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With my best friend pt 2

Sasha wanted to make love to me, it would be my first time

We walked arm in arm back to the house after a couple hours of sexual playtime and drinking. I knew that Sasha wanted more tonight, just as I wanted to experience more of her.

We stood in the moon light, naked and caressing each others face and neck as lovers for the first time. She took me into her arms in just the same manner that many a men have done before. But this was different, it was sensual and erotic as we touched each other for the first time. Our breasts touching naturally as our bodies seemed to merge into one as we passionately kissed each other.

My body tingled all over as her lips nibbled me all over, making me shudder with desire. I wanted more of her and Sasha knew it all too well, as I had just experienced giving another woman oral pleasure for the first time. It was exciting to share that experience with a friend, one who would never judge at a nonperformance, as she quickly took all my fears away.

"Tai, you were wonderful" she whispered in my ear as she caressed my body at will with her soft touches. "I want more, I want to enjoy all of you" she continued

"Yes Sasha, I want more of you as well" I replied as my lips began to tenderly kiss her breasts and erect nipples. Suddenly I heard the words I had just spoken and realized that I wanted her just as much.

"Will you make love with me" she asked while her soft blue eyes looked directly into mine.

"Yes Sasha, I am yours for the night. Just please be easy with me, you know it is my first time" I replied not wanting a bad memory of this evening. My body was charged with the desires she instilled deep inside of me. My soul seemed to be on fire and my body was raging out of control

"No worries" she answered as she led me into the house for another shot before retiring to her massive bedroom. The was a Ca. king size bed with soft red satin sheets, they felt good against my skin as she laid me down on it. Mirrors lined the walls and ceiling, not an angle was left unvisited as I looked around the room for Sasha.

I could see my naked body in many views, exposing every angle of the imagination as Sasha joined me on the bed. She kissed me passionately as she placed a blindfold over my head and then over my eyes. It was dark but soothing at the same time. I felt her legs slipping between mine, the were silky smoothe against mine. She continued pushing forward until our crotches were against each others. I could feel her wetness against my outter lips as she began soft thrusts against me.

"Tai, spread those thick lips wide for me" she whispered, "Yes, hold them just like that" she said as I did as she requested. She must have done the same, as I felt her wet skin against mine as she pressed forward. She was grinding our cunts together, as they met.

"Mmm" I moaned, "it feels so good" as Sasha's lips engulfed my firey box, nibbling and tenderl sucking on my swollen lips. She was good, and knew exactly what to do to get me hot and bothered.

Her soft voice said, "just imagine the sight of your feelings and what you experiencing"  as her roaming hand engulfed my areola softly. I could hear quite slurping sounds as our wet snatches released from each other. The sounds were like gas being added to my fire. I couldn't see her, but my imagination quickly put images before me.

Suddenly I heard myself panting as she toyed with my breasts, and totally enjoying it as my hands held both breasts for her as she repositioned herself and began caressing my titties 

"Ah yes Sasha, I love what your are doing" I bellowed out at the feel of her warm mouth sucking on my nipples. I felt her tongue caressing my tightened belly just above my pubic line. She began to nibble lightly and I loved it as my hands roamed towards my hot pussy. I was stroking my clit, just below her advancing mouth, allowing my hands to separate my moist lips. Oh god I thought, this was feeling so fucking good.

"Sasha, lick me please, lick me" I begged as I held my wet box open for her. I pictured her face above my lips as she softly kissed my vaginal lips and my clinched fingers. She licked inside my labia, then licked my fingers. My fingers were saturated with my own juices as her lips guided my extended finger into my wetness, planting it at my fevered hole. She licked and kissed me passionately, igniting a raging fire inside of me.

"I'm so fucking wet" I cried out as she pressed my finger tip onto the top of my entry hole and left it there. Then with her lips, she pressed it inside of my hole, it was hot and sticky as she lapped my juices seductively. She wanted me to finger myself while she lapped the spewing juices.

