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The Eldi Sex Club

Gretchen, unsure of her sexuality, finds some answers in an exclusive sex club.
My name is Gretchen and I am almost 21. I am not very experienced sexually and am not really sure about my sexuality My roommate Darlene is always trying to hook me up with some guy or girl and this night was no different, We had gone out to a local bar where all sorts of people hung out, gays, lesbians and heterosexuals. While there, Darlene and I met these two women, Ellen and Diana. The four of us got to chatting a bit. One thing led to another and I soon found myself leaving alone with them for their house.

I followed in my car and after about 20 minutes, we pulled into a gated community, complete with 24 hour guard service. A few minutes later, we pulled in front of a palatial house on what appeared to be the highest point of the complex. At the bar, I had talked about my inexperience in the area of sex and they had jokingly said they could fix that. As we walked into the house I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into.

We eventually settled into the kitchen where they told me a bit about themselves. They explained that they understood my situation and uncertainty and felt they could help. However, they would only do something if I wanted to. And if I agreed, I would be the one in control. If I wanted to stop at any point, we would stop and there would be no hard feelings. If they felt I was getting in over my head, again they would stop.

After a while, Diana said they had a hot tub we could use while we talked. When I said I did not have a suit, they said the tub was totally private and they never used suits. But if I was uncomfortable with that, they could put on suits and get one for me too. I said that would be better for me, so Diana left to get me a suit. When she returned, she had already changed. She handed me the suit and a robe and directed me to a bathroom where I could change.

When I came out, Diana was waiting for me. We walked out the kitchen door onto a deck and into a gazebo. I noticed there was also a large pool in the back. Ellen was already in the hot tub, but I could see she also had on a suit. They sat me down opposite the two of them and handed me a bottle of water.

First, Diana leaned over and gave me a long slow kiss, gently working my lips apart with her tongue. Then she kissed my forehead, each eye and my lips once again. Next she moved to my neck, where she alternately licked and kissed my neck. Occasionally she would give my neck a little suck, stopping short of leaving a hickey, She worked her way down to my breasts, where she moved back and forth, licking and kissing each breast.

In the meantime, Ellen slid in behind me. I felt her untie the top of my bathing suit and pull it off. She reached around me and cupped a breast in each hand. Slowly, she squeezed and massaged them until I could feel them starting to swell. My breathing became heavy and rapid. Diana gave each of my breasts several quick little nips with her teeth. I could feel small spasms beginning in my vagina. I heard myself letting out low soft moans.

Diana moved her head up again and kissed my lips. This time, my mouth willingly opened and Diana inserted her tongue deep inside. Ellen whispered in my ear, asking me if I liked that so far. I nodded my head. When she asked me if I wanted more, I nodded again. Suddenly, Diana’s tongue was licking first one nipple, then the other – back and forth, back and forth. Ellen was still rubbing and squeezing my breasts and my nipples were becoming hard. The licking became sucking. While Diana sucked and licked one nipple, Ellen pulled and rubbed the other. As their actions became more intense, my breathing was getting faster and faster.

Then they stopped. Ellen suggested we move inside. As we stood up, I noticed that Ellen had removed her suit and had been sitting against me naked, Ellen led me inside and Diana followed us into the house. When we got in the kitchen, Ellen took a towel that was lying on the counter and began drying my breasts and arms. She gently turned me around and dried my back. When she turned me around again, she reached over and kissed each nipple and gave each one a long slow suck.

While Ellen was playing with my breasts, I felt the suit pants being tugged down. I automatically stepped out of them and Diana began drying the lower half of my body. She licked and kissed my buttocks, then dried them with a towel. Then she took the towel and began drying between my legs, moving up and down, brushing against my clit briefly whenever she reached the top. She moved to the outside of my legs and quickly finished the job. I looked at Diana and saw that she was also naked. She quickly dried herself off, as did Ellen. They each took a hand a led me up the stairs and down to the end of one of the halls.

