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Fresh Out

Tyree's fresh out of jail and sets his sexual sights on his bisexual best friend.
"Ah," I groaned lightly as the brightness of the sun stung my brown eyes at one 'o clock in the afternoon.

The shining orb stung me so bad that it brought tears to my eyes. Geez was the sun always so bright or were my tears caused by the great joy I felt at the moment? Taking a glance behind me, I gathered it was combination of both as I peered at the Philadelphia House of Corrections where I’d just finished spending the last five years of my life. From my jail cell, I guess the sun’s light was dulled and the tears were ones of joy because I at the age of twenty-five was finally free. As I wiped my eyes, a car horn suddenly honked. Turning around, I found my best friend Xavier getting out of his car with a big smile on his face. I smiled back before we embraced in a brotherly hug. As we were locked in the hug, I was fighting more tears trying to form. I just finished a five year bid in jail and the first face I see is my best friend’s . . . can’t really blame me for being emotional though. Xavier must have sensed my emotional state and broke our embrace.

"You better man the fuck up, Tyree." Xavier told me with his Puerto Rican accent that I missed. "You know boys from the Hood don't cry."

My friend gave me a minute to compose myself, but while I did though I felt Xavier's eyes roaming over my body. I stood at 6'5" and was bald headed, and thanks to all my weight lifting in jail was 245lbs of milk chocolate muscle. At the moment, I looked the best a man fresh out of the joint could, wearing blue jeans and a white wife beater with a blue jean jacket over it.

I smiled, saying to myself, "Same old X."

Ever since high school, Xavier was bisexual and ever since then he had a thing for me. He wanted me in the worst way though he'd never made a pass because he knew I was straight. Five years had passed though and things were definitely different now.

"See something you like, man?" I asked with an amused laugh, breaking his focus on me.

"No," He replied, lying through his teeth. "You look good though."

"I know, but let's hit the road."


We jammed out to 2Pac's album Me Against The World as we drove through streets of Philly. We'd been driving around for a good fifteen minutes. A nice drive was just what I needed to get my head on straight after being locked away, but really it was due to X not knowing where to take me. Honestly, I didn't even know where to go. I was twenty when I was incarcerated for armed robbery. Along with X, I grew up impoverished and when you have nothing with no one trying to help you, you get what you can by any means possible. The way I went about it was dumb as hell, I paid the price for it and wasn't going to pay the price again. Jail was hard, but what was even harder was the abandonment. To my shock, the people I loved shunned me. I received no letter or visit from my parents or the girlfriend I had going in. The only people that gave a shit were my older sister, Teresa and Xavier. Without them I would have damn sure lost my way. I owed them a lot, but I wasn't ready to see my sister because I knew she'd want me to see our parents.

"Where am I taking you, man?" X asked.

I let out a sigh, "Honestly, it'll be cool if I just chilled with you, X. Is that cool,"

Xavier smiled, "You know it, Ty. What's up first when we to the apartment?"

"You still hoop?" I asked.

"What kind of question is that, Ty?" X replied laughing. "You know I put up a court in the parking lot."

"Alright, it's game on then." I said with a smile.

"Oh, do you think I could spend the night?" I added.

"Don't be stupid, Tyree. We're boys; you can stay as long you want. Mi casa es tu casa,"

I laughed again, "Now you're throwing Spanish at me?"

"Can't help it . . . I’m bilingual,"

"Yeah, and you're bi-something else too."

"Hey, don't knock it until you try it."

"Sorry, but I don't like dicks up my ass like you do, X."

"Bet you like fucking an ass though, right?" X joked.

He then got serious and asked, "Did you experiment while on lockdown?"

"I'm not even going to entertain that with an answer, man. Knowing you though, X, you'd like it if I had."

Xavier grinned, "Yeah, and by your tone it sounds like you did."

"Don't even play with me like that, man." I said seriously, a bit defensively.

"Okay, subject dropped. We're boy's though Tyree, so you can tell me anything."

Xavier’s words made me sigh, remembering the day that he came out to me. True, we could tell each other anything and everything would be cool in the end. We accepted everything about each other. I went to jail and served my time. It was eased by X and my sister, but there was something I kept from them- -something that weighted on me since the very moment it happened. That being while in jail I got turned out. I wasn't anybody's bitch though. I was too tough, too much of a thug for that. After about a year without my pussy coupled with many lonely nights in a small jail cell, I succumbed to the advances of my cellmate and made that man my bitch. From the very first time we fucked, I was hooked. We did it in our cell and made private trips to the shower. I loved the feeling of his mouth on my dick and burying me balls deep in his ass, so needless to say, my sexual tastes had changed. Hell, from the moment I laid eyes on X, I'd been fighting sexual thoughts of fucking him. I imagined X on his knees, stroking his dick, his snake like tongue flicking over my bulbous head, his hot mouth wrapping around my shaft. Several times my hand flew down to my jeans, squeezing my dick in an effort to calm it down.

