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The Yes Man part 2

Finally I get to shag her best friend

I woke up next morning and wandered if I had dreamed what happen the night before with Lyn. I got up showered and dressed and went down to breakfast, Lyn was already there, but make no comment about last night.

The conference ended at 10 and we were free to go home, Lyn had on her business suit again, and I drove back to the office, I had to be there before 4p.m. as Peter was picking her up and she did not want him to know that she had been to the conference with me. As I drove home, Lyn settled down in the front seat, and soon her eyes were closed, was she sleeping? I did not know!

. She moved around in the seat, and slowly her skirt creped up, I wondered what colour her panties were, I knew her bra was white as I could see it thought her white blouse. About an hour into the journey, she suddenly moved, her skirt went higher and I caught a glimpse of her orange panties. It did not last long, she moved again, and then woke up, had she been asleep when she flashed her knickers?

We arrived back at the office at 3.30p.m.and I said I was not coming in, but would see her on Monday.

Lyn said "Ok and thanks for having me"

I thought to myself, I expected her to thank me for taking her, but having her. "That's ok, any time you want me to have you again let me know."

Well I was on the way home, and though I better ring Bev to see if she wanted to be picked up.

"No but can you pick up some red and white wine for tonight, Sally and Dave are coming around for a meal"

"Is that the surprise?"

"One of them, but there are more as well, see you at home"

I picked up the wine at the superstore and went home. Bev walked in about 30 minutes later she had on a black dress and I really fancied her. I kiss her on the lips and moved my hands up and down her back. "Stop we have not got time now, I have to start cooking the meal for when Sally and Dave arrive."

I let her go, she went upstairs and came back down wearing her sloppy jumper and jeans, went into the kitchen and started to prepare the meal. I sat and watched the television. Bev came into the room and said right let's get changed Sally and Dave will be here in 10 minutes. Damn no time for any sex I thought. "Can't I wear this?"

"No I have bought you some new trousers and shirt to wear, come on I have to change as well"

We went up the stairs and Bev said "By the way, the outfit sally wore did not do the trick, that is why we have invited them over tonight"

"Why what are we going to do"

"Flirt with each other and also you flirt with Sally and I will with Dave and hopefully when they go home, well you know"

I got to the bed room and laid out on the bed was a white see though silk shirt and a pair of trousers that I felt would be tight. On Bev's side of the bed was a black see thru blouse and a long black chiffon skirt, neither of which I had seen before.

I changed my clothes and did not take any notice of Bev changing; there was no time for any hanky panky. When I looked at Bev, she had on the new clothes and looked great, and then I realized that she had not put on a bra, I could make out her nipples through the blouse.

"Wait up, you can't wear that, I don't know what Dave will do, if he sees you like that"

"Fuck sally tonight hopefully. Those tight trousers leave little to the imagination; Sally will also get an eyeful"

"Well I am at least wearing pants underneath"

"So am I under the skirt" with that the bell rang “Too late to change now, please go and answer the door and give them a drink, I want to make an entrance and you can watch Dave's face.”

I answered the door, Sally was wearing a pink loose jumper, I could not make out if she had a bra on, , with a black mini skirt with big black buttons on the front holding it together, Dave had on a red shirt and black jeans.

"Hi you two come in, what do you want to drink?"

"Beer" said Dave,

"How about sex on the beach" said Sally.

"Sorry I do not know how to make that cocktail"

"Who said anything about a drink Can I have a soft drink, I do not want to get drunk tonight just in case"

"In case of what?" asked Dave

"What might happen later!"

I got the drinks and we sat down, Sally on one sofa and Dave on the other, I wondered where I should sit, when into the room floated Bev, well it seemed like she floated in anyway. She said Hi to Sally and Dave,

"Get me a G and T please Fred" and sat next to Sally.

Dave's eye nearly came out as he saw Bev's nipples though the blouse and I saw he had a bulge in his trousers, I went and got the G & T and brought it to Bev, who took it and winked.

