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Young Ebony Lovers

Young Ebony Lovers

After today Keanu and Jason were more than teammates on basketball team. . .
Keanu Davis walked down the halls of Hope Charter High School after school in his basketball uniform, headed towards the gymnasium for practice. He was an eleventh grader and starting center on the team, standing at 6'1" with black hair styled in short dreads, brown eyes, a mocha skin tone, and through basketball had a well built physique at 175lbs. Among the girls in school, he was considered one of the finest guys there and if females were on Keanu's radar he could've had any chick he wanted. But he wasn't about the girls at school; guys were Keanu's forte, though at first glance you'd never be able to tell because Keanu kept his sexual orientation private. He wasn't ashamed or afraid of ridicule, but what he did between the sheets was his business and nobody else's. Entering the gym, he found his teammates doing dribble sprints as he made his way to the courtside bench where the other starters sat. Unfortunately, he didn't get to sit down for long as Coach Hines noticed him and called him up for the next set of sprints. He smiled as the coach passed him a ball and walked to the starting line, but as he bent over into position Keanu felt eyes on him, eyes directly on his ass, and it caused a chill to run through him. He glanced back, glancing around at his teammates to catch the team's point guard tenth grader Jason Ervin looking off into the distance. He smirked to himself as Coach Hines blew his whistle and began to run. He knew Jason was like him; Jason was a lover of dick, too, but was afraid of being found out by the others.

Jason's cock stirred in his basketball shorts as he watched Keanu run up and down the court. As hard as his manhood was getting, the only upside was that he'd done the dribble sprints and was waiting on the next set of exercises. He patted his dick lightly trying to make it soften, but it was only making the dilemma worse. Jason was so focused on himself that Coach Hines' whistle made him jump. Looking up, he saw Keanu coming towards him. As Keanu got closer he could see the hints of the growing hard-on in his shorts. Keanu smiled directly at him as he made his way back to the bench. While he was running, Keanu's mind was on Jason and how much he wanted to fuck the cute sophomore. He'd thought about Jason many a time at night and would even jerk off to freaky thoughts of him. Jason was just Keanu's type, with a cinnamon brown sugar skin tone, a built though slim body and, by the look of the imprint in his pants, he had a nice sized cock. It was amazing to him that he hadn't tried something already seeing as outside of school they were together most of the time. Thinking on it, he guessed he feared Jason's reaction to someone knowing his secret, but it was time to push that fear to the side. They weren't best friends though they had a very strong bond with one another because of the chemistry they had on the basketball court. This bond brought them closer, spawning hang outs at each other's houses to watch the Sixers and improve their game together. He wanted Jason and was fully prepared to make his move on his teammate; there was no time like the present to catch the article of his desires.

"Fifteen minute break, guys!" Coach Hines shouted after blowing his whistle.

The entire team rushed out of the gym for the break except for Keanu. He stayed behind and watched to see were Jason would go. His eyes followed his teammate into the restroom while the others most likely headed outside for some air. With everyone gone for a moment, Keanu knew this was his chance.

"What's up, Jase?" Jason heard Keanu's voice ask as he came into the bathroom and stood in front of a sink washing his hands.

"Nothing much, K," Jason replied, watching the bathroom door shut behind him.

"How'd you do on your dribble sprints, man?"

Jason stretched a bit. "I did okay, but I noticed you hesitated before taking off. Everything cool with you?"

There was a small gap between them and Keanu closed it making Jason hit the countertop of the row of sinks to his back.

"Yeah, I just felt somebody looking at me before I took off," Keanu explained, "Looking at my ass."

Jason played off Keanu's statement with a laugh, "You've got girls and guys on you, man."

Keanu smirked, "Looks like it . . . and it looked like you were looking at my ass in there."

Jason was about to deny Keanu's words, but unconsciously his eyes widened telling his friend what he already knew. Keanu grabbed Jason's arm while taking his other hand to run it over his ass. He smiled at the moan that came from Jason's mouth as he continued caressing his backside. He then moved his hand to Jason's crotch, feeling that he was rock hard.

"Mmhm, that's right Jase. . . I know and I'm here to tell you I'm just the same. I like dick too and I want you."

Jason bit his bottom lip, "W- -What are you going to do, K? You won't tell anybody, will you?"

"No, your secret's safe with me . . . but what if I sucked you 'til you nut, Jason?"

