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A Conservative Family

A Conservative Family

A Conservative Family

by Woffen



My marriage was in trouble after only 6 months. I come from a conservative family and I was told I should save myself for marriage. It’s not like I didn’t want sex or have desires as a teen but for me it was the right thing to do. I just turned 20 years old and my husband is only 23 but he has a lot of sexual experience. His family was just the opposite of mine and encouraged sex at a young age but he respected my decision and even liked the thought of marrying a virgin. Now 6 months after saying “I do” I was afraid I was going to hear “divorce final”. I didn’t know what to do so I did what any woman would do….I called mom!


Let me tell you about mom before I go on. Mom is a very sexy 44 year old woman. She stands 5’ 2” tall and has been slim all her life. I take after her in that regard. I guess it is in the genes. I have never had to work out much but I was blessed with nice tits and a slim figure just like mom.


“Mom I don’t know what to do. I know Tim has been with a number of women and I just can’t satisfy him. I don’t know how.”


“Sally don’t worry. Mom is here to help.”


“I appreciate your saying that mom but what can you do?”


“First of all you can tell me what Tim has told you he wants you to do.”


“I can’t. It’s too embarrassing mom.”


“Well it seems to me you either tell me or you go home and take your chances. I don’t know how to help if you can’t talk to me about it.”


I sat back on mom’s couch and thought for a minute. What was I going to do? Tell my mom what my husband wants me to do or get divorced because I can’t bring myself to do it.


“OK mom but you have to promise me this will remain between us.”


“Of course dear. Now what does Tim want you to do? And remember you must tell me in the exact way he told you. Don’t worry about the language or what he wants. Believe me I have heard it all!”


After hesitating as long as I thought I could I decided to just come out with it.


“Tim told me he wants me to suck his cock and he wants to lick my pussy and he wants to fuck me in my ass! I can’t believe he wants me to do those things. It doesn’t seem right somehow. I mean I have never done anything like that and I don’t know what to do!”


There I said it. I could feel myself getting red. For some reason I could feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy get wet just saying the words. Mom didn’t act surprised at all. She sat back and smiled as she reached over an stroked my blond hair.


“Do you find those things repulsive?”


“No…I ….I guess not but I’m scared because I don’t know what to do.”


“I told your dad before he passed away that we should have that talk with you but he was insistent that if you wanted to know about sex then you would ask. I guess that was just the part of him being so conservative. Anyway, I guess it’s not too late to teach you what you need to know.”


“What do you mean mom?”


“Honey just because your father and I are considered conservatives doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy sex. Hell, we had sex almost every time you left the house. Your father has fucked me in every room, in every bed and on every table in this place.”


“MOM! Are you saying…”


“Yes dear, even you bed! That was one of your father’s favorite places.”


“I can’t believe what you are telling me!”


“Honey you don’t know the half of it. I guess I kept putting off talking to you about sex because you father was ill for so long and it never seemed to be the right time. The next thing I knew you had met Tim and you decided to get married. I always thought you and Tim were….well you know….already fucking.”


“No mom. We never did. I did what you and dad wanted me to do. I held out until we got married.”


“Oh honey. That was our fault. I should have done something. I’m so sorry.”


“Don’t be mom. Don’t be sorry. I understand. Just help me now. OK? I want to save my marriage.”


“This will not be easy but I will help if you want me too. But this will have to be a crash course. You have a lot to learn if you want to satisfy Tim. Are you willing to do as I tell you and do everything I tell you?”


“Yes mom. Please I will do anything I promise! Just please help me.”


“OK but lets go to the bedroom and call Tim. Tell him you are going to stay the night with me. We have a lot to discuss.”


I looked at mom and wondered why I had to stay the night since it was only noon but everything was in her hands now so I called Tim and told him that mom needed my help and that I would be home sometime tomorrow. Tim seemed OK with that after all it was my mom and I knew he really liked her. The two of them seem to hit it off well the day they met.


“OK mom. I’m ready.”


Mom motioned for me to clime up on her bed so I did. We laid back on the pillows and rolled to face each other.