We walked into what I assumed was the master bedroom. It contained a king size bed in the middle of the room. On one side was a sitting area with a fireplace. There was a large dresser and another sitting area on the other side. They led me to the bed and gently pushed me down on my back. They lay down on either side and started playing with my breasts again. Lick, suck, squeeze, pull, kiss, and then bite. Every now and then, one of them would reach up and kiss me, moving their tongue deep inside me. My tongue was responding likewise. Once again, my breathing became heavy and rapid.

“Should we stop what we are doing Gretchen?”

“No. Please don’t stop.”

I realized I had had my eyes closed. I opened them and saw Diana’s breasts on my left and Ellen’s on my right. I reached over with each hand and started to rub them as best I could. Diana continued massaging and kissing my breasts, while Ellen started moving down my abdomen, licking and kissing along the way. Soon she was gently parting my legs and began slowly rubbing the inside of my thighs, rubbing up and down, moving ever closer to my pussy. Then she moved down to my knees and kissed her way up my legs slowly

I could feel Diana gently pushing me to my side. Almost before I was aware of it, Ellen and I were in the ‘69’ position and Ellen was licking my clit. I put my hand on hers and started rubbing, then licking. I reached with one hand and started rubbing her breasts. In the meantime, Diana was behind me, rubbing and kissing my neck and back, then moving down to the backs of my knees and working her way up. Finally, she got to my ass. She gently massaged it, then moved to the inside of my thighs and eventually to my pussy. I felt her push a finger inside me, then move it in and out a few times. I felt myself almost ready to orgasm, when they both stopped what they were doing. Diana quietly told me to continue licking Ellen’s clit. Then Diana started moving her finger up and down inside me again, inserting a second finger after a short time. Ellen’s licking became a little more urgent and I responding in kind.

I once again felt like I was about to orgasm, when they both stopped again.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

With her other hand, Diana started rubbing circles on my buttocks. The fingers inside my vagina slowly started moving in circles, and Ellen began slowly licking me again. I continued licking Ellen and rubbing her breasts. Diana pulled her fingers out of me, then I felt her push something inside me. I quickly figured out what it was when it started to vibrate. She moved it around and in and out with increasing speed. Ellen also increased the intensity of her actions and I started flicking my tongue in and out of her vagina then sucking her clit. I could no longer stop myself and exploded into the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

Both Ellen and Diana kept going until I finally begged them to stop. Diana laughed and said just a couple of minutes ago, I was asking them not to stop. I was still working on Ellen when I suddenly felt her tense up and explode into an orgasm. I continued licking her until Diana said ‘Oh, so that’s how you want to play?’ They both started up again and I quickly had another intense orgasm which they managed to keep going for several minutes until I yelled uncle and they finally stopped. I could barely breathe. They sat up and squeezed my nipples between their fingers until I yelped in pain. Then they began kissing and licking them until I felt small shocks going through me. We all laid there for about ten minutes until our breathing returned to normal.

I spent the night, and the next morning, I called Darlene and let her know I was OK and would be home in a little while. Diana and Ellen suggested a swim followed by something to eat. A few hours late, after some burgers and a couple of beers, I felt it was time to go.

“I probably should get ready to leave. I don’t want to overstay my welcome. Last night was amazing and you both have been just great. You have given me a lot to think about and I thank you for that.”

“Before you leave, Diana and I have a proposition we would like to run past you.”

She looked over to Diana, who continued. “We are having a get together tonight and would love if you would join us.”

I started to say something, but Ellen stopped me.

“Before you answer, we want you to know what kind of party it is.”

I was intrigued so I sat back to listen.

“Ellen and I run a very exclusive, very high end and verrry private sex club. We hold invite only parties here every few weeks for members. These people are pillars of the community, high level officers of large companies and other well know people. Our club provides a safe place for them to share what many people consider perverted sexual behavior. But all of our members attend with their partner, and occasionally a third person. They could be man/woman couples, some are married to each other, or homosexual or bi-sexual couples. Once here, they are free to hook up together or ask someone from another group to join them, though that was rare. Sometimes couples swap partners or have group sex. There are a few where one of the partners just likes to watch the other have sex with someone else.”

