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A Naughty Weekend Between Friends

I went to Alex's to get away and got more than I ever expected
“Aw, fuck you Angela!” I heard my dad scream at my mom from downstairs.

“Fuck you too, Marcus!” My mom yelled back.

After about an hour of listening to my parents curse each other out, I couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbing a gym bag from my closet, I began loading it with three days worth of clothes. Finished packing my bag, I shoved my toothbrush in my pocket and quietly headed out the door. My name’s James by the way and I’m a proud nineteen year old African American.

It was a warm Thursday night of summer as I walked around the corner to the fifth house on the block. I gave the door a strong knock. Almost instantly a middle aged white woman came to the door.

“Hi Ms Kennedy,” I said with a smile.

“Hey James…come on in. I was just making dinner.”

I entered the house and immediately smelt the food she was making. “Smells great,”

“How long are you staying?” She asked.

I smirked a bit. It always amazed me how nice she was to me. She knew about my parent constant fighting and opened her home to me whenever things got too hectic for me to deal with. The Kennedy’s were one of the only white families in the neighborhood, but as far as neighbors go, they were by far the nicest ones I knew.

“Just ‘till Sunday,” I told her.

“Okay. Dinner will be ready in an hour and Alex is upstairs.”

At the mention of Alex’s name, I couldn’t help but smile. Alex was my best friend. He was my brother from another mother. We became friends in 4 th grade and have been very close ever since. So close in fact that sometimes we’d watch porn and masturbate together. I always felt like I owed him a lot though. Alex was always there for me…no matter what the situation was. I’d cry about my parents sometimes and he’d just there and listen. He was a true friend…the truest friend I’ve ever had.

Bag in hand; I made it to his room. Jokingly, I knocked on the door and waited for him to respond.

I heard him laugh and say, “I’m busy playing Soul Caliber, so you’re gonna be standing out there for awhile.”

I let out a sigh and entered the room.

“Your folks at it again?” He asked focused hard on the game he was playing.


Alex paused the game and gave me friendly gaze. “Wanna talk about it?”

“Later Alex,” I replied sitting next to him on his bed.

As he continued with the game I looked him over a bit. Besides our obvious skin color difference, Alex was 6’2”, 190lbs with short brown hair, blue eyes, and had a tan, while I was 6’0”, 225lbs, and had more muscles than him.

“Pass the sticks,” I told him as Alex had just beaten the game. “I’m getting sick watching you play by yourself.”

Alex handed me his spare controller and we played against each other. Soon Ms. Kennedy came up with two plates.

“Homemade pizza guys,” She announced handing us our food. “Oh, I called your parents James. They know you’re over here.”

“Okay…thanks, Ms. K.”

After the pizza, soda, and a few more hours of video games, I found myself pretty tired as did Alex. It was a very hot night and we both sprawled on his bed in the dark. We both had nothing but our boxers on. Alex grabbed his laptop and sat up. I smiled as this was my cue to let me know what he about to do.

“You want the laptop when I’m done?”

“No, I’m cool,” I said turning on my side with my back towards him.

I tried to go to sleep but with the bed moving as Alex pleasured himself made it very hard, so I waited until he was done and fell asleep. During the night I was awakened by the feeling of a hand moving up and down the front of my body. My eyes opened and saw a white hand- -Alex’s hand rubbing on my abs and stomach, while his other hand rubbed my ass gently. It felt really good, but I couldn’t truly understand what I was feeling. Up to this point in my life I’d been straight. I even had a few girlfriends, but the more Alex caressed my body, the more my sexual orientation was being challenged.

I felt Alex’s lips hit the nape of my neck. My neck was my sweet spot. Kiss or suck on my neck and my cock will definitely begin to harden. Alex’s hand traveled down my body and found my sex organ, rubbing it through my boxers. My best friend sucked and kissed my neck as he rubbed harder on me until I came in my underwear. I bit my bottom lip as I came in my underwear. I’m a heavy cummer so I had to go to back to sleep with a puddle of cum in my boxers. Alex gave my neck a final kiss before going back to sleep and since it was the early morning I really had no choice but to follow suit and enter the land of my dreams.

I woke up on Friday to the sounds of Sports Center on TV. I stretched and let out a low groan.

“What time is it?” I asked Alex, who was sitting up in bed flipping through channels.

“One-thirty,” He answered. “Best thing about the summer…sleeping in late,”

“Where’s your mom?”

“Work, she won’t be back ‘till about seven ’o clock.”

I lay back down and pulled the front of my boxers up eyeing the cum on my stomach and private parts.