“Baby what I am about to tell you may shock you but I don’t believe we have much time to ease you into this if your marriage is on the rocks like you say. You told me that Tim has had a lot of sexual experience and you were a virgin when you got married.”


“That’s right. Tim told me all about his sexual past. He even told me that he….. ugh….”


“He what dear?”


“I don’t know if I should tell you mom. Tim told me this in confidence.”


“You can tell me dear. I don’t think Tim will mind.”


“OK but please don’t get mad. Tim told me this is just the way he was raised.”


“I won’t honey. Just tell me the way Tim told you.”


“Tim has had several sexual relations….even with his mother.”


There was a long pause as the confession Tim made to me sunk in with my mother.


“Hmmmmm….That explains a lot.”


“What do you mean mom?”


“Well if Tim was fucking his mother then there can only be two reasons. One, Tim is a very bad person and took advantage of her or two, his mother was teaching him to enjoy sex and how to please a woman.”


“That’s what Tim said. After he turned 18 he was talking to him mom one day and she got him to confess that he was having sex with his girlfriend but he didn’t think he was pleasing her. He said his mom tried to explain to him how to please a woman and after a while started to show him how to please her. He told me that one thing led to another and one night it just seemed to happen. He came in late after a date and was upset because his girlfriend had dumped him because he couldn’t make her cum. His mom told him to get ready for bed and come join her so they could talk. He said he put on a pair of shorts and went to lay with him mom in bed. He opened up and told her about everything he did and then broke down and stared to cry because he though he was a failure. His mom put her arms around him and before he knew what he was doing he was sucking on her tits. They both got turned on and his mom invited him to share her bed and she would teach him what he wanted to know.”


Mom’s bedroom got silent for several minutes before mom smiled.


“I think Tim had a good mother. It’s hard to raise a child on your own especially a mother raising a boy. So Tim has had a huge advantage on you. He has had the advantage of not only having several sexual relationships but also a mother that taught him how to please a woman. Does he please you?”


“I don’t know mom. He tries but I guess I’m just scared. I don’t know what to do. Every time he touches me like that I tense up.”

“I understand. The first thing I have to do is get you to relax and then I am going to teach you how to enjoy sex. Get undressed.”




“Get undressed dear if you want me to teach you. I told you this would be a crash course and we only have one night.”


I sat up and started taking off my cloths. I normally dress in a conservative manner which is mainly for work. I took off my suit and blouse then slipped off my shoes and pantyhose. I sat back on the bed now with only my full coverage bra and panties covering me. Mom looked at me and smiled.


“Why did you stop? You need to take off everything honey.”


I hesitated but what the hell. I took off my bra and exposed my 34DD tits then slid off my panties and for the first time in many years exposed my full bush covered cunt to my mother.


“Hmmmmm…I think we have to start with your pussy.”


I looked at mom like I didn’t understand.


“Your pussy dear, your bush. If you want to please a man you need to trim it or shave it off. If Tim is anything like your dad he doesn’t want a lot of hair covering your cunt. Come on in my bathroom and let’s take care of it.”


I quietly followed mom into her bath.


“I take it you are not sold on my suggestion.”


“I guess I just don’t understand mom.”


“Would it make you feel better if you saw what it would look like if it were shaved?”


“Uhhhh….yea ..... I guess.”


Mom started to strip in front of me. She slipped off her dress and to my surprise wasn’t wearing panties or a bra. Her tits were a full 36DD and her nipples were hard as rocks. I looked down to see her pussy shaved clean.


“There. Your dad made me shave my pussy on our wedding night and never allowed me to go more than a day without shaving it from then on. Even after he passed away I got so I couldn’t stand the feel of hair down there even when I masturbate.”


“What? You masturbate?”


“Of course honey everyday. Don’t you?”


“I used to rub my pussy at night sometimes but I was scared so I quit.”


“Baby you and I have a lot to talk about. But first let’s take care of your little pussy.”


