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My Best Friend - Part One

This is a true story that happened between my friend and me
This happened a long time ago. I hope I get all the facts correct. I have changed the names to protect the not so innocent.

My friend Dave and I always hung out together when we were not in school. We went to different schools, even though we were the same age of 16.

One day I was over at Dave’s house and we were in the basement. His basement was rather large; there were a couple of rooms as well as a workshop and storage rooms. One of the rooms was nicknamed The Boys' Room as Dave’s bothers used to have their bedroom down there, but they had all grown up and moved out at the time of this story.

We were hanging out in the boys' room bored with nothing really to do, so we decided to try and make something out of some scrap wood in the workshop. Dave's father was a part-time cabinet maker and had all kinds of wood for making cabinets in his basement.

We started rummaging through the wood pile when we uncovered some dirty books, not only girly books, but gay male books too. Us being horny teenagers we thought we'd hit the jackpot. Naturally we started looking at the girly books first.

While looking at the girly book I started getting a hard-on. I looked over at Dave and noticed a rise in his Levi's also. I didn't say anything at that time.

All of a sudden we heard Dave’s father coming down into the basement. We quickly put the books back as we found them and high-tailed it out of there before his dad caught us.

The next day was some kind of out day for us a school, but our parents had to work so we had the whole day to ourselves. We started off just as we left off, looking at the girly books, then Dave picked up one of the gay books and started looking at it. He commented on how one of the guys had a big cock and another guy was giving him a blow job. He was probably a little over 6".

I said, "That's not that big.”

Dave said, "What do you mean that's not big?"

I said, "I've got one bigger than that."

Dave replied, "Prove it."

So there I was in my best friend's basement about to prove to him that I had a cock larger than the one in the book. I said, "I don't know, I feel a little weird about this."

Dave said, "I dare you."

Well you never back down from a dare at 16, so I said, "OK, but you have to show me yours, too."

He agreed, then we both dropped our pant and showed our cocks.We just stood there for a long moment and admired each other. Finally Dave said, "It does look bigger than the guy in the book."

I said, "That's because it isn’t hard yet."

"Well, can you get it hard?"

"I don't know? First time I ever let anyone see it. I feel kind of weird doing this.”

“Yeah! I know, but still kind of neat. How about we jerk off to get hard?”

I said, "OK! You start and I'll join you."

So Dave started jerking off his cock and less than a minute later I got going at it. Eventually we started to get hard. Dave's cock was about 5-1/2" long and 4- 1/2"" around, mine was 7-3/4" long and 6-1/2" around. I was looking at his cock thinking how nice it would be to suck on it like the guys in the books, but didn't say a word then.

Dave said, "Holy Shit!! Wow, that thing's a freaking monster. Can I touch it?"

I said, "Sure, if I can touch yours, too."

So we stopped jerking ourselves off and grabbed each other’s cocks and started jacking each other’s cocks. It was the first time anyone had touched my cock, it felt great. But touching his was unbelievable, it was hard, warm and a little slick with pre-cum.

I was thinking to myself what it would feel like in my mouth, sucking on it.We were looking at each other, jerking each other off and for some reason we just moved closer and started kissing. Hot, deep, passionate French kissing, it went on and on and on.

We were jerking each other and kissing for quite some time. We stopped kissing for a second trying to catch our breath when I asked Dave, "Can I suck on your cock?"

He said, "Only if I can suck yours, too."

In The Boys' Room there was a couch, so I lay down on the couch and Dave straddled my head with his cock directly over my face. I looked up and couldn't help myself. I opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth, closed my lips around it and moved my tongue all over his cock.

Dave groaned loudly and said, "GOD DAM, FUCK THAT FEELS SO FRIGGING GOOD, IF YOU KEEP THAT UP I'M GOING TO CUM." As he said that all I could do was hum on his cock which put him over the edge. He said, "I'M CUMMING, SON OF A BITCH, I'M CUMMING," and with that he was driving his cock in my mouth as fast as he could and I was trying to swallow my first load of cum (but definitely not my last).

It kind of took me a little by surprise that he could cum so much. I gagged and a little cum escaped the corners of my mouth, but overall I got most of it.

Once he was done coming he took his cock out of my mouth, leaned down and gave me a thank you French kiss. He said, "That was fantastic, now it's your turn!"

To be continued...

Comments appreciated.

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