5 minutes later, we went into the dining room and had a lovely meal, we drunk 3 bottles of wine between us, so much for Sally not drinking to much, after the meal we went back to the lounge and sat down, this time however I sat by Sally and Dave was by Bev.

"Who wants Coffee?" I asked

"I would prefer tea" said Dave

"There is always one" I replied.

Sally said "I   will come and help you I know how Dave likes his tea"

So Sally and I left Dave and Bev,( who was acting a bit drunk, although I knew she had not drunk more than a glass of wine and soda) on the sofa together.

Once we got into the kitchen, Sally came up close to me, and said, "Let’s take our time, and see if Bev can work on Dave for later on."

"Ok with me" I said "but a kettle boils quickly"

I put the cups out on a tray and put the filter coffee jug on, filled the kettle and showed Sally where the tea bags were. Sally came up to me and gave me a hug

"Thanks for tonight and helping out, in that outfit that you chose, he just said it was ok and that he was tired and going to bed"

"What is Bev going to do in there with him"

"Do not know said she would play it by ear"

"How long do we need to give them?"

"10/15 minutes, perhaps we should start to wash up"

"We have got a dishwasher for that"

"Yes but Dave does not know that, so we can be longer"

With that she put her arms around me and kissed me, her tongue opened my mouth and she pushed it in. I kissed her back wondering what Dave and Bev were doing! I ran my hands up and down Sally's back, down to her nice butt and back again.

I know Bev said to flirt but how far do I go. Sally was now undoing my shirt and her hands were all over the front of my body. If she is doing that what is good for the goose etc. so I slipped my hand up the front of her jumper and touched the bottom of her breasts, she did not stop me only said "No Bra tonight"

I moved my hand up and felt her pert breast with the nipples really hard, I continue to kiss her and slowly moved the jumper up, till I could see her tummy, I continued pulling the jumper up, but as I got to the bottom of her breasts, she pulled away.

  "The coffee is ready and the kettle has boiled for the tea, we better be getting back, especially as it is Dave that needs to get turned on tonight for me, not you for Bev."

We made the drinks, went back into the lounge and saw that Bev and Dave were still sitting together and talking quietly to one another. We had the drinks and I suggested a game of cards.

Dave said "they better go he needed an early night" Sally winked at me and Bev.

“ Goodnight and thanks for everything" and left with Dave.

"Well" said Bev "did you flirt with Sally when you were in the kitchen"

"Not really, she flirted with me and kissed me"

"So what did you do, and remember Sally will tell me if you do not"

"I found out she had no bra on, and felt her breasts and nipples"

"Did you see her breasts?"

"No, she would not let me, said it was time we came back in, anyway what did you and Dave get up to?"

"I do not think I will tell you, and I am sure Dave is a gentleman and will not spill the beans"

"Come on I told you about Sally"

  "Okay, when you left the room I cuddled up closer to Dave, he was looking at my breasts and so I told him he could touch them if he liked. He played with my nipples though the blouse, and I gave him a kiss, to which he responded and soon we were kissing passionately, after a while he stopped playing with my breast and asked if I was wearing any underwear, I said of course, I got panties on. Prove if he said, if you think I am going to take off me skirt think on, but you should be able to feel my panties though the skirt. I though he would put his hand on my butt, but instead of that he put his hand between my legs, and said oh yes I can feel you panties. He continued rubbing me for about five minutes. I said to him wait till you are at home with Sally to continue this with her, but he said it would not be the same. I told him when he is fucking Sally pretend that it is me"

"Wow, lets go to bed and I pretend that you are Bev as well, I want to see if Dave made you wet."

Of course he did and the sex that night was fantastic. You did not think that I was going to tell you all we did that night did you.

Next morning, I said "that was a nice surprise Sally and Dave, you could have told me about it over the phone"

"That's not the surprise, you fool, no the surprise and I am not sure that you will like it or agree to it, is that Mum has invited us down next weekend"

"That will be fine" I replied, I just wished that I had not had to say Yes, Bev's mum was okay in small doses, like 2 or 3 minutes but for the weekend, oh no. Still a yes was a yes.

