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Mine and Melissa’s Secret

Melissa loses her virginity to her best friend instead of her boyfriend
Ever since high school, my best friend Jason, his girlfriend Melissa, and I have been thick as thieves, in and out of school we were always together. So it was no surprise that two years later during senior year, we all decided to apply to the same college, Gwynedd Mercy and by some crazy miracle…we all got in.

My name is Andre Brown by the way and this is my story.

Now even though Jason and I are best friends, we complete opposites. He’s a basketball jock, while I on the other hand am a world class nerd. Basically, I got into college for my brains and he got in on his brawn and skills on the basketball court.

As for Melissa, we met in sophomore year of high school and I must admit when I first saw her, she made my loins jolt and my dick harden. She’s absolutely gorgeous with her curly black hair, olive skin tone, and hazel eyes. Her body is another story, Melissa’s a living hourglass accompanied by 34 C cup breasts, a tight, narrow waist, and plump apple shaped backside. In the beginning of our friendship, I thought about making a pass at her, but unfortunately Jason got to her first, which meant I was confined to the friend zone…but I feel indifferent about it now because as time when our relationship morphed into one of a brother and sister as we confided in one another about some things we didn’t feel comfortable discussing with Jason.

One of the main topics was of our conversations was Jason’s wandering eye that he developed in senior year. It started off as him just eyeing other females, but what Melissa didn’t know was that Jason was cheating on her, under the premise that as a man he needed pussy because Melissa, to both our surprise was saving herself for marriage. So every time the college team would have an away game, Jason would take a girl from the opposing team’s school to his bed for the night and upon his return, he’d relay the details of his sexual conquest to me, but one night Melissa found out about Jason’s illicitness, leading to a night Melissa and I would never forget…and secret we’d carry for the rest of our lives.

It was a Friday night and the Gwynedd Mercy Griffins had an away game at Temple. I sat in front of my laptop writing a paper when there was loud knocking on my door and I heard Jason say, “Open up Andre, I need your help man.”

I answered the door. “Let me guess… Melissa found out didn’t she?”

“Yeah, ‘Dre, I fucked up, I fucked up so bad and I’m sorry. I love her too much to lose her.”

“Then tell her that man, tell her you’re sorry.”

“I’ve been trying. She won’t talk to me; she won’t answer my phone calls of texts.”

“Look Jason, she’s just upset. Give her time to cool off. Go play your game at Temple than come back and try to work it out with her.”

I let out a sigh thinking out how hurt Melissa must’ve been feeling at the moment.

“Plus…I’ll check in her tonight,”

“Thanks man, you’re the best bro.” Jason said giving me daps and a brotherly hug.

“No problem, man. Just win this game for us.” I paused. “And try not to cheat on her this time,”

“I’ll try,” He told me with a smile.

“Yeah right,” I said to myself sarcastically.

Jason left and I continued with my school work, finishing it all around nine-thirty. Now bored with nothing to do, I felt it was the best time to check in on Melissa. I dialed her cell phone and heard it ring a few times.

“Hello?” I heard Melissa’s sweet voice answer her phone.

“Hey Melissa, its Andre…you free to hang out tonight,”

“Yeah, I’m free, should I come to your room or are you coming to mine,”

“I’m on my way to you, girl.” I said with a smile.

I hung up the phone, grabbing my room key and a bag of food to eat knowing I’d probably being staying the night in her room(we always stayed in each other’s room as friends and nothing more, well…until tonight).

I made it to Melissa’s room and gave the door a hard knock. After a few minutes, she answered the door a fluffy robe.

“Hey ‘Dre,” She greeted me with a hug.

“Hi,” I replied with a kiss to her cheek.

She led me into her room and I took a comfortable seat on her bed.

“What’s that you brought with you?” Melissa asked pointing to my bag of snacks.

“Snacks, smart one.” I replied with a smirk.

She grabbed my bag and looked inside. “Cheetos, Rice Krispie Treats, and Pop-Tart’s,”

She shook her head at me and went to her freezer and retrieved popcorn chicken, putting the frozen food on a plate and placed the plate into her microwave. As the chicken cooked I surfed through her DVD collection and chose The Best Man for us to watch.

With everything perfect, we laid down on Melissa’s bed with the popcorn chicken in the middle so we could reach for it when we wanted some. We laughed, we got upset at the characters, and overall enjoyed are ourselves. I could tell me being with her was taking Melissa’s mind off of Jason’s infidelity…and at the moment she needed it.

