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Joanna gets a surprise.
It was a hazy summer night. In some ways, Joanna felt hazy too. That would of course have had something to do with her bachelorette party she was heading home from. It was past four in the morning but she still felt so alive. Everything seemed so much more beautiful when she’d been drinking. The sun had begun to rise but the temperature was still at that breezy night time coolness; the dewy freshness of dawn before another day of scorching sun. The thin material of her short skirt skimmed her thighs as she crossed the deserted road two blocks from her apartment. 

Her friends, Carla and Mollie had organised the party and they’d gone all out, starting with a Kings of Leon concert at the M.E.N. before falling in and out of numerous nightclubs. They’d all had too much to drink but hey, it was a bachelorette party, right? Joanna smiled to herself as she remembered her four bridesmaids making out with complete strangers under the strobe lights of the last club. It seemed so free and spontaneous but she hadn’t been tempted to follow suit. After all, she was marrying Mark and he was everything she wanted in a fiancé. It wasn’t worth it to jeopardise their relationship for a quick tryst with a stranger. Her connection with Mark was deep and meaningful and went far beyond physicality and sex.

Still though, Joanna hadn’t been able to help her carnal reaction as she watched her friends grinding against the guys they’d met on the dance floor. It turned her on and she’d wished Mark had been there so they could have snuck out to the toilets for some intense sex. Instead though, she’d had to move to the pulsing beats alone, trying to ignore the aching neediness inside her and the heat pooling between her legs. By the time they’d got out of the club, she was buzzed from margaritas and desperate to get home. She didn’t even know if Mark would be there – he was meant to be out at his bachelor party with the guys – but if all else failed, she could still relieve some of her tension with her favourite vibrator.

Mollie had gone home with a guy she’d been practically fucking on the dance floor and Joanna’s other three bridesmaids had bailed on her with lame excuses. Not that she minded. They were probably feeling as horny as she was and besides, she was glad to be alone. Her mind still thudded with the mix of beats from the club and Sex on Fire was playing on a continuous loop in her head, the sound jumbling together with Supersoaker and making her feel woozy.

She knew she should have taken a taxi home but there was something she loved so much about the city at night. She was used to the hustle and bustle of daytime; the commuters and office workers crowding the streets but at dawn it was serene and beautiful. And it was quiet. The lack of cars and trams meant Joanna could actually hear herself think.

Up ahead she could see a garbage truck beginning its rounds and wanting to avoid the stench of rotting waste, she took a quick detour down a public footpath. It wasn’t a route she would have normally taken, even in full sunlight but she was only two minutes from her apartment block and besides, she reasoned, experienced creeps should’ve realised by now that people didn’t use the path.

She couldn’t help hurrying her steps though. It was dark and dingy, flanked by tall brick walls and there was litter lining the footway. For some inexplicable reason, she felt fear crawl across the back of her neck. She kept throwing glances over her shoulder to make sure no one was behind her and for a second she even entertained the thought of going back. But then, as she hurried forward, still looking back, she walked straight into someone. She didn’t even have time to see who it was because without warning they’d pushed her roughly around to face the wall. Joanna’s heart thudded inside her. All of a sudden, the fog of alcohol clouding her mind lifted and was replaced with pure fear.

She felt hands grasp her arms, holding them behind her back and despite her struggles, she couldn’t break free. She felt his weight pressing against her, pushing her into the wall and bizarrely, all she could think of was how dirty the wall must be. His hand wrapped around her wrists, holding them both in place and then she felt his other hand run up her thigh, rough against her silky skin.

“Are you gonna make this hard on yourself?” He asked and his voice was muffled, as if he was speaking through something. “Or are you going to do everything I tell you?”

His arrogance sent a spark of anger flooding through Joanna, suffocating her fear. She kicked out blindly behind her and was rewarded with a muffled grunt as she made contact with what she assumed was his leg.

“I’m not going to do anything you fucking tell me!” She tried to pull her wrists free of his grasp but to no avail. “Leave me alone!”

She kicked at him again and her high heel must have hurt him because his grip around her wrists tightened and she felt him lean against her, crushing her weight against the wall.

“Hard it is then.” He snarled and his hand pressed against the wall next to her head as he fumbled with something behind her. Joanna glared desperately at his hand – all she’d really seen of him and then she really stared, as the realisation struck. On the man’s ring finger was a plain platinum band, the top engraved with the letters J and M. It was the ring Joanna had given to Mark last Christmas, a couple of months before he’d proposed. Piece by piece, the puzzle slowly slotted into place. Joanna’s mind raced. Mark knew her darkest fantasies – the really kinky ones she’d never have shared with anyone else – at the forefront of which was the messed-up fantasy of being raped.

