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A Desire To Please III

                                      A desire to please III


I pulled my towel down from its perch, and rubbed it through my hair, then over my face and body, drying myself off. I wrapped it around my waist and stepped out into the warm air filling the bathroom, the ventilation fan sounding above me. I opened the door and slipped out into the cool hallway. Sarah’s door was closed. She was no doubt ridding it of any scent or trace of our incestuous actions.


I returned to my room, closing the door behind me. I peaked through the blinds of my windows, checking for either of our parents. I let out a breath of relief as I confirmed their continued absence from the driveway. I went through my drawers, picking out fresh boxers and shorts. I grabbed a t-shirt from my closet and slipped on all three articles of clothing. I felt very refreshed and clean. Showers always make me feel better. Granted, I’ve never showered with my sister before, so I’m sure I’m feeling even better than any normal shower would make me feel.


I turned towards my door as I watched my sister step into my room. She strolled up to me with a seductive grin plastered across her face. She placed her hands on my stomach and ran them up to rest against my chest, rubbing lightly. I set my hands on her waist, and leaned down to meet her waiting lips. We kissed each other deeply, as I pulled her tightly against my body. Sarah pulled away shortly after and stepped from my grasp. I already missed her being close to me. Sarah smiled up at me, with a small hint of disappointment.


I caught it easily, “Is something wrong?” I asked her.


She sighed sadly, “Well, tomorrow’s Friday.”


I looked confused, not understanding why that mattered. “So? What’s so bad about that?” I asked her in return.


“Because, mom works from home tomorrow, and directly after that is the weekend.” She reminded me.


My face took on a look of frustration, and I groaned out loud as I realized what she meant. See, my mom does telecommuting for her job on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She also isn’t required to go into the office on the weekend, which means that she’s going to be home within the next half hour, and be home until Tuesday morning.


Hearing my noise of complaint, Sarah said, “Yeah, exactly my point. It looks like we’ll have to keep our hands off of each other for the next few days. We can’t afford to let our little secret out.”


“Yeah, I guess so…this sucks though.” I admitted dejectedly.


“I know, but come on, let’s not be to sad here” She said, patting me on the shoulder. “Besides, I’m the one who should be the most annoyed. The only thing you’ll be missing over the weekend is the chance to bring me pleasure. I’m the one who’s actually going to be losing my helping hand for release.” She told me selfishly, while laughing softly.


I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “Yeah, thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot that you’re obviously the one in control here.”


She grinned, “That’s right. I’m your older sister, it’s only fitting that you put my needs before your own.” She stood up slightly, and kissed me once, before turning on her heel and heading towards my doorway.


She stopped just at wooden frame, and looked back, meeting my eyes. She swayed her hips a little from side to side, rubbing her backside teasingly. “Don’t worry baby bro. I’ll take care of you soon enough.” She purred out with a wink, leaving me to fall back onto my bed in defeat. I could tell already, it was going to be a long weekend.




That night passed without incident, making me feel comfortable with the belief that my parents couldn’t tell there was anything going on between Sarah and I.


Each day went by agonizingly slow. I’d never felt time move at such a slow pace in my life before. It didn’t help that any chance my sister had to tease me, she would. If my parents weren’t in the same room, she would give me extra glimpses of the skin I loved so much, seductive looks, or purposefully finding herself in poses that showed off certain parts of her body. She was only making this worse on me, and she knew it. I could see the change in her behavior at a rapid speed. She was getting a little drunk off the power she had over me.


I found myself leaving to spend time with my friends at their houses more often. I tried to keep distracted from thoughts of my sexy, older sister. It wasn’t easy though, that’s for sure. Arriving home on Sunday night, I headed through the dining room; out into the rec room extension we had built a few years back. This is where I spend most of my time, as my computer and game systems are kept here. Along the right wall are our laundry room, and then my mom’s work office at the end of the house.


I was caught off guard, as I felt a hand grip my arm and pull me into unlit room housing our washing and drying machines, and the door close behind me. I felt arms slip around my waist and two soft mounds press into the top of my stomach. I glanced down to catch sight of none other than my sister. It was a little tough to make out her face as my eyes were adjusting to the pitch black of the area, but it couldn’t have been anyone else anyway.