Mom ran some hot water and got a new razor. She had me sit down on the edge of the tub and proceeded to shave my hairy little cunt. As she was shaving me I could feel my pussy getting wet as mom used her fingers to part my cunt lips so she could get every hair. I gasped as she ran her fingers up and down my hot little cunt. By the time my little cunt was smooth and clean it was dripping wet. Mom had taken her time and it had taken over ½ hour for her to shave me. Then she made me turn around and place my hands on the edge of the tub and spread my legs. I started to question what she was going to do but one look from her and I knew to just do as I was told. I spread my legs as I was told and mom then shaved the fine hair from between my legs and around my asshole. I had never been so fucking turned on in my life. My pussy was pulsating and my nipples were aching.


“Mmmmm…. That looks good. What do you think honey?”


I looked down and for the first time actually saw my pussy lips glistening. I never thought a pussy could be beautiful just functional but now I just wanted to touch it. I ran my fingers through my cunt lips and a rush of electricity ran through my body. “Mom it looks great! I never thought it could look sexy but it does.”


My mom knelt down to admire her work. “Wow honey, your pussy is so sexy. It makes me want to lick it.”


What? I had never heard my mom talk like this before. My family was so conservative and was always formal especially in public.   Mom parted my pussy lips and ran her fingers up and down the inside of my cunt lips. I was wet, very wet and getting wetter. I couldn’t believe it when mom removed her fingers and put them in her mouth. She looked up at me with a smile.


“I guess we had better start our talk.”


She got up and walked back into the bedroom. I followed close behind and picked up my panties and bra. As I started to put them on mom looked back at me.


“What are you doing? Leave them off. It will be better for our talk.”


Mom climbed back on the bed naked and rolled over to face me.


“OK. I’m going to do the talking and you do the listening. We have a lot to talk about and you can ask questions later. OK?”


“OK whatever you say.”


“Good! Now, Tim said he wanted you to suck his cock. Tell me, does he have a big or small cock?”


“Uhhh….I don’t know. It’s the only one I have ever seen.”


“Show me how big.”


I raised my hands and put them about 8 inches apart.


“Good. Now show me how big around he is.”


“I can’t. His cock is too big for me to get my hand around.”


“Excellent! There is nothing wrong with sucking a cock but depending on the size your technique will be different. If his cock was small then you may only be able to use your mouth but Tim has a nice big fat cock so you can use your mouth and your hand at the same time.”


“But mom how do I know how to do it?”


“That is a good question. I was going to wait until the end of my talk for questions but this is important.”


Mom rolled over and opened her nightstand. She pulled out what looked like a cock. It was about the same size as Tim, maybe a little smaller, and handed it to me.


“This is the head and it is very sensitive so you must be careful not to scrape it with your teeth. At the bottom are his balls and they are very sensitive also. Go ahead and put it in your mouth.”




“Go ahead. It’s clean. Let me show you how to suck a fat cock.”


For the next hour mom showed me everything about sucking a cock. By the end of the lesson I was even able to take it partly down my throat without choking.


“Honey that is very good. Tim is going to be very happy when you get home.”


“But he is going to wonder where I learned to suck cock.”


“You just tell him that your mom taught you. I don’t mind. Now he also said he wanted to lick your pussy. Right”




“Well for you to enjoy getting your pussy licked you must know something about it and what makes it tick. Look at mine.”


Mom rolled over on her back and spread her legs. She pulled her knees up and opened her cunt for me to see.


“Come over here honey. You can’t see what I need to show you from there.”


I moved over between mom’s legs.


“Come on honey. It’s not going to bite. Get close so you can see.”


I bent over between mom’s legs and for the first time I was looking right into my mother’s wet cunt. Mom started showing me all about a pussy. She told me all the parts of a pussy and what makes it work. I could tell her pussy was getting wet and she ran her fingers up and down her cunt while she was showing me. I could even smell her odor which was making me horny. Then she had me come even closer as she shoved two fingers deep in her cunt. I heard her moan as she moved her fingers in and out of her cunt. I could hear the wetness as she shoved her fingers deep into her bald little pussy.


“Now it’s your turn. Go ahead honey. Touch it. It’s not going to hurt you.”


