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In the Closet [Pt. 1]

Tags: gay, sex, closet
Six male friends play 7 Minutes in Heaven...
Adam felt a soft pair of lips press against his own. The movement was so quick and chaste that his eyes opened in shock, words tumbling out of his mouth as he stifled a giggle. “That’s it, dude?” he asked quietly, his choclolate eyes training on Ryan, all the while smirking silently to himself. The jitterish man blushed deeply, and he cleared his throat, his eyes transfixing on the ground as if it were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life.

“Y-Yeah...” he mumbled, biting his bottom lip as he continued to scan the floor with interest.

“Well now I’m just a little bit hurt,” Adam said, mock-sad lacing his voice. “We’re supposed to be in here for seven minutes doing more than just pecking each other, you dumbass,” the pretty boy retorted, forcing a small smirk away from his lips. “The lads could be listening in, right now. Ears to the door and everything.

Ryan’s head whipped up, eyes locking with Adam’s pretty ones before he looked elsewhere. He brought a hand up to scratch the back of his neck awkwardly, clearing his throat. “I’m sorry, man... I just, the wife... You know. I’m not even sure why I agreed to this stupid ga-” he started, before getting cut off mid-excuse by Adam’s sweet, accented laughter.

“Its fine, dude. I get it~” Adam said, crossing his arms and leaning back against the closet wall. “Really, I do. I was just jokin’ with ya,” he said happily, the smirk he pushed away earlier making its way to his mouth now.

Ryan’s face instantly twisted, his apologetic expression from before fluttering to one of relief. “You little shit,” Ryan replied, laughter filling up the room to match the shorter male’s own. “How much time do we have left anyway?” he asked quietly, once the laughter died down a little while later.

Adam unfolded his arms a little to check his watch, shrugging as he repositioned himself the way he was before. “They should come get us any second now,” he said, smiling slightly. “Since it took you forever to even freaking peck me.”

“Oh, shut your trap,” Ryan chuckled, leaning forward to punch the other lightly on the upper arm.

As if on cue, Tyler opened the door with a bang, the doorknob hitting the wall of the dim closet behind it.

“Yo! Don’t put a hole in the closet, you clumsy fuck!” the men heard Mark yell from the living room behind Tyler, and everyone let out a slight giggle. Tyler apologized hastily to the said angry man, before turning back to the pair. A small smirk played on his lips as he stepped back to let the others exit.

Adam left the room first, Ryan trailing behind eagerly as if to get out of the room as quickly as possible. They heard Tyler maniacally chuckle beside them before he closed the door and eagerly sit beside the other boys in a circle, picking up the bottle and placing it in front of Adam. “I’m not even gonna ask,” the man-poodle said, winking at Ryan who’s face instantly flushed again. Giggles erupted around the room, and Adam looked down at the bottle now situated in front of him.

“My turn then, huh?” he asked rhetorically with a small smirk. Gaining a (quite enthusiastic) ‘yup!’ from Chaneyol, he grinned widely and wrapped his large hand around the stereotypical green, glass bottle to set it in the middle of the circle. Leaning forward, he flicked his wrist and let go of the bottle. In turn, it spun quickly, the material molding and blurring into itself as it did.

A shout of ‘fuck!’ was the immediate reaction of the man that sat directly in front of the young male that spun the bottle. Quickly snapping his head up at the rage-filled sound, Adam found himself chuckling, his tone almost matching the on-the-verge of psychotic one Chaneyol had before.

“Oh Mark~” came Adam’s voice, his tone dripping with fake-seduction. Giggles once again travelled around the room, each person in the circle trying to calm themselves. Mark’s eyes narrowed as a heavy sigh was emitted from his mouth.

“Shut it, you dope,” Mark hissed, crossing his legs tighter as he clamped his hands together. Situating them on his lap, he stared around the now-quiet circle. “What if I don’t wanna do it?” he asked stupidly, clicking his tongue as he impatiently waited for a response to his query.

In unison, everyone in the circle spoke loudly, their voices making Mark cringe, and their words only making Adam smirk wider. “You have to!” they all shouted, each chiming in with different add-ons.

“That’s the rules!” Ryan exclaimed.

“You can’t back out now, you chose the game!” Cayleb yelled.

“Come on man!” Rory said excited, nudging the red-faced boy beside him. Mark only turned to glare daggers, his gaze making Rory cower a little as he extracted his elbow slowly.

“Yeah, come on, Mark,” Adam whispered with a short chuckle, standing up to lean and grab the other’s wrist. Yanking him up from his seat on the ground, he quickly pulled him towards the closet that he had previously been inside of with Ryan a few minutes before.

“Seven minutes, guys!” was the last thing Mark heard being yelled at him from the men behind him as he was pushed into the closet. With a triumphant smile, Adam quickly closed the door.

Mark then turned, staring with a soft grin and a little giggle. “Great job, Kyungie. You really made it seem like you wanted me in here,” Mark laughed. Although, his happiness was quickly cut short as he noticed that the other’s eyes were glazed. He tried to think of why they were so shiny, and he gulped, smile fading.

While he was busying himself with staring at Adam’s eyes, he didn’t seem to realize that the other was steadily walking towards him.

“Why’d you not want to?”

The second those words were uttered, Mark blinked. Regaining his senses, he saw that the other male was now standing directly in front of him. Due to his height, the shorter male was staring up at him, and he once again gulped. In any other situation, he would be laughing, but fear was now rising up in his chest, filling the spot where giggles should be. “N-Not want to w- oof!” he alleged, his back colliding hard with the smooth wooden wall of the closet. The soft light flitted down onto them from the small, dusky light bulb hanging from the ceiling.

