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As her lips neared the swollen cockhead, Gwen remembered the cabbie. Let him watch.
The old-style Checker cab inched away from the congested airport loading zone,then pulled out into the cold, rainy January evening and headed for a downtown hotel.

Inside, Gwen studied Mark's face.

For all she knew, he might have found someone special while back home.

Hesitantly, even shyly, she asked, "Did you miss me?”

Mark nodded, "You were all I could think about on the flight up. Then the damn landing was delayed. Were you waiting long?”

Gwen felt her tension begin to ease. She’d worried that he might not really care if she met his plane. Now he was telling her that he had been looking forward to their being together again. With a sigh she said, "I missed you so much, I couldn't sleep last night. And I got to the airport hours before the plane was scheduled to arrive.”

Mark laughed, "And then it was over an hour late. But you shouldn't have done that. You should have been resting up instead.”

Gwen smiled as she felt her cheeks flush. “Oh, I didn’t mind, and it gave me time to prepare my gift for you.”

Before Mark could respond, she abruptly moved from his side and turned to face him. Then taking a deep breath, smiled and said, "I just hope you like your present.”

Fingers trembling, she slowly unzipped her full-length monk’s cape, then paused, looked over at Mark, and pulled it open.

In the glow from the streetlights Mark gaped at his now unwrapped present. For under her cape, Gwen had on nothing but a black garter belt, dark stockings, and knee-high boots.

Mark sat motionless, quietly looking at her gift. Then the spell was broken as the cab suddenly swerved in traffic and the driver cursed at another car.

Gwen began to get nervous. "Do you like your present? It was specially gift wrapped just for you.”

As Mark continued to stare, the lights and shadows played games across her body. Finally he spoke, "You're even more beautiful than I remembered, and please believe me, I've remembered you a lot. So the answer to your question is affirmative, I most definitely like your present.”

Then he grinned. "I mean what can I say? But, there is one problem. Due to your present, I'm about to come in my pants.”

At that moment, Gwen doubted if Mark would ever be able to make her any happier. With a laugh of pleasure and relief she said, "Well, we wouldn't want to mess up your suit, now would we Mr. Cahill?”

She moved closer, and while giving him a long, deep kiss, unzipped his pants and slipped her hand inside. after a brief struggle, she finally managed to extract a long and very stiff cock.

As her lips neared the swollen cockhead, she remembered the cabbie. Let him watch, she thought, and forgot about him. Nothing mattered but once again becoming one with Mark.

With the tip of her tongue, she savored the taste and texture of his slick, flared glans. Just as she started to slip it into her mouth, the cab suddenly stopped for a light. This jolt caused the head to scrape past her teeth and slam into the back of her mouth. Mark gasped as she tried not to gag.

“Easy, lady. Didn’t your mama teach you not to gobble your food?”

They both laughed and she promised to make it all better. “That’s what I’m counting on," said Mark.

After a period of exaggerated nursing care for Mark’s wounded member, she cautiously sucked it deep into her mouth. This time, there was no interruption.

The rhythmic motion of the cab set the pace as she let her head bob up and down the length of Mark’s shaft while she concentrated on using her tongue.

The cab stopped again,, then started with a jerk, swerved and soon came to another sudden stop. None of it interrupted Gwen or re-injured Mark. But she was only vaguely aware of all this for Mark had begun to hunch. A slightly salty taste entered her mouth as pre cum oozed from the tip of the head.

Shifting around in her seat, Gwen tried to prepare herself for Mark's climax which she had no doubt would be coming very soon.

Still, it caught her by surprise when a large gob of hot cum suddenly filled her mouth. Before she could finish that first load, others followed, many others.

Despite Gwen's feverish efforts to drink it all, Mark was just coming too fast. Soon cum began spilling out of her mouth. It smeared on her lips and cheeks and ran down over her fingers and hands even as she kept swallowing what seemed like gallons of cum.

Since Mark had always stopped in the past, Gwen knew that, sooner or later, he was bound to finish. But with him still stiff, erect and pumping cum into her mouth, she was beginning to wonder if that was going to be later instead of sooner.

Even though the ejaculation had slowed down enough to let her handle everything Mark had to give, she still wondered if he would ever run dry. At this rate, she figured they might be about to set some kind of world's record for longest male orgasm.

The first hint that Mark was about through, came when he quit squeezing her shoulders. Then the stream of cum dwindled down to a trickle. Finally, Mark collapsed back in his seat and let out a sigh. "I needed that," he said, while gently stroking her hair.

And I need you, thought Gwen as she lovingly licked up the overflow. More than you’ll ever know.
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