I reached out and touch my mother’s cunt and felt it spasm. I was fascinated as I ran my fingers up and down her dripping cunt. I slowly worked one then two fingers deep in her cunt and began moving them in and out as she had taught me.   I couldn’t get enough.


“Taste it honey. If you are going to let Tim lick your pussy you should know what a pussy taste like. Go ahead it’s not bad. I use to have a friend that would come over from time to time so we could lick each other when your dad was away on business.”


I should have been shocked but I was too fascinated by mom’s cunt. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out. I closed my eyes as my tongue make contact with my mother’s dripping cunt. The taste was incredible!! Why had I not tasted a pussy for so long. It was wonderful. I pulled my fingers from my mother’s cunt and started licking her from top to bottom. Mom started moaning as I licked more and more.


“Oh baby that feels good!! Lick your mama’s little pussy baby. You’re making mama feel so good!!”


After a couple of minutes of licking mom’s cunt she took me by my head and gently moved me back.


“I think it’s time for you to learn about your pussy and not as much about mine. Lay back and let me show you how your pussy feels.”


I reluctantly laid on my back and pulled my knees up spreading my legs as mama instructed.


“I’m going to show you how to enjoy getting your pussy licked. Hold your lips open for me and let me show you. Relax baby. Mama will take care of you just like Tim’s mama took care of him.”


I laid back and watched as mom moved in between my parted legs. A bolt of electricity ran through me as I felt mama’s tongue touch my open pussy for the first time. I had only been sexually active with Tim for 6 months but I had never had an orgasm although I felt I had come close a couple of times. I started to cum from the moment mama started licking my cunt!


“Ahhhhh…..Oh fuck mama that feels good!!”


“Uhhhhh….. relax   baby. Let mama show you how to enjoy being licked.”


Mama started back licking my cunt. As she did I moved my hands up to my hard nipples. I had never thought about pinching them before but now it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Mama slipped a finger into me and sent me into an orgasmic spasm. She started fucking me with her finger and licking my little love button as she had called it. I couldn’t control myself. I started to buck my hips and grabbed mama’s head as I started to fuck her face.


“Oh fuck mama!! What are you doing to me? That feels so fucking good. Don’t stop mama. I….I’m gonna cum!! Ahhh…..more mama!! Please don’t stop!!!”


I could feel mama slip another finger deep in my cunt as she continued to lick and suck my love button. I was holding her head and trying to force more and more of her fingers in my cunt.




With that I started to cum for the first time ever. I tensed up as my body was racked with my first orgasm. I never wanted it to end. Tim had always made me feel good when he fucked me but I had no idea of the intensity and pleasure that was possible.


After my orgasm subsided mama stopped licking my cunt and started lightly rubbing my pussy with her wet fingers. I mellowed out having never known the intensity of the pleasure of cumming.


“Was that your first orgasm honey?”


“Yes….yes it was mama.”


“I bet it won’t be your last!!”


I looked up at mama and knew she had opened my eyes and life to a new and much desired experience.


“I know you enjoyed that but our lesson is far from over. Tim also wants to fuck you in the ass. If you’re anything like me you’re going to enjoy this as much as I do!”


Mama reached over and grabbed the fake cock we had used earlier in the cock sucking training.


“Before I try this on you let me show you how to prepare yourself.”


Mama rolled over on her back and started running the cock up and down her pussy.


“You must be turned on and horny before getting ass fucked. If not you will be too tense and it can be very painful. Just relax and get yourself ready. If your ready then getting fucked in the ass is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have.”


“Did dad fuck you in the ass mom?”


“Oh yes baby! All the fucking time and I loved it!!! Make sure your ass is well lubricated. There are many products that can help with that. Reach over in my nightstand and get me the little bottle of lube.”


I got the bottle of lube and opened it for mom.


“Now put some on the end of your fingers and spread it all over my ass. Don’t worry honey I washed very well down there. That’s a good girl. Get that lube all over mama’s asshole. Now get some on the end of your middle finger and run it gently into mama’s ass. Be careful though. It takes a little work to loosen up so be gentle. That’s it baby. Mmmmmm….that feels so good!!! A little more and stick your finger in a little deeper this time. Ohhhhh….that is so good little girl. Now fuck you finger in and out of mama’s ass. Ahhhhhh…..that is so fucking good!!!”