Diana continued. “We provide a safe and private room to use. All of our members have submitted to extensive background checks and we have a very clear set of rules about their behavior with regard to this club and the parties. Often at these parties, we invite a few single females to attend. These girls are available to couples that may want to add a little spice and normally the girls are subject to the same background checks and level of confidentiality as the members.”

“Though we just met you, and despite your inexperience, both of us feel you would fit in well with the group tonight. And we also feel you will benefit from the experience. We both have a good sense about you, so are foregoing the background check and know you will maintain the confidential nature of the party.”

“So you just picked me up at the bar to pimp me out at one of your little sex parties??:

Diana reached over to me and gently rubbed my arm. “Absolutely not! We had no idea what would happen with you last night, but when we heard your story, we thought we could help you. Nothing more. And the girls we normally use at the parties are already aware of the sexual preferences and desires. Once we determine that they might be a good fit for some of our members, we approach them and if they agree, we do the background checks.”

“We always try to match the girls sexual interests to what the couples coming to the party would like so everyone ends up satisfied. We are always upfront with the girls about why they are at the parties, but one of our most important rules is that everyone involved in a hook up must be in agreement about what happens. Yes, the girls are here to provide some sort of sexual experience to another person or persons. But, they are also here to meet people for sex, because this is a safe place to meet do that. Over the years, a number of the girls have ended up in long term relationships with someone they met here.”

“We do not charge the members for the girls, nor do we pay the girls anything. We do not stop them from having private sessions at a later time. Plus, we have said how careful we are about checking out anyone at the party. And most of these girls have already had multiple sexual experiences. You are a vey special person and this is a rare event. We just met you yesterday and your experience is very limited. We went back and forth on this finally decided that given the right exposure to different experiences, it will not take you long before have your answers.”

“Well, if I did stay, would I have to hook up with anyone and if I do, then what?”

“We can give you a list of who will be at the party, along with what sort of things they like to do. We will introduce you to as many of them as we can. They will be informed ahead of time about you and they may approach you, or you could approach them. If you make a connection and feel comfortable and decide to join someone in a session, take them to the room you slept in last night. That will be your room and no one else will use it. And remember, if at any time, you begin to feel uncomfortable for ANY reason, just need to say stop and they will. There will be no hard feelings by anyone.”

Dianna added that I could make as many or as few encounters as I wanted or could handle. Through these experiences, they hoped I could figure myself out and they hoped they could continue to be part of whoever that person turned out to be. After giving it some consideration, I said ok.

“But, I only have the clothes I wore last night. Do I have enough time to get home and change. What type of attire would be appropriate?”

“Oh’ I think we can find something here for you to wear. Why don’t you go ahead and call your friend again and let her know you will be staying. Use your room or step out side if you want some privacy.”

I got my phone and walked outside. I noticed that I had several messages and missed calls. I called Darlene and she said it was about time I called again as she had been trying to get me all afternoon. Once I had told her I had stayed overnight and would be home soon, she had expected me back in about an hour with all the juicy details.

“I’m usually the one who does the dishing, so I was really looking forward to be on the other end of the conversation. When several hours had passed and you still hadn’t shown up, I was getting worried.”

I brought her up to date and told her a little more about Diana and Ellen.

“Are you really ok or are you all tied up with a gun to your head and they are making you say this? Is there a motorcycle gang waiting in line to have their way with you?

“I am just fine and you are such a drama queen (our safe word). I have been invited me to a party tonight and I said yes, so I am not coming home, and depending on how late the party goes, maybe not til tomorrow morning.“

I did not tell her what kind of party it was, but knew that she would hint or ask if she could come. I cut her off by saying it was just a small party and they were short one person, so that was why they asked. I could tell she was disappointed and pretty sure she knew I was not telling her everything.

“I will be home tomorrow morning at the latest and tell you all about what happened last night.”

I hung up and went back in the house. Ellen had put on some shorts and a tank top and was cleaning up the lunch dishes. She asked me if I would like something to drink. I asked for some water and quickly downed the bottle

“Diana is up in your room waiting for you.”

