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Head Games At School Chapter Two

Head Games At School Chapter Two

Ken falls deeper into Trish's mind game
I awoke to see the bright light of day against the window blind and felt my morning erection being gently washed with a warm, damp facecloth. Kris looked at me and whispered, "Good morning," then took me into her mouth. If it was the first time she had given a guy oral sex, she seemed to be born to it. I just lay back and enjoyed. With my eyes closed and my body relaxed, I again thanked the gods for Kris. She was doing nothing spectacular, just steady even sucking on my fully erect head. She kept that going for several minutes before she gripped the base of my penis and started to rhythmically squeeze and move her hand up and down. I remembered the incredible visual and tactile pleasure of stroking in her from behind and the mental image soon had me close. Kris seemed to sense it and slowed her rate, while increasing the pressure of both her hand and her mouth. I tried to remain silent but couldn't.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Kris, Kris, Kris!" I called out and I came. God love her; she let me come in her mouth. As I spurted cum, she gagged just a bit and then soldiered on. I felt her swallow once and then again. I felt her give a slight heave as if she was fighting the urge to choke. Then she took a deep breath and swallowed once more. She stayed there, my penis still in her mouth and seemed to settle. Lifting her head, she looked at me apprehensively. "I've never done this before. I hope I did it..." and she trailed off.

I reached down and pulled her onto me, taking her mouth to mine and kissing her passionately. If she was okay with my semen in her mouth, I was okay with kissing it. "You were perfect," I said, meaning it.

When we got out of bed, I saw a trace of blood on the sheets. Kris saw me looking and just smiled at me and kissed me fully and passionately on my mouth, then put a nipple to my lips. She said nothing about her prior virginity or lack of same. Nonetheless, I felt certain she had given me the gift of her first time, and I loved her for it. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, we showered together as if we had done it a hundred times and then she pulled me back to the bedroom.

We didn't leave the apartment until it was dark. Apart from bathroom breaks and necessary food, we spent the day in bed. Sometimes we just talked and sometimes we drifted off after the many sex sessions. For the third time I thanked whatever gods had sent Kris my way.

As I kissed her good night at her dorm door, she whispered, "Thank you."

"My pleasure," was all I could say.

"Mine too," she replied and put my hand to her breast. I gently massaged it. Then she turned and walked into her dorm.

The next morning at breakfast in my dorm cafeteria, I was very hungry. Go figure. I had a double helping of everything. The lady at the serving table smiled and said, "Good to see you're keeping up your energy. I wouldn't want to see you fading away." Was she hitting on me? I was not sure, but everything seemed so different now. Did I have my choice of all the women around me, even the cafeteria staff? My penis, so spent from yesterday’s activities actually started to swell. Hot Damn! Life was good!

I sat by myself as I worked my way through enough calories to replenish what I had expended yesterday. Trish sat down beside me.

I froze for just a second and then returned to my meal. She was not going to be ignored. "We need to talk." I had no idea she would show up at my dorm at breakfast. Everyone knew she was out of place this early in the morning. Shit! I felt like a hundred eyes were on me. Suddenly, life wasn’t so good anymore.

I turned to her and said in a quiet but firm voice, "I told you. If I wanted you again, I would let you know." It was the best I could do.

"You do want me. Admit it. And who is that girl I saw you with, leaving the arena? The one you were paying so much attention to. Kris? She's a loser, probably a closet lesbian. Maybe not even in the closet."

Trish was not keeping her voice down. If I could have hit her without the whole cafeteria seeing it, I would have. Trish was going for my balls. In front of all those students I had lived beside for three and a half years, she was going for my masculinity. Shit! What to do now! I had played enough sports to know that the best defense is a good offence. My voice was a barely disguised hiss.

"Shut the fuck up, you miserable bitch! If you want to have it out here and now, I will stand up and tell everyone about the only thing you're good at. And it isn't sucking cock!"

My father would have backhanded me right there. Trish actually cringed. I had hit her in a very sensitive nerve. She was obviously a mental wreck but she still didn't want the world to know her misdeeds. I felt she would back off if I pressed my advantage.

"If you want to be outed as the cock teasing queen of this campus, just go ahead and say one more word! God help me, I will ruin you. Now just sit here and pretend you are lost or something. And don't you ever try this bullshit again. Do you understand?" Where was this coming from? How did I know just what to say?

Trish was defeated. She knew it and so did I. "Go get me some more coffee." She did. I relaxed, knowing that she wouldn't try to embarrass me again. I carefully glanced around the room. Thank God, but no one seemed to be interested in what had happened. No one seemed to have heard our exchange. I tried to act like this was just an ordinary start to the week. My appetite was gone but I finished off the food anyway. Trish returned with the coffee, sat beside me and pretended to be my long term friend. After I finished off my breakfast, I got up and said, in a quiet voice, "Okay, we will get together tonight. Call me after supper."

