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Nicole and the Professor

A teacher and student finally surrender to their mutual attraction
Damn it! thought Nicole, as she hurried across campus. “I don’t want to be late on the first day,” she mumbled under her breath. I have to stop talking to myself, she thought. I guess the real problem is if I start answering myself. She almost giggled at that last thought as she looked at her watch again. “Shit!” This time it was out loud and the couple sitting under the oak looked up from their make out session for a moment, then went right back to tongue wrestling and groping each other. Nicole was a bit envious. No time for that, she thought, just hurry!

She tried to slide into the classroom unnoticed, but was not successful.

“Hello, who have we here?” The tall and slightly graying at the temples man in the khakis and button down shirt stopped his gesture at the board and looked in her direction.

“Sorry.” Nicole quickly looked for an empty seat in the back, but there were none.

“Well, I see there is a seat right up front, come down here and get settled so we can continue.”

Nicole felt all eyes on her as she hurried to the vacant seat. She hated attention. She was shy, painfully so. She could not remember when she was not this way. Always in the background, she was never the center of attention.

In high school, she would be the girl you knew of, but could never remember her name. She was slim and a bit drab in high school, nothing to write home about as the saying goes. But that changed during the summer before college. 

She started running. Her legs developed muscles that were either never there or were on vacation before. Now they flexed and gave her legs a sexy and lean look whenever she moved. Hours in the sun had resulted in a healthy attractive glow to her skin. But that was not all that developed. Barely a “B” cup just last spring, she was now a buxom “C”.

In all reality, the stares she was getting as she moved to her seat were not ridicule, but leering by the guys and a bit of green eyed jealousy from the girls. She was beautiful and everyone in the room knew it, except Nicole.

My god, who is this girl? The thought went through Scott’s brain as he began to embarrass the late arrival. But instead of the usual sarcastic comments meant to assure that the offender would never be late to his class again, he found himself smiling and finding her a seat in the front row. What am I doing? Get a grip, she is just a pretty face, the campus is crawling with them. But something about her shy demeanor intrigued him. Most girls who looked like that strutted around like the world owed them. They could get anything they wanted by batting an eye and showing some skin. But this girl was different, almost as if she did not know she was beautiful. He returned to his lecture and tried to collect his thoughts. He felt a stir in his khakis and tried to ignore it.

Wow, he is really good looking, for an older guy. Nicole tried in vain to concentrate on the content of the lecture, but the only thing she heard was the sounds that all adults made on every Peanuts special she ever saw growing up. At the end of the class, Nicole looked at her notes. Scribbles filled the page. Not one line of intelligent thought was on her paper. She sighed. This was going to be a long semester.

Ahhhh, there she is, thought Scott. Nicole is her name. He was checking after class as he had to know the name of this girl that intrigued him so. I might have to keep my eye on her. His khakis twitched again, but he ignored it.

Every day, the two of them played out a little ritual. Nicole would get to class early, to get a seat up front. She found herself dressing a little more provocatively in the hopes that he would notice her. He would direct his jokes and puns at her and smile, hoping for the faintest reaction. A shy smile from her would be his reward, as they still had not spoken. Then one day Scott asked her to stay after class.

“Nicole, right?”

“Yes professor.”

“I noticed how well you are doing in my class. I was wondering if you might be interested in some extra cash?”

“What do you mean?” Nicole looked at her feet as she still had trouble looking him in the eye.

“Oh the university allows me to hire a tutor for the class to help some of the slower students and make sure that they pass the course. You have such a good grasp on the material, I was wondering if you would be interested?”

“Sure.” Nicole could use the money and it might mean more time near him, she thought.

“Great. You will have to check in with me after each class and then once a week go over their progress for about an hour outside of class. Is that okay with you?”

Nicole swallowed hard. “Yes, no problem.”

“Great, we will start immediately.”

Nicole and Scott were soon spending quite a bit of time together. She was always very demure, as she still did not realize what effect she had on the male population. Scott was always professional, even though he could feel himself being drawn to her.

She is so clever and funny. She doesn’t even know how charming she really is, Scott thought, as she made another witty comment during their weekly discussions. And she smells so damn good. Stop it, she is your student and is off limits. His khakis twinged again. He tried to ignore it, but these twinges were becoming more and more frequent. And they almost always occurred when Nicole was near.