I headed up the stairs and into the room I had slept in. Diana was standing there in a t-shirt that went down halfway to her knees. She threw me a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. I slipped out of the robe I had been in since we got out of the pool and got dressed. Lying on the bed were several outfits she had picked out. She was trying out different top and bottom combos and finally made her pick. There was a white leather mini skirt and an aqua sea blue pullover top.

The bra laying there was very different looking. It looked like spandex and was nude in color. However, instead of a normal cup. Most of the material was at the bottom of the bra. There was a band of material running across the top, leaving the nipple totally exposed. It was underwire and closed in the front. The panties were lace and also nude in color, but had a hole in the crotch. Diana laughed at the look on my face. She reminded me about being open to new experiences, but said I could pick whatever I wanted. If I didn’t like any of what she had selected, she had a closet full of stuff I could pick from.

I looked at the outfits and told her that her taste was probably much better than mine, so what she selected was perfect. She also said she had other lingerie if I wanted something else. I told her these were fine. Since the clothes were selected, Diana suggested we go down to her office and she would fill me in on the guest list. As we went over the list, Diana gave me a little background about each one. There were three married couples and four lesbian couples in committed relationships. One of the married and two of the gay couples also contained a third person. There was one gay male couple and two other groups of three.

We spent an hour or so going over the list and Diana going over what I could expect and explaining a few more of the rules. If I decided to hookup, I did not need to let her know, I could just take them to my room. She encouraged me to ask questions of anyone who approached me and then asked me if I had any questions for her. She also asked me if I had seen anyone in particular that intrigued me. I told her there were a few, but I wanted to meet them in person before making any decisions,

“Why don’t you take a nap? You may need some extra energy tonight. I’ll wake you up in plenty of time to get ready.”

A few hours later, Diana woke me up and said they always have a light snack before the parties. We went into the kitchen and found Ellen had some toasted sandwiches made and three bowls of cut up fruit. She asked me if I wanted some cottage cheese or yogurt. I said this was fine. Ellen asked if I would like a beer or something else to drink. I took the beer and we finished up eating. Ellen said the guests would begin arriving in about two hours, so I had time for a nice bath before getting ready. As I walked to the stairs, I noticed several people setting up a bar and pushing some heated food carts into a small area off the great room. It appeared that the room had been slightly rearranged and there was some extra seating.

I went up to get ready. I went into the bathroom and found a selection of toiletries and make-up samples, as well as several varieties of bubble bath salts and oils. After taking a leisurely bath, I got out and styled my hair. I started to get out my makeup from my purse, but looked at the samples. The eye shadow perfectly matched the blouse we had picked. The rest of the items all coordinated with the eye shadow, so I used them rather than mine. The lipstick was a deep shade of red and I usually wore a fairly neutral one. But when I put it on, it looked perfect. There was a bottle of perfume that I recognized as very expensive. I picked it up and took a sniff. It smelled provocative and subtle at the same so I spritzed a little on my wrists and breasts.

I went back into the bedroom to dress and noticed Diana had left a pair of shoes with just a tiny heel that matched the blouse. I put them on and they fit perfectly. I felt a little self conscious about the bra. The top was very tight fitting, but the material of the bra left only faint lines to see. It almost made it look like I was not wearing a bra at all.

I was feeling some nervousness, but was mostly excited. This was making my nipples stand out. I almost decided to look through the drawers for another one or put on my own. In the end, I decided to trust Diana’s judgment and go downstairs as is. I walked down the stairs and saw Diana and Ellen were standing there waiting for me. They had both also changed into very elegant clothes. Diana had on a very dressy pant suit with a top that was sleeveless, while Ellen had on a very simple, but beautiful full length dress. They were both in different shades of the same color.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, they came over to check me out. Diana noticed the makeup and said she had hoped I would use it rather than my own, but wanted it to be my decision. We walked into the kitchen and Ellen said the lipstick was perfect and that I looked even better than they thought I would. The clothes fit perfectly. Ellen said I only needed one adjustment. She raised my shirt so my breasts were exposed. She gave each nipple a pull, and sucked on each one for about ten seconds. Then she adjusted the bra so it pushed up my breasts a little more and pulled it tighter so a little more cleavage was created. She pulled the top back down and tugged on the front, so more of my cleavage was exposed. They looked at each other and said “PERFECT”!

