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Challenge in Commerce City

I met a guy on Craigslist and sucked his cock in his travel trailer.

I have written and posted many porn stories on various Yahoo sites, usually about bisexual, cuckold and creampie situations.  Many of my stories are just a product of my over-active sexual imagination, but some of them are true.  This is a true story of an experience I had in the Denver area with a man wanting to be sucked off.

I sometimes search on the Craigslist (CL) postings to find a cock to suck, but it is usually very hard to find what I am looking for.  Like most of us, I am very concerned about catching diseases from someone, so I have set a few ground rules for myself.  I understand that there is no way to eliminate all of the risk, but these rules give me some comfort.  I normally only want to meet with older married men, who just aren’t getting all that they need sexually at home, and who do not want to reciprocate.  It seems like a lot of wives lose interest in sex in their 40s, and I have found that many men start looking for some other form of release at about that time.  These men usually consider themselves to be straight, and just want a good blowjob, and I don’t point out to them that if a guy is sucking their dick, they are at least a little bisexual.  I have sucked younger and single men, but only after asking them a lot of questions to gain comfort that they are clean, disease free and pose little risk for me.  If a guy won’t exchange a few emails with me, allowing me to get some comfort, then I will not meet with him.

One late night my wife was out of town, so I was looking at the CL postings to try to find some dick.  I came across a posting from a man in Commerce City, who said that he was 50 years old and married, and just wanted a good blow job.  We exchanged a few emails, and then I decided to go across town to meet him at his home.  Let’s say that his name was Dennis, for purposes of protecting his anonymity, and I’ll also leave out a few other details that aren’t important to the sexual nature of the story, to protect his identity.  Although his wife was home, he would be able to meet in a camper trailer parked next to his house.  I arrived at his home at about midnight, and we quietly made our way to his trailer.

He told me that he and his wife had an active sex life, and fucked several times a week, but that he also liked to be sucked off.  He said that it took him a long time to cum while being sucked, and although his wife tried hard to get him off that way, her mouth got tired and she could never make him cum by sucking him.  He also said that over a period of several months he had many other cock suckers over to suck his cock, but only one or two of them could ever get him to cum.  I took that as a challenge, not because I thought I was the best cock sucker around, but because my biggest enjoyment was the load of cum that I got to taste and swallow, and I wouldn’t be willing to stop until I got his load of cum.  Most guys cum pretty quickly, usually in five or 10 minutes, so I was curious to see how long it would take me to get his sperm into my mouth.

Dennis was an average working man, and I know from our conversations that he was basically a straight guy who just wanted to be sucked off, and he sure did not want his friends to know that he had guys sucking his dick.  He was the perfect guy for me since he was older, married, mostly straight, and just wanted some relief.  The one unusual thing was that he did get all of the pussy he wanted, but still liked to be sucked off from time to time.

We entered the trailer and he had a little space heater running since it was winter time and pretty chilly in there.  I could also tell that he had done this before since he wasn’t nervous like some inexperienced guys are, and he immediately took off his jeans and underwear, and sat down on the built-in padded seat.  I noticed that he was a fairly thin guy, and in great shape.  I got on my knees in front of him and got my first look at his cock.  His dick was still soft and was about five inches long and normal thickness, and he had a nice set of balls hanging down on the seat.  With no further conversation, I leaned down and took his soft cock in my mouth, and could feel it begin to harden as I started sucking him.  I always enjoy the first taste of a new cock, and especially like feeling it harden in my warm, sucking mouth.  I continued sucking him and his cock reached its full length, which I estimated to be about seven inches, and fairly thick.  After about 15 minutes of sucking him, I noticed that he didn't seem to be getting into it.  He was very hard, but just didn't seem to be getting very excited, and I hadn’t tasted any of his precum yet.  I didn’t know whether he was not showing any excitement so as to appear straight, or whether my sucking technique was not right.  Then I started experimenting to see how to get him turned on.

First, I started going slowly up and down on his cock, keeping full suction and licking, until my nose was in his pubes and his cock head was in my throat.  I also massaged his cock head with my throat muscles on the down stroke.  On the up stroke I paid particular attention to his large cock head and sucked and licked under the head.  He started to respond to this and I could taste that his precum was now flowing freely, which got me very excited.  I kept this up for about 20 minutes, and he was moaning heavily and moving his hips a little, kind of fucking my face, but since he hadn't cum yet, I still wasn't happy with my progress.

Next I spent about 10 min sucking his large, low-hanging balls, and he really started to moan when I was able to get both nuts in my mouth at the same time and suck them and roll them around with my tongue.  He tilted his hips up a little and I sucked on his perineum area a little and he liked that a lot too.  But I was getting hungry to feel that nice, hard vein-covered cock in my mouth again, so I stopped sucking his balls and perineum and returned to his cock.

Then I found the secret to making him cum.  My mouth and throat were getting a little tired after 45 minutes of sucking his cock and balls, so I started stroking the base of his saliva-covered cock at the same time I was sucking and licking the top half, with a focus on sucking his cock head.  In essence, I was kind of jacking him off at the same time I was sucking him.  I did this for about 15 minutes, while varying the tempo of the jacking and amount of suction.  Finally he started to moan loudly, lifted up his hips to push his cock farther into my mouth, and shot the biggest load of cum that I have ever received.  I can still remember how his cock throbbed and pulsed as he filled my mouth with his tasty cum.  I could feel his veins pulsing and could actually feel the semen pulsing through his cock and into my mouth.  I had to swallow two times to keep from choking.  His cum was a little bitter-tasting, probably because he was a smoker, which I didn't mind.  That made it all the more nasty and exciting for me, and I really enjoyed feeling his cum slide down my throat.  Sometimes cum is rather bland tasting, so it is nice when it is either a little bitter or sweet, because that lets me know that I have taken a load of man-milk into my mouth.  My only regret was that I didn't get to see that big load squirting out of his cock.  I continued sucking him for a few more minutes as his cock got soft, and I was able to taste and swallow the remnants from his big load.

Dennis was very complimentary of my sucking technique and stamina, since most other guys could not get him off, and he liked the feeling that I was literally sucking the cum from his balls.  It took me an hour to make him cum that first time, but I now knew that I could make him cum in about 20 minutes.  I visited him five more times over the next several months, and I usually took my time and sucked his balls and perineum, so our next meetings usually took about 30 minutes to make him cum.  I didn’t want to rush things, because after all, I really do enjoy sucking cock, and saw no reason to rush it.  The best thing about Dennis was that he always fed me a huge load of cum, probably because he wouldn’t advertise on CL for a cock sucker until he was very turned on and had not had sex for a few days.

I’m not sure why, but Dennis eventually stopped responding to my emails when he posted for a cock sucker on CL.  Maybe he found a cock sucker closer to home, or just wanted a change.  I know that sometimes guys like to vary their cock suckers so no emotional attachment develops, but that is not a risk with me anyway.  I just like to suck and swallow, and definitely don’t see men in a romantic way.  But at least I have the personal satisfaction of knowing that I was able to make him cum when so many others couldn’t.  So Dennis, if you read this and recognize our story, just let me know if you would like another great blowjob.
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