Trish actually looked like I was giving her the keys to the kingdom. I was beginning to think she was seriously bent; totally, absolutely and completely bent. Of course, I had been having similar thoughts about myself. This whole new attitude was troubling. It was also so much more exhilarating than the old Ken, but it was still troubling. I would take Trish back at the apartment tonight. This time, it would be different; very, very different. I was having seriously evil thoughts.

That afternoon, in English Lit class, Kris was waiting for me. She was so beautiful. She must have spent more time in front of a mirror than she had ever done before in her life. The changes were both subtle and profound. She was a vision. Her whole face was radiant and she was dressed in a pair of fitted black slacks, a blouse that looked like it was designed for her breasts and Good God, high heels. Where did she get all that on a Sunday night? Or maybe she had taken the morning off and gone shopping. More than one guy in the class was staring in disbelief. All of the women certainly were.

When Professor March walked in, even she paused. March Madness was well known as being a women who played for the other team. She really didn't try to hide it. I could have sworn that she got wet at her first glance of Kris. Hot Damn! Then I remembered my promise to Trish. Shit! This was getting complicated.

The good Professor did her best to keep her attention on Emily Bronte. What she really did was keep her attention on Kris. Maybe Kris also played for the other team. Maybe she had already received extra help from Miss March. If she did and if she had, I couldn't have cared less. I knew the transformation was for me, not for anyone else. I didn't learn much about Bronte that class. I was too preoccupied watching Miss March trying to lecture when her mind was so obviously elsewhere. I too was besotted with Kris. Miss March and I had similar good taste. What was I thinking? What had Trish done to me?

Before the class was over, I was fantasizing about Kris, myself and the good Professor in a threesome! And then it hit me. Trish. A foursome? I was definitely going over the edge. I was falling and I felt empowered by it. The decent guy I was raised to be was soon to be extinct. I only hoped that Kris would not be hurt. She was special. I said a silent prayer. Please God, don't let me hurt Kris. Then I remembered. I was an atheist. I was already over the edge.

Kris walked with me after class. "My God, did you see what Professor March was doing? She was practically undressing me with her eyes. It was so embarrassing! I know she is gay, but I never thought she would look at me that way."

"Kris, everyone was looking at you that way. You went from little Miss Plain to Miss America in one makeover. You must have known it would wake everyone up. God knows you woke me up. Almost as well as you woke me up yesterday." The memory of how she had done that would never go away.

Kris just smiled and said, "I have never really felt this way before. Have you?"

I had to admit I hadn't. I didn't fall easily, at least until now. Perhaps it was the only good side to my new outlook on life, women and sex. Perhaps it was to be my undoing. I honestly couldn't decide. I didn't want to, anyway. Kris said that as much as she wanted to see me tonight, she had to go out of town for the evening and meet with her grandmother who was visiting a relative nearby. Was she lying? I thought about what Trish had said. Did Kris really play for the other team? Did she have a female lover? Was it Miss March? I was so grateful at not having to put off Trish that I didn't want to think about what Kris had said. If she was lying, she did it well. I really didn’t think she was lying. Of course, I was not exactly being honest with her. This was threatening to get out of control. I gave Kris a quick kiss and said "We can get together tomorrow." I walked away feeling guilty as hell and was already thinking about how to take it out on Trish. This really was getting out of control.

I hadn't put my supper tray back on the counter when my cell phone went off. "It's me."

Trish. I had the strange thought that I hadn't given her my cell number. It was scary. Who was this girl?

"Where are you? We are supposed to get together. I'm waiting." Trish was peaking in a deadpan voice, as if she was telling me about the weather.

"I'll be over at your dorm in five minutes. I'll pick you up in my car." I had already decided to take her to the apartment but I wasn’t so certain what would happen when we got there. Trish was really getting to me.

She got in my car and gave me a quiet smile. "I saw you and Kris on Saturday night, after the game. I know you took her to the apartment. You didn't leave until Sunday night. I was watching. Are we going back there now?"

I felt a chill that I would never forget. This bitch was stalking me! She was something right out of Fatal Attraction! I took a few slow, deep breathes and tried to think. I pulled away from the curb and drove to the apartment. Yes, that was where Trish and I would have it out. In the mean time, we could discuss a few things.

After several minutes, I finally started to talk. Psychology was not one my strengths. But old instincts can help. Go on the offensive. "Trish, I was with Kris. I was with her all that night and most of the next day. We fucked like rabbits. It was wonderful. How does that make you feel?"

Trish was silent for a moment. "I really can't complain. I did treat you very badly. But it wasn't really my fault. You know that. Kris is just something you will get over. She's not the one for you. You'll see."

