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The Crown Prince's Beloved

The Crown Prince's Beloved

The prince of Egypt finally makes love and takes his beloved Roxana's virginity.
It was a calm day as almighty Ra shined high at His apex in the clear blue sky . . . looking down on the people of Egypt. His light illuminated the world, but among the people, His light shone brightest on Karim; Egypt's crown prince and next in line to rule as Pharaoh. The weight of someday ruling a nation would be a central thought on a prince's mind and for Karim, the thought was ever present, but he'd never dwell on it because this wasn't his time. The young prince was forever humble about his destiny. He would rule when the gods saw it fit for him to do so. This time belonged to his father, Pharaoh Aknadin. Besides, on this day Karim dare not think of the future when his mind was plagued with thoughts of the present . . . a pressing matter of his heart. Even as he walked through the marketplace with his friends, Armon and Kenna, while accompanied by his guard . . . she remained a constant on his mind. His ears faintly heard the conversation Armon and Kenna were having, but out of nowhere Kenna's words interrupted his thoughts.

"I see your mind is dwelling on your heart again, Karim." Kenna said, drawing laughter from Armon and his guards.

The prince smiled, "Is it that obvious, Kenna? I miss her greatly."

"But isn't she arriving tonight, Karim?" Armon asked.

"Yes, but the anticipation is killing me. It's been seven months since we were last truly together. Only our letters have connected us since then."

Armon smirked, "If you took her as a concubine when you first met then you could see her at any time."

Karim halted in his stride and gripped Armon by his shirt, "Roxana's no harlot nor is she a harem girl! You know nothing of her, so watch your tongue when you speak of her or lose it."

Karim was instantly angered by his friend's words. His actions and voice caused many around to look his way, but he didn't care. He cared greatly for Roxana and wouldn't have her insulted in such a way.

Kenna placed a firm hand on Karim's shoulder, "Karim, I know Armon's words weren't meant to offend."

Karim nodded and let Armon go with a hard shove to the ground.

Armon bowed low before him, "I apologize for my words, Majesty. I didn't realize the depths to which you cared for her."

Karim waved his hand, "Rise . . . you’re lucky she isn't your queen, Armon then I'd have no choice, but to punish you."

"Will you take Roxana as your queen one day, Karim?" Kenna asked.

Karim gave a pleasant smirk, "I think the answer to that question is obvious."

"Come now, its past noon and we must be ready for Persia's arrival," he added.

Kenna shook his head, "You mean Roxana's arrival, Karim."

"True, but we still have a feast to attend beforehand." Karim reminded him.

"I trust you both will be hospitable and respectable?" he asked, looking to Armon.

"Yes, Lord Prince." Armon and Kenna replied together.

"Good, it's greatly appreciated."

The three began their trek back to the palace and once more Roxana came to the forefront of the future Pharaoh's mind. All those closest to him knew he cared greatly for Roxana, but care would be an understated definition of his feelings for her. Karim truly loved Roxana. He loved her from the very first time they saw one another over a year ago.

It was when Pharaoh Aknadin sent word to his old friend, Peli, a nobleman of Persia to come visit him in Egypt. Accepting Pharaoh's request, Peli brought himself, a mountain of gifts, and his daughter Roxana. When Karim's brown eyes found her, he was enraptured by her beauty. Roxana was simply intoxicating to the eyes. It was as if the goddess Isis had come to earth in corporeal form as a girl in the full bloom of her youth. Roxana's green eyes were cat-like and sparkling as her silk looking skin was a shade lighter than his. Her long brown hair trailed just below her shoulders, featuring two locks wrapped in gold beads coming from behind her ears to be seen in the front and stopping at her neck.

Peli and Roxana stayed in Egypt for five days and all through their stay, Karim was stuck on her. She was that beautiful. At first, Roxana saw his actions as ones purely of lust, but in those five days Karim showed her that his feelings for her were real. With one look into his eyes she saw his love for her and as if casted under an enchantment by the gods, Roxana fell in love with Karim as well. Unfortunately, the new lovers would have to separate because of Peli's duties in Persia. They were only linked by the numerous letters sent from Egypt to Persia and vice-versa. This went on until seven months ago, when the letters weren't enough for Karim and he took a small guard along with him to Persia to see her. All the while, even though Karim and Roxana loved each other their relationship remained chaste. Their lives forced it to be this way and Karim satisfied himself with trips to the harem, but in his mind . . . all the women were Roxana. Tonight they would be together again and Karim would surely take this time to carnally know his beloved.