I blinked a few times as her gorgeous; smiling face became fully clear to my eyes. Sarah licked her lips, as her hands massaged their way up my back, digging her nails into my skin on occasion, making little wrinkles in my shirt. I set my hands on the cold, vibrating metal dryer behind her. We both leaned into the other, letting our lips come into contact hungrily. I kissed her fervently, our top lips being even, but letting my bottom slide under her own. She cut our kissing earlier than I wanted, her breathing growing heavy.


“I really missed this Bryan.” Sarah moaned out. She slipped her arms above mine and let her hands find the back of my head, pulling it down and kissing me again. “We have to keep this short alright? I don’t want to lose what we have right now…mom and dad are out in the other room, and the dryer is still going, so we have a little bit of time.”


I nodded my head silently. I wish we could do more than some heavy petting, but it was too risky. I grabbed both sides of her waist and lifted as she did a small hop, coming to be seated on top of the machine tumbling clothes inside. Her left hand rested on my shoulder while her right played with my short hair. I ran my hands up and down her jean-covered thighs. I leaned forward flicked my tongue against Sarah’s neck a few times.


Sarah’s hands moved to her front and began to unbutton her white blouse. I pulled away, and waited with anticipation. She undid the bottom button and let her shirt hang open, revealing her tone stomach and bra covered breasts. I slipped my hands past her shirt and tickled her slim sides with my fingertips. I pressed my lips onto the newly exposed skin between her nicely sized bosoms.


I licked and kissed the smooth skin, drinking in the taste and great smell of her strawberry scented body wash. I lifted her bra up to reveal her gorgeous chest, and brought one of her breasts into my warm mouth, feeling her nipple harden beneath my wet lips. Sarah leaned her front into me, pushing her flesh against my mouth harder. I could feel her breaths tickling my ear, which only made me suck more intensely on the lightly tanned mound.


We both jumped, our eyes snapping open, as the sudden buzz of the dryer sounded loudly in the still dark room. Sarah shoved me forward and hopped down quickly, slipping her bra back into its position and buttoning up her shirt as fast as she could. She cracked open the door and peaked her head out for a second, making sure mom wasn’t checking the laundry yet.


She brought her head back after confirmation, and stood up to kiss me once quickly, before saying, “Sorry Bryan. It was fun while it lasted, but we need to sneak out before mom catches us.”


I wish we had more time, but I knew she was right. I flattened my hair to fix it up after her fingers had played with it. I watched her fully open the door and walk out and head left towards the kitchen. I walked out quickly, but headed right towards my computer. I signed onto my messenger and chatted with my friends for a while, before heading to bed, hoping to catch some sleep after my encounter with my sister.




The next day came and went easily enough. While laying in bed that night, it felt reassuring to know that my sister would be all mine tomorrow. The next morning however, I was surprised to be awoken by something other than my alarm clock. I felt a weight sitting on top of me. I was feeling quite tired, and was about to throw it off of me and pull my comforter back over my head, when I heard an extremely familiar voice.


“Ahh…looks like you’re finally awake. Good timing too. I was just about to give up and leave.”


I let my eyes lazily open and look up to meet the grinning face of my beautiful sister Sarah. She sat above me in just a pair of black lacey bra and panties. She had her hands resting on bare stomach, and she had her weight pressed against my now growing cock. I was only in my thin, black, silk boxers.


I began to become worried, “Wait!! What time is it? What if mom or dad catches us?” I asked her quickly, wondering what she could have been thinking by coming in here.


“Relax little bro. It’s seven in the morning.” She began rubbing my front softly. “Mom and dad already left for work. The house is empty, save for us of course.”


I sighed with relief, and began rubbing my eyes to wake them up a little. I locked eyes with my sister and asked her, “What are you doing in here anyway?”