The man behind her, pressing her into the dirty wall was Mark. He usually wore the ring on his other hand but it was there nonetheless, plain and simple. It was Mark. A flood of relief and realisation washed over Joanna, even as she was restrained against the wall. Her lips stretched into a small smile, and it was all she could do not to tell him she’d figured him out. She bit her lip though, and swallowed her excitement. He wanted to play the game, to fulfil her fantasy and she was going to let him. Now that the fear had washed away, she felt the dampness between her legs, soaking through her panties. She couldn’t wait to be taken, here against the wall, by none other than her fiancé.

Mark’s hand moved away from the wall and slipped under her skirt. He hesitated for a second as if surprised by her sudden compliance and Joanna took it as a cue to struggle a little. It didn’t have any effect though as a moment later his fingers had moved past her panties and were pushing into her tight pussy.

“Oh my god,” Joanna moaned softly as Mark’s hand moved roughly, finger-fucking her, his thumb pressed against her swollen clit. She knew she should be pulling away from his probing fingers, continuing with the pretence but she wanted him inside her, fucking her like only he knew how. His fingers slipped out of her pussy then and his hand moved to her front to pull down her top and grope her tits, pinching hard on her erect nipples.

“You fucking love this, don’t you?” he muttered, clearly surprised by her lack of protest.

Joanna just leaned her head back, pushing herself against his hand, her ass pressed against the hard bulge behind her. She felt Mark hesitantly release her wrists, as if content that she wasn’t going to fight anymore and then his hands tugged her skirt up to reveal the round curve of her ass.

His fingers pushed her panties aside and then she heard the hiss of his zipper being pulled down. His spare hand spread roughly across her throat, holding her against him and then in one swift move, he slammed inside her soaked pussy making her cry out loud.

He didn’t pause to let her acclimatize to the feeling but instead began to move, fast and hard, slamming deep inside her pussy with every thrust. One arm wrapped around her waist, holding her tightly against him and the other moved down from her throat to squeeze one of her breasts, tugging at the nipple as he fucked her hard.

Joanna surrendered to the feeling, loving the rough, taboo nature of the fuck. She pushed her ass further backwards, arching her back as she bit back her moans of pure pleasure. Mark always went so deliciously deep and hard and he wasn’t letting her down now, his hard cock slamming deep with every thrust.

She heard his expletive as he came deep inside her, his breathing muffled and raucous. His grip on her loosened and after a moment he slipped out of her, leaving her breathless and panting against the wall. She felt raw and violated but incredibly satisfied and she found herself thanking her lucky stars that Mark was the man she was marrying. He was perfect.

She turned around but by that time he was gone. Joanna smiled to herself as she straightened out her clothes and headed home.


The next day the bridal party were all at Joanna and Mark’s, helping personalise wedding invitations. All of Joanna’s bridesmaids were there, as well as her and Mark’s parents, along with the best man, Jack, and some other friends too.

The sun had come out and they were taking a break from chores to have chilled white wine in the garden, while Mark and his dad tried to barbecue sausages. The result was burnt meat and copious amounts of smoke but nobody really minded – it was one of those days where even the worst news can be laughed off.

Joanna watched Mark with a smile, hoping to talk to him at the earliest opportunity. They hadn’t managed to say more than two words to each other since everyone had been arriving and with the wedding day looming, both of them still had a lot to do. The wedding was more for the family rather than the two of them though. Joanna would have been perfectly content to have just signed the papers at the registry office without a big reception but her mother had been appalled at the very idea.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Joanna jumped as Mark startled her out of her thoughts. She smiled at him.

“Just thinking about your soon to be mother-in-law.”

Mark laughed. “God, don’t remind me! I’ve heard too many horror stories.”

“About my mum?”

He rolled his eyes. “No, about mother-in-laws in general.” He tucked a loose strand of hair behind Joanna’s ear. “What is with you? You seem distracted.”

“Oh, nothing.” Joanna shook her head and took a cooling mouthful of wine. “I was just thinking about…” She lowered her voice. “…last night.”

“Oh?” Mark smiled. “Did you have a good time with the girls?”

Joanna laughed, “No. I mean after, silly.”


Joanna rolled her eyes. “You really think I’m stupid? I saw your ring, genius. But it was a… nice surprise.” She glanced at his hands and then frowned. “Where is your ring?”