The doorbell rang, the door opened and several couples walked in. Ellen greeted each one with a handshake or a hug. As each person came in, Diana introduced me and we exchanged a few pleasantries. The bell rang again and more people came in and we repeated the process. Pretty soon, there were about 25 people, not counting the three of us. A number of them had gotten drinks and were talking to each other.

As I looked around the room, I noticed several people casting quick glances in my direction, but no one had yet come up to talk to me, other than the initial introductions. I saw Diana and Ellen moving around talking briefly to groups of people. Servers circulated the room with trays of appetizers. The bartender stood waiting to make drinks. Ellen had brought me one, so I did not even have an excuse to walk over to the bar and make small talk with him.

“I’m sorry, but I think you were wrong about me fitting in here. No one has come over to talk to me yet, so apparently no one is even remotely interested. I have not even seen anyone showing much interest. In fact, it seems as though they look away when I look at them.”

“Oh there is definitely interest! You will be finding out very soon.”

And she was right. Even as she walked away, a couple I recognized as one of the married people came up to me and started talking to me. They said that Ellen had told them about me and they would love to hook up. Their names were Anthony and Marge. He liked to watch his wife have oral sex with other women, and then he would join in at some point, and have intercourse with his wife. Next, two girls came up to me and said they loved three-ways. They really liked using various dildos and vibrators. Gale was a tall black girl while Edwina, who Gale said was a submissive, was a petite Filipino.

Several others came up and made their pitches to me. I was watching the crowd and noticed several groups had disappeared up the stairs. One of the couples Diana had told me about had intrigued me. I had talked to them briefly when they came in. I tried to catch their eye, but they did not seem to be interested and they did not approach me. Diana and Ellen both came up to me a few times to check out how I was doing or bring me another drink. Diana asked me if I had made any decisions yet. I said I had narrowed it down to two different couples, but hadn’t decided for sure between them yet.

I was about to walk over to Tom and Nancy when another couple, Steve and Melanie, came over. I had talked to them earlier for a while. Steve said they would definitely like to hook up if I felt up to it. He said he knew I had never been with a man and that he would do whatever I wanted. Even though they said much of the same things that Anthony and Marge had, for some reason I felt more of an attraction to them than I did to Anthony and Marge. I said let’s go to my room.

When we got up there, Steve asked if he could help me take my top and skirt off. I said ok, so he slowly pulled off my top. When he unzipped my skirt and slowly pull it down, I felt a little shiver of excitement. I stepped out of the skirt and he reached up and ran his hands down the sides of my body. As he stood up, I could see he was already getting hard. A thought crossed my mind that he might get carried away, but I quickly brushed it off. I trusted Ellen and Diana when they said no one would do anything I did not want.

Steve walked over to Melanie and she started rubbing his cock through his pants. His cock got even harder which was kind of turning me on. Melanie began dancing to the music that was playing. She was rubbing her hands across her breasts, and then between her legs. Steve had unzipped his zipper and pulled his cock out of his pants and was rubbing himself. I had never seen a cock in real life and was fascinated watching it getting hard. Melanie started stripping her blouse off while still dancing. She did not have a bra on. Then she wiggled her finger waving me to come over to her. She told me to dance with her, so I started dancing and rubbing her breasts with my hands.

Next she asked me to help her take her pants off. I was kind of getting into this so I slowly unbuttoned the button on her pants. As I leaned down to unzip the zipper, I ran my tongue down her stomach, moving lower as the zipper opened. Then I placed my hands on either side of the waistband and slowly pulled her pants down while she moved her hips from side to side. I was still licking her as the pants came off. She did not have any panties on either. As the pants came down, I also noticed she was completely shaved and I lingered on the area with my tongue.

I glanced over at Steve and he was taking it all in while continuing to stroke his cock. Melanie stepped out of her pants and kicked them out of the way. She reached down and pulled me up. She started rubbing up against me as we danced. She began to rub my breasts with her hands, then bent down and started sucking one of them. I responded by grabbing her nipple between my finger and thumb and rubbing.


