the kitchen.

“You have a sister? Robbie never mentioned that you have a sister.”

“Yes I do. Jackie is my Irish twin. She is only thirteen months younger than me. In fact you just missed her sixteenth birthday party. I should introduce you to her. She is as cute as a button and very attractive.”

“Yeah I think I would like to meet her. Does she have a boyfriend?”

“No she does not. I will bring her to the beach tomorrow. We have pretty similar taste in boys so I think she will like you a lot. Do you like your eggs sunny side up?”

We finished making breakfast and Lara suggested that we eat the meal on her back patio. The back yard of Lara’s house was huge. There was about an acre of private garden surrounded by an eight foot fence. Extending of the back of the patio was a large in ground swimming pool. Lara chose a table in the sun.

“Wow, Lara, you have such a cool house!”

“Thanks. I love the pool the most. I have spent many afternoons sun-tanning by the pool.”

As we sat down to eat Lara removed her cardigan and threw it onto the chair next to her. The morning coolness had evaporated and the day was quickly getting hotter.

With the cardigan removed I could now see the rest of her sundress. It was an open backed design with thin blue straps over the shoulders. The thin material of her dress clung to her boobs showing off the beautiful curves. Her nipples were standing up just enough to leave no doubt in my mind that she was not wearing a bra. I could have stared at Lara’s boobs all day.

While we ate breakfast we played a twenty questions game discovering mundane facts about each other’s lives. As we talked and ate our food, my eyes kept on wondering down to her boobs. As we talked I noticed that Lara’s nipples started to harden and stick out more and more.

When Lara had finished her last piece of bacon she sat forward in her chair and stretched. She raised her arms above her head, arched her back and pushed her chest forward. The stretch was accompanied by a groan and sigh of enjoyment. I paid close attention as the thin material of the sundress pulled tight around her boobs. Now her nipples were poking out as much as they had done in the cold water the day before. I was mesmerised.

Completing her stretch Lara laughed and said, “You are doing it again.”

“What am I doing?” I asked feeling puzzled.

“You keep on looking at my boobs.”

I thought that I was being discreet but obviously not. “I’m sorry. I can’t help myself. You’re just so attractive and they look so nice.”

“It’s okay. I actually like it that you want to look at me. That is what got me so turned on yesterday. You kept on looking at me yesterday but not in that leering ‘You’re a piece of meat’ way. When you look at me I can tell that you can’t help yourself. It makes me feel desirable.”

Lara continued, “So how did it feel losing your virginity?”

I liked where this conversation was suddenly going. “Wow, Lara! It was the best experience of my entire life. Every guy dreams of losing his virginity but what you did for me exceeds every man’s fantasy. Every time I think about it I get turned on.”

Lara said, “It was a very intense experience, I really enjoyed it. Thinking we could be caught at any moment only made it more enjoyable.”

After contemplating her words I said, “I lost my virginity in the most intimate way but the nice thing is that I still have so much more to lose.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well for starters I still have not seen a girl naked in real life. I want to experience oral sex. I want to taste a pussy. I want to take my time exploring a woman’s body. There are all the different sexual positions to explore and all the different places to explore them in.”

“I see what you mean. I have not done most of the things you just described. Robbie just climbs on top of me and pumps away until he climaxes. I don’t think he likes the idea of oral sex either. We have only slept together a half a dozen times. Yesterday in half an hour you gave me twice as many orgasms as I have had in all my times with Robbie. There is so much that I still have to experience.”

Changing the subject Lara said, “I am feeling hot. I am going to have a swim.”

Lara got up from the table and walked towards the side of the pool. She stopped and looked over her shoulder to make sure that I was watching. She seductively slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders letting them slip down her arms. The dress halted its downward trajectory on Lara’s hips. Lara wiggled her hips and the dress pooled around her feet. Lara stood in front of me with only a pair of blue lacy thong panties on. Stepping out of her dress she looked over her shoulder at me again and smiled. She sure knew how to command attention.

Lara then pushed her fingers under the elastic of her panties and pushed them down over her hips. Bending slightly at the knees she allowed her panties to fall all the way to the ground. I could just see a few wisps of brown hair between her legs.