The movie ended and we laid together in silence. I just stared at Melissa as without the distraction of the movie, her inner feelings began to show on her face, mostly sadness and anger.

“You okay,” I asked.

“No, I just wish…” She stopped herself in mid- sentence and let out a sigh.

“What Melissa? You know you can talk to me,”

“Jason cheated on me,” She said sadly. “But I think he’s been cheating for awhile now.”

I wanted to tell her that I knew about Jason all ready, but that would’ve hurt her even more. So I feinted as if I knew nothing, letting out a sigh of my own.

“It’ll work out…trust me. Jason loves you,”

“I know,”

I kissed the crown of her head and gave her a smile.

Tears began to form in her eyes and she started crying. This is not what I wanted. I hated seeing Melissa like this and this was the first time seeing her cry.

“Aw…c’mon don’t start that crying girl,” I told her, wiping some of her tears away.

“Maybe- -Maybe if I gave myself to him…” She tried to say, but I stopped her with a finger to her lips.

“Don’t you dare do that,” I told her seriously. “You keep your purity, Melissa. You keep it for the man of your it Jason or somebody else, but don’t give it up to keep somebody.”

Melissa started to calm down as I wiped more of her tears away.

“You gonna be okay,” I asked before sliding off the bed.

“Yeah, but where are you going, Andre?”

“No where…I’m just grabbing my blanket for the floor,”

Melissa usually kept a red blanket in her closet for me when I’d stay in her room.

“Oh, okay…’cause I could really use the overnight company.”

“I’ll always be there for you, Melissa.” I told her lying down on the floor, wrapping myself in my blanket.

I closed my eyes and in minutes I was sound asleep…that was until I felt a soft pair of lips kissing my face sweetly. My eyes fluttered open to see an apparition that morphed into Melissa, who continued to kiss me.

“Melissa…what’re you doing?” I asked, trying to stop her.

“I want you to take me to bed, ‘Dre,” She answered, starting to fondle and caress me.

“This is a dream,” I told myself. “A weird dream,”

“Melissa- -No, I can’t do that.” I said holding her by the arms so she couldn’t touch me anymore.

“You don’t wanna make me feel better,” She asked me before kissing my lips for the first time.

“Melissa…” I tried to say, but she cut me off.

“Please Andre…make me feel better, make me feel good,”

She grabbed my wrists and my hand made their way to Melissa’s breasts.

“Please Melissa…stop. You’re with Jason,”

As much as I was protesting, my dick was enjoying it. It twitched with every kiss and began to stiffen with my hands on her chest.

“C’mon ‘Dre…please,” She said practically begging, tears falling from her eyes again.

She was trying to get revenge on Jason for cheating, but from the look in her eyes…she wasn’t looking at me the same way I was looking at her. My eyes were seeing Melissa; my best friend, my little sister (in most respects), my best friend’s girlfriend, but as Melissa looked at me, was just seeing Andre Brown and nothing else. I calmed myself and took the years of friendship out of my mind and this is what a saw; I saw Melissa Epps, a beautiful, intelligent, at the moment sobbing young woman and something inside me said I to oblige her, make her pain go away.

“Please take me,” I heard her soft voice say again.

“Okay Melissa, but are you sure?”

“I’m sure…just- -just be gentle with me,”

I picked her up off the floor as I stood up myself, our chests just inches away from each other. I closed the small gap between us, kissing her lips softly followed by a few more.

“Mmmm,” She moaned as I pried her lips open with my tongue, deepening the kiss and increasing its passion.

Our tongues danced and struggled with one another until air became an issue and we broke our kiss. My lips and tongue fell to her neck, sucking and kissing on it, momentarily kissing on her earlobe every so often. My actions made Melissa pant and moan, which told me she liked it.

I picked her up briefly to place her on her bed. I removed my shirt revealing my chest and abs causing Melissa’s eyes to widen at the sight of my chocolate frame. She smiled and bit her bottom lip.

I slowly untied the robe she wore to bed and like her, my eyes widened at the sight I was seeing, a Melissa wearing nothing, but a pair of pink panties.

“You sleep only in panties?” I asked.

“It’s my room,” She said with a smirk.

My mouth descended, and against the sensitive bud of her breast she felt my lips and tongue, wet and warm—and then just the barest scrape of my teeth. Melissa cried out loudly, her voice was filled with pleasure.

