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Payment Love

Payment turns into Love
Authors Note: I thought of making this into a series but I don't like writing parts so it's just the one story and I expanded it as much as I can. Please comment and rate thank you!

I'm Alex. I'm sixteen and I weigh 145lbs of mostly muscle.I’m 5'10 in height and work out daily at the gym. I have blue eyes and short blonde hair. Last Friday I was in the gym as usual after school. I'm normally the last one of my friends their because of the amount of rowing I do and I need to be in top shape. The gym I go to is in an apartment block. One the bottom floor is a supermarket, the second floor has a crèche, the third is a doctor’s office and the fourth is the gym and there are toilets on the third floor.

Every Friday in the gym a lot of women turn up. They are all really fit and have amazing bodies so I'm left very horny when I get home thinking about them. I don't wank in the shower because of the other men in their, it would just be weird so I wait until I get home and jack off. This Friday was the same, I finished my work out and when into shower, dried, got dressed and started to leave. I was walking down the stairs when a girl I know, Megan came through the door.

Megan is also sixteen and probably weights about 120lbs and is 5'9 in height. She had big tits that sit firm on her chest, which are probably a 34D and she has a very tight ass. She always wears leggings that sit tightly on her body and show off her ass, along with very low cut tops. She always has a camel toe and today is no different. She has long black hair, going half way down her back and brown eyes and pearl white teeth.

"What are you doing in here?" I laughed. "Did you join the gym or something?"

"I can be in here if I want!" she laughed. "Do you have any money with you?"

"Yeah why?" I queried.

"I need a lend of money Alex, I need to get drink for the party at Lisa's tonight and my Mam took my money when she found out about it"

"Hate that" I laughed.

"Please I just need €20 for a crate of Budweiser, Tara's outside and she gave me her money to me to hold in case her Mam found out, but the opposite happened!"

"And what do I get for giving you the €20?" I asked.

"You can make out with me and Tara at once?" she offered.

"That's not worth €20 and I've done it before at your birthday party last summer remember?"

"OK what do you want then?" she asked.

"Threesome. You, Tara and I in the bathrooms upstairs, their always empty at night"

"No way! You know I charge €50 for a fuck and €10 for head" she told me.

"Your such a slut" I laughed. "I can't believe your still doing that!"

"Yeah well I need to make money somehow" she said.

"OK well €20 is not worth head in my opinion even from the both of you at once. I can get head from free off Ellen" I told her.

"And what will Ellen say if I tell her that her boyfriend is trying to convince me to fuck him?"

"She won’t care, she let Terry fuck her with me the other night, and she owes me" I said.

"Well we am not fucking you for €20"

"OK later" I said starting to walk through the door.

"WAIT!" She shouted after me.

"Changed your mind?" I asked.

"Maybe, go outside and call Tara in" she told me.

I did as she asked. I went outside and sure enough my ex-girlfriend Tara was still on a stack of shopping carts playing with her phone. Tara is a smaller girl, only 5'6 in height. She weights around the same as Megan and looks like her twin. They have the same size breasts and she has a nice firm as. Tara has blonde hair and blue eyes that's really the only difference between the two besides their heights.

"Tara come inside Megan wants you" I told her.

"OK" she replied getting up and following me inside.

"What’s going on?" Tara asked when we were inside.

"You know the way we need money for drink right? Alex will give us it, but we have to fuck him" Megan said.

"No way, he knows I plan on staying a virgin as long as possible. I'm giving him head but that's it" Tara said.

"No deal. Remember when we were together we said we would be each other’s first fuck seen as we were each other’s first kiss, you were the first person to wank me, give me head, let me finger you, and give you oral, I want you to be my first for everything" I told her.

"I really shouldn't have dumped you" she said.

"I know, now are we going to do this?" I asked.

"Yes" they both replied.

"Megan I'm guessing you have condoms?" I said.

"You know me too well" she laughed.

"Slut" I laughed.

We started walking upstairs until we got to the third floor. We went into the girls bathrooms. Megan locked the door so that we would have no intruders. It was only 8pm and the building didn't get locked up for another two hours. Megan pulled my gym back off my and through it in the corner of the bathroom. These bathrooms never get used, and are cleaned daily because they are right beside the doctor’s office. No one really knows they are even there, hidden behind a staircase.

