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Small Town Wish - Chapter One

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Just a short story about a two teens in a small town
This is my first attempt at writing. Feedback is much appreciated.

It was getting late, but we didn't want to leave each other. We had been going out for a while and it was the first time we'd really got to be alone. You see we both went to different schools in different towns. Lame. It's like that out in the country, everything's at least a hour drive from everywhere.

Michelle was a varsity basketball player. I was the cool guy from Seattle. She had the tightest body. I had a good build because I played hoops everyday after school and, believe it or not, tag. I guess you could say there wasn't much to do where I lived.

As fate would have it she was staying at her aunt's for the weekend. Lucky break since her aunt lived only 5 minutes away. It was almost perfect. Almost. The only downer was her tag-along cousin, Sarah. She wasn't bad looking...She was annoying. Hot, but irritating. Their aunt thought if Michelle was with Sarah then Michelle would stay out of trouble.Today she was bearable because Michelle made it a point that we wanted to be alone.

In a small town with nothing to do we walked up and down every street talking, kicking rocks and laughing. Even Sarah was able to keep from being a drag. About 20 minutes later we had walked the whole town and ended up on Main Street next the church and an old decrepit abandoned car repair shop. The latter was way more appealing.

"You want to go check it out?" Michelle asked.

"Sure," I said with laugh.

I followed her in. The place was really something out of an old movie. The roof had long ago fallen through and it was overgrown with various plants and small trees. Even though no one owned or really gave a damn about the place, we both got that sense of danger of being caught.

This was Sarah's cue to leave. She went into the large storage room while we stayed in the main entrance of the building. Even though all the windows had long since been broken out, it was getting dark and no one was out and about in town anyway to notice us.

When we were sure that Sarah was out of the room we went to embrace each other. She was wearing basketball shorts and a t shirt, the feel of her body under a thin shirt was getting me hard. I slid my hands under her shirt and up her back while she had her arms around my neck and kissed my with a hard passion that told me she'd missed me as much as I'd missed her.

We crashed into a nearby wall but it just drove us into a frenzy. I worked my hands down to her tight firm ass and gave a hard squeeze. I could feel her arch her back and then in a quick move jump up and attempt to wrap her legs around me. Her response took me off guard, and off balance.

"Sorry," she said between kisses.

The apology rose something in me that made me want her so bad that, after getting better footing, I slid my hands from her ass to her knees and lifted her up. She succeeded this time in getting me in her grip with her legs and arms wrapped around me. She gave a soft moan and I moved my hands back up her thighs and under her shorts. The feel of her panties over my fingers and I felt her warm lips on my finger tips was better than anything I had imagined. I had no idea as I pushed a finger in that it could feel so good and wet to have a part of me in a girl. I immediately wanted to feel this on my cock. I pulled my hands out of her shorts and began to undo my jeans. Her breathing against my ear was driving me crazy. I needed to have her.

"Come on," I said as I pulled her to her feet and pulled her shorts around her ankles.

Lifting one of her legs free from her shorts I pulled my cock out of pants. She gave a small gasp and leaned back against the wall again as I ripped her panties off. It took a few tugs but they were off and her clean shaved pussy was red and wet from my finger fucking earlier. I couldn't take it any longer and clumsily began to shove my dick in her tight peach. By shove I mean SHOVE! She was so tight and wet that once I got an inch in the rest of 7 inches were easier to work in. Her eyes were closed tighter than her pussy and she gave out cries that drove me to fuck her as hard as I could. I was in ecstasy.

She told me later she was a virgin, but it was easy to tell by the way she tensed up and cried even when I tried to fuck her gently. But she held on. She was breathing heavy and still sucked and kissed my neck. The gentleness didn't last. I thought to hell with it and went full throttle into thrusting faster and faster, shoving my full length in and out of her while having a vise like grip on her hips. Her cries became short moans and she held me tight burying her face into my shoulder. Then we heard a small crash.

I turned and looked over my shoulder to see Sarah peeking out from the doorway of the storage room. Had she been watching this whole time? I couldn't tell but she just kept staring at us. It gave me a shudder to find out she had been watching us for god knows how long. Her eyes were wide open. She must have heard Michelle's cries. This probably didn't look too good in her eyes...

To Be Continued...

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