Mama continued to run the cock up and down her cunt as I slowly finger fucked her ass. In a minute I could feel it start to relax and loosen up.


“Now try two fingers baby girl. Yea…..that’s it! Easy now! It’s been a long time!   Yea…that feels good little girl. Now take the dildo and cover the head with lube.”


I squeezed some lube onto the head of the cock until I had it covered.


“That looks good baby. Now put it against mama’s asshole and push gently. Ahhhhh…. Yea baby! Easy! You have to go slow and let mama’s ass get use to the size.”


Mama pulled her knees up and held them with her hands as I moved the head of the cock around her ass gently pushing it against her asshole. It didn’t take but a couple of minutes before her ass relaxed and started to open up allowing the cock access.


“Oh yea baby! Slow baby! That’s it. Fuck mama with that cock nice and slow. OK….Now give mama a little more! Yea just like that baby girl! Fuck my ass nice and slow! Mmmmmmm….that makes me feel so good! I have really missed being fucked in the ass!!! More baby! Give your mama a little more!”


I slowly pushed one, two then three inches of the cock into mama’s tight little ass. She started to beg for more and pushing her ass harder and harder against the cock.


“Oh fuck baby! That feels so fucking good!!! Lick me baby! Lick my pussy while you fuck me in the ass!!!!”


I leaned over and ran my tongue up and down mama’s dripping wet pussy. I needed no more lube as the juice from her cunt was running down from her cunt to her ass providing all the lubrication she needed. Her pussy tasted better than last time and I couldn’t wait until I could make her cum.




Mama’s orgasm was massive. In an instant mama’s pussy was flooding me with her cum. Her cum was squirting out of her cunt all over my face and tits. It was surprisingly wonderful and hot!!! I wanted to drink it all. I kept licking her cunt as she sprayed me with her cum and fucking her ass with her cock!




Another rush of cum shot from mama’s cunt this time hitting me in the mouth. I opened my mouth to let all her cum in. I thought I was going to cum just from licking and sucking my mama’s cunt.


Suddenly she relaxed as I slowly pulled the cock from her ass. Her orgasm was intense and long. She lay back on the bed exhausted. I looked down as I was covered with my mother’s juice that had shot all over me. I rubbed her juice into my tits and down may belly and into my pussy. I wanted to cum again. I had never been so fucking horny and I couldn’t wait until mama tried to fuck me in the ass.


“I’m sorry baby. I should have told you that I squirt sometimes. I just didn’t realize I would cum that hard. It has been a long time since I did that.”


“That’s OK mama. I loved it. You taste great!!! Do you think I can squirt like that?”


“I don’t know sweetie but maybe. I read somewhere that it runs in a family so maybe you will.”


“Will you fuck me in the ass now mama? I want to learn to take Tim’s hard cock up my ass.”


“Of course baby but you have to take is slow. OK?”


“OK…I’m ready anytime you are.”


Mama took the cock from my hand and then led me to the bathroom


“I think we should cleanup first and rest. We have all night.”


Mom and I took a shower and she showed me how to explore her body from head to toe as she did mine. This was the first time I had ever kissed a woman but I certainly was not going to let it be the last. Mom washed my tits and after she rinsed them off she sucked on my nipples until they were hard and aching again. We dried off and went naked to the kitchen. Mom fixed us a couple of drinks and asked me if I would like to talk for a while on the deck. Her house was on several acres surrounded by trees so privacy was not an issue. It was warm and a nice breeze was blowing as we sat on the swing side by side.


“Mom tell me more about you and dad having sex in my bed.”


Mom blushed and took a sip of her drink.


“Well it was your dad’s fantasy. He had always wanted to fuck you and I understood. It was fine with me but we agreed that we would never do anything unless you initiated it. When you got in your late teens you didn’t seem to have any interest in sex and it was about that time that dad got sick so nothing ever happened. But when you were sixteen or seventeen we started having sex in your bed. Dad loved the smell of your panties and I have to admit that I did too. I think he would have insisted we wait until you turned eighteen before we allowed you to join us but of course it never happened.”