She then took two steps forward and dove into the pool. I caught a glimpse of her boobs and pussy hair as her sleek body cut smoothly into the water. Three seconds later she surfaced and turned to face me.

“Well don’t just sit there! Come and join me. Who knows we might just get a chance to mark some more things off of your list.”

I got up and walked over to Lara’s pile of clothes. I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it on the pile. I unbuttoned my shorts letting them drop to the ground and kicked them over to the pile. I was now standing in my undies. My cock was rock hard and was straining to be let free.

I looked at Lara but her eyes were focused on the bulge in my undies. She had a predatory lustful look on her face which sent a jolt of energy racing through me. Wanting to increase her enjoyment I decided to tease her a bit. I turned my back on Lara and made a big show of stretching and yawning. I then did an Elvis Presley impersonation and rolled my hips a few times. I then slowly inched my undies down my thighs until they fell free.

Lara laughed. “That’s not fair. Turn around so I can see!”

Ignoring her I stepped backwards to the edge of the pool and launched myself into a backwards somersault dive. I had not anticipated how much my hard cock would swing around during the somersault. I remember hearing at least one smacking sound as my dick hit my stomach hard during the spin.

I surfaced and started swimming to Lara who was near the other side of the pool. As I got close to her she splashed me and started swimming away. She was a better swimmer than I had expected and quickly opened a gap between us.

I was a fairly good swimmer but Lara was a better swimmer than me. Every time I got close to her she squealed, put on a turn of speed and eluded my grasp. After a few minutes of playing keep away Lara started to tire. I cornered her and managed to get an arm around her waist as she tried to break past me. I had her. There was no way that she would be able to break my grip.

Feeling that she was caught Lara stopped all resistance and folded back into my embrace. I wrapped both my arms around her chest and pulled her back into me. Moving into shallower water I started gently kissing her neck and ear. Lara tilted her head to the side and moaned softly as I kissed her earlobe.

Looking over Lara’s shoulder I got my first good view of her breasts. They were floating in the water just above my arms and looked perfect. They had a nice rounded shape that would fit perfectly into my cupped hands. The areolas were about one and a half inches in diameter, had a darkish pink color and were covered in tiny little goosebumps. Her nipples were perfectly formed and about the size of my pinkie nail.

I moved my hands up and gently cupped the bottom of her breasts. I then continued sliding my hands gently up over her boobs touching her areolas and nipples. Lara moaned again as I did this. Encouraged I continued gently caressing her breasts enjoying the slippery feel of them in the water.

My cock was pressing into Lara’s butt begging for some attention. Lara reached behind her and grabbed my cock and started slowly pumping up and down my shaft. This felt really good and I wanted more.

I placed my hands onto Lara’s hips and lifted her up onto my eager cock. Lara opened her legs as I did this accepting my advance. My cock hit the skin between her anus and pussy and started sliding forward. It separated the folds of her pussy lips but did not enter her vagina. Instead my cock continued its journey northwards between her pussy lips and slid up over her clit. Lara’s hand came down and cupped my cock up against her clit.

Sensing that Lara liked this sensation I started pumping my cock backwards and forwards so that the head rubbed against her clit.

“Ahhhmmm… That feels so good. Please don’t stop!” Lara moaned.

I continued pumping into the pseudo vagina that was created by Lara’s legs, her pussy lips and her hand. Her fingers pushed down the shaft of my cock and her palm firmly pushed my cock head into her clit on every upstroke. It felt great. It was a combination of a hand job and a pussy rub that soon had cum pooling at the base of my cock.

Lara started to clamp down harder on my cock with her hand and started thrusting her hips back into my groin. She moaned every time my cock pressed against her clit. I placed one hand on her stomach to steady her as I thrust in and out. She was getting closer to her climax so I returned my other hand to her breast caressing it with more intensity. I lightly squeezed he nipple, kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobe.

“Mmmm… Ahhh. I’m cumming! Ahhhmmm.” Lara pressed herself hard back into me and shuddered as her orgasm coursed through her body.

Hearing and feeling her cum gave me license to let go. I felt my balls tighten and then I reached the point of no return. The ecstasy radiated out of my groin as cum raced up my cock and exploded into Lara’s pseudo pussy. I stopped pumping and just let my cock contract over and over again as it emptied its load into Lara’s hand.