The weekend went slowly but soon it was time to go back to work, I wondered what if anything Lyn would say. As it happened she was just normal, her friend had returned to work after her holiday. Lynette came to see me and offered her holiday photos to me. There were 20 photos of her week off.

I said "Funny number of photos"

She replied "Had to censure some of them, I was topless"

"I would not have minded"

"No but I would have"

I was sure now that Lyn had not told her what happened last week; after all I had seen her tits and pussy.

The week dragged on and I was really looking forward to seeing mother-in-law, I jest of course. Bev told me that Sally had phoned her and said that when they got home on Friday night, the sex was fantastic.

When I came home on Wednesday, Bev said "You may not have to go the my Mum's at the weekend, if you answer a call for   help from   a neighbour you can take me down on Friday afternoon and pick me up on Sunday night?"

"Okay, what is the catch?"

"None, you know Mrs. Lee"

"Yes the woman across the road, with the daughter who is about 20"

"That's right" said Bev "Well her husband normally takes Kelly her daughter back to university, but he has been involved in a car crash, he is ok, but he car is a right off, and he cannot afford to hire a car to take Kelly back, and I said I would ask you if you could do it. You keep saying that you should use your company car more for personal use, or else it could cost you money"

Perhaps I should explain, I had never seen Mrs. Lee's husband, did not know she had one, she was a one parent family when we moved in to our house and had been there all the time, she kept herself to herself and to me always looked frumpy. She never had on nice clothes and probably wore cotton white undies. Her daughter could have been very pretty, but always wore sloppy jumpers and jogging bottoms, if she had a figure I never saw it.

But of course I was now a Yes man and missing out on mother-in-laws for a weekend, was to great a treat to miss. "Of course I will help out"

"Mrs. Lee says she will pay for the petrol, provided that you can wait until she is paid at the end of the month"

"No problem I can put it on the credit card and pay it off when she pays me"

"Right I will tell her tomorrow, Kelly wants to get away about 10 on Saturday, and reckons that it will take about 30 minutes to load the car, she has rented a room in a house this year so can get in earlier than the hall of residence."

Well the rest of the week went quite quickly and soon it was Friday lunch time and left work, picked up Bev and drove her down to her mothers, luckily I did not have to stay long, as I wanted to get home, before the holiday traffic built up for the weekend.

When I got home I checked the phone and saw that Sally or Dave had called, so I rang them. Sally answered and was surprised to hear me.

  "I thought you were off to mum-in-laws this weekend"

"No I have got to take Mrs. Lee's daughter back to university, Bev asked me to do so, and who am I to refuse. Why did you call anyway?"

"I want to talk to you about last Friday, but need to see you face to face and as Dave is away until tomorrow night I thought it was a good time"

Okay I am having a take away and some wine, why don't you join me?"

"I can't going out with my sister tonight for a meal"

"You have not got a sister, so who is he"

"No I call her my sister, we work together and get on like sisters"

"Okay, well in that case we will not be able to meet up, unless you come down now"

"No I have got to soak in a bath and change and get ready, because Sarah is picking me up in 2 hours"

"Women and how long they take."

" I will ring you when I get home and perhaps you could come up"

"Yes okay but if it is late I may be already in bed. See you later maybe"

After Sally had rung off I rang the Chinese takeaway and ordered chow mien and fried rice and picked it up, opened a bottle of red wine and sat in front of the TV

Next thing I knew the phone was ringing I had been asleep. It was Sally asking me to come up to her place she said the back door would be open as she may be upstairs.

I thought I would change and put on a short sleeve black silk shirt, which did up with Velcro, well you never know do you, and a pair of American trousers, you know   the sort, one yank and they are down. I also put on a pair of net black briefs, Bev had put them out for me to wear on Sunday when I picked her up, so that it my trousers came off she could see what she would get, mind you Sally   was the girl that would not touch my cock 15 years ago.