Sarah began grinding herself slowly against my erection. “Mmm…well, I was thinking that I kind of owe you, and I told you I would take care of you. Besides, I really wanted to bring our little sexual fun to a different place.” She told me, slowly grinding herself harder and harder.


“Well, what exactly did you have in mind then?” I asked, already confident in her reply.


“Don’t be stupid Bryan. You already know what I’m talking about.” She replied.


I laughed silently. That’s not quite what I expected, but that’s alright. I reached out and was about to rest my hands on her creamy, smooth thighs, to begin our session of fooling around, but she grabbed my wrists and placed them above my head, holding them together with one hand.


Pointing at me with her other hand. She scolded me, saying, “Ah, ah, ah…now I told you I would take care of you didn’t I? There’s no need to worry yourself over me. Now, be a good boy and keep your hands there.”


She let go, and I heeded her words, allowing my hands to stay above my head. I wasn’t sure what exactly my sister was planning. I figured that even in the short time we’d been sexual with each other, we had established the idea that I would take care of her needs. But in all honesty, I couldn’t complain. I was relaxing in bed, watching my sexy sister work her hips back and forth sensually and slowly against my thinly covered hardness. Not to mention her being dressed in only lacey underwear, I was in no position to ask her to stop.


Sarah sat up and slid back. She reached out and ran her finger lightly from my chest down to my waistline. She had a seductive smile gracing her face as she placed her hand onto my crotch, gripping and rubbing me through my boxers.


“Hmm…looks like my little brother is getting quite excited by my efforts. Is that it Bryan? Is big sister turning you on right now?” Sarah whispered to me.


I could only let out a quiet moan, as my sister ran her thumb roughly over the head of my now rock hard cock. The feeling of her rubbing the silky material back and forth across my sensitive head was overwhelming. Her actions began forcing small amounts of pre-cum to ooze out the tip and stain into my nice boxers.


My sister, noticing the new wet spot, said, “Oh, we better not ruin this nice pair of underwear brother.”


She hooked her fingers behind the waistband, and began sliding them down my legs, letting my hard-on spring up for attention. Sarah slipped my boxers off my feet and dropped them onto the floor. She smiled at my excited seven inches with a small bit of pre-cum seeping through the top. She placed her hand against the front of her panties, and caressed herself slowly. Leaning down, she brought her lips to my cock’s head and kissed it once softly, and then ran her tongue swiftly across the top. My cheeks were red with excitement, as I lay there waiting to see what she would do next.


She reached out and gripped my hard rod and pumped it slowly a few times, saying, “Boy, you sure are hard aren’t you?”


Sarah slipped her fingers into her panties, and I could see them continue to move behind the layer of material. She pulled her hand out shortly after, and held her fingers near my face. I leaned forward slightly to bring her fingers into my mouth and clean them with my warm saliva. I sucked lightly on them for a moment, before she pulled her hand away, letting it rest on my stomach. She scooted farther up my body, lining our two excited, sexual center’s up. She continued her slow grinding against me, making me ache with the teasing sensation.


I was finding it harder and harder to keep my hands steady like she asked, and soon reached out to hold her waist in place. “Please, stop that…I guess neither of us like teasing all that much.” I said with a laugh.


She smiled and said, “Yeah, but you held out longer than I did last week.”


Sarah sat up and used her right hand to pull her panties out of the way, revealing her now dripping pussy lips. She gripped my erect cock and aligned herself above me. She began chewing her lip nervously again, and asked softly, “Ready?”


“Whenever you are.” I replied.


We both gave short gasps as she began to lower herself onto me. I was dying to push up fully into her, but knew it wasn’t my place to do so. I’d have to hold calm until she felt ready to have me go all the way in. She paused momentarily to grow used to my hardness lining her insides. Sarah looked a little nervous, as this was her first time being penetrated by me, aside from my fingers or tongue of course. She resumed her decent and continued sliding me further into her inch by inch.


I gripped her thigh in anticipation. She was making this so hard on me. Luckily, she soon finished her slow process of entrance, coming to stay still for a moment as I also became accustomed to our new sexual union. Sarah rested her hands on my chest, while I kept mine holding her thighs gently.