The sun had just begun to set as Peli and Roxana reached the golden gates of the Pharaoh's palace. It had been a long trip and they had finally arrived. When they were in eyesight of it, the nobleman's daughter couldn't help but to breathe a sigh of relief. The crown prince's emissary stood before them and gave a bow. Seeing that the emissary was Karim's made Roxana smile.

"The royal family extends their warmest welcome to you on your return to Egypt."

Peli smiled, "It's always a pleasure to be here."

"There is a small feast prepared in honor of your arrival," The emissary informed them. "Please come, we mustn't keep the Pharaoh waiting."

The Persians nodded and Roxana replied, "By all means, takes us to them."

Within moments, they stood before the great doors of the dining hall. Roxana's stomach was swimming with serpents as she waited to hear their introduction and for the doors to open.

"I see you're excited to see him, Roxana." Peli said smiling.

"I've been excited since we left Persia, Father."

"I also see that your excitement is more than emotional."

Roxana blushed knowing what he meant, "Father."

Peli smirked, "It's all in your eyes, my daughter."

The sudden rumbling of drums from inside the dining hall drew their eyes to the doors before them that slowly began to open while Aknadin's court announcer’s voice boomed over drums and trumpets.

"Great Pharaoh, I give you Peli, nobleman of Persia and his daughter Roxana, beloved of the Crown Prince Karim!"

Roxana smiled. She could help but to at the title she was given. Beloved of the Crown Prince . . . she loved it. Just as she loved the sight she was walking toward. The drums boomed and the trumpets blared as women threw petals of every flower into the air around her . . . though none of this fanfare truly mattered. All Roxana wanted was to feel Karim's strong embrace again. When she entered the dining hall, her eyes lit up at the sight of him. Karim looked so handsome standing proudly beside his father. His semi-long black hair was combed straight and a small golden crown adorned his brow. His bronze skin seemed to shine in the room's light as Karim wore no shirt, his fine muscular physique out for all to see. His bottom half was bare as well save for woven shorts to cover his loins and backside while he wore sandals on his feet.

"Welcome . . . to my dearest friend, Peli." Pharaoh suddenly said.

Roxana was so stuck on Karim that didn't realize how far she'd walked. She and her father knelt before the royal family than stood up.

"It is a great honor to be once again in the king of Egypt's presence." Roxana said as she stood.

"No, my dear," Queen Tia replied. "The honor is ours. You are always honored guests in our kingdom."

Roxana mildly blushed, "Thank you."

Roxana had been to Egypt a few times before, but was always humbled by the king and queen's presence. After the small exchange of words, her eyes finally met Karim's. They were full of longing and want, but most of all was desire. His gaze was so powerful that it caused her womanly juices to trickle from her womanhood a bit.

"Who is this fair, young goddess coming to the house of Pharaoh?" Karim asked, but the question was rhetorical.

Roxana nodded at him with a smile as he gazed at her loveliness. Roxana wore her hair long without her two beaded locks. She wore a cream-colored sleeveless, two-piece dress with a sarong and golden sandals. She wore gold bracelets on her arms, ankles, and around her neck hung a necklace bearing the Eye of Wdjat in the center. Karim was surprised she had it on since he gave it to her during his trip to Persia seven months prior.

"Peli . . . your daughter is a sight for sore eyes."

Roxana smiled, "As are you, Lord Prince."

The two embraced mildly, holding back the raw affection they truly wanted to display. The hug lasted a tad longer than normal though causing the Queen to tap her son on the shoulder.

"My son, there is a time and place for such displays,"she told Karim. "We have a feast to enjoy."

Karim ended his embrace with Roxana, "Of course."

Karim held out his hand and Roxana put her hand in it. The lovebirds walked to the large table that had just been set up.

They sat down and Pharaoh shouted, "Let the feast begin!"

The feast was as joyous of an occasion as one could be. It was a small gathering, but with Peli and Roxana there, the entire event felt grander in scale. The royal family made sure to have all the guests' favorite foods were prepared and they were placed all over the table served with water, milk, and wine.

After awhile of food and drink Peli asked, "How about some entertainment, Pharaoh?"

"Yes," Aknadin said before clapping his hands. "Summon the harem girls to dance!"

To everyone's surprise, Roxana stood up as the harem girls entered the room.

"Is there something the matter, Roxana?" Karim asked.

"No, I'd just like to dance for you, Lord Prince." She explained. "If it's okay with you?"

"That's fine . . . that’s perfectly fine, Roxana."