“I’m gonna take a shower, I announced slipping off my boxers.

Standing up, I couldn’t help but notice Alex staring with his mouth hanging open. I had to smile as the notion about black guys and their cocks came into my mind. With me the notion rang true. My dick was eight inches soft and eleven inches hard.

“Take a picture Alex than you can look at it as much as you want.” I said laughing at him.

During my shower I thought deeply about Thursday night. In one night my sexuality was all over the place not knowing what I was anymore. I had no gay tendencies, but Thursday sure as hell brought them out of me.

“It’s gonna be a long weekend," I said to myself as I stepped out the shower.

Returning to Alex's room, I found him watching Head of State. As I started to get dressed he asked, "So...what happened with your parents this time?"

"Nothing major. They just wouldn't stop fighting. All day and night with those two over dumb shit mostly," I replied pulling up my boxers. "But me by myself...I'm cool."

A couple minutes went by and Alex gave no reply. I sat next to him on the bed.

"Hey, you okay man?"

No answer out of him.

"What's up Alex?"

I put my arm around him and that got a reaction out of him. With us being so close he spoke up.

"Um...what if I told you I was gay James?" He paused. "Would we still be friends?"

I smiled at him. "Of course we'd still be friends. I don't care if you're gay," I hesitated. "But you being gay would explain last night,"

Alex's face turned a bright red. "You were awake?"

"Yeah, you touching me woke me up."

"I'm sorry about that," Alex's hand ran up and down my stomach. "I've had sort of a crush on you for awhile James. You make me so horny. I- -I just lost control of myself."

I was stunned by everything that came out of my best friend's mouth, but if he could be so truthful than it was only right gave him the truth back. It was time for my what if moment.

"What if I said...I liked it Alex?"

Alex's hand found my inner thigh and started rubbing it gently.

"Really? I could do it again if you want?"

"Mmmm," I groaned. His hand felt so warm rubbing my thighs. "Maybe we can help each other. Take your pants and boxers off."

Alex did as I told him while I slid my boxers off. My friend had a nice looking cock that was a hard seven inches. His hand wrapped around my manhood as my hand found his and the stroking began. The sexual energy in radiating in the room was ecstatic as we jerked each other off.

"Ooooh James...that feels good," My best buddy moaned slowly stroking my cock up and down as I stroked Alex a bit faster, my cock growing in his hand.

"Oh God James! I feel it! I'm close. Mmmmm! Here it comes."

Alex moaned loudly as loads of cum rushed to the surface and oozed all over my hand.

I fell back on Alex’s bed wiping his cum on his sheets as his hand glided up and down my chocolate python. It felt amazing. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed every minute of it. Suddenly I felt Alex’s tongue slide up my shaft.

“Mmmm. Keep licking Alex,” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum soon,”

“Good,” Alex replied in between licks. “I want you to.”

Alex licked, slobbered, and stroked my dick until it erupted like a volcano, spewing cum all over his bed sheets. As my orgasm subsided Alex climbed on top of me and my hands instantly found his ass, rubbing it gently while he gave my neck gentle kisses.

“If I knew this was gonna happen…I would’ve came out to you a long time ago,”

I stroked his face. “I’m glad you did,”

Alex rested his head on my chest and soon fell asleep. I began to think deeply again. What Alex and I had just done was incredible and I could see myself doing it again, but I was still confused about my sexual orientation.

“Okay, I know I’m not gay, but I might me bisexual.” I said to myself before taking a nap with my best bud.

We woke up around five ‘o clock as Ms. Kennedy came home early from work with Taco Bell for dinner. The three of us all sat down in the kitchen and ate. All the carnal fun earlier made me and Alex really hungry and how we tore into the fast food showed it.

Ms. K let out a small laugh and asked, “What have you guys been doing all day to be so hungry?”

After exchanging glances, Alex and I both answered, “Chilling,”

When we finished dinner, I found myself in the same position I was before dinner, in bed with Alex on top of me, but instead of sleeping we were dry humping. I wrapped my arms around him tightly as I came in my pants. Then the unthinkable happened. Alex pressed his lips against mine. I immediately became caught up in the warmth of his mouth. Our kiss was so passionate. We broke the lip lock.

“Goodnight James,” Alex said softly before getting off me and headed to sleep.

“Damn,” I said aloud.

Alex was lucky to get to sleep so fast ‘because after that kiss I couldn’t sleep at all.

