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The Day Derrick and I Fucked

Drinking leads to secrets and sexual desires being revealed between Derrick and I.
I sat in church on a warm Sunday morning fighting with myself to pay attention to the reverend's sermon. Only thing was...I'd already heard it a million times from my parents. Looking at my watch, the reverend had now spent nearly fifteen minutes preaching about how homosexuality and people in the LGBT community were Hell bound. As bored as I was by the reverend's words, I was just as angry. The reverend wasn't God, so as far as I was concerned he no right to just start condemning people.

My name is Michael Thorne, I'm a twenty-one year old proud African American and for your information; I'm gay. This is my story which took place two years ago when I was eighteen.

As you probably already know my sexuality was a secret. My parents to my closest friends had no idea about me. My sexuality wasn't my choice. It was product of my environment growing up. Growing up, my parents were no nonsense bible thumpers and in our house it was God's way or no way. I was on a very tight lease (even as a teenager) as they drove me to school and picked me up at three 'o clock on the dot every day. On the weekends when I was hanging out with my friends I couldn't go to parties or stay the night over their houses. As far as sex goes; I just had to forget about it. Sex was for married men and anything else earned you a trip to the fiery depths. They went so far to ensure that the temptations of the flesh wouldn't hinder me, my parents sent me to St. Joseph's (an all boy’s school) and it was here that the temptations of the flesh (for manly flesh) began to hinder me. Surrounded by nothing but guys, my sexual feelings began to be directed towards some of friends and classmates. Sneaking glances at their asses as they walked by me or sneaking peeks of their cocks while in the showers after P.E. Forbidden visions of me fucking them or them fucking me would haunt me constantly causing embarrassing erections (which I lied about how I got them) to occur and hell bound or not...causing me to touch myself late at night. As you can see, high school was a very hard period in my life. There was a silver lining in my tumultuous upbringing though...and was my friend Derrick.

Derrick and I met in ninth grade and became fast friends. We had a lot in common. We loved basketball, reading, playing video games (and to my surprise), he also had bible thumpers for parents, but they were more lenient than mine. We didn't live that far from each other and even went to the same church (I never noticed him though), so for the first time in my life I had a friend I could spend real time with. We got to hang out at each other's houses and since Derrick's family was religious I got to spend the night over his house a couple of times. Our families grew close and Derrick and I grew even closer. We were friends and soon become best friends, but even though we were close I still couldn't bring myself to tell him about my homoerotic feelings, which had become directed solely to him by this point.

The reverend's long ass sermon became silent to my ears as my brown eyes found Derrick. My licked my lips as stared lustfully at my best friend. He looked so good in church clothes and underneath them he looked even better. Due us playing basketball so much we developed athletic bodies.

Derrick stood at 6’2" and 195lbs with black hair (styled in long braids) hazel eyes, and a sexy caramel skin tone. On the other hand, I was 6’0", 180lbs, with a ebony skin color, short clean cut black hair and was had less muscles than Derrick. My cock began to throb as I glared at him and sexual thoughts filled my brain. Derrick and I were going to hang out after church, but a piece of me didn't want to because it would another day I have to repress my attraction to him. My naughty thoughts were interrupted by the organ and the choir beginning to sing. Thankfully it was final song, so afterward we could finally leave. After a draining ten minutes of singing, the service was over. I couldn't wait to get home and put some regular clothes on. Looking at my watch, I saw it was noon and church started at nine 'o clock.

"Damn...that was a long service." I said to myself.

I made it home around twelve-fifteen. It took me five minutes to change into my basketball clothes and made it to Derrick's house at about twelve-thirty. I gave the doorbell a ring and waited for my best friend to open the door.

"What's up, Mike?" Derrick said giving me daps as he answered the door.

"Nothing," I said with a smile. "I'm ready to play some ball, D."

"I see," D said noticing my attire, which was a t-shirt and basketball shorts.

"You ready?" I asked seeing that he had on a t-shirt and his church pants.

"You mind if we just chill out today? It's pretty hot today,"

I frowned at him. I was really looking forward to playing basketball. I owed Derrick one since he beat me two weeks before, but I relented and decided to take him up on the offer to chill out. We came into the house and I couldn't help but notice how quiet it was. Normally D's house was alive with ringing phones and his dad's loud voice. I began to look around a bit for any sign of Derrick's folks, but there was none.

"It's just us in here, Mike. My parents are back at the church." Derrick told me as if he knew what I was looking for. "They had a committee meeting, so they won't be back for awhile."