“So you and dad wanted to fuck me?”


“Yes and no. We wanted too only if that is what you wanted and started something.”


“Did dad have a big cock?”


“Yes…yes he did! Too big sometimes. As you can tell I love to be fucked in the ass but your dad’s cock was almost too fat. It took a long time before I learned to take it and enjoy it. That is why I told you today to take it slow so that you can enjoy the feeling. It’s wonderful and it can make you cum over and over but only if you can get to the point where you can relax.”


“How big was he?”


“Oh….about 9 inches and from what you told me about the same size around as Tim.”


“Do you think I will be able to take Tim’s cock in my ass?”


“Sure you will but it will take time and a lot of practice. You have to be patient and not give up after a few tries. Tim has a really fat cock and you must learn to relax to take it. You can’t get frustrated because you can’t get it in the first time.”


“Will you help us?”


“What do you mean help us?”


“Just what I said. If I ask Tim will you help us until he is able to get his cock in my ass?”


“And just how do you expect me to help?”


“I don’t know. Be there with us when we try.”


“You want me to be in bed with you and Tim when he tries to fuck your ass?”


“Why not?”


“Well I guess I could if Tim doesn’t mind.”


“I just don’t want Tim to get frustrated because I can’t take him the first time. Maybe he could fuck you until I am able to take him.”


“I haven’t thought of that. I will leave that up to you and Tim. OK?”




Mom and I talked about all the things she and dad use to do. It was amazing how open and sexual they were while at the same time appearing so conservative. Mom explained to me that just because your conservative doesn’t mean you’re not sexual. Mom told me about the time they had one their old college buddies over. He was passing through on his way to Florida and stopped by for a visit. They cooked out and took a swim in the pool. After dinner and a few drinks the conversation turned to sex. Mom said she was already horny before he showed up and was looking forward to fucking dad since I was staying at a friend’s house for the weekend. Mom and dad had this game they played sometimes. They would draw straws and the winner got to be the master or mistress for the week and the other had to be the slave and do as they were told. The slave had to service the master in everyway possible. There could be no intense pain and they could not make the other do something in public that would hurt their reputations but other than that there was noting off limits. The slave was for the week so from Monday through Sunday the slave must cook, clean and service their master.


It just happened that dad had been the master the week and mom was his slave. Mom apparently loved being the slave more than being a mistress. She was allowed to do things but only with the master’s permission. Dad had been called away on business for part of the week so while he was gone he had made mom wear a butt plug in her ass most of the week…. even to work! Mom said it scared her at first but by the second day she really loved it. Sitting at her desk in a company where several people reported to her at the same time having her ass filled with a fat butt plug kept her horny all the time. She would call dad on the phone and beg him to allow her to go to the ladies room and cum. The first day he said yes and mom said it was one of the best orgasms she had ever had but by Thursday dad started saying NO which meant that mom was horny as hell the rest of the week.


Dad missed his flight on Friday night and didn’t get home until Saturday morning. Two hours later their friend from college showed up so mom was on edge wanting to get fucked.   Dad had made her wear the butt plug all day Saturday, even while they sat having dinner with their friend. She was made to serve them drinks and since they were at home dad made mom wear a very revealing top that showed off her tits and a short skirt with no panties… just the butt plug.


Mom said she had never been so fucking horny in her life and couldn’t wait until their friend left and she could get a hold of dad’s big cock. After dinner and drinks their friend stood up to say goodbye but apparently dad had other ideas. He wanted their friend to stay and for mom to entertain them. Mom wasn’t sure what dad wanted but since she was the slave for the week she didn’t want to say no and besides the thought of two men watching her was also getting her juices going.


They all went into the living room and while dad and their friend took a seat on the couch mom put on some music. Dad told mom he wanted to see her dance like the woman they had watched together during their trip to Las Vegas . What dad didn’t say was that woman was a stripper that dad had paid to give mom her first lap dance. Mom said she hesitated but then was intrigued and decided if dad wanted he and his friend to have a lap dance then she would give them the best she had.


