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Ménage à Trois: Chelle's View

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This is my point of view to a story in Mara's blog. Ménage à Trois: Chelle's View

So, I've been living with Mara for about two weeks now. Its been great! Don't get me wrong! but she has yet to break my hymen. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to beg her to do it when she mentioned Ramiro.

"He's damn good looking!", I said with a laugh. Mara's smile gave away the fact that she was stirring up something. That's when she proceeded to tell me about how she couldn't bring herself to break my hymen and she was wondering if I was up to a threesome with Ram. She didn't have to say anymore. I was sold!

"You're on your way home? Ok . Yes. Nah-tin. Mhm . Ok. 8:00? Ok . Bye!" I heard Mara close her phone in the other room as I straightened my hair. She walked in and started helping me with my hair.

"We've got to leave in an hour and a half babe. ", I nodded with a smile and took the straightener back from her.

"Then go take your shower! You take longer to get ready than I do!", I said with a laugh and continued to straighten my hair. Mara laughed and pulled her shirt off as she passed me going to the bathroom. Tonight was the night and it was with the two people I wanted the most.

The ride to P.F. Chang's was quiet I was wearing one of the dresses Mara picked out for me the other day at the mall. It was a clingy, short, strapless dress that showed everything. I, of course, talked her into letting me wear a matching throw. The red closed toe 2 inch heels, red hand bag, and red lipstick really popped against all the black. Being a "mostly natural" girl when it came to make-up I had Mara do it. And if I do say so myself I was looking pretty hot! I was nothing compared to Mara though.

She had her dark straight legged jeans a shoulder hugging red shirt, and a pair of red closed toe heels. Her hair was in loose curls - which I love! And her make-up looked beautiful as always!

When she parked the car I smiled and kissed her deeply.

"What was that for?" With that sly smile that drove me crazy.

"Just because!" I winked and climbed out of the car straightening the dress. It barely covered my lacy red panties.

We walked into P.F Chang's hand in hand. I was kind of nervous but it was obvious Mara was proud that I was hers. I felt her tug me to the left when she spotted Ram. He was looking damn fine too!

When he stood up I saw there was already an obvious bulge in his pants. He was hearing a vertical blue, black, and white, stripped button up shirt with black slacks.He pulled out my chair for me. This was a first, no guy, that wasn't my brother, had ever pulled out my chair for me. As I sat down I could smell his cologne, and damn did he smell good!

He helped Mara sit down before taking his seat too. Their hands were roaming my body under the table the entire time. The conversations were enough to make me cum, and Combined with the sensations I was feeling it was time to go. I was softly moaning, unable to hide a few, when several customers gave us knowing glances.

Finally we got back in the car and drove to Ram's apartment. I was nervous as hell, but I wanted to go through with this. Knowing how I am, we decided it was best to choose a safe word. It had to be something non-sexual so there was no mix-up!

"Twilight!" We said simultaneously then burst into laughter.

Once we were in-front of Ram's apartment I felt my juices drip down the inside of my thigh. I leaned into Mara as she whispered in my ear.

"This night is all about you love", I smiled slightly and nodded just as Ram unlocked his door. Mara let him know about the safety wood just before they lead me into his bedroom.

Behind me I could feel Mara removing my throw. She took my hand and twirled me around. I blushed feeling almost naked. They reassured me that I was beautiful and there was nowhere else they'd rather be.

There was a strict no kissing rule for Ram. My velvety red lips would only touch Mara's. She held my face and stared deep into my soul. I could feel the love she has for me. She kissed me. Everything about it was perfect; the pressure, tongue, and passion.

Directly behind me I felt Ram's arms wrap around me and cup my breasts. I moaned softly as his hands moved and traced all of my curves. It sent shivers down my spine and to my kitty. My moans grew louder as his hands reached inside my dress making contact with my goosebumpy skin. I felt Ram rub his hard member against my bubbly ass, all the while his hands roaming my skin.

By now Mara was tracing my jaw line to my neck. Her warm, wet tongue was driving me crazy. She descended further down to my nipple just as he reached under and cupped my pussy. My body shivered and my legs tensed up. She kissed around my nipple softly just before taking it in her mouth and my legs went weak.

They lead me to the bed and laid me back. Ram took Mara's place at my breasts, with Mara now at my kitty. She spread my legs apart and rubbed up and down my slit - my juices quickly lubricating them. My lips puffy, clit hard, Mara leaned down and kissed my outer labia, her tongue was teasing my clit. I laid my head back and arched my back my moans filling the room. She spread my glistening folds exposing my extremely sensitive pebble. The combination of Ram massaging my breast and tweaking my nipples, with Mara licking my clit, then gently penetrating me while her thumb went in circles around my pebble - it didn't take long. My stomach muscles tightened and my juices poured onto Mara's lips. My body shaking violently I yelled obscenities I had never said before.

Next thing I knew Mara and Ram had switched places again. Ram positioned himself between my legs. My heart jumped as I felt him line his, larger than expected, member at my entrance. For several seconds I was distracted by Mara's velvety lips on mine as she shared my juices with me. She slid her hand down my stomach and stimulated my clit causing my vagina to expand as Ram slowly slid his mushroom shaped head inside me.

"She's so wet!" He said as Mara spread my sensitive lips giving him better access. He stopped when he felt he hit my hymen. I tensed and reached up and squeezed Mara's breast. This was it.

"This is going to hurt a little Chelle , but it'll be worth it I swear." His words were barely heard before it all happened. I tensed up Mara's lips reached my nipple. I arched my back feeling Ram push himself inside me in one fluid motion. I shrieked from the pain and knew only one thing would distract me.

"Kiss me Mara", I purred before reaching for her face. My hands were in her hair pulling her closer as Ram continued his in and out movements all the while rubbing my sensitive clit . The sensations were driving me nuts as the pain quickly changed to pleasure. Mara's lips on mine, tongue in my mouth, and fingers rolling my nipple combined with Ram's thrusting and masculine fingers on my clit. I couldn't take it anymore. My toes curled as the whole thing happened again. My stomach muscles tightened and my juices covered Ram's thick cock.

"Fuck yeah Chelle , you're so tight!" I heard him growl as his speed increased and he pushed me over the edge again. I tried to speak but nothing came out correctly. I'm not sure how many times I climaxed before he finally pulled out and came on my tummy.

"I guess I should take the couch huh..." he didn't wait for an answer. Just stood on his wobbly feet and walked out to the living room closing the door behind him.

I was was breathing heavily when Mara laid her head on my shoulder which sort of shocked me because she doesn't like to cuddle.

"I know how much you like to cuddle babe", She whispered softly as she ran her fingers over my tummy I could only groan with a huge smile.

I couldn't have asked for more.
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