"Ah shit Sasha, I want to cum again" I whimpered softly as she stopped licking and rolled me onto my stomach, not allowing me to cum just yet. I was delerious with passion and lust for her touch

"Not just yet girl" she replied "we are going to build our orgasms for a mega release together" she added as she started kissing the sensitive nape area. I was going crazy with emotion as I just wanted to flood the sheets at this point and she knew it as she slapped my gapping pussy roughly a couple of times.

"Mmmm" I screamed out from the pleasurable slaps she had given me.

 "Mmmm"  I softly moaned as I felt her lips caressing my back and working around my ass cheeks. She squeezed them and nibbled as her tongued swirled along the crease and teasingly slipped into my wet crack. She was making me delirious in anticipation of what she was going to do next. I squirmed with excitement from her every touch, kiss and nibble as my pelvis began to rise and lower to meet her face. Her tongue strolled from my sweet brown hole along the damp trail to my spread pussy, sending me into a frenzy of pleasure as a finger gently entered both holes. She began to increase her speed and depth, penetrating each wanting to be filled hole with an exploring finger. Her forefinger completely buried in my tightest hole. Touching me like never before as I tried to back up against it, I wanted to feel her fingers deeper.

I begged her "to do it harder" screaming "I love it" as she eased her next two fingers into my gapping pussy hole. I was trembling from the fingering she was delivering, skillfully and deliberate as I raised up to my knees with my head buried in a plush pillow.

Removing her fingers just before I was about to cum again, I laid there shaking in pleasure as she rolled me back onto my back. I felt her moving about the bed until she nestled her knees on each side of my head. Her scent again filled my nostrils, I knew she was to my face. I felt her raise the blindfold off my eyes, and saw her pinkness waiting for me.

I looked into the mirrors and saw our images everywhere, in every possible angle as she again spread her labia apart and asked " does it look good to you Tai" as she lowered it close enough to just touch my lips.

"Yes Sasha, its beautiful" I whispered almost tasting her as I looked in the mirror. It was such a hot and nasty sight.

"What do you want to do Tai" she asked as she lightly rubbed her womanhood softly against my parted lips.

"I want to kiss and suck on it until you give me your sweet tasting cum" I replied as my tongue got its first sample of her sweet nectar. With that, she spread her labia apart and pressed her lips over my entire mouth, almost suffocating me. Instantly I felt her juices all over my face, she was so wet and tasted so sweet.

Nervously I attempted to take her swollen lips between mine. I parted my lips allowing my bottom lips to penetrate her opened slit and lightly sucked on her thick. Slowly I pulled it firmly between my lips and sucked the entire length before switching to the other side.

Moaning in pleasure Sasha said, "Tai, it feels so good, now let your tongue explore my inner wet lips" as she held them apart. 

Timidly, I placed my tongue on the top of her swollen lips and slowly allowed it to slip into the wet crevice. I traced the inside her saturated lips, and flicked my tongue onto her pink inner lips. Relaxing a bit, I ran my tongue up and down her wet trail as I could feel my body shaking inside.  As I lapped my way down her slippery slope, I saw that Sasha had inverted both index fingers into her tiny hole and was holding it open.

"Ah yes Tai, lick my fingers" she cried out. "Ah yes that's it" is what I heard as my spear like tongue licked down her fingers towards her opening. "You like it Tai" she hollered out as I continued the tongue lashing around her opening.

"Mmmh" I moaned out, as I slipped my tongue inside her burning hole. Flicking it in deeper as I felt her moving with each penetration.

Pressing my head forward, attempting to fuck her deeper I replied "Mmmhmm"m as I gnawed on her thick wet lips. She flooded my face with a release of juices as I couldn't catch it all. My hair was wet and matted to my sticky face at this point as her box continued thumping against my face before she raised herself from the bed.

Moments later she returned and asked "if I wanted to go further" as she opened the package in front of me.