"No- -no, I'm not about this at all, man," Jason protested, "Let's get back to practice."

Keanu glanced at his watch and smirked. "I know you're not trying to front, Jase. We got ten minutes in the break left. Besides, your mouth's saying one thing, but your dick's saying another."

"Come on, K. . . cut this gay shit out."

"This isn't gay shit . . . this is our shit, man. Tell me you don't want this."

Jason let out a sigh and finally relented, "Yeah, I do. Do your thing, K."

Keanu smiled, dropping to his knees. He lifted Jason's shirt and could see the hair that grew from his crotch to his belly button. He began licking the hair and Jason's navel.

"Tell me, does this feel good?" Keanu said between licks.

"Yeah, man," Jason moaned.

Keanu began to undo the drawstring in Jason's shorts, letting them fall to the ground and stared at the huge bulge tenting in his briefs. Keanu slowly pulled down the briefs. He pulled them all the way down and smiled, coming face to face with Jason's nine inch member. Jason smiled back as Keanu grabbed hold of the dick. He pulled it towards his mouth, the chocolate head beginning to gleam with pre-cum. Opening his mouth, Keanu slid the prick head inside and began sucking and licking at the delicious head.

Jason laid his head back and moaned, "Fuck; shit, that's good."

Keanu took Jason's dick into his mouth and Jason's moans became more desperate. He could've cum at any minute. He was that damn excited and the thrill of getting caught was turning him on even more.

"Yeah K. . . uhhhhhhhhh! Keep that shit up," Jason moaned, putting his hands on Keanu's head.

Keanu removed the dick from his mouth and traveled down the underside of the cock. He got to the soft balls that hung low from his crotch. Keanu looked at the hairless balls that hung like two basketballs and started sucking on them. Jason grabbed hold of the countertop to keep himself from falling as his knees buckled. Keanu worked his way back up to Jason's cock, deep-throating it, and the visual of it made Jason's orgasm roar through him.

"Huh, uhhh, uhhh! Y-Yes yes! Ahhhh!" He screamed as he began to cum in Keanu's mouth.

Keanu swallowed as much cum as he could while the rest dribbled down the sides of his mouth.

"That was good," Jason said as he pulled his shorts and underwear back up.

"I guess that was your shit after all, huh?" Keanu said with a smirk, wiping the sides of his mouth with a paper towel.

Jason cutely blushed. "Yeah. . . I guess so."

"This doesn't have to stop here you know. My mom's working late tonight, so why don't you come over and we can hang out," Keanu suggested.

"After what you just did. . . we’re definitely hanging out, man," Jason replied with a laugh.

Keanu looked at his watch and saw they'd finished just in time to get back to practice.

"Come on, man. . . practice calls," he said.

Jason smiled. "I just hope we don't have to do anymore dribble sprints, but knowing Coach Hines, we'll have to."


The boys went back to practice and endured Coach Hines' rigorous workout of conditioning drills. They did everything from line jumps to the four-step drill and the only good part was that, just as it seemed practice began, it ended. When Coach Hines blew his whistle for the final time, the entire team was an exhausted heap all over the gymnasium floor. Keanu and Jason sat together taking sips of water and trying to catch their breaths.

"Shit, that was rough," Jason said after taking a long sip of water.

Keanu let out a laugh, "No doubt; I'm just thanking God it's over."

They gave each other daps and Jason replied, "We still on for later?"

Keanu smiled, "Yeah, we're in serious need of a shower though, but still come over whenever."

It was five-thirty in the evening as Keanu sat in his living room on the couch in a polo shirt with sweatpants on, surfing the channels for something to watch on TV. He found nothing though and turned off the television, but just as the TV powered down his doorbell rang. Answering it, he found Jason standing before him wearing an Aéropostale shirt and some baggy jeans.

Jason smiled, "Hey, K; what's up?"

"Nothing much. . . just been waiting on you," Keanu said as Jason walked in.

They sat down on the living room couch and as soon as their asses hit the seat. . . it was on. Keanu placed his hand on Jason's inner thigh and began rubbing it. He leaned in and they began to kiss passionately. Their lips hit each other numerous times before Keanu opened his mouth and let Jason's tongue slip inside. They began making out furiously as Keanu mounted Jason; their hands roamed all over each other. Jason slipped his hands under Keanu's shirt and began rubbing his nipples while Keanu began sucking on Jason's neck.