She moved to my other breast and started sucking it. I grabbed her other nipple with my free hand and started rubbing it. I could feel both of her nipples getting harder. I stopped rubbing them and gave them several hard flicks with my finger. She gasped and I took each breast in a hand and squeezed them hard. She started biting my breast, moving back and forth from one to the other. Finally she stood up and moved behind me. As we wriggled in unison, rubbing her hips against my buttocks, she massaged my breasts with her hands. As she reached down and started rubbing my pussy I grabbed my own breasts and pulled at my nipples.

She turned around and kissed me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. She slowly moved me toward the bed, then pushed me down. My legs were dangling over the side and she pushed my legs apart and put several fingers inside me in one thrust. She bent down and started licking and sucking my clit. I closed my eyes and moved my hips in rhythm with her tongue and fingers and began rubbing my breasts. I could feel her body moving at the same tempo and heard her softly moaning. When I looked up, Steve was bent down behind her licking her ass and massaging her breasts.

The feeling in my clit was exquisite. She was managing to keep me right on the edge without pushing me into an orgasm. Then she stopped and turned around facing Steve. He stood up and she took his cock into her mouth. As he moved his cock in and out, he leaned over and put one hand on the bed to support is weight. He watched me rubbing my breasts and looked at me. With his free hand, he started rubbing my stomach, moving up to my breast. He massaged one, then the other.

Melanie’s head was directly in front of my vagina. As Steve continued moving his cock in and out of Melanie’s mouth, my hips started moving in rhythm with the movement. It was almost like he was fucking me. Steve continued squeezing my breasts and rubbing my nipples. He lowered his body further. I propped myself up on my elbows and he started to flick at my breasts with his tongue. Finally he stood up and took his cock out of Melanie’s mouth. Melanie stood up and got on the bed. I moved further onto the bed and Melanie got on all fours in front of me. While she started licking my clit again, Steve stood behind her and started fucking her.

He reached into the open nightstand drawer and pulled out several items. Melanie took one of the dildos and thrust it into my pussy, while Steve took another one and used it in her ass. Steve was setting the rhythm, first thrusting into Melanie harder and faster, then slowing almost to a stop. Melanie pulled the dildo out of my pussy and worked it into my anus, barely missing a beat. We continued at this pace for quite some time until Steve’s rhythm suddenly got even faster. He quickly pulled his cock out of Melanie and rubbed his cock, His semen shot out across Melanie’s back. He was still fucking Melanie’s ass with the dildo and just as she exploded into an orgasm, I did too.

Steve bent down and kissed his wife’s ass all over, then licked her pussy and patted her ass. She was still moving the dildo in and out of me at a steady pace which was keeping me turned on. He reached down and rubbed her buttocks, then bent over and licked and lightly kissed them. He turned away and walked toward the bathroom. Melanie stopped and pulled the dildo from my ass. She told me to remove my panties and move so I was in a normal sleeping position. She put a couple pillows under my hips and told me to reach up and hold onto the headboard. She told me to be a good girl and not let go of it. She said if I let go, I would have to be punished. She reached down and pushed my legs apart, then quickly slapped my pussy several times. Although it stung a bit, It did not really hurt, but it took me by surprise, so I let out a yelp.

Just then, Steve came out of the bathroom. He picked up the paddle he had used on his wife and gave me a couple of slaps on my stomach. They were not too hard. He said good girls do as they are told without complaining. Then he looked at Melanie and asked her if she had explained this to me. She said she hadn’t had a chance to yet. He took the paddle and used them on her breasts. It seemed to me that he had hit her pretty hard, but she did not react. Steve then went and sat down in a chair he had moved closer to the bed. I could see that his cock was still semi-hard.

Melanie looked in the open drawer and selected several items, placing them near my hips. Then she straddled my head and lowered herself so I could reach her with my mouth. She bent forward and started kissing my clit and I started sucking on hers. She reminded me not to let go of the headboard. I felt her pour some lubricant on me and felt her rub it all over my pussy and ass. She worked several fingers into my pussy, then picked up a vibrator and turned it on. When I slowed my licking, she sternly told me to pay attention to what I was doing or I would have to be punished. I quickly returned my focus to her pussy and clit. I felt her push the vibrator into me in one stroke. It began to pulse. The vibrations kept changing. It would pulse, then vibrate softly, then very fast. All the while, she was moving it in an out of me.

