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Me and My Best Friend, Jalen

I sat in my dimly lit dorm room the my hand in my pants. My eyes focused on my laptop's screen and the porn I was watching, the gay porn I was watching. It was my dirty little secret. I'm gay...and I couldn't tell anyone. Looking at the screen, I enjoyed the sight of two guys in the sixty-nine position. I felt my dick get harder as I stroked faster. Suddenly, there was a knock at my door.

“ Jason! Open up, I don't have my key,” I heard my roommate Jalen say from the other side of the door.

I took my hand from my pants and went on a clicking frenzy, trying to exit out the naughty film I was watching. I straightened myself out and opened the door.

“ What took you so long coming to the door?” He asked. “And why are all the lights off?” He smirked. “You been beating off again haven't you?”

I laughed than gave him a serious look. “I'm doing homework,” I lied. Luckily, I had some Math papers beside my now closed laptop, so it assisted with my deceit.

“ Okay, how long are you gonna be up because I'm really tired.”

“ Not long,” I told him

Jalen was a basketball player and was incredibly built. He took off his shirt revealing his black skin and defined muscles, but my eyes wanted to see what was covered by his jeans. He was 6'0 and 225 pounds of sexy. God, his so sexy. I said to myself as Jalen dropped his pants and I saw his hung dick through his boxers. Even though I find Jalen sexy, I was a bit envious of him at the same time. I was 5'8 and 185 pounds, had mocha skin just like him, but I was skinny, my body wasn't sculpted like his. He was a college sports star while I was just a classic college nerd, plus my glasses only amplified my nerd look. I finished my homework and went to bed thinking,

“Maybe I can tell Jalen. He's my best friend. He wouldn't judge me. Would he?”

The next morning I wake up alone our room. Jalen had class early, so he'd leave without waking me, but after about five minutes, he came into the room with in a towel.

“ Why aren't you in class?” I asked him sternly.
We always made sure the other was on top of their classwork. Plus, Jalen had to stay on top of his work to remain on the college's basketball team.

“ Wait- - And on top of it, you're skipping to take a shower?”

“ Slow your roll, Jason,” He replied with a smirk. “My class got canceled, my teacher called out sick.”

“ Okay, okay.”

“ Thanks for having my back though,” He said dropping his towel in front of me.

As much as I didn't want to I had to turn my face from him. “Yo, man. Cover the hell up!”

“ You act like you ain't seen dick before,” Jalen started laughing. “Well, not one like mine.”

“ You're right and that dick of yours turns me on.” Is what I wanted to tell him, but I said in my head.

“ What about you, Jason? How many classes you got today?”

“ None, but I'm gonna study and chill today.”

All day I did what I told Jalen I'd do and that was study and chill out, but all day I couldn't get Jalen out of my head. I wanted him so bad that I feared cumming in pants at the sight of him sometimes.

“Why couldn't you have been gay, Jalen? Than things wouldn't be so awkward for me.” I said aloud as I lay on my bed.

It was Thursday, so I'd need all the rest I could because every Thursday night a lot of people drink and for the people who didn't it meant a nearly sleepless night. Jalen would partake in the drinking at times so it was my job as his best friend to keep him level, but tonight I couldn't he was all over the place, drunk as hell. It took me and two of our friends to get him back to our room. The three of us put Jalen on his bed and I told my friends that I could handle him now that he was in bed. I him a bottle of water and handed it to him.

“ Drink that,” I told him.

“ I'm so sorry Jay,” He said drunkenly. “I'm sorry.”

“ Shush, Jalen. Just be quiet.” I said turning away from him because even though it was my job to help him, it was still hard to see Jalen drunk off his ass. Plus it was becoming an annoyance doing this every two weeks. I headed for my bed, but suddenly I felt my best friend's hand palm my ass.

“ What you doing?” I said shocked by his touch.

He stood up, holding on to me as a way to keep his balance, still feeling on my ass.

“ You like me touching you, don't you

I really couldn't respond. All I could say was, “Um....”

“ I know what you watch on your computer.” Jalen said sliding his hand down the front of my pants, playing with my cock. Stroking it gently.

“ I know how much you want me.” He leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “I want you too, Jason.”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My straight best friend revealed that he wanted me. Me...his gay best friend.

“ I- -I want you Jalen, but not like this.” I said grabbing his hand, taking it out of my pants.

“ Aw, Jason. Don't be like that,” He whined.