“You fine so far?” I asked her with concern.


“Of course. But this is my first time you know? We never got this far last Thursday. I just need to get used to it.” She reassured me.


A moment of silence passed between us, before Sarah sighed in contentment, “I’m going to start moving now.” She told me.


I gave no signal of acknowledgement, but I figured that she was going to do what she wanted, when she wanted anyway. She slowly raised herself, uncovering my throbbing member, and then lowering herself again. She continued her rise and drop motion, gaining speed and force as time went on. Her juices were lined along my cock as she slides herself up and down my length.


I couldn’t keep still forever, and I hoped she would understand that. I tightened my hold a little on her legs and began to rock my hips against her. I tried to match her speed and rhythm as best as I could. Small moans began passing through her lips as she forced herself harder against me. Sarah leaned her head back and arched forward as the early pain became even more intense pleasure.


We fell into a nice flow of my thrusting and her lowering. My cock was pressing in as deep as it could, her warm inner walls holding tight against it. Sarah held me down with her hands, her fingers curling every now and then with shivering pleasure. Her nails left small marks on my chest. I watched her body rock up and down in a gorgeous motion, thin sweat building along her body and mine, as her moans grew louder.


“Oohhh…Bryan…Bryan…yess…ohh yesss…harder little brother, harder!!!” Sarah let out loudly.


I complied silently, and thrust harder against her, but keeping the same speed as before. I could feel myself inching closer to my climax. My sister’s increased pace, and rapid breathing signaling me of her own impending release.


“That’s it…I’m cumming Bryan…I can’t hold it back anymore.”


I pushed into her one final time as hard as I could, and I felt her pussy walls tighten as she hit her peak and her small body shook above me with her orgasm. I reached my own end in line with hers, and released my hot seed into my lovely sister. I didn’t care about the fact that I didn’t use a condom, and I have no clue if she was doing anything on her end in the area of birth control. But right now the only thing that mattered was my beautiful sister sharing her orgasm with me.


We paused with our motions momentarily, some of our cum intermingling at the base of my cock, and sliding down my skin, staining my bed sheets. After the initial wave of pleasure passed us, we returned to our prior actions. I thrust and she rode slowly, allowing us to settle down into still resting. Our breathing was returning to normal. Soon enough, I watched my sister lazily drop her front to meet mine. I slid one hand to her back, rubbing it while it rose and fell with her breathing. I caressed her soft, partly panty covered bottom with my other. My previously hard member slowly grew limp inside my sister’s still hot center.


Sarah brought her head up and kissed my chest once, then raised her hips to let me slide my cock out. Returning her head to its side, resting against my chest, she began whispering to me. “Mmm…that was really nice little brother. Let’s be sure to do that again ok?” Sarah said, snuggling more against my body.


“Yeah, definitely.” I replied.


It wasn’t long before the feeling of rest was washing over me. I looked down and noticed the content and sleeping face of my perfect sister. I layed my head back against my comfy pillow and closed my eyes. It was early in the morning for me, and I should have complained to my sister for waking me up when she did. However, I pushed that thought aside quickly, and decided to thank her later instead.


I chuckled quietly at that thought, before shortly joining my sister in a relaxing sleep.

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Posted 22 Aug 2013 21:53
Yes I do hope to read more see if he get his sister pregnet and see if they get married with the kid Please write more
Posted 30 Nov 2009 15:08
Really no plans at the moment as to whether I'm continuing or not.

I kind of took a writing break once school started back up again.
Posted 21 Aug 2009 23:40
I have a feeling you wanted the story to end like this.

It would be a good ending to the story, however, it leads one to believe that there may be a sequel story. I would love to read a "2 years later" trilogy. See how much they've learned of each other and what happened about the "no birth control" *wink wink*.
Posted 21 Aug 2009 18:28
Well well well you have opened up a new situation here with him declaring he didn't care about possibly getting his sister pregnant. Excellent story going so far please continue.
Posted 21 Aug 2009 14:05
Very good addition to your story line. Well written and very hot.

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