God he is so damn good looking, Nicole thought, as she tried to give Scott an update on her latest tutoring student. Why can’t I think straight, he must think I’m an idiot. She absently pushed an errant lock of hair behind her ear. It was a habit she had when she was nervous. And she was very nervous. Whenever she was around him, all she could think about was his hands on her. She felt herself getting wet as these thoughts raced through her mind. What had she just said? He was laughing, so maybe it was a joke? She honestly could not recall it, so she just smiled and moved on with her report. God, I’m losing my mind, she thought. She knocked her stack of papers to the floor and quickly bent to retrieve them.

“Here, let me help.” Scott quickly bent to gather the scattered papers.

“That’s ok, I got it.” Nicole looked up and was suddenly face to face with Scott. Their faces were literally inches apart. Oh my God, what do I do know? God he is so handsome. I love his aftershave, a hint of musk? These thoughts raced through her mind in the split second that their eyes met.

Wow, I could get lost in those eyes. I want to kiss her. Then just kiss her stupid! Scott was having a conversation with himself. The responsible part of him wanted to just get up and continue, as it would be improper to make any moves on Nicole. The part of him that made his khakis twinge wanted to take her face in his hands and kiss her supple lips. Responsibility won out this time. He finally broke eye contact and stood up with a few of the papers in his hand. “Here you go,” he mumbled. She reached out and accepted the papers.

All Nicole could think about for the next few days was the way he looked at her in that brief moment. Lying on her dorm bed, she looked over at Denise, her roommate and said, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure thing, ask away. Is it about sex? Or is it something boring…” Denise had sex on the brain. She didn’t have a steady boyfriend. No, Denise did not like to settle on just one guy. There was too much variety on campus for that. She changed guys so often that Nicole could not keep track. Denise did not have any problem attracting male suitors. Some people might call her a slut. Others would just call and hope she would answer.

“Well, you know that professor I told you about?”

“You mean the hot one with the smoldering eyes? I think I remember you mentioning him once or twice…” Denise gave Nicole a smirk that made her blush.

“Yes, him. Well, the other day we were picking up papers and…”

“Boring! No sex. I’m losing interest fast…haha!” Denise was always teasing Nicole, but she was her best friend so Nicole always gave her a long leash.

“Let me finish please. When I looked up, we were face to face. Like inches away from each other. I thought…”


“Do you think he wanted to kiss me?”

“Nicole, you are a hot piece of ass. I keep telling you that you are not the little twig you were in high school. Look at those tits! If I were lesbian at all, I would jump you while you were sleeping and suck those nipples all night!” Denise laughed and made a motion to jump at Nicole.

Nicole was going to just brush off her comments as those of a best friend trying to pump up her confidence. But then she went to the mirror in the bathroom and took another look at herself. Maybe she was not so plain after all, she thought. She tried to be objective. Denise followed her and came up behind her. Looking over her shoulder she said, “See what I mean? Look at yourself. You’re hot!” Nicole cupped her breasts, noting that they had gotten larger and looked kind of okay. Her skin had a nice tan. Maybe Scott could be interested in someone like her. Oh, who was she kidding. He could get any girl on campus. What would he want with her?

You have to be kidding me, thought Nicole. It was the last day of the semester. She was hurrying across campus when the skies opened up and the downpour began. Soon she was soaked to the skin and shivering. She ducked into the nearest building without even noticing which one it was. Looking down the nearly deserted hall, she realized the building was the one with Scott’s office in it. Great, she thought. I look like a drowned rat. Maybe I can wait out this storm and get back to my dorm room without running into him. She found a chair in an alcove and sat down to wait for the rain to subside.

“Ahem. No umbrella?”

Startled, Nicole looked up. She must have nodded off. Scott’s face came into focus, with a sexy little smirk on his lips. God he looked good. Oh my God, I must be a sight.

“Follow me. You look like something that washed up in a storm. I have some towels in my office. We can get you dry before you catch something. Can’t have you getting sick during break now can we?” He grabbed her hand and started to tow her towards his office before she could resist.

