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Why was her passenger coming on to her?


Despite the blanket of snow outside, the heat inside me makes me want to open the car window. The arm around me holds us close and our mouths are locked in a kiss that is far more advanced than we have ever exchanged prior to this moment.

Yes, we had started as most do, as friends brushing cheeks in greeting; each partner doing the same. As our friendship grew the greeting developed to include a hug then our lips brushed in a brief peck.

It wasn't long before I noticed the soft, warm brown eyes that had me pause as we released one another's clasp; the pause because a sudden flush flowed through my entire body. There-after our hugs became gradually more extended; our lips met for longer and eyes held their gaze. Condensation quickly fogs the vehicle windows even though we have been stationary for but a few moments.

Passionate embraces enjoyed by my normal partner and myself involved sustained lung deflating, lip mashing and tongue wrestling kisses. Now another mouth attacked mine, another tongue invades my oral cavity and as my libido rises to unaccustomed heights my capitulation is almost complete.

Why a hand appearing lightly on my thigh causes me to stiffen slightly I will attribute to my disbelief that the situation is getting beyond the point that I feel is still within my control. It is only natural that my thighs part as an autogenous reaction to the stimuli flooding my senses. None-the-less a nagging doubt in my conscience causes me to gently but firmly arrest the hand's progress. Breaking off an endless interplay of lips and tongue with a gasped a deep inhalation.

"Oh please, please, we can't do this, we really can't, I am married". My voice is thick with emotion.

"Yes, so am I but I need you, I love you"

Love? How could that word apply to the two of us? We are friends, good friends whose partners too are friends; it cannot be more.

The arm pulls me close once again with renewed urgency and the hand pushes firmly against my weak resistance. My arousal has not and will not diminish and as a soft, wet mouth nibbles at my lips, my own mouth offers no resistance, indeed encourages the other. My hand relinquishes its defence and the hand slips easily under my skirt, swooshes over the sheen of a stocking, tarries and indulges itself on the bareness of my upper thigh. Without demand or command one leg moves to invite and encourage the attentions of any or all of the digits caressing my sensitive flesh. Cool air penetrates beneath my clothing and reveals the extent of my arousal by cooling the now copious flow of my vaginal fluids.

Gentle but insistent fingers probe further to the crotch of my panties. Oh how I regret not wearing a pair of fashion panties instead of comfortable cottons. The fingers are now impatient, pressing the taut fabric into my inflated wet cleft. One finger manages to hook between hem and flesh, tugging insistently. Slipping forward on the car seat I offer unreservedly my aching vulva for the attention it now demands.

Kneeling partially in the foot-well my lover urges me to assist with the removal of the undergarment and I comply. Cool fingers pleasure me with a precise knowledge of the needs of highly sexed female at an elevated level of arousal.

I submit entirely to the demands of my lover's mouth and fingers. Fingers that know precisely where to pleasure me, precisely how to pleasure me. As those digits begin to plunge deeper to my depths, expanding me, sending exquisite sensations racing throughout my entire body, the aroma of my arousal permeates the hot, moist air trapped inside the car. I hear deep guttural moans and know that they are mine. So soon my lover's expert manipulations begin to generate an orgasm and as it flows through my body the fingers that brought it about are squeezed by powerful pulses.

Committing myself completely now to the inevitable I open my new lover's jacket, pull excitedly at the shirt, slip swiftly under and grasp for the first time ever the warm firmness of another woman's breast.



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