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Our First Time

My friend and I take a journey into uncharted territory!
Our First Game

I had only known you; really known you for a short amount of time…there was the occasional hello…the cursory chatter, but it seemed like I had only really started to see who you were just a short time ago. So why are my feelings becoming like this? I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is love, that is such a strong emotion to try and grow this quickly, and it feels like saying the word love is just a cover that which men have learned over the years. It is merely an attempt to get into a woman’s pants. I would say that the closest word I can find is infatuation. My feelings are more than just lust, lust is something that I would feel towards any slut I find online every day…but while I want you…I also have a feeling of trust. I know what is at risk, my job would fire me if my desires ever came to light…and you could lose so much, with your husband and all, but we both instinctively know that neither of us would ever hurt the other…we can feel safe in the fact that no matter what we can explore our desires in safety…truly coming together to understand where we each are.

You are so far away from me physically, it’s only a few hours in the real world, but those hours make it so that a trip there and back isn’t an option. We both know that you can never get away…so we have to accept the phone and the computer as the best options for the moment. It is a different feeling…how can you ever build something through pieces of plastic and ether? As strange as it seems it is almost like our relationship can end up being stronger, that our friendship is growing in ways that would not normally be possible. There is a sexual tension which has slowly built as we continue to chat. Things started as such harmless statements, but soon became such fun banter…my smart ass started to rear its ugly head, and we both loved having those things to say…things that you just know literally made the other person’s jaw hit the ground. Over time we both have become so comfortable with each other…and that is when our competitive natures began to rise. How could either of us, both being so in control of the rest of our lives, and the driving force taking care of everyone else around us, back down from our challenges to each other? We both want to have the last word…not in a controlling or mean way, but at the end of the day we both truly want to take care of each other. We both want to fulfill all the needs in the person we see before us.

Neither of us knows where this was going…neither of us understands what could happen. We have talked about some of our needs…how our partners have never fulfilled us…we both have hearts that are so big…and we both spend so much time pouring out love on those around us…we have the physical need to find a way to have others help refill the spaces in our soul. It started as such an innocent friendship…and yet it feels like we are so close. There is a yearning that our relationship could be something more. We can feel it growing in the silences of breaths as we carry on our conversations.

I know that I am interested in having something more than just your friendship, I want with all my soul to have the chance to move forward into the great unknown. I am completely at ease with the fact you have a husband…and that there is nothing I can do to come between you. I actually don’t want to come between you, I love the fact that your life is stable, that you have the money, and the car, and the house…things to keep you in a happy and safe place. You also have that amazing little one, a child which should always be supported and nurtured. I would never do anything which would risk putting the little one into a world which causes them pain. Yet I still find myself wanting to be with you…to have something more than what we have. I know my heart…and I know my head, I know that I can handle a relationship where I only get you on this box. Where I live in the extra time we choose to make for each other…the long and late nights…where sleep is secondary to the feeling in our hearts.

People talk about how that type of relationship can never be enough…but I say that people who think that way are wrong. If you truly care about someone…and enjoy giving what you can to help fulfill the needs of others...people would be amazed at what can be enough. I know what I need, and I understand that you are not ready to give me those actions. I am such a visual person…I just need to see you. It doesn’t have to be “dirty” pictures…to many people think that showing everything up front is the way to a man’s heart…but they are so wrong…the “money” shot is a way into a man’s pants…but it is the art of the tease, the true acts of seduction that put a woman so deep into a man’s soul that he can never remove the image of her from his life.

As we talk one day the subject of desires comes to the front of our banter…we feel almost like kids again as we suggest that oldest of games…Truth or Dare. This idea scares me as much as it excites me…I never played it as a child, and my knowledge of the game is mainly drawn from watching cheap porn, so I have no idea what to expect…or what is acceptable. Yet my mind is racing with the possibilities, yet I feel an overwhelming desire to protect you. My head is simultaneously processing the concepts of how far can I get her to go…with the reality that your friendship matters so much to me, I can’t do anything which would risk you going away. I feel as much fear that this could be the end of you talking to me, as excitement at the prospect of experiencing new things with you. I know that this is the chance I have been dreaming of…but now that it is here I am filled with such fear.

I know that you are not interested in being submissive to me. The concept is something that might perk your interest…it’s something you might talk about as an idea to try one day…but I can tell that just your heart, trying to give me things to make me happy, does make you slightly submissive to my wishes. I know that while you like being in control of your life, but that there is a part of you which yearns to have someone push your boundaries.