Once inside his office, Scott retrieved the towels and handed them to a grateful Nicole. He took a look at her. Her white blouse was plastered to her body, showing off every curve of her full breasts. Water dripped from her nose and her hair was wet and hung down to her shoulders. He had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. This time, the other side of his own internal war won the debate. He stepped closer to her and began to dry her with one of the remaining towels.

Nicole tried to avoid eye contact but could not help herself. When she looked up, they were face to face again. God I hope he kisses me, she thought. Please just kiss me damn it!

I want to kiss her. I shouldn’t, but I want to, Scott thought. His responsible side put up one final argument for why it was a bad idea, but his khakis twitched again and it was no use. He reached out and touched her face. She shivered, but did not move away.

Taking this as a good sign, Scott reached out his other hand and placed it under her chin. With a motion that seemed to take forever, like in the movies when time slows and the sappy music plays, he pulled her to him. Their lips met. The kiss began softly with a certain amount of hesitation. Tongues soon became involved as they explored each other’s mouths with a desire that had been building for weeks.

God, what am I doing? The thought raced through Nicole’s mind as his strong hands caressed her back, following her curves down to her ass. Without breaking their kiss, her buttons were soon undone and the bra followed suit. Her breasts were now in full view and Scott broke the kiss to take it in. Amazing, he thought. Each globe was perfectly shaped with the defiance of gravity that only comes with youth. His hands cupped each one. Squeezing slightly Scott gently began massaging them, reveling in their suppleness.

Nicole bit her lip as he tugged and pulled on each nipple. Her nipples responded to the long overdue attention by swelling until they were like erasers on the first day of class. Scott took one then the other in his mouth, sucking and biting each until Nicole was moaning and thrashing her head from side to side. His tongue traced a path down her smooth belly towards her pussy.

Nicole reached down and helped him slide the already wet shorts off her hips. A small patch of blonde hair led the way to a smooth pair of lips that were already wet with Nicole’s juices, which had been flowing since the first kiss. He slipped one finger inside her. She let out a sigh. He slid his finger in to the second knuckle and she let out a groan. She literally growled when his finger bottomed out and started a slow fucking of her sopping wet pussy. Nicole thrust her hips in time to Scott’s thrusts.

“Oh my god that feels sooo good!” Nicole leaned back on his desk, shoving a pile of papers out of the way. They slid across the desk and landed on the floor. A growl rumbled deep in Scott’s throat as he knelt in front of Nicole, never breaking his rhythm. His tongue flicked out and brushed her clit. Two, three, four times the tip found her clit. It began to swell at the attention and Nicole was breathing erratically now. A second and then a third finger were inserted to join the other and Nicole’s hips began to buck wildly. Using his other hand to grab her ass, Scott kept his tongue on her clit.

“Fuck! Don’t stop, I want to cum!” Nicole grabbed Scott’s head with both hands ground her pussy on his face. She needed to cum so badly. The ache was starting at her toes and made it way up her entire body. It felt like an itch you just can’t scratch or a sneeze that is almost there. Scott sucked her clit into his mouth and took it between his teeth. He bit down. Nicole’s body tensed as the climax she so desired washed over her body. “God I’m cumming!”

Scott hungrily lapped at Nicole’s pussy as her juices flooded his mouth. Sweet and just a bit salty, he relished the taste and swallowed furiously in a vain attempt to catch all of it. The overflow ran down his cheeks and dripped from his chin.

“That was amazing profess…err, I mean…do I call you Scott?”

Looking up with her juices running down his chin and covering his face, he smiled and said, “Well I think we can dispense with the formalities at this point, don’t you?”

Her reply was to kiss him. She tasted herself on his lips and decided it wasn’t bad. She kind of tasted good, she thought to herself. She had never tasted herself before, so she was a bit surprised. It was her turn to kneel now. She tugged at his belt and pulled at his zipper.

“Hey, slow down. Let me give you a hand.” Scott finished unbuckling his belt and Nicole pulled his zipper down and yanked his pants to his knees. His boxers followed and his cock sprung up and hung right in front of her lips. She could see the head, purple and swollen with pre cum leaking at the tip. She had never been this aggressive with a guy in her life, but it just seemed natural. Scott had unleashed her inner sexual tiger and he was now going to reap the benefits. She licked the head of his cock, making it twitch. Smiling, she took the entire head into her mouth.