Something, I thought. Kris was someone, not something. Trish was really starting to scare me. She was talking as if Kris was a disposable doll. Was Kris going to be endangered by this bitch? What was I going to do to straighten this out?

"I think Kris just may be the one for me. I trust her. I know I can't trust you. I wanted you to explain what was going on. You wouldn't. You wouldn’t talk to me. How can I ever trust you?"

I thought Trish might get set off by that but instead she paused then said calmly, "That was just all a misunderstanding. We understand each other now. We can trust each other now. You can keep fucking Kris if you want. Just don't let her go to your head. I really think she is a lesbian. I've heard stories. If you want to fuck a lesbian, go ahead. It won't bother me. If she wants to be fucked by a guy, it might as well be you. Just don't get too used to the idea."

Good God! She was nuts. She was insane. She was passing off Kris like she was passing off a day old newspaper. She had heard stories. I knew all about that. She thought stories were the word of God! What the fuck was I doing with her in my car? And Sweet Jesus, what the fuck was I going to do with her at the apartment? I was beginning to realize that this was not what I had hoped it would be. I had thought that I was back on top of her. Shit! She was trying to get back on top of me! Not on my watch. True bloody right! I pulled up in front of the apartment.

I was really quite settled inside myself. I had a pretty good idea of how I might take the sting out of Trish. I had never had to think this way, but I was a clever guy and I could think on my feet. Trish might be nuts, but I knew where her weakness lay. She was the one who was full of herself. She wanted the world to think she was perfect. She wasn't. And I was going to remind her. We entered the building and went up the stairs to the apartment. I unlocked the door and went in. It was show time.

Inside, I got out the previously opened bottle of brandy. I poured us both a glass and we sat in the front room, her on the couch and me in a chair. I took the bottle with me. Trish seemed at ease and I was happy to see that. I looked at her carefully and when I knew I had her attention, I tossed back the brandy in one go and swallowed. It didn't hurt a bit.

"Trish, it's time for you to understand the situation.” I poured myself another shot. “You fucked up and I am seriously pissed. You messed with my head and now you are messing with Kris. I don't give a shit about your misunderstanding. You are nothing but a fucked up bitch and if you cause me any more grief I will out you to the world. I will out you as the cock teasing bitch you are. And that’s not a threat. It’s a promise!"

I was talking like I meant it. I did mean it. I tossed back the second shot, trying to act totally macho. I took a swig right from the bottle, stood up and walked over to Trish.

I grabbed her by her hair and half walked, half dragged her to the bedroom. Trish looked wild eyed with fear. She was looking at me like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I felt that sense of power again. I knew that Trish was mine to dominate. She did try to talk, once. At the first sound from her lips, I slapped them. God, what was I doing? I had never hit a woman in my life. It felt horrible. It felt awesome. It felt like power. It felt like sex; dark and very dangerous sex. I was far over the edge. My head was somewhere it had never been before. Trish had taken me there. It was all her fault, I thought, not even believing it myself. Even in my state of mind, I knew I was rationalizing. Fuck it, I thought and fuck her!

I looked at her with cold eyes and hissed, "You can leave whenever you want." She stayed.

I pulled off her clothes, stripping her nude in the full light of the overhead lamp. I walked around her, as if inspecting a prize heifer. Trish was not only silent; she was standing with her eyes closed. I stood behind her and ran my hands over her breasts and down to her vulva, not trying to be gentle in the slightest. I undressed myself and pushed her onto the bed. This wasn't me. It couldn't be me. It was me.

"On your stomach, bitch!" She immediately turned over and lay there. I gazed at her body. It was as I expected, ripe and delicious. God, what was I about to do! How could I even be thinking what I was thinking? How could I go through with it? Who was this guy in my head? I pulled on her hips and she got up onto her knees. I pushed down on her back and she pressed her breasts to the bed.

"Spread!" and she did. I was certain it wasn't me in the room. I was certain it was. I was about to fuck Trish. She was offered a chance to leave, but I knew it was really no chance at all. In her state, she wasn't going anywhere. I didn't even bother with a condom. I just roughly pushed some lube into her vagina and settling in behind her. I entered and fucked Trish.

It wasn’t sex. It was simple emotionless fucking. No, I thought. There was an emotion but it had nothing to do with caring. It was revenge. It was pay back. It was domination. It was awful. Who’s fucking who, I thought.

My penis was as thick and hard as I had ever felt it to be. Maybe thicker, maybe harder and I was lost in my efforts to fuck this cock teasing, bent bitch. Sweet Jesus, it felt so good. Fuck her! Fuck you, Trish! And I hated it. Fuck me, I thought. Who am I? What planet am I on?

So this was fucking. So this was lust with a dark side. I watched as my penis penetrated Trish again and again. Make it last. Make her feel it. Make her pay. My penis was simply a tool to do a job. The job was to make Trish pay.