I continued working on her, alternately kissing and sucking, moving between her pussy and her clit. Every once in awhile, I would reach up and give her anus a lick. She squeezed more of the lubricant into my ass, and pushed two fingers in me. She moved her fingers around, twisting them and moving them in and out. She pulled them out and told me she was going to put a butt plug in my ass. My job was to make sure I kept it inside of me like a good girl. I felt her pushing it into me. She moved slowly in and out several times before pushing it in quickly in one final stroke. I suppressed a yelp as it went all the way in.

She continued working on my pussy with the vibrator. At one point, it felt like the plug was going to come out and I quickly squeezed my muscles tight around it. Melanie got up and moved around so she was now in front of me. Steve got up and walked over to the bed. He reached into the drawer and pulled out a handful of clothespins. He put most of them on the bed in a pile. He reached over and pulled on one of my nipples. When he had it stretched out, he took a clothespin and clamped it around the nipple. Then he took another one and did the same thing to the other nipple. He bent over and bit each nipple with his teeth. I sucked in my breath when he did that as it was quite hard.

While Steve was doing that, Melanie was clamping several of the clothespins on each of my pussy lips, and one on my clit. When she did that, I gasped again. This time, Steve picked up the paddle and gave each of my breasts several slaps. Then he moved it between my legs and rapidly slapped it back and forth. He put the paddle down and walked back to the chair. He started stroking his cock again and I could see it getting harder. Melanie had still bee using the vibrator in my pussy, but now pulled it out. Then she took the clothespin off my clit.

She took her hand and slapped my pussy numerous times. She asked me if I wanted her to take the clothespins off my lips. I said yes, but she said that was the wrong answer. She picked up the paddle and used it on my thighs again. The strokes were hard enough that I could see faint red marks starting to show. Then she asked me about the clothespins again and I said that I wanted her to leave them on. She gently rubbed the red marks on my thighs, then bent down and softly kissed them until the stinging went away.

She pulled a large dildo from the pile on the bed and thrust it into my vagina. I was amazed at how far she pushed it in me. She used it to fuck me hard for several minutes and it seemed as if she pushed it in deeper each time, She slowed the pace and began removing the clothespins. Once again, she picked up the pace with the dildo, then started rubbing my clit with her finger. Suddenly I felt myself on the verge of another orgasm. As Melanie pushed the dildo into me, my body stiffened and jerked. I thrust my hips up and Melanie moved the dildo faster and faster until I collapsed. She pulled it out and leaned over to kiss me. She put her tongue deep in my mouth until my breathing finally started to slow a little.

I lay there letting my breathing slow and my body recover. I was still holding onto the headboard and asked Melanie if I could let go. She told me to keep hanging on. She turned and lay down next to me. Steve came over to the bed and started kissing Melanie’s legs. He worked his way up her legs until he reached the top. He slowly starting massaging her pussy and put three of his fingers in her. He finger fucked her for awhile, then pulled his fingers out and started licking her clit. He reached for the bottle of lubricant and squeezed some on her. He picked up a dildo that had two arms, one smaller than the other. He pushed the larger one into her pussy and the smaller one in her ass.

As he continued moving the dildo in and out, he used his other hand to massage her pussy and rub her thighs. He occasionally reached up and played with her breasts. Whenever he did this, he reached over and squeezed mine or gave the tip of a nipple a flick with his finger. At one point, he hand reached over toward my pussy. I must have had a look of panic on my face, and instead of his hand going to my pussy, he moved his hand and just rubbed it up and down my thighs. I felt the panic because, although I had done some petting with guys before, none of them had ever touched me in my vaginal area. I finally relaxed a little and he moved back to Melanie.