I turned Lara around and kissed her. I was a very sensual kiss. I bent my head down as she raised her lips to mine. I placed one arm around her waist and pulled her close to me while I placed the other hand behind her neck. Our lips touched and parted as we started exploring each other’s mouths. I felt the sensation of her breasts pushing into my chest and I knew that life was good.

Our lips parted and Lara said, “Wow, it is amazing what I had to do to get you to kiss me.”

I laughed and asked hopefully, “Have I done enough to convince you to be my girlfriend now?”

“No! I already told you, it’s too complicated. Besides I think you should date Jackie.”

“I don’t want to date Jackie. I want to date you.”

“That is just because you have not met Jackie yet. Trust me. If you like me you will like Jackie.”

“Okay, if she is anything like you I am sure I will like her,” I agreed.

“Okay, that is settled then. Now what do I have to do to get you to kiss me again?” Lara asked.

We moved over to the pool steps and continued making out. I was in heaven. I was sitting on a pool step with the water coming up to my chest. Lara was lying on her back in my arms with her legs floating in the water.

We kissed for a while until my curiosity to explore got the better of me. I could make out the hair of Lara’s pussy through the water but could not see it clearly. I still had not seen a pussy up close and personal.

Lara’s breasts however stole the show. As I kissed her about half of her breast rose above the water level. I could not resist such raw beauty. I began to slowly trace my fingers over her tit. I followed her contours and lightly touched her nipples. I took my time enjoying touching her.

I started kissing Lara’s neck. I felt her respond with shivers as I ran my lips and tongue lightly across the skin of her neck. Lara sensing my intent raised her chest out of the water granting me free access. Using only my tongue I ran a line of sensation down from her neck onto her upper breast. I then started kissing her breast being careful to avoid her areola and nipple. I kissed her all around the fleshy mound with my slightly opened lips. As I completed each kiss I applied a little bit of suction to the skin and lightly ran my tongue across her flesh.

I finally moved onto the nipple. I just brushed the tip of her nipple slightly with my tongue a few times and then dove in and sucked her entire nipple and areola into my mouth. Lara had been anticipating this and let out a loud moan as my mouth finally settled over her nipple. I felt her place both her hands over the back of my head and firmly held my mouth in place. She obviously did not want me to stop doing what I was doing. I obliged and only broke contact long enough to move over to her other nipple.

I had a huge appetite for breasts and I could happily have sucked Lara’s tits all day. I love the intimacy that licking and sucking breasts creates. Being so close, feeling and tasting such a beautiful form is a huge turn on.

As I continued sucking, kissing and gently tracing my tongue over Lara’s breast she started to disappear into her own world of lust. She grabbed one of my hands and pulled it down to her pussy guiding it onto her clit.

“I’m so close to cumming, please don’t stop!” she pleaded.

I rubbed her clit for a moment and then allowed my fingers to go on down to her moist tunnel. I inserted my middle finger into her vagina easing it into the warm wetness as far as I could. I then started moving my finger in and out while at the same time rubbing my palm against her clit. Her pussy felt so tight and warm around my finger. I could not believe that that tight hole had accepted my cock less than twenty four hours ago.

I did not know this at the time but my middle finger had naturally curled and was rubbing against her G-spot while the palm of my hand rubbed her clit. With me sucking her tit, she did not stand a chance. She went over the edge and came hard. She held my head onto her breast and clamped down hard on my hand as she came. I enjoyed the sounds and sensations that I felt from Lara as she came in my arms.

“That was amazing!” Lara claimed as she got her breath back. “What did you do with your finger?”

“What do you mean? Which finger? The one I stuck in your pussy?”

“Yes that one! It felt amazing. I was building to a nice climax but then your finger touched something inside of me that just sent sensations shooting through my entire body.”

I had heard guys talk about a woman’s G-spot before and realised that I must have rubbed her G-spot.

“I think I must have found your G-spot. I really enjoyed making you cum like that.”

“If you carry on like this I am going to have to dump Robbie and keep you all to myself.”

“That is music to my ears. What else can I do to convince you?”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, just enjoy the moment and forget about tomorrow,” Lara moderated.