Fuck you, Trish! I wasn't sure if I was actually saying it. So I said it. "Fuck you, Trish. Fuck you and your games. Fuck you and your misunderstanding! Do you understand that? Fuck you, Trish!"

I was fucking Trish. I was trying to hurt her. I wasn’t trying to injure her vagina. I was trying to fuck her. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I was sure that I was fucking Trish. Just how, I wasn’t so sure. Sweet Jesus, but was I fucked!

I wasn't sure if I was physically hurting her. I thought not. She had fucked before. Her vagina wasn’t what I really wanted to fuck anyway. I thought of that night in the shower, after Trish had humiliated me and forced me to jack off in the shower. I thought of the delight I had felt, imagining giving it to Trish up her ass. Trish's ass was mine and it was right there.

I had never had anal sex. I didn't think to worry if Trish had ever had it. Fuck her! All I knew was that you were supposed to use lots of lube and go slow. Fuck that noise! Trish was going to pay for her crimes. Trish was going to be fucked in her ass. I felt like a God, a God of the old school, punishing mere humans for their transgressions. Trish was about to suffer. Trish was about to find out what fucking is all about. Holy Mary, sweet mother of Jesus, pray for us sinners. I put my penis to Trish's ass and pushed. No go. I pushed harder with no better result. Shit!

"I can help you."

What the fuck? What the God damned fuck? Was she serious?

"Let me help you. I can do that. Let me help you fuck my ass."

Unbelievable! Where was I? Totally unbelievable! This girl was a whack job. Here I was, trying to fuck her in the ass to make her pay and she wants to help me? What planet was she from? What planet was I on? This was too much! I almost started to laugh. Then I did start to laugh. I couldn't help it. If I didn't laugh I would probably cry. I was trying to fuck a girl in her ass for revenge and I actually thought it was a good idea. Trish wasn't the only one in the room who was bent.

"Stop pushing so hard, and for the love of God, use some lube. Let me accept you. Otherwise it won't work."

Mary Joseph and Jesus, she was serious! My father is Catholic. I knew most of his religious profanity. Trish was actually going to let me into her ass! Fuck me! This was something new. This was definitely something new. This was definitely something wrong. I didn’t care. Or, did I? Fuck it!

I did what I was told. I put a lot of lube on her ass and on me. "Finger my ass. Get some lube in there."

Jesus H Christ, she wanted it. I was lost in the anticipation. "Now, use two fingers. I need to be stretched a bit. Go slow and keep using the lube."

Too bloody right! I had never worked a girl's ass before, but it seemed to make sense. I continued to do as I was told. "Okay, now try again and go slow. Press into me but don't push. Let it happen. Just let me accept you."

Oh my fucking God, she was inviting me into her ass. Where was she all of my life? I put my now throbbing penis, my cock, my sex weapon to her lubed and slightly opened ass and just pressed and held it there. She was right. I felt her ass relax slowly and by Christ, in I went. Holy shit, I was in her ass. I was in her fucking ass! What the fuck do I do now? I had never thought this through.

"Fuck me slowly, gently and let me tell you when to speed it up." I did what I was told. It felt incredible, so tight, so firm, so erotically anal. Trish was not moving at all, letting me stroke in her ass, letting me fuck her in her God Damned ass! This was truly unfucking believable. This was better than fucking. Holy shit! If it wasn’t fucking, what was it? I was lost and I knew it.

Before, I couldn't make it happen. And now with this bent bitch's help, I was fucking her ass! I knew this was going to end with another one of those orgasms, the kind that almost hurt. I was going to come in Trish's ass.

"Okay, now pick it up just a bit. Fuck me a little harder. Feel my ass. Fuck my ass."

This girl was either the best fuck on the planet or she was on something the rest of us didn't know about. Please God, let it be both. Maybe I wasn't an atheist. Maybe there was a God, a God of sex and carnal knowledge. Trish was the High Priestess. What, then was I? If not a priest of this Pagan church, I was its newest recruit. Where was this stuff coming from? It was coming from my own head. It must have been there all along, just needing someone like Trish to set it free.

I was wondering how much more I could take. My penis was stroking in Trish's tight, hot ass and I was close to coming. Trish could tell. "Do you really want to fuck my ass? I don’t think so! I was getting better ass fucks when I was in elementary school."

She actually said it. Mother of God, she said it. Okay, bitch, try this. I was a big guy. I was fit. I was strong. I was suddenly furious. I was going to fuck this bitch in her ass. Good god, but I was! She was still on her knees. I pushed her down, flat to the bed. I followed her, my penis never leaving her ass.

I was on top now. I was going to stay there. I was lying on her, my penis still deep in her ass and I started to fuck. I had seen this type of fucking in a porn video. I was going to fuck Trish in her ass big time. Thoughts of orgasm were gone, replaced by thoughts of fucking this bitch in her ass. I was going cold. I was going deep into a place I had never been before. Two places, Trish's ass and my own head. I really, really wanted to make this bitch pay. It was show time.