I got to Sally's house, went in the back down and shouted out that I was here, Sally shouted back from upstairs will not be long, just changing. Women change to go out, change when they come home. The coffee was on the go, so I helped myself.

Sally came down the stairs I could hear her, she shouted from the lounge, "can you grab me a mug of coffee black please, I think I have drunk too much wine"

I poured the coffee and walked into the lounge, Sally was on the sofa, she was wearing a long red skirt that was quite full, elastic around the waist, an American skirt I thought. She had a pale yellow blouse on, and I could see a dark coloured bra. I passed her a mug of coffee and sat down opposite her in an armchair.

She drank the coffee and there was a silence for a few minutes then she said "Fred, what did Bev say happened last Friday night with Dave"

" That they kissed, he felt her breasts though her blouse and then she let him feel that she was wearing panties, by him rubbing her skirt, why?"

"Dave said that he got his hand inside her panties and felt that she was shaved down there and had been trying to get me to shave"

I laughed out loud.

"What's so funny?"

“Well she must have used fast hair restorer, as she had pubic hair when I fucked her an hour later, Bev has never been shaved down there.”

"Oh, I do not know what to do now"

"What do you mean?"

"I told Dave that you had fingered fucked me and I had to stop you, but I really wanted your cock in me."

"What you only let me touch your breasts I did not even see them!"

"Well I suppose I could put that right" With that she took off her blouse " You have not see this lingerie before what do you think of it?"

"I can only see your bra"

She pulled down her skirt and stood their in her bra and panties. The set was a lovely blue, a bit like the colour of the lakes in the Canadian Rockies, her panties had two bands on either side, I could not tell if they were bikini or a thong.

"Okay I have shown you mine, show me yours"

God if I took my trousers off she would see all that I had, I slipped off my shirt quickly.

"Okay, but you have seen me naked above the waist, I have not seen you"

She put her hands around the back of her bra, unclasped it and let it drop off. I saw her breasts for the first time in 15 years. I walked across the room and kissed her, then I kissed her nipples. As I did this I felt her hand on my trousers, she pulled them down, they flow off and I quickly gave her another French kiss, my tongue in her mouth, so that she would not see that I was wearing net briefs and that she could see everything I had.

She suddenly pushed me back,

  "My turn to look. Goodness gracious I can see sausage and two veg, and it is not a chipolata sausage either, come here I want to feel it"

I moved forward, we started to kiss and I felt her hand on the outside of my brief, feeling my cock, which was ready to explode, I rubbed the outside of her panties, they felt like silk, I put my hand on to her ass, it was a thong she was wearing. I slowly worked my hands to the front of her panties.

" I do not shaved either, find out please"

I need no second invitation, my hand was down her panties, her pubic hair was quite soft compared with Bevs', but I did not stop there I felt her clit, and then further down and soon I found out she was very wet, and put two fingers inside her. She pulled off my briefs and said "Fuck me Fred, I need you"

So I pushed back down on to the rug, kissed her breasts and moved south, kissing her panties, turned her on her side and kissed her ass, then pulled down her thong.

"Did my undies turn you on?"

"No thinking of fucking you did"

I saw her pussy her pubic hair was silky like she had washed it before I arrived, I wonder if she had. Her slit was dripping, I kissed it and tasted her juices, then I put her on all fours and fucked her doggy style. We both came together and laid on the rug, about ten minutes later she turned around and got on top of me, and sucked me off, while I licked her cunt and we both came in each others mouth.

"I better get to bed"

"Okay shall I come with you?"

"No, I do not want to have sex with you in the bed I sleep in with Dave, You said you had a busy day tomorrow, you better go home and rest. I got up and dressed, gave Sally a good night kiss, all over. "See you soon"

"By the way" said Sally, my sister from work, usually goes home at weekends, but had to stay here this weekend, she has got a flat in town and need some help with her plumbing, I said that you might be able to help?"

"Yes of course I will, but let me get the rest of the weekend over first; I have to take Kelly to University tomorrow.

To be continued if you want.


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