We start with some simple truths, Questions that can be answered with a few short words. Neither one of us wants to be brave…neither one of us wants to be the first to say dare…then I finally get the nerve. “Dare” I say with as much gusto as you can muster in a text. “Take a picture for me” is your reply. It’s now the moment of truth, what do I do. You left the door open for anything…you would never ask to see my cock…you would never do anything that base, but the feeling in the air around me is that you would like it. My mind is racing…my heart is pounding in my chest, what do I do?

My heart, my brain, and my infatuation all begin a massive fight in my head…but finally my bravado wins out. “I will do this, I can handle it.” I say in my mind, as I think about you and your body for a moment. As I picture you in my mind’s eye, I can feel the gentle stirring of my manhood growing in my pants. You don’t understand how beautiful you are. You have been told that you aren’t attractive by an asshole for so long you have lost sight of the wonder which you truly are.

You have an amazing smile, and eyes that light up the room. These simple items are just doorways into your heart, you mind, and your soul. That is where the true beauty within you lies. You have a seduction inside of you that cannot be harnessed, and cannot be tamed. You have sent me pictures in the past yourself. Never showing more than I could see at the beach…but the way you looked through the camera and into my soul…it’s a feeling that I can NEVER forget. You have a way of drawing me not into the picture that showed the most total skin…but into the picture that made me desire your heart. I want to find a way to make you want me half as much as I desire you. I know you see me as a friend, but sometimes even your best friend has the desire to be more…to fill the void in your life. To be the man that you need in your life.

As I think of everything you are…and imagine what you are wearing right now, I am picturing how your hair fails on your neck, how your eyes must be glowing with anticipation, how your heart must be starting to beat just a little faster. All of these things cause that gentle stirring to grow…and before you know it my manhood is standing firm at full attention. I try to think what I can do to allow you the best view…to find a way to turn you on. I take my best guess…and line up the phone for the best shot I can come up with. All nine inches are ready to do your bidding…so I gently take my middle three fingers and slide them along the underside of my cock. You know the size of my hands, how big and strong they are…I am sure you will be a little shocked when you see my cock…as wide as my middle three fingers, and at a full nine inches long. I know that you have talked about how your husband isn’t that size…and part of me hope that I don’t scare you off…but it’s a risk I have to take. Then I take a second photo…with my hand wrapped all the way around the shaft…preparing to start a wild night of passionate stroking…but I don’t play right now…I have to see where the game plays out as I switch to the PC.

I send you the photos and wait for either a response…or the permanent silence which would crush my world. Lucky for me you reply with an “OMG”. It’s not quite the response I had pictured in my head…but it doesn’t look like you are mad…and you still are talking to me. You send me a photo of your full lips…and you are gently licking them…which I take as a very good sign. Now it is time that I ask you the inevitable question…”Truth or Dare?” After a short moment…I see the word “Dare” pop onto my screen. I am glad you answered quickly…because I can tell that from the moment I hit send I started holding my breath. It’s now or never, so I decide it’s time to see what will happen if I try and push your limits…”Turn on your webcam, let me see your face” was the dare I sent you. I know that you don’t like to use your cam…but I really want to see you right now, and I wait with baited breath as I brace for the probability that you will tell me no…

Now is when my life fills with an amazing glow…as I see the “Invitation to View Webcam” pop into the IM box we have been sharing. My heart stops as I click on the link…as the text scrolls across the bottom of the screen…it is like an eternity is passing in each moment as I long to see your lovely face. Then like a dream, or a song from my soul…there you are. Your smile beams to me brightly, like a warm spring day with fresh cut grass blowing gently on the breezes. Your eyes call to me, begging me to shower them with all the affection that you have ever imagined. It is a view that I have longed for so long…but have been terrified to request, and one I never thought you would willingly allow.

I can tell you are excited by the picture I sent you…your face has just a slight cast of rose…and I can see the touch of sweat glistening on your brow. I decide to allow myself to react to you…to leave all preconceived notions in the past and live in this special and magical moment. We sit there for just a moment…allowing the sensation to become stable. I can tell from the look in your eyes, the desire is building. Every moment your brain is screaming at you “What are you doing…you are crazy”, but in the same breath your pussy is screaming “I can believe how wet I am getting…I need him so badly.”

I feel a sense of urgency…I don’t want to wait and have you get nervous…so I quickly type back “DARE” hoping the caps would tell you just how into the moment I had become. You type back that you want to see me as well…so I quickly open the window and send for you to be able to enjoy me, as I love every moment spent viewing you. When I see the message across the bottom increment to say ONE person viewing I know that we have reached a place neither of us saw coming…but that both of us are loving and it is creating a tingling in our special places as every second passes. I continue to steady my breathing as I wait out the moments praying you will ask for yet another dare. I am soon rewarded with the lines I am longing to read…and I know that you are at my command.