God knows how I did it but I pounded into her ass for all I was worth and kept it up for minutes. Maybe hours, perhaps only seconds. I couldn't tell. My whole existence was my penis, my cock, pummeling Trish's ass. Not sex. Not domination. Rage, I thought. That was it. I hated this bitch and I didn't want to come. All I wanted to do was fuck. All I wanted to do was hate. I have no idea how long I kept going. It was longer than I had ever thought possible.

Trish was not silent now. She was making noises. Quietly, but audible, she was making noises. Not moans, not groans and not gasps. What the fuck was she doing? Then it came to me. She was laughing! Fuck me, she was gently laughing!

It was a strange kind of laughter, part sighs, part song, but laughter. I was unable to stop my fucking and she knew it. I was pounding her ass and for all she cared, she was laughing. It took a second or two but I figured it out. She wasn't laughing at me. She was laughing at the world. She was laughing at the world of love, of hope, of pleasure, of ecstasy. She was laughing at my affection for Kris. She was laughing at my fantasies. God, but how I hated this Bitch. Bitch with a capital B. She was bent. I knew that now. I was bent. She had done this to me. That was what she was laughing at. I was not the guy I thought I was. I was the guy she knew I was; bent. I tried not to come, but it was not an option.

Sweet Jesus, I felt the rush coming. I felt myself melting. I was pouring off sweat. I lost control. I felt my body and my soul starting to pour out of my penis and into Trish's ass. It felt like I was shooting molten metal out of my penis. She knew I was coming. She gripped me with her ass and held me as I had held her head that day. I couldn't move. I didn't want to move.

Oh fuck! Allah be merciful. I came in Trish's ass.

I think I came for a minute, an hour, perhaps a decade. Trish wasn't laughing now. She didn't have to. The climax was so hard it hurt. I actually felt a type of pain I had never felt before. I shuddered and groaned as I felt myself squirting great pulses into Trish's ass. My penis was so tightly wrapped by Trish, it actually hurt for the semen to move out. I thought I was going to burst. I could feel my penis almost explode. It hurt. God, did it ever hurt. It was awesome, unbelievably awesome. Pain never felt this good. I was bent and I knew it was for life. Trish, you have created a monster. No. You simply let it out. I thought I was passing liquid steel into Trish. I wondered if she hurt. Probably not, but I didn’t care. I cared. Fuck this was awful!

I lay on top of Trish, gasping and trying to breathe. I felt like I had been under water, almost dead from lack of air. If this was dark sex, I wanted it. If this was anal, I wanted it. I might take a week to recover, but I wanted it. One shot and I was addicted. I wanted Trish. I think she knew that. What the fuck was I going to do now? Just who was in charge of this game? Trish was. She had been in charge from the beginning. Shit! I thought about the very beginning. Even then, she had been in charge. God, she was good! What had I done to deserve this? And where in hell did she come from? And for the love of God, why was I able to think at a time like this?

We lay there, me on top of her, my spent penis still in her ass, and I slowly came back to reality. I was in the apartment. Trish was underneath me. I had just had my first anal experience. I hurt. My penis was still recovering from the force of the orgasm. I was afraid to look. I was worried about bleeding. Not Trish, but me. I hurt that bad. It was glorious. I was seriously and totally bent. Good. We lay there for a few minutes or was it a day or two?

"Take me home." No problem, I thought, anything for the best fuck on the planet. On the way back, Trish was silent. We ignored each other. We weren’t even in the same car.

Back in my dorm room, I was spent. I was exhausted. I was unable to gather the strength to take a shower. I collapsed onto my bed and slept. I woke up with my clothes still on and with the Mother of all morning erections. I had vague memories of dreams. Dark dreams that involved Kris. Oh my God. Don't let me hurt Kris. I was certain this prayer would not be answered. Shit! I knew I was fucked. I knew Kris was fucked.

That day was hell. I had said to Kris that we would get together that evening. What was I going to do? Pretend that I was still the guy that might have taken her virginity? Pretend I wasn't bent? Pretend that I didn't want to take her anal virginity as well? English Lit class was supreme hell. Kris was as beautiful as the day before, in a dress of all things. I had never seen her in a dress. I was sure no one else had either. None of the women students wore dresses. Miss March had the same difficulties as yesterday and so did I. After class, Kris and I walked back to the residence area of campus.

"Do you think Miss March is going to make a pass at me? She was all over me with her eyes again. “

I waited a few seconds and said, "If she does, what would you do about it?"

"Ken, get real. I would run straight into your arms. You could protect me."