Mark still looked confused. “My ring?”

“Yes.” Joanna said patiently. “The ring I gave you. The one you always wear. Where is it?”

“Oh, that ring.” Mark shook his head, looking faintly embarrassed. “The guys made me take it off last night. We went to this strip club and you know – it was a bachelor party, so they were trying to get me some action and - ” His voice tailed off at Joanna’s horrified look. “I didn’t do anything Jo! What do you take me for?”

Joanna tried to make sense of what he was saying. “I know you wouldn’t Mark! But where’s the ring for fuck’s sake?”

Mark looked even more confused by her reaction but he answered nonetheless. “I gave it to Jack. He didn’t want to hook up with anyone so he wore it and pretended he was married whenever a girl asked. I think he was pretty beat you know. He headed home before us all too.” He gazed at Joanna’s aghast expression. “It’s okay, he’s still got it. I’ll get it off him now if it means that much to you.”

Joanna watched in a daze as he crossed the garden to speak to his best man. Jack looked up instinctively as Mark spoke, his eyes meeting Joanna’s as a knowing smile lifted the corner of his mouth. He slipped the ring off and returned it to Mark before they both walked back across the lawn to her.

“You guys are a great couple,” Jack enthused, knocking back his glass of wine. “I’m so happy for you.”

He grinned at Joanna and she couldn’t help the small flutter of excitement in her stomach. Jack was the complete opposite of Mark –blonde where Mark was dark and his eyes were a piercing blue colour. Their personalities too, were on different ends of the spectrum yet both of them carried that natural aura of attractiveness. Joanna had never notice it in Jack before but now she looked at him, and remembered his touch, all the feelings she’d never acknowledged came rushing to the forefront of her mind.

“Aw, cheers man,” Mark clinked his glass against his friend’s. “Isn’t that nice, Jo?”

Joanna swallowed hard before gathering her thoughts. She forced a smile onto her face. “Yeah. Really nice.”

She drained the alcohol in her glass and then Mark took it away for a refill, leaving her alone with Jack.

He smiled at her. “Figured it out, huh? I always knew you were a smart girl.”

Joanna stared at him. “Seriously? What is wrong with you? You’re meant to be Mark’s best friend! I thought you were my friend! We have a wedding in a week!”

“I know.” Jack leaned against the brick wall next to her. “And don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell him.”

Joanna gaped at him. “You’re not gonna tell? What if I tell him?”

“You won’t.” Jack said simply. “You don’t want to break his heart. So you won’t.” He winked at her. “It’ll be our little secret Joanna.”

“I don’t understand,” Joanna tried to figure out why she wasn’t feeling as angry and guilty as she probably should have. “Why would you do this?”

Jack turned to look at her and for the first time she found herself noticing his mouth as his tongue swept across his lower lip. He was far enough away from her to remain appropriate but close enough to give her goose bumps all the way up her bare arms. She drew in a shakily controlled breath and tried to look him in the eye but found she couldn’t. Her eyes swept across the garden, at all her loving family and friends, all of whom had no idea what she’d done.

“Why would I do this?” Jack mused over the question as he undid the top button on his shirt. Joanna’ eyes flicked to the small triangle of chest he uncovered. She’d known him for years – as long as she’d known Mark – and her body had never responded to his masculinity before. One crazy night had changed everything.

“I guess it’s because I always wondered, what it’d be like to fuck you,” Jack said plainly. “All these years, I got curious and obviously, you’re a good girl – you’d never have cheated on Mark – so I… took things into my own hands.”


“And what?” Jack frowned.

Joanna could hardly believe she was asking the question but something that went beyond rationality made her mouth move. “And what was it like? To fuck me?”

A hint of surprise sparkled in Jack’s ocean blue eyes and he laughed, showing a flash of white teeth. “It was… very nice. Very nice indeed. Now I know why Mark’s marrying you. He’d be stupid to let you get away.” His last sentence was said in the same jokey way as the first two but Joanna sensed he sounded slightly rueful.

“Anyway,” he continued, “So we don’t tell anyone, right? This just goes right into the vault and we never mention it again?”

“Okay.” Joanna felt a stab of disappointment.

“Unless,” Jack’s eyes swept shrewdly over her, “Unless you want it to happen again…?”

Joanna shook her head, “No. No. That’d be wrong.”

“Mm-hm.” Jack agreed quickly, “Totally wrong.”

But as he said it, Joanna glimpsed the smirk he tried to hide and she had a funny feeling that this was just the beginning.

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