Roxana joined the harem girls in the center of the room and after a moment of discussion among them, she called for the music to begin. All eyes were on the women as the dance begun. Roxana stood in the front leading the others. She smiled Karim's way as she twisted and twirled her body sensually to the music. She danced fast and slow as the music's tempo changed now and again, her eyes locked on Karim. Although this dance was entertainment for the guests in attendance; Roxana was dancing only for the crown prince. The way she moved caused Karim's loins to stir and he began envisioning being alone with her. His desire for her was so great that he literally feel his body heating up.

"Mmm," Karim moaned before sipping some milk in an effort to calm himself.

He sat next to Peli, who leaned in and said, "Roxana's eyes say she desires you, Karim. Perhaps a bit too much."

Karim took another sip of milk, "If she desires me too much . . . than I desire her just the same."

"I see . . . you’ve never known her have you?"

"No, but I wish greatly to."

Peli smiled at Karim's honesty, "Tonight is as good as any to, young one."

The dance ended and the room was filled with applause.

"Bravo, bravo!" Pharaoh said clapping in approval. "Bravo to you, dear Roxana."

Roxana bowed, "Thank you, mighty Pharaoh."

"You must want to rest after such a performance," Pharaoh suggested. "Rooms have been prepared for you and your father."

Roxana smiled, "I'd like that . . . only if your crown prince would escort me."

Pharaoh looked to his son and smiled, "I believe he would have no issue with that."

Karim smiled back at his father and stood up, "I have no issue, but please continue the feast without us."

"You won't be returning, my son?" Queen Tia asked.

"No Mother, there is a pressing matter I must attend to." Karim explained before he led Roxana out of the dining hall.

As soon as the doors of the dining hall closed, Karim was all over his beloved. He held Roxana up against the great doors and kissed her with all the passion he could muster. Roxana was caught off guard by this, but as soon as their lips locked, she began kissing Karim back. Their lips pressed together over and over until Karim's tongue flowed into Roxana's mouth. The kiss lasted until air became a necessity for them.

"Karim. . ." Roxana tried to say, but Karim placed a finger to her lips.

"Not here, my love," he told her. "Let us continue this in my bedchamber."


The moon good Khonsu made the moon shine bright through the window of Karim's bedchamber as the prince and his beloved sat comfortably on his bed.

Karim brushed a stray hair from Roxana's face, "I've really missed you, Roxana."

"I've missed you too," Roxana said after capturing Karim's hand and kissing it. "You see I still wear the necklace you gave me."

Karim toyed with the pendent at the center of the jewelry, "I see . . . and I enjoyed your dance."

"Peli said it was to show your desire for me," he added. "Do you wish to know me, Roxana?"

Roxana nodded her head, yes, but turned her head away and looked out the window.

"I want to, Karim, but. . ." she began though paused. "But I've truly never known any man."

Karim cupped Roxana's chin and made her face him.

He smiled sweetly and kissed her lips, "You may know me, Roxana. You heard your title in Egypt; you're my beloved and truly . . . I love you."

A few tears rolled down Roxana's cheeks, "I love you too . . . but I'm scared, my love."

"There's no need to be," Karim reassured her. "We'll go slowly."

Roxana threw the moon a glance and said a quick prayer to the gods. She swallowed heavily and hoped that her first time would be as pleasant as she'd always dreamed. She then looked back at Karim and leaned inward, pressing her lips against his. Karim reacted immediately, his hand sliding behind Roxana's head to pull her into a deeper kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She gave an involuntary moan and Karim took the chance to slip his tongue into her mouth. Roxana's eyes widened, caught off guard as she felt Karim's tongue invade her mouth, but soon found her own tongue running along his. She closed her eyes slowly as they continued to kiss. It seemed like an eternity, but soon they broke apart for air. The prince of Egypt smiled and kissed his beloved again, but before she had a chance to react, he moved down and started to kiss her jaw, her neck, then down to her collarbone. Roxana moaned at the feeling and didn't notice Karim's hand lurking at her navel, creeping up and slipping under the top of her dress until she felt his hand close on her breast. She gasped loudly and arched her back. She started moaning slightly as she felt his right hand squeeze her breasts as he began to kiss her neck again. Distracted by his massaging her breasts, Roxana barely registered his hand sliding up the bottom of her dress until she felt his fingers press against her most private of areas.

Feeling this, Roxana kissed Karim with great intensity as he caressed her vagina. Roxana gasped into another kiss and arched her back again, pressing her body against Karim. He gently pushed her down onto the bed, his hand having never left her breast. She moaned loudly as Karim stimulated her chest and between her legs. He broke their kiss and ceased pleasing her to pull the top of dress down. Karim looked down at Roxana as the moonlight shined in through the window, illuminating her body in front of him. Roxana instinctively pulled her arms across her chest, blushing heavily at being looked at by a man with her breasts bear.