Saturday, things were awkward between me and Alex. We barely said three words to one another. The kiss last night changed everything about our friendship. Masturbating together and things of that nature was fine, but we kissed, passionately kissed at that. Things were more moving too fast for me and I need to stop the momentum. Alex tried to get something going between us in the morning, but I told him I wasn’t in the mood to do anything. The atmosphere in the room was dead. I read a book, played a video game, or slept.

“Is everything straight between us Jay?” Alex suddenly asked me.

“Yeah,” I lied. “Why?”

“Don’t seem that way,” Alex observed, obviously hurt by my distance and he the right to be.

“Okay,” It was time for me to be truthful. “I don’t know how to feel Alex. I’m really confused. I like girls…but I like what we’ve done too. I just needed some time to think about everything. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.”

Alex smiled. “It’s okay. My feelings aren’t hurt that bad.”

“So…we’re cool?” I needed to know.

Alex didn’t answer me. He just inched closer to me and began kissing on my neck.

“Ah,” I groaned. “That’s my spot, Al.”

“I know,”

My member began to show itself through my pants as it got harder by the second. Alex’s hand found it, playing with it, having a good old time with it. He pulled my pants and boxers down eyeing my piece. Alex’s lips kissed my member, while his tongue slithered all over it and let it slip into his mouth. He put his hands on my hips only using his mouth, so I grabbed his brown hair and face fucked him.

“Oh yeah, Al. Take this dick. Take all of it baby.”

I really couldn’t believe Alex was giving me a blowjob. It was almost surreal. His mouth was so warm around my rock hard manhood. Alex began to really enjoy himself and started sucking on me hard and deep-throated me from time to time.

“That’s how you suck a dick, boy. Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop. I’m so damn close.”

Alex deep-throated me again and I lost all control. I couldn’t hold my orgasm back any longer and load after load of cum gushed into his mouth. Like a champ, Alex took all the cum my cock produced, swallowing it all in one big gulp. He got back on the bed and our eyes met.

“Damn Alex. That was the best head I ever had.” I stroked his face. “You’re so good man, so damn good.”

Lust overtook us as our lips crashed into each other’s. We both moaned into the kiss and it was steaming hot. As Alex rotated sucking my top and bottom lip, my hands ran under his shirt and massaged his chest. Alex grabbed my shirt and slowly took it off. He kissed and licked down my chest and stomach. I laid him down, unzipped his pants, and lowered his jeans down to his ankles. Alex sucked my cock, so I guessed I’d return the favor. I pulled his dick from his boxers and just glared at his member glistening with pre-cum. Wrapping my hand around the base; I slowly locked my lips around the head and went down on Al’s length. It felt so good. I was sucking my first cock and loved every minute of it.

“Ooooh,” Alex moaned.

I went up and down on Alex’s love stick causing him to make intriguing moans and groaning noises. Alex began bucking forward through my lips, fucking my mouth. There was no turning back, I we were gonna fuck for the first time…right then and there. I’d done anal sex with many females, so I gave Alex the same treatment in preparing his ass for my cock.

I flipped my boy on his stomach, propped him in the doggy style position. My lips placed kisses on his creamed colored globes before my tongue hit his asshole.

“Mmmm,” He groaned.

My tongue entered Alex’s ass crack and I tongue fucked him furiously. My best friend moaned and screamed as he reached back and held my head in place.

“Ooooh! Oh shit! Right there Jay, keep going baby.”

When I came up for air, we kissed some more and Alex whispered,

“Make me feel good,” He kissed me again. “I wanna feel you inside.”

I grabbed some KY jelly from Alex’s dresser, lubed up his ass and my cock, and sat down on the bed. Alex straddled my hips, kissing me. He clenched his and grimaced in pain as he sat down on my cock.

“Ahhhh!” He screamed in pain as my cock entered his ass all at once.

I listened to him groan and whimper holding on to me.

“Relax Alex, just relax man. It’s gonna stop hurting in minute.”

Alex gritted his teeth. “You promise?”

“I promise,” I told him after kissing him a bit.

Alex tried to get off me, but I held him in place. “Ahhhh! I can’t take it Jay. I can’t,”

Alex took a few deep breaths and I felt him start to relax.

“You see that? How do you feel now?”

“Good,” Alex said with a smile.

Alex’s ass felt so good around my cock, I cupped his bottom, spread my legs, and began bucking up into him.

“Oh my God,” I groaned. “Your ass is so tight,”

“Ohhhh ahhhh yeah,” Al moaned “Fuck,”

I placed my hands down against the bed and raised myself slightly, driving myself even deeper into Alex, who dug his nails into my back moaning and writhing in ecstasy.