Lara was sexually spent and I was feeling very satisfied with myself. We spent the next hour sun tanning and swimming around in the pool all without a stitch of clothing on. I enjoyed rubbing suntan lotion all over her body including her pussy making sure to get it all over so the sun would not burn the sensitive skin. She of course returned the favour and made sure that my dick received a liberal dose of cream.

I had just caught Lara in my arms as we played in the water. The horsing around and feeling her luscious body rub up against me had me all hard again.

“Would you like to cross another item of your list?” she asked. 

“Is the Pope a Catholic?” I responded.

“One thing that I would really like to try that I haven’t done yet is have oral sex. I spoke to Robbie about it once and he said it sounded gross and we should not do it. When you were licking my nipples earlier I kept on imagining what it would feel like if you were licking my pussy instead. I also want to taste your cock and try giving you a blowjob.”

In response I picked her up like she was my bride. “I would love to do all of that with you,” I said, and walked up the pool steps out of the pool.

Lara laughed and giggled as I carried her. I went over to a sun lounger and laid her down on her back. Sitting next to her, I leaned over and kissed her while gently fondling a breast. As we French kissed Lara placed her hand around my cock and started to slowly stroke me.

Eager to taste Lara’s pussy I started kissing my way down her neck intending to move closer to my target.

Lara stopped me with her hand. “I want to taste your cock and I know that I am going to lose myself once you start on me. So let me try giving you a blowjob first. Okay?”

“Okay,” I replied and rolled over onto my back.

Lara took on the lead role. She leaned over me and continued our kiss. As we kissed she climbed onto me straddling me and pressing her boobs into my chest. The sensitive head of my cock was slightly parting Lara’s pussy lips. I instinctively started probing forward with my cock trying to find the moist entrance to her cunt.

“Don’t,” Lara said. “Just lie still. I am doing this to you. Okay?”

I stopped my probing and relaxed. My efforts had been fruitful though. The tip of my cock was now just penetrating Lara’s vagina. I could feel how wet she was as her pussy juices joined my pre-cum. It was agony knowing that I was only one good thrust away from bliss.

Lara then stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes watching me intently. She smiled a wicked smile and thrust her hips downwards onto my cock. I was not expecting this as she had just admonished me for trying to get my cock into her pussy. Her pussy slid down over my cock in a single hot wet stroke. I felt her pubic bone press against mine. I groaned out loud at the sudden unexpected pleasure. As soon as Lara’s pussy reached the base of my cock she reversed direction and allowed my cock to slip out of her pussy. Lara then moved back down making sure that my cock slid between our bodies.

“Please don’t stop!” I pleaded. “That felt so good.”

“Later. I don’t want you to cum and spoil all my fun,” she replied mischievously. “Now I am going to enjoy myself.”

Lara continued sliding down my body kissing my skin lightly as she went. She paused as she got close to one of my nipples. Sticking out her tongue she experimentally flicked my nipple with the tip of her tongue. This sent a jolt of electricity flowing throughout my body and I shuddered in response. Pleased by my reaction she opened her mouth slightly and sucked my nipple into her mouth. She twirled her tongue around my nipple as she sucked.

I was surprised by how good this felt. I thought that only women’s nipples were sensitive but I realized that a man’s nipples could be just as sensitive. I grabbed onto Lara holding her tight as I enjoyed the sensation.

Breaking contact Lara asked, “Does that feel good?”

“Oh, it feels so good. I never thought that it would feel so nice.”

Lara continued her downwards journey maneuvering into a kneeling position between my legs. My cock was super excited at this point and twitched in anticipation of her touch. Lara’s boob rubbed against the length of my cock setting of another series of twitches.

Lara paused again as she reached her destination. She studied my cock. My cock was covered with her pussy juice and had a liberal amount of my pre-cum on the head. She hesitated some more and then stuck out her tongue and licked some of my pre-cum. She drew it back into her mouth and tasted it.

She contemplated the flavour for a moment and then said, “It tastes slightly salty, I like it.”

Lara then took another bigger lick of pre-cum and tasted it some more. Satisfied with the experience she held my cock in her hand and started licking all of the pre-cum and pussy juice off my cock. Every stroke of her wet tongue sent sensations of pleasure coursing through my body. Satisfied that my cock was suitably cleaned she took the head of my cock into her mouth.