I wasn't so sure anymore. The thought of Miss March making love to Kris as I watched, was an image I had dreamed about. The thought of me entering Miss March as she sucked Kris to orgasm was a fantasy I had played with all during the class hour. In my fantasy, I was entering the ass of Miss March. In my fantasy, after Kris had her orgasm, she watched as I fucked the ass of Miss March. She was encouraging me on, saying to me 'Fuck her. Fuck her in her ass. Do it.'

I was worried. God I was bent and what I really wanted to do was fuck Kris in her ass. God help both of us. Perhaps Miss March could help both of us. What was Trish doing to me? Whatever it was, I wasn't trying to stop it. Poor Kris; she had no idea who I really was.

After dinner, I walked over to Kris's dorm. She was still in the dress. It wasn't a particularly sexy looking dress. In fact it looked like a Sunday school teacher's dress. That made it sexier to me than a thigh high party dress. Kris still looked virginal in that dress. I ached to fuck her while she wore that dress. The thought seemed so natural, so simple and so pure. Pure, I thought. Where did that come from?

"Let's go for a drive. Let's go and get out of here and take a drive down by the river."

I hadn't fucked in the back seat of a car since High School. That's what I wanted to do with Kris. She looked at me and gave a slight smile. On campus, the phrase 'down by the river' was the same as the phrase 'lover's lane'. The river was where you went if you had no other place to go. I had a few choices, but the river was what I wanted. I wanted sex in a car, sex by the river. Sex surrounded by all the other lovers who either had no other place to go or just liked sex by the river. I had only been there once before, two years earlier and the young lady was not really impressed with sex in a car. She wasn't very impressed at all. We didn't get to the fucking stage. She wanted to go back to the campus and she left me high and dry. Not quite a cock tease, but blue balls did result. I was sure Kris wouldn't do that. She didn't.

It really was kind of special. We were pretending to be teenagers. In the back seat of my car, Kris simply straddled me, no clothing was removed, just readjusted and she took my penis into her vagina and looked in my eyes as she moved on me. It was soft and sweet, slow and loving, and then she started to kiss me. She was kissing me like she was not doing anything else. She was necking. That was it, she was pretending that my penis wasn't in her vagina and all she was doing was kissing, lip locking and sucking on my lips and tongue.

Her movements on me slowed and she took a hand and pressed it to her breast. Just like a teenager, sixteen and virginal. I massaged her breast and she moaned a slight moan, as if having her breast touched was the high point of her life. All the while my penis was in her vagina and we both tried to ignore that. Her dress was not undone, her bra was intact, only her panties were a little to the side to allow me in her. If someone came along, we were only necking. It was heaven.

I kissed her back, French kissing her tongue, and now had one hand on each breast. Her breasts were like apples; small, firm and round. Her nipples were so erect I could feel them easily through her bra and her dress. I reached behind her and unzipped the top of her dress. She let her arms out of the dress and now only her bra was between her nipples and my mouth. She arched back, offering me those nipples and I leaned down and forward to kiss them and breathe warm air onto her breasts. She undid her bra and I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked. She shuddered as if it was being done to her for the very first time. I slowly sucked all over her breast and she started to move on me in a very purposeful way. I switched to her other breast, holding it with both hands and taking as much into my mouth as I could.

I was massaging her breast with my mouth and she was moaning louder now, moving on me, moving her clitoris against my pubic bone, screwing me. I was watching her face and her eyes as she started to come for me, screwing down on me, her dress now down around her waist. She held her head with both hands, tilting it back, thrusting out her breasts and I felt her coming around my penis. My God she was screwing me! As she came I felt a surge of semen gushing into her vagina. My God, no condom! We were like teenagers! I came and came and felt my warm semen flowing down and out of her vagina, helped along by her vaginal contractions which felt like an angel's kiss around my penis.

Kris stayed that way, her hands to her head, her eyes closed, looking like a fifties sex goddess, my pants soaking up the wet cum. I was in heaven. Kris was a dream come true. If I was her first, and I thought I was, she had obviously done a little homework on her own. Maybe I was just her first guy. She was a natural lover and she was my lover. I thought I was falling in love. I was certainly falling. She came back to earth, smiled and started to rearrange her clothing. In seconds, her bra was on, her dress was back up and she smiled like a school girl. My penis was still in her vagina. She glanced down and made a slight "oops" sound. She moved off of me and saw my semen covered pants. "Oops" again.

God, she was sweet. "Sorry about the mess. I hope you don't mind." I could have married her right there.

We talked as I drove back to the campus. We talked as if we had not just had sex. We talked like we had just gone for a walk. It was so good. I was not the guy I had been the night before. Perhaps that guy was just passing through. Perhaps I was simply going out of my mind. What was it called, denial? The other guy was not just passing through. Poor Kris, I really felt sorry for her, for what she might see, might be forced to do. Poor Kris, I thought. There was no way she could emerge unscathed.