“Oh shit! Aw fuck, James! Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

I pulled my best friend up off me and got behind Alex, repositioning myself. I had to bend my knees slightly in order to insert my cock into Al from behind.

“Oh fuck, “Al moaned brokenly as his friend penetrated him again.

I smacked Alex’s ass and began pounding into him. I smacked his ass again.

“Oh shit!” He shouted. “Yeah…spank me!”

I moaned and slapped Alex’s backside hard. I threw my head back. I was buried balls deep inside Alex, who started stroking himself. His breath quickened and he came on his bed sheets.

I was going through an array of emotions as I pumped in and out of Alex. Happiness, excitement, and lastly, love. I was falling for Alex and I accepted it.

“Oh shit,” I groaned. “Ngggh…oh yeah…”

I began convulsed violently. “Ooooh, I’m gonna cum,”

My seed shot forth in large spurts, filling Alex’s ass before pulling out and slumping to my knees. Alex gripped me by the shoulders and kissed me roughly.

“That was so good Jay,” He whispered.

I chuckled. “Yeah and I enjoyed every minute of it,”

“I want you to make love to me like that all the time,”

“I will,” I told him softly. “You’re mine and any time you need me, I’ll be here.”

The two of us embraced just like brothers, best friends, and now lovers.

Sunday morning, I woke up early to catch Ms. Kennedy before she went to work. After everything that transpired between me and Alex, I couldn’t just leave him to come next weekend. I found Ms. K making breakfast in the kitchen and became instantly nervous. I was welcomed in her home, but I didn’t want to wear out that welcome.

“Morning Ms. K,”

“Morning James, I’m making pancakes for you guys,”

“I see. Um…Ms. K…would it be okay if stayed a little while longer here?”

She smiled at me. “Of course it’s okay. You’re like a brother to Alex; you’re welcomed here any time…not just on weekend.”

“Thanks Ms. K,”

I made it back to Alex’s room, grabbing my gym bag, seeing this Alex frowned.

“You’re leaving?” He asked.

“No, I’m going home to get more clothes. Your mom said I could stay longer and my parents said it was cool.” I explained. “Come with me.”

Within a few moments Alex and I were at my house. On the way, we saw my parents driving to church. Funny how they can’t stand each other, but when it came to church they put their differences aside.

Alex sat in my room on my bed and watched as I packed for the next seven days. I finished packing and Alex wrapped his arms around me from behind, kissing my neck.

“You got something on your mind?” I asked as his hand found my sex organ through my pants.

“I love your dick James,”

“Really?” I broke the embrace and pulled my pants and boxers down. “Show me how much you love then Alex,”

“Anything for you, Jay.” Alex said smiling easing his way down to his knees.

Alex took my rock solid dick into his hands and placed it inside his wanting mouth. Every lick was sinful and pleasing to his palette. My cock throbbed against the bud of his tongue. I couldn’t contain myself. If Alex continued to suck my dick the way he was, with such reckless abandon, I was sure to explode.

“Fuck…I told you to show me, but damn,” I groaned.

Hearing my reaction only intensified his pleasing of my member. He wanted me to cum, so he bobbed his head at a faster pace.

“Ahh,” I moaned loudly as Alex deep-throated me.

Alex must have sensed that I was about to cum, so he eased me out of his mouth and flicked his tongue across the tip. I was done, finito, finished. Cum shot my penis onto Alex’s hands. He happily jerked my shaft until every last drop of cum was out of me.

“Goddamn, you the shit,” I said panting heavily.

“I aim to please.” He winked, then got and went to the bathroom.

After washing his hands, Alex came back to my room as I was pulling my pants back up.

“Don’t put that dick away for too long,” He told me with a smile. “It’s mine when we get back to my house.”

We kissed passionately a minute.

“It’s all yours baby,” I replied. “Just be patient,”

I threw my gym bag over my shoulder and we left my house. Outside we clasped hands, walking to Alex’s house great lovers…but even greater friends.

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Another Hot One!
Posted 05 Oct 2013 05:45
Great story. The first part of it reminded me of another of your much so I had thought I read this one before and had to check. After that it picked up and changed. Loved it.
Posted 23 Sep 2013 18:48
Great story man. made me remember things about my own life, and how i wished they turned our more like this! keep up the great work
Posted 07 Oct 2011 09:25
I would love. To try a hot black guy
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Good one, more than just sex, it's got some emotional weight.
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That was awesome! Such a hot story!
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Sweet, loving, sexy story! Loved it!
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Great story! Can't wait for part 2
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fucking hottt... Why cant i find myself a james

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