“ You're drunk, Jalen. You need to sleep it off. You got class in a few hours.”

“ Screw class, Jay.” He reached out for me. “You know you want this.”

“ Go to sleep!” I yelled at him.

Jalen gave me a pissed off look and got under his covers.

“ You won't even remember anything when you wake up,”

I went to bed upset with myself. True, I did the right thing, but at the cost of what I really wanted.

My alarm rang long and loud, signaling it was Friday and that it was time get up. I quickly turned my alarm off, not wanting Jalen's hangover to be worst than it already was gonna be. He woke up holding his head.

“ Bad night, last night?” He asked slowly.

“ Yeah, man. You remember anything?”

“ No, it's all a blur.”

I was happy he didn't remember, so I could put what happened behind me.

“ I got class, all right, Jalen, so keep resting okay?”

“ I got it, Jay. I'll be cool.”

I gave him a smirk and went class.

After class I returned to our dorm to find Jalen sitting on his bed watching TV. When he noticed me he turned the TV off.

 “Sit down Jason, I think we need to talk,”

“ About what?” I asked sitting next to him.

“ About last night,”

“ Last night, what about last night?”

Jalen leaned in and kissed my lips. I fought him kisses off a bit, but when his tongue entered my mouth I couldn't fight anymore. It was what I wanted. We broke the kiss.

“ You remember?” I asked a bit in shock.

“ Yeah, Jason, I remember,” Jalen said rubbing on my arm. His eyes looked into mine.

 “I know how bad you want me?”

“ How do you know, Jalen?”

Jalen's hand found the bulge in my pants, rubbing on it. He pushed me playfully on the bed and unzipped my pants pulling them off quickly. He the removed my underwear, showing the hardening effect he had on me.

“ Damn man! You really been wanting me haven't you?” He said stroking my manhood slowly. “Turn over,”

I did as my BFF told me and I felt his tongue licking at my asshole. His tongue felt so warm.

“ Ooh! Jalen, your tongue feels so good!”

I felt his tongue enter my hole and I held his head in place as he tongue fucked me. Jalen came up for air, standing up and french kissing me some more. As we kissed, I took off his shirt and began rubbing on his snake-like dick through his jeans. I yanked his jeans and underwear off craving what he hid in them. Holding his long, soft cock in my hand I stroked it before putting it in my mouth, sucking it.

“ Mmmm! Damn Jay,” Jalen moaned as I swirled my tongue all over his member. “Keep sucking that dick, man.”

I deep throat his dick as far as my throat would let me than I started sucking it some more. Suddenly a salty taste hit the back of my throat and I knew my friend was cumming.

“ Damn, you suck dick real good, Jason.”

“ I want you in my ass,” I whispered.

Jalen was hesitant. “I don't wanna hurt you.”

“ You won't. Grab that KY jelly on my desk.”

He retrieved the lube and started rubbing some on and around my asshole. As he lubed me up, I bent over holding on tightly to his bedsheets.

“ Ooh! Ahh!” I moaned as he slid a few inches into my hole.

“ That feel good?” He asked worriedly.

“ I'm fine, Jalen.” I assured him. “Keep putting that dick in,”

Jalen was half way in my behind when he started fucking me.

“ Aw fuck! That's it daddy, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass, Jalen!”

“ You love this dick in you don't you?” Jalen said slapping my ass. “Tell me, Jason.”

“ I love it! I love it!”

Jalen reached around and started stroking my cock.

“ Oh God! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna!”

I started spewing cum all over Jalen's bedsheets just as Jalen started filling my black ass with cum of his own. We fell on the bed, drenched with sweat.

“ That was so good,” I said trying to catch my breath.

Jalen kissed my lips. “Yeah, what do we do now?”

“ We can keep this a secret,” I told him. “No one has to know.”

“ Why does it have to be like that? I don't care who knows.”

“ But everyone thinks you're straight, Jalen,” I reminded him.

He smiled. “Well, after what we just did, I'm definitely Bi. So...?”

“ So what?” I asked.

“ When are we gonna do this again

“ I got class in fifteen minutes. After that?”

“ I'll be waiting,” Jalen said kissing me a bit.

Fifteen minutes later, I sat in Psych class and I must say class couldn't end fast enough.

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Posted 16 Aug 2013 03:51
Hot story Kal. Not as hot as some of your other stories I have read, but still good.

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