I want you, I need you, but I refuse to take advantage of you…and the way that we feel about each other. I choose to push your boundaries…but to maintain the dignity that your southern roots have bread into you since you were born. I know that the game is done for the night…I don’t plan of giving you a chance to get back to into questioning me…not tonight. I know that if I go too far you will stop me, but from the fire in your eyes…I don’t think your soul would let you stop. I ask you to let me see you…and you oblige by setting the cam…taking a step back and giving me a full shot of your body…your clothes are covering, and tasteful…and you even give me a nice little model turn direct from a runway…to my room. Seeing the little flip of your hair as you hit the apex of the turn only shows me that you are getting into this whether you can bring yourself to admit it or not.

Now is when I take my final glorious moment, I tell you to frame your face in the cam. I love what I see, with your hair falling…right into my soul as it occasionally covers just one eye. That is a look which is so seductive…I could have cum right from those few moments…but I had to keep it together…today was going to be about you…about making sure that tonight was a time you will NEVER forget. I tell you to take off your top…and then your pants…holding each one up to the camera…so I know that they are gone. I can see the look, the mixture of shy and electric that is overcoming your face. We keep talking…telling each other the things that we want to do in this moment…I can tell you have relaxed…so I ask you to let me see your bra and panties. You naturally try and resist…but then you admit that they cover the same as your swim suit…and since you let strangers see you in your suit…your defenses crumble. You repeat the same poses…and turn as you gave me before…I can see the blush has made its way down from just your cheeks…and is filling your chest.

I know that tonight is going to be special, so I go to the window of my mind…the way to fill fantasies without destroying your world…I know that there will be so many more nights for me to derive my final pleasures…so I tell you to frame your face again. I see the sense of relief…and excitement when I allow you that slight reprieve. I tell you to take off your bra and panties…and once again you hold them by your head…so now we both know that the only thing you still have on is your smile. The look of warmth in your eyes…and a look of hunger and desire burning deep in your soul that cannot be matched is evident in each frame which the cam beams to my eager heart. I continue to tell you what my hands are doing to you. I can tell from the edges of your shoulders that my hands are indeed finding the places they are targeting … with an expert feel of old friends. I continue to pleasure your body…guiding my hands in way that cause you to build to the very peak of pleasure. I watch your breathing and your looks as your body builds towards its approaching climax. I can literally see the wave of pleasure as it washes over you, see you as your body clenches in that final loving moment. Your orgasm is one of the most intense things I have ever witnessed…and I explode just from my pent up love as I watch the waves of pleasure and passion hit you one after the next. I start to bring you back down slowly, letting my hands run over parts of you smoothly and gently, making sure that you feel our contact, and drink in the raw emotion passing between us.

I close the cam window which allowed me to view you…and I continues to look deeply into the camera lens on my end…trying to give you one last thank you with the look of longing which suddenly cannot be removed from my face. I continue to tell you how much our night has meant to me…and how firmly I hope that I brought you enough pleasure to warrant us reliving this moment again. When I see my counter drop to zero viewers…I know that we are winding down…I close my camera down for the night. I could see right before I closed your cam, not only the incredible glow which radiated from your very soul…and the sexy sheen of our love flowing from your brow and your shoulders…but also that contented look begging to cuddle in my arms and rest. I bring you in close to my chest…where we could feel our hearts come together as a single entity…and we drift off to sleep in each other’s arms…dreaming of the next night we choose to explore the new found places in our ever blossoming relationship.

The End…of the Beginning!

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Posted 24 Mar 2014 08:00
Very heartfelt. Sexy and moving. Nice writing.
Posted 13 Jan 2014 22:31
Very nice... Cant wait to read the next part.

Posted 03 Dec 2013 08:09
wonderful first story loved it keep writing!!
Posted 10 Nov 2013 13:08
Love the story!!! I think everyone has had this type of relationship. I can't wait to see where this goes!!!!!!!
Posted 12 Oct 2013 09:57
I loved the story. I could imagine it happening in real life. I felt a bit like a voyeur, but not in a bad way. You should write more. I'd love to know how things are progressing for the two of you.
Posted 30 Sep 2013 08:37
I really like this story. Well written and I can feel the passion and sincerity making me want to read more.
Posted 17 Apr 2013 05:57
Sweet and hot - very well written Cant wait to read more.
Posted 31 Oct 2012 06:23
Really enjoyed your story. Looking forward to the sequel.
Posted 29 Sep 2012 12:55
Very well written story, full of passion and emotion. The web is a strange place. We all live there and can love there. I have experienced the same feelings. No cam involved. You covered the whole realm of emotion. Keep moving this story forward. I want to read where it goes.

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