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A Death in the Family; How We Coped (Part Three)

Daddy died and no one seemed to care.
It was the morning after Daddy's funeral. It was really sad. I couldn't stop crying all night after we all went to bed. I loved Daddy so much. He had always been so loving to me. He always gave me everything I wanted. I loved the college he sent all of us to attend. He was so good.

My name is Frida. Just like everyone in my family, I have brown, curly hair, and I am slight, with small tits that Daddy always called perky as hell. I'm 19 years and I am at the same college as my sister Geena, My sister Hanna went there, and my brother Eric will go there too, when he finishes high school. My mother is kind of cool and aloof. I never did understand her. But I understood Daddy.

He first started coming to my room when I was 16 years old. He was so sweet. He showed me what it was to be a woman. I had my first orgasm with Daddy. He taught me how to suck cock. I loved sucking his cock. It was hard and tasted so good, especially when he came in my mouth. I loved eating cum. Almost as much as being fucked.

Daddy fucked me for the first time. He changed me from a virgin to a woman. I loved the way he rammed his cock into my pussy. He was so good at it. I thought that mother must have loved making love to Daddy. He only came to me once a month, but it was always the happiest time for me.

The morning after the funeral I came downstairs to breakfast and everyone was there. The maid had put out a buffet for all of us. Mother was sitting at the head of the table smiling at Eric for some reason. And Hanna and Geena were sitting together on one side of the table. I thought they looked funny. I couldn't understand why everyone looked so happy. This was a horrible time. Daddy was dead!

After breakfast mother and Eric wandered off together. Then Hanna and Geena left to go upstairs for some reason. I decided to find mother and try to find out what was going on. There was something odd going on and I didn't like it at all!

I walked upstairs to go to mother's room and talk about Daddy. We had been so busy yesterday with relatives around that I hadn't been able to tell mother how much I loved and missed Daddy. I guess I just felt that we hadn't really mourned properly together. So I went up and knocked on mother's door. I heard a scrambling under the door.

The door opened and mother was standing in the doorway wearing a peignoir. I guess she had changed out of her day clothes to go back to bed. Strange! Then I saw on the other side of the room, on her easy chair, a pair of men's pants and a long-sleeved shirt. There were tennis shoes on the floor. This was peculiar!

I went over to the closet while mother was trying to stop me, but I was determined to find out what was going on! It almost blew me away to find my naked brother Eric trying to hide in the closet behind some dresses. "What's going on around here! Mother, what is this all about? Daddy is just buried and you are doing something awful! Why are you doing this with Eric? Didn't you love Daddy?"

At first mother was red and very flustered, then she got indignant, then she started telling me a story I didn't believe a word of! She told me how my Daddy had treated her like dirt! That he only made love to her once a year! That he went to whores for sex and he never loved her! I knew none of it was true, because he was so good to me. And I told her exactly how Daddy had loved me!

Mother used the house phone to call Hanna. Geena just happened to be in the same room. Mother asked them to meet her downstairs in the den for a family meeting. I didn't know what was going on. Eric put on his clothes, mother got dressed again, and we all went downstairs to talk.

"This is a very important meeting, children. I want to tell you exactly what kind of marriage I had with your father. I have already told Eric and Frida, and now I will tell you, Hanna, and you, Geena." Then she told them the same story she had told me upstairs. I knew they wouldn't believe it. But I was so surprised when they all agreed with mother and even told their own, horrible stories about Daddy.

I started crying again. I couldn't believe what they were saying, but they were all in agreement. I tried to make them understand by telling them how nice Daddy had been to me. How he had introduced me to sex and had been so nice about it. How he had made me love to have sex. How he had been the best lover in the world!

Then I left the room and went up to my room. Soon, Eric was at my door. He asked to sit and chat for awhile. I had no problem with that. I loved Eric. Then he asked me to tell him in more detail how Daddy had been good to me. I was a little ashamed, but I wanted someone to know how good Daddy had been to me. So I told Eric all the details. As I talked Eric moved closer to me on the bed. I must admit talking about having sex with Daddy was making me feel very peculiar, with Eric sitting so close and smelling so good and looking so handsome, almost like Daddy was here again.

Then Eric leaned in and kissed me. Then he kissed me again, harder. Then I kissed him. Then we started making out and I was feeling so much better. I felt so much better that my pussy started creaming. It had always creamed easily with Daddy, and all the other boys in college I had let make love to me. I loved sex, ever since Daddy had first fucked me.

Eric was mauling my tits and trying to put his hand on my pussy under my dress. I didn't mind. I wanted it. I wanted it so badly that I started rubbing his cock through his pants. It wasn't long until we were both naked and Eric was showing me how he was almost as good a lover as Daddy. In fact, he may have been a little better. Daddy had never put his mouth on my pussy, but Eric was licking and sucking it and making me feel even better.

My pussy had just a little hair at the top above my clit. That was how Daddy had liked it. And Eric started nibbling on my clit. I came immediately. Daddy always loved the way I came so fast. It made him feel like a real man, he told me. Eric sucked on my clit, making me cum some more. The he moved his face down and licked each lip of my pussy, all the juice on them, and began fucking my cunt with his tongue. I could not stop creaming out of my pussy all over his face.

Finally I begged, "Eric, please, please, stop and fuck me, please, I need your cock, please Eric, please."