Adam’s body was flush against the older male, his hands roaming slowly around his body. “You know you want to be in here with me,” the young male whispered into the other’s ear, making Mark’s eyes widen. He instantly understood why the beautiful boy’s eyes were glassy. God damn it.

“A-Adam, what are you doing? Ah!” the said male questioned. He gasped slightly as he felt something wet and warm slide across the shell of his ear, and strong hands settle on his waist. “Maaark,” came the warm, sultry voice again, speaking softly against Mark’s ear.

“S-Stop...” whispered the black-haired male, and he heard a gentle chuckle before teeth sunk subtly into his earlobe. A low moan exited his mouth, and Mark shivered as he tried to worm his way out of the other’s grasp.

Truthfully, he did want this. He had wanted this for a long time, although he never had the guts to tell him. But, knowing this would happen, given the fact that his old friend Adam here was a downright sexual deviant and Mark obviously wasn’t one to easily suppress his emotions, he tried to stay the hell away from the younger man. He honestly questioned his sanity the moment he suggested the group of six play spin the bottle when their night in together got boring, and he once again did so, cursing himself out in his head.

“But why? I know you’re enjoying this, Mark,” Adam practically purred, his voice utterly cased in lust. Unfortunately for Mark, he instantly fell for it. “I can feel it, you know... Don’t bother hiding it,” he continued. Just as Mark was about to ask what Adam meant, he instantly knew, along with letting out a quiet groan of the other’s name and pressure being put on his lower half.

But not just any pressure. Rolling pressure. Yep, that’s right; Adam was grinding his hips slowly against the older male’s own. Mark's slowly hardening erection remained to become rigid, and he bit his lip anxiously as a feeble attempt to hold in his quiet moans. He was never a silent lover.

With a triumphant smirk, Adam quickly pressed his lips against the other male's own. And, as a result, sparks jumped through the two. Mark shivered, and feeling such spurred Adam on. He kept on the rolling of his hips, his fingers curling on the older’s waist to dig his nails through the tall male’s thin shirt and into his flesh.

Moaning gently, Mark eventually cracked. He was slowly succumbing to the pleasure of the other’s body against his, their hips rutting rhythmically together as Mark finally returned the actions. He felt the other’s lips move against his, before teeth nibbled at his bottom one and a warm tongue sensually graze along them. Quietly panting through his nose, he instantly opened his mouth for the other and groaned when he felt none other than Adam’s muscle softly prod at his lips before being shoved gently into his mouth.

God, this was so much better than Ryan’s little kiss. Slowly, Mark’s hands made their way up the other’s arms, his fingers tip-toeing up the warm skin. Fog ghosted his mind as he felt Adam’s delicious tongue roam around his mouth, exploring his cavern and tasting him for all he was worth. A small moan travelled from his mouth into the younger’s as he flicked his tongue back against Adam’s, who smiled victoriously into the kiss.

Reaching his shoulders, Mark wasted no time and eagerly wrapped his arms around the other’s neck. Their hips moved harder against one another’s, pleasure skyrocketing through their bodies as the nothing bht the sweet sensation and dirty thoughts overtook their senses. Mark summoned some bravery and danced his tongue around the other’s own, and he felt the brown-haired male shudder against his body.

Meanwhile, just outside the compact room, Tyler was anxiously looking at the clock above the TV in the living room. He was waiting (not so) patiently for their time to be up, as he wanted to keep on going with the game. He had only been in the closet once before, with Rory, and he wanted to try again.

Face lighting up when the clock struck ‘12:02 AM’, he shot himself up from the floor. “Yes! I’ll go get them,” he said happily to the other boys sitting with him who mumbled words of agreement. Tyler was like a child sometimes, and it utterly amused them.

Proving their point about his childishness, Tyler turned to skip towards the room. And, being the fucking cockblocker he was, he ripped aside the door before stopping in his tracks, his eyes widening to the size of saucers.

The pair leaning against the wall (though Mark was more slumping than anything) were too busy to notice the door being opened, as Adam now had his hands up the older male’s shirt and was gliding his hands around the other’s smooth, pale skin. He eagerly roamed them upwards toward Mark’s nipples, who was now panting against the air, his one hand tangled in Adam's hair and the other on his shoulder, his nails scratching lightly into his skin. Adam had his lips attached to Mark’s neck like a leech, sucking and nibbling at the spot under his ear. Adam twisted and rolled rolled the other boy's nipples between his fingers, which caused the weak-in-the-knees Mark to moan Adam’s name loudly into the musky oxygen contained by the closet.

Slowly and quietly, Chaneyol backed up, doorknob still in hand. His eyes returned to normal, and a devilish smirk suddenly plastered itself on his lips as he realized what the fuck he had just witnessed.

Closing the door, he turned to the three, apparently very intrigued, males on the floor.

“D-Did... Did I hear a moan in there?” Rory asked, his own smile playing on his face as he spoke in slight shock. Both boys had a similar expression as Tyler walked in the direction of Rory, Cayleb and Ryan, a slight bounce in his step. Positioning himself beside the two once again, he reached sideways toward the coffee table to grab the TV remote. Pressing the ‘on’ button, he smirked, leaning back against his flat palms after he placed the remote control beside him.

“Yeah, you did," Tyler chuckled. "I think I’m gonna give them a few more minutes.”

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Posted 06 Jan 2014 02:46
That was so amusing, very sensual. A nice change from the usual hyper-sexed stories.
Posted 03 Jan 2014 09:43
Wow! very nice story. Love the detail you put into the kissing. Great work!
Posted 03 Jan 2014 05:47
Was not previously familiar with this game. Now want to play it!!

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