Karim smiled, "There's no need to be embarrassed . . . you look absolutely beautiful."

Roxana's blush intensified. "Y- -You really mean it?"

Karim nodded and watched as Roxana hesitated for a moment before letting her arms fall to her sides. Karim smiled again, lowering himself down and kissed her between her breasts before moving his kisses to one of them. The other breast was attended to by a hand, his fingers pinching her nipple gently and earning him an excited moan from Roxana. The prince's free hand wormed it's way back under Roxana's dress and rubbed against her womanhood gently causing Roxana to moan even louder, pushing herself against his fingers. Roxana left wetness upon Karim's fingers as they and her womanhood found a great rhythm, driving her mad until she couldn't stand it anymore.

"K- -Karim . . . please . . ." Roxana gasped, trying to get Karim's attention.

When he looked up, he saw nothing but desire in her eyes.

"Please . . . I can't take it anymore . . . I need you . . ."

Karim only nodded and began undressing. Roxana felt herself staring at the prince as he removed his shorts she suddenly felt more wetness between her legs. Karim moved back to Roxana and his hand gripped the bottom of her dress. She lifted her hips off the bed so Karim could remove her dress completely and for a moment, they remained still, looking the other over. Karim came back to his senses first and caught Roxana's attention as he placed himself at her entrance. Roxana nodded slowly and Karim slowly pushed himself into her, meeting and eventually pushing past the barrier within her. Roxana gave a cry of pain when Karim took her virginity, causing him to stop.

"A- -Are you alright?" He asked, worried that he had hurt her too much.

Roxana closed her eyes, trying to block out the pain and didn't answer right away, but eventually nodded.

"P- -Please . . . continue . . ." She groaned.

Karim kissed her softtly and started to pick a pace as Roxana could do nothing, but moan his name. He stroked her middle gently at first in order for her to get use to him. When Roxana's moans of pain turned to pleasure, Karim started to speed up and turned Roxana's moans into screams. Roxana wrapped her legs and arms around Karim in an attempt to keep him close to her as she felt his member hitting her most pleasurable spot inside. She never experienced this before and had no words to say except for telling Karim to continue making love to her. Karim started to move even faster, pushing deeper and harder into her as her back arched more. Once more she screamed in pleasure, her arms and legs holding Karim to her tighter as she felt him hit her sweet spot again.

As carnal bliss took her over, Roxana began growling a bit and raked her nails down Karim's back. The prince didn't mind the pain though as he saw it for what it was, his love enjoying their moment. They switched positions with Roxana on top, where she rode and grinded on him furiously. Roxana's nails left scratches all over his chest and she pulled at his hair as she felt her release coming. Karim was fighting not to orgasm, but Roxana's actions were forcing it from him. His manhood throbbed and vibrated in her nest as his breathing increased. He fought the urge to release, but he couldn't. At the same time, Roxana felt her vaginal walls pulsing as she too reached her climax.

"Ahh, ahhhh!" Karim groaned as his seed coated Roxana's womb.

Roxana's voice screamed to the heavens, "Oooh, oh Karim!"

Both seemed to be in absolute ecstasy as Roxana fell forward onto Karim. Roxana laid her naked body against Karim's chest as he wrapped his strong arms around her. After being made love to, Karim's embrace felt so good. Emotionally and physically drained by the experience, Roxana soon fell asleep while Karim placed warm kisses upon her.

The prince gave her sleeping face a final kiss and whispered, "You . . . shall have my son and be my Queen one day," before following her to sleep.

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Posted 03 Jul 2013 03:35
Superb! Romantic and sensuous..
Posted 05 May 2013 10:34
please write a part two as well and an early morning cunnilingus is a must... please let him pleasure her unhurrriedly... if he had done it before breaking her hymen i would have given 5 out of 5
Posted 17 Apr 2013 00:37
Excellent work my friend. Great dialogue and a nicely romantic plot I also loved all the authentic detail. Your description of Roxana had me drooling - Very Well Done.
Posted 24 Mar 2013 12:53
Hehehehehe what will the parents say? Part 2 please! I want to know hat happens in the morning.

Posted 18 Mar 2013 17:13
Fine piece of work my friend. Well researched and quite erotic.
Posted 18 Mar 2013 17:11
You delivered another hot erotic tale, playboy! I liked that you set this story in the ancient times!

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