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Wicked Girl, No Words

I want to belong to him... and him alone.
God, I want him. I want him so badly my nipples were hard even before I even left my apartment.

Up the elevator to his office in one of the glass towers downtown. Short skirt, spiky heels, garter belt - the outfit was his call.


We had met on one of those dating websites another lifetime ago. I was new in town, young and starry-eyed. He was more established, older, ambitious and an idealist. I was hopelessly hooked. Weeks of heated e-mails were exchanged without a photograph on either of our parts — just written confessions of our deepest, darkest desires. His e-mails haunted me during the day - my ears strained to hear the ping that would alert me that his written word had, once again, arrived in my inbox.

When we finally met, it was all the two of us could do to remain civilized in the restaurant. We went back to a B and B in a quiet part of town and took out our wildest and darkest fantasies out on each other. To say we fucked each other’s brains out is an understatement.

The next morning, he went home to his wife.

Years later, I’m married to a wonderful guy and life got in the way - career, family, travel, but some part of me feels empty and I was little curious. So I sent an e-mail to a once familiar e-mail address, not even sure if I would get a reply…

My Naughty Friend,

Are you still here once in a while, playing out your deepest fantasies?

The last few weeks I find myself thinking about our once illicit rendezvous: the warmth of your breath down the side of my neck, the insistent urging of your fingers, the way your eyes light up at my dangled heels. I feel my face flush and my pulse speed up when I think of the time I stroked your cock through your expensive suit at the restaurant.

Please write, and I will do the same.

Breathless with anticipation at your word,


Nothing for a few days. I had thought he moved on. Then…

Well, well....the naughty girl returns. I had thought you were all settled down these days? 

But now am I to understand you're longing for another whipping? You thrusting your beautiful ass invitingly into the air for yet another slap of my hand? Your pussy tingling at the memory, isn't it? And your underarms, are they longing to feel my bite once more? 

Bad, bad, girl. 

Do you miss the wicked things I would whisper into your ear while out in public? Or the time I silently slipped a finger into your eager pussy in the cab and bringing you so close to cumming, only to stop, and making you beg?
Welcome back... 

I nearly came right there at work.


I step out of the elevator and into the darkened, empty office space. I can feel my pussy start to warm, soaking the bits of black lace underneath. The floor-to-ceiling windows here provide a sprawling view of the orange-gridded city down below.

I feel him come up behind me and run a finger teasingly up my spine

“Hello Tickle-Toes,” he whispers in my ear, using a pet name I want desperately to be my own. His hand reaches my neck, and starts to caress me gently, making me sigh and my knees weak.

“No words, wicked girl.”

Anything I had to say at this point was useless anyway.

He roughly grabs my neck and walks me to his office, holding me ahead of him like a trophy. More floor-to-ceiling glass and in the middle of the room, a giant cherry desk that is strangely devoid of all the usual office accoutrements.

He forces me to me knees. I can feel the fabric of his expensive suit against my cheek, and his hard cock underneath that was straining to be freed.

I wrap my lips around his cock and take it deep, deeper, grateful. I love the feeling of his cock in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and making me gag. I can feel it pulse as I suck, it getting harder and harder. With each thrust I can feel it sliding further and further down my throat, until my lips hits the base of his shaft.

“Oh, your pussy is going to get precisely the punishment it deserves,” he hisses. “You will get fucked relentlessly until tears stream down your cheeks and you scream out, but not until I've finished having my way with your throat first, fucking that pretty little face of yours like my own personal fuck slave...”

My reply: a muffled nod.

“Good girl. You know it's not going to be light and girly the way I fuck your face, don't you?”

It is going to be rough and physical, something my body is screaming for. His grip on my hair is tight as he keeps me on my knees in servitude, servicing the cock I now worship. His cock. Only his cock. I want this cock to fuck my pussy raw, then fuck that sweet pucker that is my ass and feel him pump his hot cum into me.

He suddenly pulls me up and shoves me onto the desk, my hard nipples now pressed against the wood underneath the sheer blouse I was told to wear, I feel a rush of cold air as he rips my skirt off.

“I have always lusted for your ass,” he whispers in my ear as I feel the full weight of his body against mine. I let out a whimper -in need, in desire, in submission. He strokes my ass, almost lovingly.

“I’ve always wanted to spread these muscular cheeks with my hands, your ass has always been truly magnificent — hard, tight and toned. Just the sight of it when we meet... "

"It. Makes. Me. Wild.” Each of those last words sends a shiver down my spine. “I am going to fuck your ass hard, my wicked girl, because that's where my cock belongs - in that ass." With that, he shoves his cock in my dripping pussy, coating it with my own wetness and making me moan. Then quickly, without mercy, he shoves himself into my ass.

I let out a scream of desire, the pain, radiating and delicious, slowly giving way to a deep, hypnotic pleasure as it subsides. He fucks me slow and hard, relishing every moment. I can feel his fingers playing with my clit. The silence of this office, the quiet hum of the traffic in the city below is punctuated by my screams, my begging.

He gags me. “NO WORDS.”

One finger enters my dripping pussy, then two, then three…

“Wicked, wicked girl...I love the way your pussy can stretch to fit one more.”

I love this feeling of being filled. Slowly, his fingers are all inside me — slippery as finds my secret spot and starts to caresses it. I hear my own voice — begging, promising...

“Your Pussy, MINE.” He pants as he thrusts.

“Your Ass, MINE.”

“Your mouth, MINE.”

I’m being physically fucked within an inch of my life. He is the only one to make me desire him so thoroughly in my mind that I am ready to give up anything, everything he asked. I wanted to be HIS, and his alone, to do what he wants with.

“Are you ready to cum now, wicked girl?”

I don’t even know what I am begging for- I’ve become a creature of sensation. Nothing else outside of this office, at this moment, matters. My whole world consists of his raging cock and his pleasure.

“Cum for me...CUM hard and deep.”

I see white stars as I cum when he whispers in my ear. Pussy clenching, thrashing, every nerve in my body explodes as I feel him cum in my ass with a shout of satisfaction.

“Good girl.” He breathes in my ear, his voice silky. Satisfied, my whole body shivers again.

“My wicked girl...”

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