Without hesitation I replied "yes Sasha, I want all you have to offer" as I couldn't see what was in the package. I watched as she pulled up a black cord, something like a thong with a circle in the middle. What was this I wondered to myself as she turned and smiled at me and pulled me to the edge of the bed and worked one up and over my ass as well. I touched the circle an it was very rigid and saw her attach a large dildo into hers. She stood in place sporting a rubber erection that stayed firmly in place before reaching over and attaching mine in the same manner. The cock seemed strange at first, but I quickly became attuned to my new member. It was long and thick, sporting the same veined texture as a mans own cock

I laid there gazing at the thick cock now attached to me, knowing how a man felt seeing his cock erect. I stroked it the way I had seen many men doing theirs, feeling a building sensation as the end rubbed against my clit feverishly. I was enjoying jacking off as Sasha looked down at me and grinned nastily.

She snuggled between my legs and proceeded to give me head, just as Had done so often to a mans hard cock. Her tongue licked my black knob and shaft before taking it into her mouth as she looked on happily spinning a sixty nine. We remained giving each other a blowjob in the typical fashion as our slit's began buzzing in delight as we moaned out "mmmm" together.

Taking the cock from my mouth, Sasha flipped around and positioned herself between my legs while her erect cock stood proudly. Lifting each of my ankles, she placed them onto her shoulders while I continued to jerk off my cock. She scooted forward, while gripping her tool in one hand as I looked on with desire.

She placed the tip at my hole and wiggled it around between my wet lips. It felt good I thought to myself knowing that she was about to do what every man has already done. I squirmed as it touched my hole, wanting to feel it inside of me.

Pressing the tip, just barely against my opening Sasha asked " Tai, do you want really want this" as she wiggled it a bit harder against me.

Nodding my head in approval, I moaned as I felt her slowly push the head inside of my opening. It was thick and I moaned "yes Sasha, I want you to give it to me" as I felt her hips thrusting the cock deeper inside of me and then back out.

"Ah yes Sasha, fuck me" I bellowed out as she began a thrusting pattern of in and out as I continued to jack off my own cock while she watched. With the cock buried deep inside my box, Sasha eased off the bed and tugged my legs and placed them around her waist as she stood up.

"Oh fuck Sasha, it feels so good" as she wiggled her hips in various ways while driving her cock into me. In a few short thrusts I began to shake and tremble as I screamed "oh shit I'm cumming again, fuck me harder" Sasha had pushed me over the edge as her cock was saturated with my juices. They ran down the crack of my ass and onto the satin sheets in a puddle.

Sasha repositioned me with my feet on the floor, bending me over and placing my hands on the bed. "I want to do you doggy style" she said as I felt her cock between my legs and then a sting on my ass. She slapped my ass several times as she pressed the cock head between my lips.

"Ahh" I screamed, feeling the stinging sensation on my ass being repeated, as she thrust that cock inside of me.

"Ahhh" I screamed again as she showed me no mercy, plunging it deeper and harder each time. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled it roughly as she banged my pussy from behind. Her hips rotated as she thrust the cock into me while pulling my hair.

"You like this, don't you" she screamed as she pulled my hair even harder and held my head in place.

"Yes Sasha" I replied to the painful sensation of her taking me in the same manner as most men do. "Yes, fuck my pussy with your big fucking cock" I hollered as she pounded me like a dog in heat.

"Ah yes Sasha, you fuck me so good. Don't stop, I gonna fucking cum again" I panted in short shallow breaths. Sasha pushed me onto the bed with the cock buried deep, pressed my legs together and held them that way with hers. My pussy seemed to shrink as my legs were pressed together. It was tighter and harder going in and out of my hole. I could feel it so much more as she sat on top of me and roughly thrust that cock in me. I pressed my ass up into the air as much as I could to meet her driving thrusts.

I couldn't take it anymore, I was almost ready to pass out when I screamed "Oh Shit, Sasha, your so fucking good, I'm cumminggggggg". My juices squirted for the first time, then another and then I collapsed onto the bed. I was saturated, and so was the bed.

I couldn't move and Sasha knew why. She curled up to me and kissed me on the cheek and said "next time you can have your way with me" as we feel asleep in each others arms.

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