They push me against the wall and Megan starts taking my jacket off while Tara wrestles with the button on my jeans. I pull Megan's top off her and up clip her bra. Her tits are amazing and she has big dark nipples. I start kissing her neck, which I know gets her really wet. Tara has my jeans open now and is pulling them off me. She manages to get them off, followed by my boxers. Megan pushes me against the wall again and turns to Tara and starts taking her top off.

She starts kissing Tara, and soon I join in. Our tongues dance between each other’s mouths. Megan breaks the kiss and starts to kiss her way down Tara's body stopping at the waistband of Tara's leggings. She starts to pull them off her and soon they are off. I pull my t-shirt off and then pull Megan's leggings off, followed by her red thong that being swallowed up by her ass.

Megan has Tara's leggings and thong off now and is sucking her nipples. They stop and lay the clothes out on the floor. Megan squats down in front of my and starts to suck me off while Tara lies under her eating her pussy. Megan starts to deep throat my cock through her moans and starts to gag a lot. Soon Megan is moaning so much she can't suck my cock anymore so I just wank myself. Tara keeps eating her out and soon Megan reaches orgasm and squirts all over Tara's face.

I lift Megan up off the floor and then Tara. We make out with each other before Tara leads me over to the toilets. Megan sits on the toilet and Tara gets on all fours on the floor. I line up behind her and push into her slowly with my 7inch cock. She lets out a large moan and I start to fuck her slowly.

"I thought this would hurt you more" I said.

"Megan, Jenny and I fuck each other with a strap-on all the time, this is just my first time having sex not being penetrated, but you dick is bigger than out strap on" she moaned.

I started fucking her faster and the room was now filled with constant moans of Megan getting her pussy eaten and Tara being fucked.

"HARDER HARDER! HARDER AND FASTER!" Tara screamed through her moans.

I increased my pace going as fast as I could. Megan screamed reaching orgasm yet again and squirting into Tara's face. Followed by me cumming inside Tara. Tara then squirted reaching orgasm from feeling my warm and sticky cum inside her.

"You came inside her?" Megan asked.

"Yeah sorry, you cumming set me off and I didn't have time I pull out"

"If she’s pregnant"

"I don't care, I'll deal with it in the morning, right now were getting drink, going to Lisa's, getting drunk and then me and Alex are going to a bedroom and fucking again" Tara said.

"OK, I'll come with you in the morning to get the morning after pill" Megan told her.

I stood up and went to get our clothes.

"Where do you think you’re going?" Tara asked.

"To get our clothes" I said.

"No you’re not, get on the floor now and eat your cum out of my pussy!" she told me.

I done as I was told. I ate it all out of her. The three of us then kissed so we could all taste my sweet cum. We all got dressed, with Tara and Megan leaving off their bras and thongs and putting them in my gym bag. We went downstairs and sat on the seats outside the shop while Megan went in to get the drink because she knew someone who worked there that would sell her it.

"I'm sorry we broke up" Tara said.

"Me too, I miss you" I admitted.

"But your with Ellen now, and I don't this to ruin our friendships, but I still love you" she told me.

"I love you too Tara, I always have since we first got together, I just didn't know what you would say if I told you, I wish we hadn't broke up"

"Well we can get back together if you want?" she asked me.

"Yes a million times yes, but what do we do about Ellen?"

"We'll think of something, let’s just enjoy tonight and worry about it tomorrow"

"Agreed" I said.

We started making out on the bench not caring who saw us. We forgot about Megan and she came out a few minutes later with the drink.

"You two going to sit there and make out all night or are we going to go get drunk?"


We arrived at Lisa's house about an hour later. We were greeted by Lisa and lead out to the garden where everyone was sitting around a small fire pit on loungers and chairs. No one really took notice of the fact that me and Tara where holding hands. I dragged a lounger over to the group and I sat on it with Tara on my lap. Megan went to sit over with some guy I'd never met before and were making out already.

Everyone was already drunk so me Tara and Megan start drinking ours fast to get to their level of drunkenness. Tara and I start making out for a while and I felt Tara pull my hand towards her waistband of her leggings. I pushed my hand inside her leggings and started to rub her pussy occasionally inserting a finger while trying not to let anyone notice what was going on. After a few minutes Tara put her hand into her leggings and pushed my fingers into her pussy. I found her G spot quickly as I already knew where it was from fingering her before.

I started to hear moans but they weren't coming from Tara. We stopped making out but I kept my fingers in here pussy. We looked over and seen that they were coming from our friend Ally. She was naked on the lounger with some guy eating her pussy. Everyone was looking at them now.