He stopped sucking my cunt, looked up into my green eyes, and grinned. His face glistened with my pussy cream. He got up, reached into his pants pocket, got a condom and handed it to me. I opened it and, as he knelt over me, I pushed it down his hard, throbbing cock. Then he leaned over and started kissing me again. I tasted my own pussy and it was so good! Moving between my legs, he spread them with his hands, feeling my thighs up and making me feel a little faint with need.

Wrapping my legs around his waist, I drew him closer, as he pushed his prick into my little cunny. It felt even better than Daddy, cause Eric was young and fresh and exciting. My pussy opened wide and sucked in his cock. He began to pump and I began to hump. We fucked each other. And eventually we both came at the same time, though I had been cumming all along!

I was beginning to get over my grief a little. Then mother came into the room without knocking! I blushed so red but I wasn't sure why. I had told her all about my fucking Daddy.

"Is she a good fuck, Eric, baby?"

"Yes Mom, she is almost as good as you." And he laughed. What the hell? Eric was fucking mother?

Then mother came over, looked at me, and said, "Frida, we know what your Daddy did to you. We know you enjoyed it. We know that he was a bastard to the rest of us. He made me lose out on sex for half of my life. But we all still love you, baby girl, and we are showing you. And, I am getting some of the fun I have missed out on."

With that she took off her clothes, showing off her still beautiful body, with her small tits, long legs and still hairy pussy. Then she got up on the bed, facing Eric who was still inside of my pussy. She straddled my head, lowered her cunt down to my face and starting rubbing it back and forth. I couldn't help putting out my tongue and tasting her hairy pussy. She was greasy for me already.

As Eric started ramming me again he started licking mother's face and I kept licking and sucking her cunt. This was what I had needed all along. I had lost Daddy but I was still getting the good sex he had given to me.

As we were fucking and sucking the door opened. Hanna and Geena came in. Were they going to fuck me too? They were! Both of them were nude, except for the strap ons they were both wearing. They were both grinning and were moving to us. Eric looked up and pulled out of me. His condom was full of his cum. Mother rubbed her cunt one more time on my face and then got up and moved away.

Hanna told me to get on my hands and knees. I did with my ass facing the end of the bed. She moved up with her strap on ready. "I am going to give you something your Dad never gave you," she promised. I looked back and saw her wiping lots of k-y on the dildo. Moving closer she placed the head at the opening of my ass. I grimaced with a little fear. She started pushing it in and then rammed it. I screamed.

I don't know if she tore anything, but she started fucking my ass and began working like a fucking machine. I couldn't believe how much it made me cum. Jesus, I was pouring cum out of my cunt onto the bed and she kept ramming and ramming. Daddy had never been this good!

I glanced over and on my bed with me was mother. She was on all fours like me. She was looking back at Geena. Geena was greasing up her strap on's dildo. Then she moved in, greased up mother's ass hole and began pushing into her! Omigod, Hanna was fucking my ass and Geena was fucking mother's ass. Double ass fuck. New to me! And I had seen a lot of fucking!

This was so damned great! I loved this family again. I was starting to believe them. Maybe Daddy had been a bastard to the rest of the family. I didn't know what to believe anymore. But I did know that I loved the sex this family knew how to dish out. God, I loved being fucked in the ass! And Mom was screaming with ecstasy, too.

After Mom and I had cum all over my bed and the two other girls had squirted cum out around their strap ons we all finally had came all we could for awhile. We all collapsed into a writhing pile of long-legged, perky titted, brunette sexpots.

I had forgotten Eric. He came over, having been beating his meat for the past ten minutes, grabbed my hair with one hand, and started squirting cum into my open, welcoming mouth.

We had certainly learned to cope!

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Posted 13 Sep 2013 02:04
Loved this series. The 3rd part was the hottest. Good job.
Posted 02 Mar 2013 07:09
Good story
Posted 18 Feb 2013 05:34
can relate to this story
Posted 10 Feb 2013 23:41
Really a hot story - incest but for a purpose - thank you - very descriptive
Posted 27 Jan 2013 00:40
fantastic story loved it
Posted 23 Dec 2012 03:41
wish i sisters and a mom like that great story looking froward to more
Posted 20 Dec 2012 20:53
a very fine story! you created a family, I'd like to know!
Posted 20 Dec 2012 11:11
Just read the was HOT!! Love your stories.
Posted 19 Dec 2012 20:58
Now that the family has fucke each other, will there be more to this series??
Posted 19 Dec 2012 12:57
Another excellent story! I was waiting on the last sister to get involved.
Posted 19 Dec 2012 12:34
great writer still having issues with the set up death of a family member
Posted 19 Dec 2012 11:59
Incest and taboo stories are exciting to me as my "score" tells.
Would like to see just a little more describing a persons body; tall, short, skinny, fat, medium, shapes of genitles, etc. Asking a lot, Eh?
Posted 19 Dec 2012 11:41
Hope there are more chapters. 5+

Posted 19 Dec 2012 11:26
Seems a bit rushed, I rush my stories a little too.
Posted 19 Dec 2012 10:04
Wow this story is getting better and i am looking forward to the next episode
Posted 19 Dec 2012 07:26
What a great "fucking family".
Posted 19 Dec 2012 03:48
Great, this story is getting better and better!

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