Derrick's words shocked me. He just said that his parents left us in the house alone and trusted us to do right by ourselves. This was a first for me. Being in a friend's house with no adult supervision was a bit surreal for me to take in.

"We're not playing ball, so what are we gonna do?" I asked.

"There's a Heat game on right now." D told me. "You wanna watch it?"

"No, if I see a basketball I'm gonna want to play. How we play about video games?"

"No, I've the perfect thing, Mike." D said before traveling to his kitchen.

I heard the refrigerator or freezer open and to my surprise Derrick came out of the kitchen with a bottle of Vodka and a carton of Orange Juice.

"What's all that for?" I asked dumbly.

I knew what it was for, but the fact that it was Derrick with booze left me dumbfounded.

"What do you think, Mike? We're gonna have some fun...are you in?"

My first reaction was not to drink, but the all the things I missed out on because of my parents strictness flooded back into my mind. They wouldn't let me do anything and this was my first chance to do something I'd only heard my friends talk about. Plus I was doing it with Derrick, so if I got out of hand he'd take care of me.

I smiled, "I'm in, but we're not drinking down here, right?"

"No, we're in my room with it, man. Now...are you sure you're in?"

"Most definitely, D. Let's get our drink on," I said before we headed upstairs and did just that.

Thirty minutes later, all the Vodka and half of the Orange Juice were gone, and we were wasted. We lay sprawled out on Derrick's bed in a drunken heap. I tried to sit up, but the room was spinning, so I laid my drunk behind back on the bed. Looking at D, I saw that he was in the same state that I was. His face was the last thing I saw before nodding off to sleep. I don't know long I slept for, but I was suddenly woken by soft lips and gently sucking on my neck while a firm hand palmed and caressed my ass. I didn't take notice of the kisses for a minute as my mind was stuck on the hand that was on my ass mostly because the hand wasn't touching me through my shorts. It was flesh on flesh. My shorts were down and their hand was touching my bare ass. It took me a minute to get my wits about me. I wasn't dead drunk anymore, but I was still a little tipsy. Looking around the room, I realized I was still in D's room...which meant Derrick had to be the one touching me. I glanced over my shoulder to prove what my head was putting together and there was my best friend fondling me.

"What the fuck are you doing, man?" I asked.

"You know what I'm doing, Mike." He said still touching me.

I jerked my body away from him and stood up, pulling my shorts and underwear back up.

"What the fuck's up with you, D?! I'm not with that gay shit!" I said lying through my teeth.

I'd been questioned about my sexuality by some of the guys at school and vehemently denied being gay. I'd been denying it for so long that I'd do it instinctively as if it were a survival technique (in the case of my family it really was). I was getting what I wanted; Derrick coming on to me, but my survival skills told to play tough and deny it. D saw right through it though.

"So, you're gonna lie to me, Mike? I thought we were closer than that?" He said standing up.

"Yeah, we're close D...but not that close." I told him. "I didn't know you were gay though."

"I am...and so are you, Michael." He said as he paced around me.

"No...I'm not!" I yelled denying who I truly was.

"You're not...then why do I see you sneaking peeks of our friends in the showers?"

I opened my mouth, but no words came out. My secret was out and I was still trying to register that Derrick just told me that he was gay. The world around me stood still until I felt D's hard cock pressed against my ass. He began to slowly dry hump me from behind. It felt so good.

As he grinded on me, Derrick said, "While you've been looking at the all the guys in the showers...I've been looking at you, Mike."

I began to moan as he grinded a bit harder on my ass. Derrick was turning me on like nothing I ever felt before. Pre-cum began to leak from my manhood and it made my boxers stick to me. His hand found my semi-hard member through my pants and started rubbing on it.

"I know you wanna suck me, Mike? Tell me you don't...'cause I know I wanna fuck you,"

"I want you, Derrick," I admitted. "What about our parents though, man?"

"They don't have to one has to know. It's our secret," Derrick assured me.

"'s our secret," I said easing up.

I turned around and came face-to-face with Derrick, caressing his manhood as he touched mine. Derrick sat back on the bed as I got down on my knees in front of him and slowly unzipped his pants. I reached in and pulled out his member. I took half of his eight inch dick in my mouth the first time. D let out a moan as I sucked all of him then looked at him with pleasure in my eyes.

His hand palmed the back of my head, "That's right, Mike...suck that dick."

