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Weekend Bear Daddy

Bear Servicer In Action

As soon as we made eye contact, I felt my knees start to weaken with the urge I felt to get down before him.

“Fuck yeah, daddy!“ I whispered as he walked past. I continued to watch him as he first entered the room, left the door open and then he again looked at me. He watched me blatantly stare over his 6’2” dark haired and bearded manliness and smile. He then tossed his head in suggestion that I join him there; I was quick to step in his direction.

Just after I rounded the corner, before I got to the doorway, I unfastened my jeans. Brown eyes had seen his hairy stomach and my mouth began to water with the urge to lick over it. The coin he dropped put more light into the dim room; I grabbed the doorknob behind me and stepped fully inside. He had unfastened his jeans and to see the trimmed bush of hair above the thickness of his 6.5” cock made me smile. I made sure my next two steps put me where I wanted to be; on my knees before him. He helped me push his jeans further down and I as well unleashed my nine inches as I looked over more of his thick build. Felt happy to see he was a true bear daddy. I moved closer, sniffed the clean scent of his crotch, moaned with pleasure and then wagged my adept tongue out and eased it over the head of his cut cock.

“Yeah!” He seethed and slid a thick hand onto my head. I again licked that cock; hard, slow and his grip and pressure matched me all the way. When I took his cock into my mouth, he told me how nice and warm it felt while he rubbed my head with a pressure I adored. Just two full slurps up and down that thick manmeat and I knew I had to swallow it.

We both took a deep breath when I eased his cock out of my mouth. He dropped another coin and lit up the room just as I looked up at him. He looked down with glazed hazel eyes and watched me stroke my meat.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“For?” He asked.

“You might just want to say yes and get it over with.” I growled to him as I went back for his cock. Licked it first and then heard him seethe.

“Suck it!” He exhaled down at me. I followed his command like the cocksucker I love to be…for the first few minutes. Nevertheless, as I slowly eased that cock further into my throat, the more the bear daddy above me reacted. He got louder in his praising of me for my oral actions; I got the YES, and as well, both hands applied a more secure grip on my head and they held me against his hirsute cleanliness.

I rubbed my hands all over his body as I held that cock in my throat and gave him an occasional moan to feel. The hair on his belly felt great on my nose, his chest had some hair for my fingers to roam through. Those nipples were hard, sensitive, and he coaxed me to play with them as I wished. He heaved a great sigh and growled after I released his cock from my throat. To hold him in the high, I kept one hand busy there while I eased the other around to his back and down the small of it. There I found the small patch of hair most guys have, and it seemed to be an erogenous zone for him. He arched his back and groaned with pleasure as I played there.

“I got a nice clean ass if you wanna play with it!” Bear daddy told me in a way that made it impossible to resist.

“Let me see that.” I said eagerly, to have him turn around and drop another coin as he did so. “Fuckin-a!” I said as he and the light from the screen revealed those muscular and hair-dusted cheeks of ass to my hungry eyes. I eased both hands over them as I moaned, groaned, seethed and verbally fed him every compliment that came to my bear-loving brain. I stared with full intensity at that masculine hairy hole as I eased a finger over the fringe of it. He moaned deep when I spread it slightly, I felt a heated rush as I eased my finger a touch further inside.

“Yeah! Do it!” That hot fucker coaxed, to have me open it a bit more and move in for a closer look at that hair shadowed manhole. I blew a hot breath across it to have him grunt and ask for another. My nasal inhale in preparation to do so captured the clean smell of his hole and I could not help but follow my not often satisfied guilty pleasure and let my saliva-saturated tongue pass over it.

“Aaaah! Fuck yeah man! Take my hole! You fucking eat it all!” He told me while he used those big hands to push me into his manliness. I moaned, groaned, growled, and even heard myself snarl as I went full force for his hairy manhole. I stroked my cock with huge restraint as I ate at him. Even pushed down on it with the palm of my hand to keep myself from blowing it all. Every fresh drag, lick, roll and stab of my eager oral flannel served only to please us and the bear daddy bent over before me was on wave with me.

“I don’t want you to stop!” He told me. “It feels so good! But I don’t wanna cum like this!” He groaned as he turned around and slipped that yummy cock back between my lips.

I took to it like the true trooper I’ve always been for it; licked over it enough to get it perfectly wet and then eased it down my throat once again. Bear daddy laid those thick-fingered hands on me once again and the pressure with which he held me there helped me hold his thick cock down even longer than the time previous. After he forced me to free his meat, he looked down at me, seemingly ready to speak what I hoped would be my next command. I eased forward and continued the enjoyable task of working the load up from the big balls in my right hand.

“You love to suck my cock, don’t ya!?” He said to have me moan in full agreement. “You wanna get that cum?” Bear daddy whispered in a way that made me moan, surge and stroke my cock harder, almost to the point where I swore it hurt. I could not wait to feel his seed make its way across my tongue, so as to get a good taste before I swallowed it.

It quickly became difficult to keep my audible pleasure in check after I heard him grunt and then felt the first blast of his seed across my wagging tongue.

“You fuckin’ take it!” Bear daddy told me as he thrust that meat to me and fed me a second, and then a third substantial blast of his essence. In the midst of it all I felt my load go screaming out of my cock in several plentiful blasts. After which, I quietly took his cock back down into my throat for another hold session, and slowly came back off it, sure to use my tongue to properly clean the last drop away.

“My cock will be waiting for you next weekend.” The Bear Daddy said as he tucked his cock away.

“I should be here.” I told him as I stood to my six foot height and started into his eyes.

“I don’t think you’ll pass this up.” He said as he gripped his package, then stepped from the room we had shared, sure to close the door behind him.

I couldn’t help but chuckle…for he was right.

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