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Shower time fun

This is what really happens when swimmers shower togeather!
It started off like any other morning; I left the flat at 6am to head down to the pool. I used my membership card to get in and headed to the changing room and got into my tight swimming shorts. I put my clothes into a locker and headed out to the pool. There was only one other guy swimming, I figured it must be Chaz Kindler, from the national swim team; he must have been training for the upcoming world champs. I jumped into the pool and started my laps. I did 50 before I figured it was time I should leave and go to get ready for class. I hopped out of the pool and headed back to the changing rooms. I went and grabbed my body wash and headed for the showers.

As I walked into the communal showering area I noticed Chaz was following me and I took a shower near the back wall and he took the one beside me. I turned on my shower head and hopped under the water. Chaz was doing the same beside me. After we got our selves settled in our showers he started to talk to me. He introduced himself and asked what my name was,

I said “Hey, I’m Rob”

We keep chatting for a while and I decided to start washing myself. I squeezed some of my body wash onto my palm and rubbed it onto my body, I noticed Chaz was looking at me, once I’d eventually finished my wash, Chaz said,

“Do you mind if I use some?”

“Help yourself mate” I replied.

I bent over to pick up the body wash and handed it over to him. He put it back on the floor and pulled down his high tech swimming shorts to reveal himself. I couldn’t help but look. It seemed that he enjoyed having a bit of extra hair down there to make up for that lack of it around his body; he had a big 8 inch cock and a nice set of balls.

Chaz noticed me watching but he enjoyed the fact he was the centre of attention. At that stage in noticed what a good looking guy he was. He had a nice smile and amazing eyes; his hair was bleached from the chlorine in the pool which made it look a hot blonde colour, and his Pecs. were bulging from his chest, his abs. were rock hard from his tough swim. My cock started to harden at the sight of him and I’m pretty sure he noticed.

“You do realise the chlorine is really unhealthy down there if it’s not washed off” he said as he pointed to my hardening cock.

I replied “really, I had no idea.”

I pulled down my tiny shorts and my thick cock hardened even further until it was fully hard and standing at 8 ½ inches. I noticed his eyes bulged at the sight of my big cock and shaven balls. Chaz handed me back the body wash and I started soaping up my cock and balls and rubbing them. Chaz started to harden at the sight and eventually his 8 inch cock was hard and throbbing. I rinsed the soap from myself, turned of the shower and walked back into the changing room. Chaz came in shortly after when I was standing in my boxer briefs, his cock was still big but not rock hard like it was before. I put on the rest of my clothes,

“See you tomorrow” I said as I exited the changing room.

He looked up and smiled.

I woke up again the next morning at the same time and headed down to the pool, the same deal as yesterday. I got changed and headed out to the water where Chaz was once again swimming and was the only person there. I jumped in and did my 50 laps and then got out and headed to the changing room. I took off my swimming shorts, grabbed my body wash and headed into the showers. Chaz was in the same one as yesterday so I decided to join him. He saw me and a smile came across his face. He was also naked and asked if he could my body wash again.

“Sure” I said,

I handed it to him and he started soaping up his body and his cock. I noticed him getting an erection which got me hard. I started to soap myself up when he said,

“Do you want a race?”

“OK” I replied hesitantly.

He turned around to face me and he started stroking his nice cock. I started to do the same; we were both facing one another, pleasuring ourselves. After 5 minutes of consistent jerking his motions started to become erratic and I knew it was that time for him. His cock swelled and out shot out web like semen, some hitting me in the foot. This really got me off and I felt a pressure rising within my balls, I let out a small groan and before I knew it I was shooting hot semen, Chaz was knelt down in front of me, catching it in his mouth. After 12 shots I finished and washed myself down and got out of the shower and got changed. I was happy and I could tell that Chaz was too.

I said “see you tomorrow stud” as I left the changing room,

He looked up and me and winked.

The next day I arrived at the pool one again but today there was another guy. It was another guy called Mike Jones. He was also in the Australian swim team and must have been racing against Chaz. After my 50 laps I got out and headed for the shower. Chaz or his buddy hadn’t finished yet so it was just me. I stood there for a while and also washed myself. After 10 minutes, Chaz and Mike walked in. They were both naked and saw me and made their way over. Mike had black hair, a masculine face and a nice body. He was fully shaven and had a massive cock, it would have been bigger then mine by at least an inch.

“Hey Rob, this is Mike, he’s one of my swimming mates” Chaz said

I shook Mike strong hand and he and Chaz took the showers either side of me. We talked for a while until Chaz asked for my soap once again. I bent over to pick it up when I felt two strong hands on my ass. I looked back to see it was Chaz,

“Have you ever been put on the spit Rob?” he asked

“No” I replied,

Mike said “would you like to?”

“Definitely” I said.

I handed Rob back the soap and I felt him squeeze it onto my ass. He rubbed it in with his hand and then put some onto his hard cock. He stepped closer to me and then I felt his knob pushing into my ass. My relatively tight hole resisted for a while and then eventually gave in and Chaz was inside me. Before I could realise what was happening, Mike’s massive cock was pushed deep into my mouth. Chaz stated thrusting forward and back. I could feel his hairy balls, slapping into my ass. While this was happening I was rocking back and forward and my throat was working on Mike’s nice cock, his smooth shaven balls slapping against my chin. Every so often Mike would thrust causing me to gag. Chaz’s cock rubbing against my prostate pleasured me and I was also hard.

After about 20 minutes of steady thrusting I noticed the intensity pick up. Chaz started to fuck harder and Mike’s cock started to go deeper. Mike started to let out moans of pleasure and I knew it was time for him to blow his load. I felt his cock swell inside my mouth, he let out one final loud moan and strings of warm salty semen hit the back of my throat. After each I swallowed, causing him to shoot more. After around 10 shots he’d finished and collapsed onto the floor of the shower. I then heard Chaz start moaning and before I knew it his cock was spewing semen into my ass and hitting my prostate. The feeling was amazing and that was when I started Cumming all over the floor. Chaz’s cock was still inside me and I noticed him smiling, we collapsed onto the floor and lay there for a while in each others arms. This was definitely a swim to remember.

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