"That’s nice, ‘Dre, my nipples are sensitive.” She moaned.

I lavished her with my tongue, and then seeing her reaction increased my pressure, using it to flick her nipple in short, sharp strokes.

"Uhhhhnn... Mmmmm... Please don’t stop.”

While I was nipping at and licking the sensitive peaks of her breasts, my hands slid Melissa’s pink panties down her legs removing them. I moved my head leisurely from one to the other, and at the same time sliding my fingers around the wet flesh between her legs.

"Feels good, huh?" I murmured in her ear while I kneaded her luscious breasts.

"Y-yeah..." Melissa moaned.

I started kissing all over Melissa’s stomach, making his way down south. When I reached her navel, I dipped my tongue in it over and over. I couldn't comprehend how the littlest things could make her shudder. I finally came in contact with Melissa’s heat; her smell was driving me crazy as I breathed in her sweet aroma. I gave her a look as if to tell her what I was about do and she gave me a gentle nod of approval.

With that I gripped her thighs and licked at her clit, I sucked gently on her outer lips and penetrated her with my tongue. I lapped at it with long strokes, and put my mouth everywhere. I traced her puckered hole with my tongue.

"Mmmmm, that's feels so good ‘Dre. Keep going,"

I captured her clit with my mouth and flicked at it with my tongue. My brown eyes stared deeply into Melissa’s while I ate her out. Melissa screamed as my tongue stroked her sensitive bud, and when she felt my finger slide into her. She moaned in sync with every stroke I gave her, and every thrust my finger seemed to make. Melissa arched into me when I nipped her clit, and added another finger into her. Melissa found herself screaming at one particular suck, and her legs clasped around my neck as she came. I removed myself from her opened legs, and leaned forward to kiss her lips gently.

"You taste very sweet." I told her sincerely.

Melissa blushed at my comment and I let her come down from her climax. After a few minutes she was ready for more.

“You sure you wanna keep going?” I asked needing her to consent to me.

“Yes…‘Dre…I want all of you.”

I nodded to her statement, removing my pants and boxers.

I flipped Melissa over, her ass was up in the air and she slightly turned her head to look into my eyes, hers full of fear.

“I’m gonna be gentle. Don’t be scared, Melissa.” I told her as I rubbed her booty a bit.

I lowered myself, so that I was on top of Melissa. Her ass was perched high in the air and her were legs were spread wide. Her body bowed so beautifully, her black hair spilled to the side. The moans escaping her lips escalated into a keening cry that echoed off the walls as I entered her slowly as I possibly could, breaking her virgin seal.

I stopped a minute in order for her to get use to me. I was on my knees and I gripped her waist with my soft hands.

I began to thrust into her slowly and deeply. Her walls constricted around my dick tightly each time I reentered her. The feeling was unimaginable.

“Mmmm…Ooooh…Oh ‘Dre,”

With each thrust, I could feel myself coming closer to a climax. The heat from her and the tightness of her walls were helping, indeed. Soon, I had to clasp a hand on her bare thigh as I drove deeper into her, causing Melissa to scream with pleasure.

“Ahhh! Mmmm,” Melissa moaned some more before biting down on her bed sheets to muffle herself.

" Oh! I breathed out as I felt myself about to cum.

"‘Dre!" Melissa screamed.

I came inside Melissa when I heard her moan my name. My seed filling up the condom I wore; I rode out my orgasm while he listened to Melissa scream in ecstasy, cumming herself.

I pulled out of her and we lay there together, nakedly cuddling.

“You okay, Melissa?” I asked kissing her forehead.

“Yeah…I’m great.” She replied kissing my lips.

I wrapped my arms around her as guilt began to overtake me. I’d just slept with my best friend’s girl and enjoyed it.

“We don’t have to tell Jason,” Melissa suddenly said probably filled with her own guilt.

“We shouldn’t?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’ll be another one of our secrets, but I’m glad my first time was with you.”

“I’m glad too,” I said kissing her lips.

We closed are eyes, falling asleep in each other’s arms and even though this boundary shouldn’t have been crossed between us, our friendship was strengthened that night.

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Posted 18 Dec 2011 16:45
Nice job. I liked it!
Posted 04 Nov 2011 16:07
I rather enjoyed this story. Sadly I can not say that about a ton of stories on here, but I liked this one.
Posted 05 Oct 2011 09:49
Such a sweet first timer. nice job.

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