"Mmm," Jason moaned as he slipped his hands into Keanu's sweats, finding his ass.

"Ah, fuck," Keanu groaned as they began humping and grinding their bodies together. Each could feel the other's hard-on pressing against their abdomens.

Keanu's slipped Jason's shirt off and Jason began pushing down Keanu's sweats. Keanu got off of Jason and removed his pants. Jason smiled approvingly when he yanked his underwear off. Keanu climbed back on top of him and the two began kissing again.

"K. . ." Jason said in between kisses and moans.

"Yeah?" Keanu replied as he kissed Jason's neck.

"Can you suck me off again?" Jason asked.

"You got it, but I'm not gonna make you cum."

Jason frowned, "Why?"

"'Cause I want you to fuck me, man, and how hard you stare at my ass, I know you want to."

Keanu quickly sucked Jason's dick. He sucked in the whole thing, giving it the full attention of his entire mouth. His lips, tongue, and inner mouth serviced Jason. Loving every moment of it, Jason moaned loudly, crying out Keanu's name.

"Oh, shit! Fuck, K . . . you suck dick so good! Yeah!"

Keanu sucked hard on the cock head while jerking on the shaft and soon took Jason's balls into his mouth. After giving those a licking, Jason was good and ready for some fucking.

"It's time for me hold up my end, huh?" Jason said jokingly

"Yup," Keanu replied stepping out of his sweats and boxers.

Keanu bent over the arm of the couch and shook his ass at his lover. In response, Jason spread his ass cheeks and began tonguing his asshole. Keanu moaned and spread his legs so Jason would have better access. Jason stuck a finger in him, quickly followed by another and Keanu grunted from pain. It had been a while since he'd had sex so his asshole was tight, but the slight pain he felt was replaced by pleasure.

Jason smirked, playing in Keanu's ass. "I'm gonna fuck you real good, man."

He slowly slid his dick in Keanu's ass. He got two inches in and Keanu started grunting from pain.

"Come on, pretty boy, you got this," Jason said, halting his stride in order for Keanu to get used to him.

Jason reached around and pinched Keanu's nipples, making his friend moan in pleasure as he pumped back, letting two more inches enter him. Keanu was up to four inches inside him and Jason slid in a fifth before he started fucking him. Jason grabbed Keanu's hips and moved them back and forth, fucking him with just five inches of himself. Jason thanked God Keanu's mom wasn't there because he was so vocal about the pleasure he was getting.

"Oh, yeah! Uhhh, don't stop it Jase baby! Yes, yes, yes, fuck me!" he screamed.

Jason began to buck and let two more inches slide in as he fucked the ass harder and harder.

"Yeah, you like this big black dick, huh? Say it, boy; say my name! Let me know whose it is!" Jason yelled, getting his final two inches in, but Keanu didn't notice.

Keanu was too busy moaning and screaming, "Uh, it's yours, baby. Yeah J- -Jase! Uh, it's your ass, man! Shit. . . fuck me harder!"

With nine inches of dick in him Keanu was straining, but loving it. Jason reached around and began jerking his hard cock. It was long and stiff in his hand as he jerked it.

"Yeah, jerk my dick, baby!" Keanu moaned and soon he was cumming all over the arm of the couch. Not too much later, Jason was cumming hard in his ass.

Jason went soft and withdrew from him. Soon after, they were sitting naked in each other's arms on the couch kissing passionately.

"That was so good, man," Keanu said with an exhale, "Any chance we can do this again?"

Jason rubbed Keanu's ass a bit. "Most definitely, 'cause after that. . . we're more than teammates now, K."

"Are you saying what I think you are?" Keanu asked with a smirk.

"Yeah, I'd like us to be lovers, if it's cool with you."

Keanu gave Jason a kiss. "I'd like that," he said and that one kiss became many, causing the boys to start round two of their sexual rendezvous.
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Posted 04 Jul 2013 01:30
male/male stories are my thing and though i love the cheesy kind, (am a girl after all so sue me!) your way of writing makes for a great read. hugs.
Posted 23 Apr 2013 08:35
Damn man that was one hot story. Good job. Well written.

Posted 16 Jan 2013 11:44
Hey buddy, this is a new category for me. You do it well. I will try it myself eventually. Nice writing.

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