Xavier certainly didn't have my size, but he was as tall as me. X's skin was the shade of sweet butterscotch. He had a slim, muscular build within the embrace of his black wife beater while his forearms and neck were all inked with tattoos. His brown hair was grown out after about three weeks since his last haircut. Xavier was as tough and rugged as me. It was kind of hard to imagine him as a bottom, but that's that way he rolled unlike myself, who was a top. I liked being dominant and in control in the bedroom. X turned me on, but we'd been through a lot and were damn near brothers, so I made up my mind not take it there with him.


We made it to X's apartment around 2:30pm and instantly went looking for his basketball. It had been five years since we'd played one on one and we both had to prove we could beat the other.

Xavier found the ball and said, "I can't believe you had the nerve to come up in my house and challenge me."

I laughed, "You're talking shit, but you haven't done anything yet."

"You haven't said anything, but a word. My game's going to do the talking for me,"

When we reached the outside Xavier pulled off his shirt, and I lost myself for a minute. Damn, he was sexy with ripped abs, toned muscles. His sweat was just starting to glisten, causing moisture to run down his swollen pecks. His nipples stood out like Hershey’s kisses, and I wanted to circle my tongue around them, licking my way down his stomach, making a wonder line all the way down to his butterscotch prize.

"First one to ten wins," Brian started, dribbling the ball. "I've got home court advantage."

"Plus what do you say that we make a little wager?" He continued in between dribbles.

I smirked at him. Damn he was taking this back to our high school days when we would bet money on the games we played.

I laughed, "Sounds cool, but a brother just got out of the pen so I don't have any money."

X gave a mischievous grin, "Okay . . . then how about we play for something else?"

"Like what?" I asked, my interest piqued by the emphasis of his last two words.

"You're staying up in my house rent free for God knows how long. So when I win, you do what I want around the house however I want you to do it when I tell you to."

"And if I win?" I challenged.

X scoffed, "I won't entertain that notion."

"Come on man. What if I win?" I stressed.

"Anything you want, Ty . . . you got it no questions asked."

"But you won't win." He added cockily.

To X's surprise, I won the game. It wasn't much of a game, really. I'd spent the last five years of my life doing nothing (besides lifting weights) but playing basketball. I scored ten points before Xavier even scored six without breaking a sweat. X had underestimated me and consequently, played right into my hands. Now the real fun could begin.

"Alright, man. You won, so what do you want?" X said as we made our way back into his apartment. "A sandwich? A beer?"

"Maybe later," I replied, sitting down on living room couch.

I felt my cock throb and twitch in my pants for about the millionth time that day. I was hot, horny, and seriously needed to fuck, but there was only one way to get it- -with the truth.

Xavier sat next to me, "So . . . what’s up, Tyree? Don't hold it . . . tell me what you want."

Yo, we'll get to that, X." I replied. "But first I've got to say something to you."


"Look, while on my bid I got turned out. . ."

X smirked and interrupted me, "I know man. You know you can't hide shit from me. Plus when I came to visit you all those times I caught you checking out your cellmate."

I shook my head, "Why didn't you say anything?"

"‘Cause . . . I didn't want to pressure you, Ty." X explained. "Hell, you could have tried it and hated it, so I didn't want to come at you like that."

"Thanks, but I did like it . . . which brings us back to our bet."

"Yeah, what do you want?"

"I want you on your knees, X." I said my voice commanding and full of lust.

"What?" X said quickly, caught off guard by my forcefulness.

"I won and a deal's a deal. You said anything, so this is the thing I choose. Now, get on your knees!"

I could tell X was taken aback by my forcefulness, but that's how I was with my cellmate. I was the dominating top, he was my submissive bitch, and X was just like him.

"Ty, I don't. . ."

I began caressing my dick through my pants, "Stop fronting, X. You know you want this. You've wanted it since high school, so get on your knees and put this meat in your mouth."

X let out a heavy sigh and slumped his shoulders in defeat, sinking to the ground. He was positioned right in front of my crotch to see my hardening dick bulging in my pants. He undid my pants slowly, my jeans falling to reveal a pair of black briefs that were tightening by the second. My friend looked up at me and I nodded my head for him to keep going. I stepped out of my jeans to give him complete access. X reached up, wrapping his hand around my member and started stroking it. I let him felt how hard I was before pulling it free from my boxers, holding my massive nine inches out like a sword.

"Open your mouth." I commanded, and X tentatively did so.

"Lick it." I told him and his tongue slid out slowly, grazing the tip of my head.

"If you do it like that, we'll be here all day," I commented languidly, and X touched his tongue to the tip again, this time swirling his tongue around the head.

He flicked his tongue across my pee slit then wrapped one hand around the thick dick, licking its underside.

"Aw shit," I groaned as X started getting into it, using his mouth to get my dick wet.

I began feeding my dick to my best buddy, sliding it in and out of his wet cavern.

"Suck it," I moaned, closing my eyes.