"Ally you little slut" Jenny laughed.

The guy stopped eating her out for a minute to give Ally time to reply.

"What you all looking at? I like my pleasure" she smiled.

Everyone laughed as the guy went back to eating her out and Julie started moaning again. Julie and I went back to make out and I slowly started finger fucking her pussy. Tara was now moaning and more moaning was coming from our other friends. It was a full drunken orgy of sixteen year olds in the garden.

I felt Tara's hand move down to my jeans and start to unzip them. She reached in and started to stroke my cock and before I knew it I was hard. She stopped stroking my cock started to pull my jeans off, which I helped with. I took my t-shirt off and was now naked. I started to undress Tara, taking her t-shirt and leggings off. She was now naked as well. She started to wank my cock and then started sucking it. I was in heaven. I looked around and seen that everyone was either eating someone out, getting sucked off or having sex.

"Sorry I'm late, my Dad wouldn't let me leave until I cleaned my room" said someone walking over to the group.

I couldn't see who it was, and I didn't care. I was in heaven with Tara sucking my cock. She was sucking my cock like a porn star would. She started to try deep throat my cock but couldn't because of her gag reflex but it still felt amazing. I was close to cumming and she knew it. She stopped just before I got to the point of no return, and started to make out with me, letting me taste my cock on her tongue.

"I have a boyfriend Terry, I am not fucking you again" the girl said.

Her voice sounded familiar, but yet I it didn't register who it was in my head because of what was going on with Tara and me. She was now sitting on my cock and slowly rocking back and forward on it while we made out. I started kissing her neck which I knew made her even hornier.

"You’re going to give me a hickey soon if you don't stop kissing my neck" Tara moaned.

"Terry I can't fuck you again, please don't make me" the girl said.

"Come on Ellen, please just one last time, I've been sharing Megan all night I want you to myself right now, I know your horny" Terry said.

He was talking to my girlfriend Ellen and I hadn't realized because of Tara grinding on top of me and the amount of alcohol I'd consumed. They went over to the lounger beside us and start undressing. The girl was getting oral now.

"Alex your cock feels so good inside me" Tara moaned.

"ALEX?" The girl from the lounger beside me screamed. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"Fucking Tara what does it look like?" I said without thinking. I finally realized it was Ellen after I'd said my sentence. "Oh shit"

"You fucking cheated on me?" Ellen shouted.

"Looks like you’re cheating on me too. You didn't even tell me about this party, I would have never known you were going to fuck Terry again" I told her.

"Ignore her baby, focus on fucking me" Tara said.

Tara start fucking me faster sliding up and down my cock as fast as she could go. I was going to cum soon and I knew it. I kept sucking on Tara's neck trying to get her even hornier and without realizing I gave her a hickey. Tara was moaning wildly going up and down on my cock.

"I'm cumming Tara, I'm cumming!" I moaned.

I came hard into Tara's pussy, for a second time. Tara squirted her juices all over me when I removed my cock from her pussy. We went into a sixty nine position and I liked my cum and her juices from her pussy while she licked it off my cock.

"That was amazing" Tara said.

"I know Tara, I'm sorry we broke up before"

"Me too, we should get back to together, I miss you" she told me.

"Yeah we should, I miss you too baby" I said.

"You just came inside me again, I hope I'm not pregnant, and you gave me a hickey, my Dad is going to spank me really bad when he sees it"

"Let’s worry about that tomorrow, I'm really tired" I said.

We feel asleep in each other’s arms on the lounger covered in our sticky mess. We awoke a few hours later when the sun was up. We helped clean the garden with everyone, besides Ellen who stormed off in the middle of the night. When the garden was clean, Tara and I kissed goodbye and said we would meet up tomorrow.

The End.

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Posted 01 Feb 2013 04:04
same compalaint, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.
Posted 02 Apr 2012 11:38
the English is terrible
Posted 31 Mar 2012 21:17
very fucking nasty do it some more
Posted 29 Mar 2012 19:41
Not bad
Posted 29 Mar 2012 08:55
Microsoft Word said their was no errors..
Posted 29 Mar 2012 02:02
Nice little horny and hot story. Loved to have been there Certainly got a raise out of me reading it
Posted 28 Mar 2012 23:57
Posted 28 Mar 2012 23:03
A good story but care should be taken of grammer. 5
Posted 28 Mar 2012 19:46
Poor spelling and grammar mar what is otherwise an average story.

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