He kept fucking his wife speeding and slowing the pace. He continued rubbing her clit and breasts, then my breasts. Every few minutes, he would also rub my thighs again. I felt much more relaxed when he did this as I just knew he would not try to touch me. Finally, he started moving the dildo faster and harder until Melanie came. He continued to stroke the dildo for a couple of minutes, then stopped and pulled it out. Melanie told me to let go of the headboard and move down the bed. She told me to bend my knees and raise up my hips. She repositioned the pillows so they were once again under my hips, then pulled the butt plug out. Melanie placed herself so we were in a 69 position.

When I was moving, I saw Steve had gotten very hard again. He crawled in behind Melanie and started fucking her pussy. I started licking her clit and I could feel her take the dildo Steve had been using on her and put it in me. He was fucking her and she matched the tempo with the dildo in me. I kept licking her pussy. Steve made several hard slow thrusts into Melanie, then pulled his cock from her pussy and began fucking her ass. She lowered herself a little closer to my mouth and Melanie told me to lick her pussy. I reached up and gave her pussy a big lick. It was very wet and salty tasting and I realized Steve must have come inside her.

I stopped licking as I had never tasted a man’s semen before, but Melanie kept gasping for me to not stop and keep licking. She was moving her hips against Steve each time he thrust forward. She pressed herself even closer to my face and I started licking her until she was clean. I moved my tongue to her clit and sucked hard. Just as I did this, she came again. Steve continued to pound his cock into her ass until she begged him to stop. He slapped her ass several times and made a dozen more thrusts as he had another orgasm. When he was done, he pulled his cock out and rolled over. Melanie kept licking and fucking me with the dildo until I had another orgasm, then she too rolled over and lay down.

We stayed there like that for several minutes until our breathing finally returned to normal. Steve got up and started getting dressed. Melanie leaned over and told me to keep the bra but lose the pants when I got dressed. She gave me a long hard kiss on the lips, then got up to get dressed. While Melanie was dressing, Steve walked over to me and leaned down. He took each breast into his mouth and gave it a hard suck. Then he leaned over and gently kissed my forehead, then each eye, then my lips. Just as he was standing up he reached over and gave the patch of hair above my vagina a couple of quick pats. Then they walked hand in hand out the door.

I lay there thinking that I had lost count of how many orgasms I had experienced in the last two days. And how many different things had been done to me that I had never done before or even conceived of ever doing. For the first time I was beginning to realize how much more I had to experience before I had my answers. After several more minutes, I finally got the strength to get up. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I touched up my makeup again and combed my hair. I brushed my teeth and went out to get dressed. I still was wearing my bra and I remembered what Melanie had said, so I just slipped back into the skirt and pulled on the top. I made a final check in the mirror and went downstairs.

This time when I got downstairs, the great room was almost empty. Steve and Melanie were gone. I looked around for Tom and Nancy, thinking I might try to at least talk to them, but they were nowhere in sight. The activity going on in the hot tub I had noticed before I went upstairs with Steve and Melanie seemed to be over. Ellen and Diana appeared from out of nowhere and said to have a drink and they would be back to me in a few minutes.

About 30 minutes later, they came over and we all went into the kitchen. They said all of the guests were gone and the caterers were cleaning up. One of the servers brought in a tray with a selection of appetizers, as well as three beers. We all sat down at the counter, me on one side with Ellen and Diana on the other.

“So, did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

“God, YES! It was amazing, and just as you promised, I always felt in control and trusted that nothing would happen that I did not want.”

“So you learned some things about yourself? And had some new experiences you found enjoyable then?”

“Very much so.”

“Well we are very happy that you did, and would love to continue being your guides in your explorations. Now, we think it is a little too late for you to drive home, so get some sleep and you can head out first thing in the morning.”

“You two have done more for me than I could ever explain. I am so grateful, and also pleased that you want to continue helping me. I just can’t thank you enough.”

“Your obvious pleasure and thanks are all we need. This is just the beginning for you. We hope your journey is amazing, and we will do everything we can to make that happen for you.”

I went to bed and slept like a baby and dreamed of the evening. In the morning, I found some shorts and a top in the closet and got dressed. After making plans to meet again, we kissed and parted ways. I was looking forward to getting home and telling Darlene what had happened. I had just gotten a taste of something wonderful, and could not wait for my next ‘lesson’.

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