X slowly bobbed up and down on me, taking about three inches in his mouth before taking it out and licking on the head again causing my eyes to reopen.

"Hey, keep this meat in your mouth, X. Make it nice and hard before you take this dick like the little bitch you are."

At my words, Xavier shoved my swollen cock back inside. I could also tell he liked how I was talking to him. He'd probably dreamed of me taking him like this, so I guess today was his dream come true. He locked his jaw to create suction, bobbing up and down my snake with renewed vigor, taking it about halfway in before gagging and pulling it out of his mouth with an audible pop.

"What did I say . . .?" I let out, but was silenced as his mouth hit my left nut.

He grasped the whole thing between his lips. He sucked it into the heat of his mouth, lolling his tongue around it.

I palmed the back of X's head, "That's right, bitch. Suck those balls . . . show daddy how much you love it."

X suddenly switched, taking my right ball in his mouth and showing it the same attention he'd shown the left. Then he pulled both of them into his mouth and my knees buckled.

"Fuck, if I'd known your bitch ass liked sucking my dick this much, I would have let you taste it a long time ago." I said with a laugh, but dick sucking time was over and it was time to make X mine. "Get up, drop them drawers, and bend over."

I patiently waited as X followed my orders. Within about two minutes, my best friend was naked from the waist down with his plump, bubble butt stuck out in the air and his semi-hard dick swinging as he held onto the top of the couch. I spread his ass cheeks open from the sides and with my spit lubed up his asshole. Xavier groaned sharply as I began eating his ass. He loved every minute of it, shaking his ass in my face. When I was done, his hole was gleaming with my saliva.

I gave X's backside a few smacks, "You think you ready for this dick, bitch?"

"Yes Papi," X moaned. "Please."

I slapped my dick on my bitch's ass a few times then rubbed the tip up and down his ass crack. I stopped right at his hole and leaned into him a little forcing the tip in some.

"Push back on this dick if you want it."

Xavier went back and forth a couple of times and I pushed forward pushing the entire tip in. I heard X groan lightly in pain, but the small agony he felt, he continued pushing back on my dick. After getting the head in, I slid the first few inches in with ease. X relaxed for a second, pulled up a little and pushed back harder.

I let out a laugh, "Damn, your ass is tight as fuck, X."

I held X still by the waist and started slowly easing my dick in and out a few inches at a time. After a few minutes, my nuts hit X's ass. Much to his delight, I was balls deep inside him. I played him by pulling my rod all the way out of his butt only to shove it all the way in again. X jumped and cried out some, but seeing that seemed just turned me on even more. I started getting into a rhythm with some long deep strokes. I was giving X the dick hard and rough making him moan and squeal as my balls started to slap against my ass.

"Yeah, that's right . . . take this big black dick!" I moaned giving X all I had. "How does it feel buried in that ass?"

"So fucking good, Papi. Fuck me,"

I smacked his ass, "You're my little bitch, huh?"

"Yes," X cried out. "Si, si!"

I gripped a handful of X's hair and yanked his head back, "Who's ass is this?"

"Yours Papi . . . it's yours!"

I gave X's ass a good spanking while fucking him with even harder thrusts that forced my manhood all the way in and I started grinding him on my dick. I was fucking X so hard my body was glistening with sweat. I knew I was hitting X's prostate by the way he moaned and cried out. The pure pleasure this sex session radiated all through his voice and it was lovely to my ears.

"Aw shit! That's it daddy, fuck my ass! Fuck me, Tyree!"

"You love this dick don't you bitch?!" I said grinding X harder on me.

"Yes," He replied softly.

I smacked his bottom hard in response, "Louder! Say, you love this dick!"

"I love it, I love it! Fuck, I'm going to cum."

"Oh fucking God!" He screamed out and we looked down just in time to see cum start to spewing from his cock.

Seeing X orgasm just made me grind him down on my dick even harder while moaning and panting. Pulling down hard on his waist, I rammed my cock even further in then it seemed to go. My climax was closing in and before I knew it I exploded, filling Xavier's ass.

"Ah fuck! Take that nut deep, X! Oooh," I yelled as I let loose my huge load.

We fell back onto the couch in a sweaty heap beside one another, fighting catch our breaths.

"Damn, just damn, Ty." X said in between slow breaths.

"What happened to Papi, bitch?" I asked. "'Cause I'm always Papi now, got it."

X smiled, "Got it, Papi."

I reached over and palmed his backside, "This shit's mine, too."


"Now, let’s we hit the showers 'cause we're far from done." I said giving his ass another smack.

Xavier and I chilled, ate, and continuously fucked the rest of the day away. That night I stretched out on X's couch with a smile on my face. Sleep was calling my name as I dwelled on the days events. Thinlking about it all turned my smile into a large grin. I was out of jail and already starting a new life for myself with X.

Sleep quickly overtook me, but not before my mind thought, "Damn, what a first day out."

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Damn, that was hot. Good job.
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a good your imagination.

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Wow, very nice creation

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