“God that feels good! I have wanted you to do that since the first day you walked into my class, late I may…” At that point Nicole swirled her tongue around his head and ran her teeth ever so gently over the base of the head. This stopped his musings at once. No sarcasm escaped his lips, only a groan of pleasure. Nicole smiled as she continued her sucking, knowing that it was not often that the professor was at a loss for words. She kept up a steady rhythm, gradually taking more and more of his nine inches into her mouth.

After several minutes she had managed to take all of him into her mouth and throat. She gagged at first, but then was able to relax as the head of his rigid cock entered the back of her throat. She thought back to those ridiculous sessions with Denise where she insisted they practice on bananas to learn to deep throat. Nicole doubted she would ever do such a thing, but it made Denise happy and Denise always got what she wanted.

Scott looked down at Nicole. She slid his cock all the way into her mouth and made little slurping and sucking noises. He was mesmerized by the sight of his manhood going in and out of her perfect lips. He could not believe he was here getting his cock sucked by the girl he had thought about so many times in the shower. He marveled at how perfect her ass looked as she knelt in front of him.

He wanted to make this last as long as possible, but Nicole’s rhythmic sucking and tongue twirling was bringing him to the brink. He felt that familiar tightening in his balls, as his cum begged to be released. “If you keep this up, I’m gonna cum!” Scott managed to gasp. Nicole looked up and met his eyes and simply nodded.

“Fuck!” Scott grunted as his hot cum shot straight down her throat. Nicole swallowed as fast as she could, but some escaped and dribbled down her chin. When his orgasm subsided, Scott reached down and pulled her up to his. He pointed to her chin and then to his own and said, “I guess we both failed to get it all. B-.“

“No, professor, I disagree. That was A work. Great technique, thoughtful use of hand gestures, an obvious delight in the work required. The small overspill is only a minor deduction. The bonus points for effort more than make up for it. A.”

Scott smiled to himself. God, beautiful, funny and she can suck a golf ball through ten feet of garden hose. I think I am in love!

Nicole looked up at Scott and said, “What now?”

Scott took her in his arms and picked her up. He walked back to the door and locked it. Better late than never he thought to himself. That would have been some show if a student or worse a staff member had walked in on them. He then carried her back to his desk and laid her on top. The remaining items were unceremoniously sent crashing to the floor to join the stack of papers.

“Now I am going to fuck you. Hard, with purpose and in the manner in which you deserve young lady! If you have no objections, that is…” He smirked at her with the cat with a mouthful of canary look that had most of the freshman girls damp whenever they saw it.

“I can’t think of any objections at the moment, professor.”

His hardening cock was all the answer she needed. He climbed up and spread her legs wide. He pushed her knees almost to her shoulders, which opened her already wet pussy to his need. He rubbed the head of his cock along her lips, teasing her until she moaned and said, “Damn it Scott, fuck me now!” Oh my God, where had she gotten the balls to say that? She thought to herself. A few days ago I couldn’t look him in the eye and now I am demanding he fuck me? Who am I? I don’t really care, I like this new Nicole, she thought.

That thought was interrupted by Scott’s nine inches of cock plunging into her pussy in one long thrust. She grunted and a quick wave of pain was followed by a feeling of fullness she had never experienced. The few guys she had let fuck her were mere boys. Scott was a man and god he knew how to fuck. He began a slow rhythm. Her hips rose to meet his thrusts.

“God you are soo tight,” Scott murmured into her ear as he plunged his cock in her pussy to the hilt and then pulled almost all the way out. Nicole reached out and pulled him into her closer, her nails raking along his upper back. She wrapped her ankles around his waist and pulled him in deeper. The many months of running had made her legs very strong and resulted in a pleasant surprise to Scott.

He responded by increasing his tempo. He nuzzled her ear and kissed her neck as he continued his assault on her pussy. Even though he had just cum and it usually resulted in a longer repeat performance, he again felt his balls tighten. He growled and grunted, filling her pussy with a final thrust. Nicole clutched him to her body as she felt his orgasm.

As his orgasm subsided, Nicole again looked into his eyes and said, “What now?”

Scott smirked at her and replied, “I think I know where you are spending semester break.”

She giggled and pulled him down, kissing his lips again.

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