He held my head as he started fucking my mouth, "Aaahhhhhh....yeah...just like that."

Derrick gripped the back of my head and pushed me down harder. I gagged a bit as his dick was getting a little too hard to swallow, but I managed.

"Umm like this dick, don't you?"

"You know it," I replied in between slurps. "I love this dick."

He rubbing on the back of my neck, "I bet you do."

He thrust in my mouth, once again hitting the back of my throat. I gagged again and spit dripped from the sides of my mouth.

"Yes, you suck dick real good, Mike."

Derrick sounded so fucking sexy that I couldn't hold back at my cock sucking skills and sucked him to best of my ability. My manhood was standing hard at attention too because while I sucked my best friend, I pulled on myself. D told me to stop my performance and I gave his hardness a kiss. He turned me around, pulled my shorts and boxers down, and told me to lie on the bed. Derrick propped my butt into the air. He stuck his face in between my ass cheeks and started licking savagely. D tongued my asshole lively and it felt so fucking good.

"You like it?" He asked.

"Mmm-hmm," I moaned reaching back and hold his head in place.

"I knew you would." He spoke in between licks.

He stopped licking to explain, "I've been looking at this juicy ass for the past four years. I've wanted to see what it tasted like and now I am. You've got a nice bubble butt, Mike."

D smacked it before he dived back in again. The licking stopped and was suddenly replaced by the feeling of his finger entering my backside.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed. Derrick's tongue felt good...his finger didn't though.

"Take your finger out, D!" I shouted over my shoulder.

"No, just relax man and the pain will go away." I told me, but I wasn't trying to hear it.

"Take it out!" I yelled as he moved his lone finger in and out of me.

"Relax," D told me again and when I did...the pain vanished being replaced by pleasure. "I’ve wanted to fuck this ass for the longest."

He stuck two more fingers inside and smacked my bottom again. D then pulled his fingers out and I felt what knew was his dick pressed against my asshole. I yelped in pain as he began pushing his dick in my ass.

"Ahhh uhhhh," I moaned in pain.

"Damn, you're tight," D groaned as he forced all of him in me slowly.

Derrick didn't move as he was balls deep in my ass. His cock was average sized, but very thick. It felt like there baseball bat in my ass. The pain was causing me to tremble and shake involuntarily.

" hurts, D!" I groaned in incredible pain.

"You're shaking now, but in a few minutes you'll like it." He assured me and I knew this wasn't his first time fucking a guy.

Derrick started a slow stroke into me and I found his words were true. Just like with his fingers the pain of his dick in me turned to pleasure. He started pumping me slowly while I pumped back creating our rhythm.

"Yeah, there we go." He said before leaning over me with his tongue licking my ear and face.

"Damn, this ass is good." He moaned, grinding his hips into my butt.

"Mmmm! your dick feels so good, D." I moaned as I began to jerk my dick.

Derrick began to pick up the pace and pump me harder. Ten minutes went by and we were still fucking. I felt myself about to cum and pumped my cock until my orgasm overtook me.

"Ooh...shit! Fuck me, D! Fuck me," I shouted as my nut streamed all over Derrick's bed sheets.

Moments later, Derrick let out a loud, "Fuck," and after pulling out came all over my ass.

We were laid out on Derrick's bed sexually sated and trying to catch our breaths.

"Damn...that was so good, Mike." D said still fighting for breath.

"No doubt about that," I replied with a smile. "This is our secret though, right?"

"Yeah, but we're gonna have a lot more secrets, Mike. ‘Cause I need that ass more than just this once."

I smiled and laughed at D's words, "You got my ass if I have that dick, Derrick."

"You got it, Mike."

No more words needed to be said. We just fucked, we both loved every minute of it, and we agreed it was going to do it again. The only question was; "When would it happen?"

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Posted 19 Feb 2014 06:48
Great story Kal --- loved it. Great build and tension. Great character exploration. Well done.

Posted 19 Nov 2012 05:37
For a "straight" you write "gay" very well...
Posted 13 Oct 2012 01:35
your dick feels so good
Posted 23 Aug 2012 19:02
You had some typos here and there.
But this was amazing.

Posted 12 Jul 2012 03:31
By giving us Michael's backround you created the true emotion of the character. This is in my humble opinion one of your best pieces. Bravo!

Posted 11 Jul 2012 05:40
I enjoyed it. This deserves better then it has been scored.
Posted 10 Jul 2012 23:28
Good story... but would it kill to proof read?

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