Mom said she put the music on and dimmed the lights. She started out slow as she moved over in front of each one of them. She moved to the music for several minutes with her cloths on then she slowly started to remove her top. Dad’s friend got nervous but dad assured him that he had nothing to worry about. Mom kept on slowly moving and removing her top until her tits were in full view. She then climbed over on their friend’s lap as she looked over at dad. Mom asked if it was OK and dad said sure if that is what she wanted. He told her that she had been a good slave that week and deserved something special.


Mom said she then leaned over feeding their friend her tits. As he began to suck on her breast mom knew what she wanted. She wanted two men at once. She still   had the butt plug in place and her pussy was dripping wet. Mom reached down between them and grabbed a very large hard cock. It was obvious that he wanted the same as she did. She backed off and slid down between his legs. She unzipped his pants and pulled them off revealing a huge cock. It must have been over 10 inches long and felt as big as her arm. Mom said she put her mouth over his cock and began sucking as much of that cock into her mouth as she could. Mom then looked over at dad and told me that she wanted to feel both their cock in her at once. Dad shook his head yes and mom climbed up on her friend’s lap and sunk her dripping pussy over the largest cock she had ever felt.


Mom looked over at dad who had his cock out and cloths off and motioned him to mount her from behind. Dad moved over behind mom and pulled up her skirt. To his surprise he saw her butt plug still in place. Mom looked over her shoulder and told him to replace it with his cock. Dad slowly pulled the plug from her ass and moved his cock to her already relaxed opening. Mom said she felt dad’s cock pressing against her ass. His cock was much large than the butt plug and her pussy was already filled to the brim but she wanted all of both those cocks. She had been hungry for cock all week and it was time for the submissive slave to get filled.


Mom   told me that she turned to look at dad and threw him a kiss then said. “Fuck me master! Fuck your submissive slave in the ass!”


Dad pushed his cock against mom’s asshole until the head popped in through her anal ring. Mom said she had never felt as filled as she did at that moment. Mom told dad to shove that fucking cock all the way in her ass and now it was dad’s turn to do as he was told. For the next ½ hour mom said she road the two biggest cocks she had ever seen cumming over and over and over. Finally after being pounded hard she felt the 10 inch cock in her cunt grow even harder as it started to pump cum deep in her used cunt and then her loving husband shove every bit of cock he had deep in her ass and fill her ass till it was overflowing.


Mom told me that she doesn’t remember much more about that night. She said she passed out and the next thing she remembers is waking up the next morning to the smell of breakfast being prepared. She took a quick shower and stumbled into the kitchen where the two men that had fucked her so well the night before sat naked at the table having breakfast with hard cocks. Mom told me she would tell me the rest of the story some other time.


“Fuck mom! You and dad fucked another man?”


“No honey, I fucked another man….not your father. But yes that weekend was my one and only time I had sex with another man.”


“Are you still willing to teach me to get fucked in the ass mom?”


“Of course baby girl but we have to go shopping. The cock I have is much too large for you to start with. We have to start you with something smaller so you can work your way up.”


“Mom do you think I am going to lose Tim?”


“I don’t know baby. I think if you are willing to really try to please him then I think he will understand.”


“Do you mind if I call him over here tonight?”


“I don’t mind. You won’t be ready to take him in the ass yet. You do understand that right?”


“I know but if I can show him what I have already learned and you tell him that you are willing to teach me to get ass fucked and you will let him fuck you in the ass until I am ready I hope that will be enough.”


“OK then it’s still early. Give him a call.”


I ran off to call my husband and ask him to come over to moms. I only hope this was going to work to save my marriage…..

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Posted 12 Nov 2011 19:13
hhhmmm, this is a fun read!! really enjoying it!! well written and a 5 of course!! dam, no more to this story!! the last comments were in 2009,,,,too bad!
Posted 20 Aug 2009 14:28
oh god, wonder how lucky she was 2 hav a perfect woman
Posted 26 Jun 2009 03:45
Wish I could help with the lessons. Tim is a lucky guy.

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