After I dropped Kris off at her dorm and gave her a simple goodnight kiss, I went back to own room, closed and locked the door. I lay down and tried to take a look at what was happening in my life. I was certain that Trish had lied from the beginning. I was certain had lied about her so called friend, about the misunderstanding and especially about her pretence at being so sorry. She had set out to fuck with my head and she had succeeded. There likely was no so called friend. It was all a set up. Why she picked me was a mystery. She must have had a reason. Had I been unknowingly been giving some kind of signal that only she was picking up? Was she psychic as well as bent? Did she pick me at random?

I was calm as I thought it over. Not a trace of anger, not a shred of tension was there. I was simply wondering how I had gone from decent guy to anal fucker wannabe in such a short time. I really didn't feel any concern over the two extremes. One was simply not the other. Trish had either planted something in my brain or it was always there and somehow Trish knew it. It really wasn't a difficult call to make. It was always there. Underneath my decent guy façade was a guy who had always been there. I didn't even seem concerned at the new knowledge. It was me. Why fight it?

That night I slept well, and woke up feeling just fine. No dark dreams. No Mother of all morning erection, just the usual one. I got out of bed and went about my day. Kris. It wasn't poor Kris anymore, just Kris. She could always leave at any time. I hoped she wouldn't but she had the option.

The day went by and I had no concerns anymore. If I kept my two lives separate, I would be happy. Kris was my girlfriend now. We had talked about it, after the river. Trish would never be my girlfriend. I wasn't sure what to call her or even what to think of her as; what to label her as. This was so new to me. I sensed a certain unease because Trish new about Kris. I didn't think that Kris had a clue about Trish. This was something that Trish could hold over me. So be it.

I felt that it wasn't worth worrying about. If Kris found out about Trish and the things we had been doing together to each other, then she found out. Maybe I would tell her and remove the threat. Maybe I would tell Kris and not let Trish in on it. If Trish wanted to try to use some emotional blackmail, when she really had none, it might be interesting. I was definitely not the same guy I was. I was starting to think like Trish. It wasn’t a good feeling.

I let myself think about a threesome with my two new women. It would be interesting. I then remembered that I had never been in a threesome. No problem because until the other day, I had never fucked a girl in the ass. One day's fantasy turns into the next day's reality. If I didn't have a threesome with Kris being part of it, I'm sure Trish could help me out and bring a third. I was certain of that. It was time to go to hockey practice. Sweat a little. Take a few shots. That hadn't changed.

After supper, I really had to get away to the library. I had fallen behind in a few courses. Go figure. I sat at a study desk and was soon working on an essay about Wuthering Heights, the only novel written by Emily Bronte. I allowed a moment of fantasy about myself and Miss March. Then I got into the essay. After about an hour, I was well into a first draft. I could see the end of what I was going with it and was pleased at the spin I was putting on the novel. Miss March would be reading the finished essay in a few days. Kris was walking up to me. She had the same essay assignment to finish.

"How's it going?" she asked. Kris was dressed in her more usual, unflattering style. That was okay. I now knew what she was hiding. You weren't supposed to eat in the library. I took a small apple from my backpack and looking at Kris, took a slow, sensuous, erotic bite. She giggled and leaned over to give me a kiss. She then guided my hand, with the apple to her own mouth, and looking at me, took a very slow and deliberate bite, all the while focusing on my eyes. If I was her first lover I was amazed at how fast she was becoming so damn erotic. I couldn't be her first. Again, I thought 'first guy, perhaps'. The thought of Kris playing the teenaged schoolgirl with another woman was divine. In the past I hadn't really had any gay women fantasies. Not that I had a problem with gay women. They certainly didn't seem to have a problem with me. Miss March was a leading contender for Kris's secret lover. Trish very well may have been on to something.

"Leave me alone, woman, can't you see I'm busy?"

Kris giggled again and glancing down at me, didn't fail to notice the effect she was looking for. My penis was visibly pressing out at my jeans. She winked, like a small child would do and said, "Yes, very busy."Then she walked away.

She definitely wasn't the same woman she was earlier in the year. Inside her shapeless pants, I could see a swing to her hips that was not there before. She was wearing sneakers, but somehow managed to look like she was in heels. Damn! It took a few minutes to back into my essay.

After I had finished the rough draft, I got up and stretched. I needed a break. I wandered around the library looking for Kris. She was up one level and also deep into her essay of the same novel. She was sitting at a large study table with two other students, both young women I didn't recognize. Kris was facing away from me and didn't see me approaching her. For a big guy, I could move silently. I walked up behind her, leaned down and ran my parted lips down her neck. She froze and the two other women looked at me in amazement. Then Kris softened, reached up behind her head with one hand and held me to her neck. The stretch of her arm made her breast on that side stand out and I swore she ran her other hand over it. The two young women were open eyed with wonder. I could see both pairs of their eyes glued to Kris's breast.