She slid her lips down the shaft of my cock until my cock hit the back of her mouth. The feeling was nice but not great, it was wet and warm but there was not much friction. She went up and down a few times like this and then made an adjustment. Lara started sucking my cock into her mouth instead of just sliding her lips up and down my cock. The change from a sliding sensation to a sucking sensation changed everything.

“Ahhh that feels great, don’t stop doing that,” I enthused.

Feeling encouraged Lara started sucking my cock with more enthusiasm. Seeing and feeling Lara sucking my cock into her beautiful mouth soon had me approaching the point of no return.

“Ahhhmmm… Stop. Lara, stop! I am going to cum if you carry on and I don’t want to cum yet.”

Lara reluctantly lifted her mouth of my cock. “I like that. You cock feels and tastes so nice in my mouth.”

“Okay my turn, let’s swap positions.”

I positioned myself between Lara’s legs and had a good close look at her pussy. Her pussy was covered in a light brown curly hair that extended down over the top part of her outer pussy lips. The hair had been neatly groomed to ensure that no stray hairs would escape the confines of a bikini. The pussy was a neat slit running down to her vagina. Her outer labia lips were tight and kept her inner lips mostly out of sight. I could just see the hood of her clit sticking through her outer lips. I placed my thumbs onto each side of her pussy and opened her outer lips revealing the delicious pink inner folds.

Having seen enough I licked a long line from her vagina up to her clit. She smelled and tasted sweet with a slightly salty taste. I loved that taste instantly. I started licking her in long strokes. I stuck my tongue into her vagina and licked all the way to her clit again and again savouring the taste and feeling of my first pussy. I licked and sucked her clit making it completely wet with my saliva. Lara started getting impatient and wanted me to focus on licking her clit so she could climax. She tried to hold my head in place on her clit but I wasn’t ready to let her cum yet. She groaned in frustration.

I moved my tongue down to her tasty tunnel and stuck my tongue in as far as I could get it. It tasted and felt like ecstasy. Lara’s pussy was wrapping around my tongue as I drove it in and out of her holy grail. This new experience was totally enjoyable for me but I could tell that Lara preferred me sucking her clit. I compromised and started rubbing her clit with my thumbs while I fucked her pussy with my tongue. I continued this for a few minutes and felt Lara building towards her climax again.

Sensing that she was close I moved my mouth back up to her clit and started licking and sucking on her clit. I sucked her clit into my mouth and then released the pressure and rapidly flicked my tongue across the little nub. I stuck my finger into her moist recess and started fingering her.

Lara clamped my head down onto her clit with her hands, squeezed her legs around my head and screamed out as she came. As she came around my head I felt of small squirt of liquid enter my mouth with each spasm. Lara was cumming in my mouth. It tasted similar to her pussy juices so I just swallowed every drop.

After a minute or so Lara relaxed her grip on my head. I needed to climax so I climbed over her and positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. Lara welcomed me by opening her legs wide as I pushed my cock into her pussy.

The time for being gentle and slow was over. I pushed my cock in as deep as it would go in one quick fluid motion. Lara cried out as I did this and initially I thought I had hurt her but the look on her face was pleasure not pain so I continued. I drew my cock almost all the way out and drove back in hard.

“Oh yes! Fuck my pussy,” Lara encouraged as I pounded faster and harder. “Deeper… Harder... Oh yes! Yes...”

I fucked Lara’s pussy hard for a few minutes enjoying the encouragement Lara was giving. I felt the pressure building in my balls.

“I am going to cum, baby!” I said as I neared the point of no return.

“Cum in my mouth please, I want to taste you,” Lara begged.

This was a request that I was not going to refuse. As I reached the point of no return I pulled my cock out of her pussy and quickly moved up to Lara’s waiting mouth. Lara leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth as the first streams of cum erupted out of me. Lara sucked hard and swallowed my cum, sucked hard and swallowed again. She kept this up until I was completely drained.

I collapsed onto the chair besides her completely satisfied.

Just then I heard the front door slam and a moment later a girl’s voice called out.

“Lara, are you home?”

Lara looked at me and a big smile crossed her face as she called out. “Hi, Jackie, we’re out by the pool!”

To be continued…

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