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Trip to Mainz with Hannah and Tim

True story of my unusual first sexual experience.

The question, if it was a question was left unfinished. A pause and a glance that said all that needed to be said.

Hannah put an arm around each of our waists and pulled us towards her. I looked Tim in the eye and the look on his face said it all: neither of us had expected this. She had started off by explaining that she would sleep on the sofa and we should share the bed. Then as if by way as an afterthought she suggested another possibility.

I had known Tim fifteen years. We were at school together, best mates. He was spending the summer inter-railing and had been visiting me in Hamburg where I was working at a research lab.

Hannah, I had known only a few weeks. A summer student from Israel, she was juggling studying for her master's degree with her national service. An army captain, she insisted on being treated as one of the lads and was one of the few women students who had joined us on one of our drinking trips into town after the local bars had closed.

The trip had been Hannah's idea. She was only in Germany for eight weeks and wanted to see more of it before going home. When I mentioned Tim's visit, she suggested we hire a car and drive down the Rhine to look at castles and history and in particular Mainz, where the Guttenberg bible was printed.

Tim would be taking the train from Mainz leaving Hannah and I to travel back alone. A look in her eye when she explained her plan had suggested that this part of the trip might well be more interesting and eventful than the first.

Hannah was of medium height with thick curly black hair. She spoke with her hands and mouth at the same time, her arms moving rapidly in all directions to emphasize each point she made. But her most expressive feature was her deep blue eyes which would roll with exasperation, open wide in astonishment or smoulder seductively.

On one of our drinking trips we had visited the infamous Reeperbahn to drink beer in Sam's Brazil where some friends of ours from Ghana played in the band. On the way back she had insisted on stopping in at one of the numerous neon-lit sex shops that line the street. On that occasion her eyes had opened wider than I had ever imagined possible.

I had lusted after Hannah from the first moment I had seen her, which was after all a natural and healthy reaction for my age. One of the major disadvantages of my field being the lack of female company. Only four of the hundred students on my undergraduate course had been girls and by the middle of the second year, two of those had found the easiest way to deal with the constant attempts to claim attention from us males was to turn to each other for affection.

And now the three of us were standing in nothing but our underwear in a room with a bed and Hannah was stroking our cocks through the front of our Y-fronts.

Tim came to his senses first and had the presence of mind to kiss her. I unhooked her bra and began work on her breasts with my lips. She slipped her hands inside our underwear and began stroking the shafts of our cocks. It felt so good.

When it came to sex, I was a late developer. A single sex school followed by university with a distinct shortage of females. My only serious girlfriend had been a devout Christian who planned to keep her virginity until her wedding night. She had let me finger her and had once given me a blow job. But that had been her limit. I had continued dating in what I would later consider the quaint belief that dumping a girl friend just because she would not put out was 'tacky'.

I shed my shirt and briefs and jumped onto the bed. My first time properly naked in bed with a woman. My first time with a woman who did not demand begging and coaxing. The look in Hannah's eye's said everything I needed to know: She wanted sex and she wanted it now. The fact that Tim was also naked in the bed with us was a detail as far as I was concerned.

By now that detail had spread her legs and was eagerly tasting her pussy. I found her lips and began kissing, she grabbed my stiff cock and guided it to her lips. Her tongue rolled along the shaft and up onto the glans.

Condoms and a bottle of lube had appeared from somewhere: Hannah had come prepared. I watched as my best friend rolled a rubber onto his cock and sank it into her pussy. She moaned gently as slipped inside her.

Hannah pressed the bottle of lube into my hand and opened her eyes wide as she had done in the sex-shop. I remembered the magazine she had showed me. At the start of the story, the girl had knelt on all fours, taking one cock in her mouth and the other in her pussy. Then, when she had turned the page her eyes had opened wider than ever and she asked me if such a thing were humanly possible. I assured her that it was.

Now I knew what she wanted. My practical experience was nil but thanks to the then little-known Internet my theoretical knowledge was top notch.

I put some lube on my finger and began working the slippery liquid into her ass. Hannah gave an appreciative moan.

Hannah came with my prick still in her mouth. I felt her ass squeezing my finger tightly as she came. Tim came soon after and we collapsed in a heap on the bed.

Following the instructions from the Internet, I continued to work on Hannah's asshole, slipping a second and then a third finger inside her, working them in and out of her, trying to loosen her up.

At last it was time and Tim passed me a rubber. I lubed up and pressed it gently against her hole trying to hide my nervousness. Hannah pushed herself back onto me slightly then withdrew. She tried again, this time a little quicker and with more force. This was advised against in the instructions, but it seemed to be working. On her third thrust the glans of my cock slipped right inside her. I held her there, still for a while as we caught our breath. Then she slid herself slowly back onto me, a fraction of an inch at a time.

We rested a little while and then I started to thrust a little. Slowly at first. I was ass-fucking Hannah doggy style as she brought Tim's cock back to attention with her tongue. As soon as he was stiff, she handed him a rubber and guided him underneath us.

I stopped thrusting momentarily and felt Hannah's ass pressing tighter on me as Tim's cock slid into he cunt. In another state of mind, this might have disturbed me in those days. But the truth is I was beyond rational thought. All I knew was that a beautiful young woman had surrendered her body to me, completely and absolutely. My cock was riding in her ass: I could see it. Her body was stretched out naked in front of her, I could tough it, feel her small, tight breasts with their hard, stiff nipples.

After some time, I felt her ass ring grabbing at my cock, pulsing, throbbing. Hannah gave a grunting, half scream as she came a second time. This was enough to push me over the edge and for the first time in my life I came inside another person.

I was rolled onto my back, my cock still kept more-or-less erect by the tight grip of her asshole. Tim finished his work as I played with Hannah's breasts and clit.

Afterward we lay together naked for quite a while, nobody knowing quite what to say. The thought briefly entered my mind that I was still technically a virgin. The thought of more sex may have crossed Hannah's mind as she reached for packet of condoms only to find to her disappointment that it had only held three.

Still enjoying the afterglow, I placed my arms around Hannah and fitted her naked body against mine, her back warming my front and her butt pressing into my crotch. We shared a last kiss and a smile, then drifted off to sleep.

I was in no hurry: There would be the trip back as well.

[Names changed]

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