"Go away Ken. Can't you see I'm busy?"

I couldn't take my eyes off the two women, still open eyed at the display of public eroticism. They both looked at me and I smiled. "Yes, very busy." I walked away.

Giving my neck and shoulders a good stretch was the best show I could come up with for the two spectators. This was the library. You weren't supposed to have sex in the library. It was something to think about, though.

I worked at polishing up my essay and when I thought I had enough accomplished for one night, I packed up my things and went up to look for Kris. She wasn't there. The two other young women were. I walked up to the table and just raised my eyebrows and glanced around. They both seemed to be blushing. "She left," one of them murmured.

I walked back to my dorm and put my things in my room. Ten o'clock. I thought that I should hit the gym, work out for a while and call it a night. I grabbed my gym bag and headed over to the Gymnasium fitness centre. I changed and went into my usual warm up and stretch routine. Even at this time of night there was usually a crowd of fitness buffs. I always made a point of concentrating on my routine and not paying much attention to the other students. My headphones were in and I got to it.

Tonight was power training. I went to the weight benches and started to pump iron. I had done this routine so many times it was like an old friend. Pump, fast and hard, going over the muscle groups. Twenty reps at about eighty percent max power, then around again, five slow reps at full power. About an hour later, as I was finishing my last group I was sweating buckets and breathing hard. I sat up and ran my towel over my face. The bench seat was soaked. I toweled it off and headed for the men's locker room. Trish was looking at me.

She was also in sweats, her hair back and her face flushed and moist. She had been there working out and I hadn't noticed. Was it two nights ago we last seen each other or was it three? I was lost. She was just standing there, panting a bit from her own workout and her breasts were moving with her chest. Staring at me, she looked hungry and I was feeling like I was to be her next meal. She glanced down at the floor as if thinking, than looked at me again, with her eyebrows up and her head slightly tilted. Her body language was clear. 'Well?' she was asking.

A slight nod of my head, likely imperceptible to anyone casually looking was my answer. 'Yes.'

She flicked her eyes to the back door. 'Meet me there' and she walked to the door and out. I waited just a few seconds, as if to not let anyone know what I was up to and then walked outside. It was dark, but the lights of the campus made it easy to see. She pinned me to the wall and kissed me with open wet lips. She was stronger than I had given her credit for. The cool night air was barely able to carry away the heat of her body against mine. We were both in a lather, real and emotional. I spun her around, pinning her and went for her neck. Her head tilted back and one hand was inside my sweats, under my shorts. She massaged my penis and it was swelling fast. I slipped a hand down her sweats, under her panties and felt wet, wet warmth. I felt sweat and lubrication. One finger slipped into her vagina which felt like a furnace. She smelled of sweat, a trace of perfume and sex. It was intoxicating, a narcotic going straight to my brain. My penis was throbbing in her hand. My own sweat was like a lubricant and she worked my penis as she pushed herself against my hand. Her clitoris was swollen, wet and firm. As I worked a second finger into her, I used my palm to rub her clit and she started to take short gasping breathes. She was starting to come. We were only thirty seconds into this and she was coming. So was I. The door started to open. I slammed it shut, hard. 'Stay away!' was my mental scream. Someone got the message. Trish's eyes were wide and they were rolling.

"Shit, shit, shit," She was about to go off. She did. Her whole body seemed to contract and I could feel her legs squeezing and twisting together, almost breaking my fingers. Semen was pouring onto her hand as I came seconds later. We both were rocking into each other with the efforts. It was a genuine knee trembler. I almost lost it, trying not to howl. I was biting my lip to stay quiet.

It was the fastest, purest sex I had ever had. No emotion other than lust. No words, no promises, no call me tomorrow, just lust, moisture and climax. One minute for everything, tops. More like forty-five seconds. Before I knew it, Trish was back inside the door. She had simply walked a step, opened the door and was gone. Only then did I look around, sheepishly realizing I was on full public display. I saw no one. I leaned back against the wall, and let my breathing slow. I was flushed and was panting, just like I had finished a serious workout. About thirty seconds later the door opened and out stepped a couple of guys I knew vaguely.

"Good workout?"

"Yeah....good." I was sure they were in the dark as to the true cause of my condition.

"Saw the game on Saturday. You were flying, buddy...flying."

"Yeah, it was a tough one."

"G' night"

"Yeah, g' night"

This was absolutely out of control and there really didn't seem to be anything I wanted to do about that. My own mother wouldn't recognize me. I went back in to hit the shower. Trish and I needed to talk but I couldn't even begin to think of what I wanted to say. I walked slowly back to my dorm, thinking but not understanding. I crawled into bed and just let my mind slowly shut down. It took a long time.

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