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A Father's Comfort

My first attempt at writing incest, everything is completely fictional.
His rough hands were wrapped around his solid cock. The veins protruding from the underside of his shaft seemed never ending as his hands flew up and down. His head was leaned back and his mouth was left slightly open as he grunted. His noises of pleasure filled the air, I knew I should walk away but for some reason I couldn't. I stayed rooted to the spot, my eyes drawn to the precum bubbling on the tip of his erection.

Nature was telling me to take it, to lick it, to taste it. My instincts were pushing me to step forward, make my presence known. My arms were trembling, I felt as if my knees were knocking as I continued watching. The way his hand twisted around his member mesmerized me. He knew exactly what felt good, and he made sure to do it all. I moaned quietly, unable to hold it in anymore. His eyelids flew upward, his bright green eyes caught in mine. I stood in fear, I had been caught watching my father masturbate.

Time seemed to stop in that moment. His masturbation was cut short and my breathing was brought to an end. I looked away from his eyes, getting caught on his still hardened member. He didn't seem to lose any of his firmness, if anything it seemed as if he became more hard. I walked forward, some foreign presence pushing me along.

"Daddy... can I taste?"

My voice seemed young, my demeanor almost foolish. I was 18 but I suddenly didn't feel anywhere near that age. I was not sexual, I didn't know anything. It wasn't that I had been sheltered, I just had never searched for the sexual knowledge. But being in such close confines with a man's penis I couldn't turn away. I dropped to my knees by his chair, staring up in wonder. Upon closer inspection I saw his hands trembling around his hardened shaft, I reached up, touching the tip with intense curiosity. He groaned and pulled his hand away from himself. I looked up into his eyes, seeing a visual representation of the battle he must be feeling inside. The fatherly intuition telling him to walk away and leave it besides, the male instructions to use the fertile girl on her knees in front of him to continue his blood line. I didn't want him to turn me away, I wanted him to teach me.

Which is why I decided to act. I reached up delicately, wrapping my feminine hand around his erection. The feel of the heat throbbing beneath my touch sent a new stream of wetness squirting out of my pussy into my cotton panties. Sinking my teeth into my lip I began moving my grip up and down, confused as to what to do. "What do I do now?"

His lips were quivering as he took a hold of my hands, signaling me to tighten my grip before sliding my hand up and down. He was teaching me moment by moment how to tease a man's cock. I couldn't help but giggle quietly, deep in my chest, following his instructions. My grasp was firm as I continued my relentless up and down movements, twisting my wrist at the head of his cock. My speeds varied, slow, fast, depending on his various reactions. I didn't know if he was getting close, but I had a feeling that since he was pistoning up into my hand he must be getting close. His calloused fingers were clenching onto the arms of the chair repeatedly and he was gasping, panting, rolling his moans into a stream of constant noise.

He finally pushed up one last time, groaning loudly. I didn't think to move and was rewarded with his jets of creamy white cum covering my face. I screamed in surprise and stopped jacking him off. He continued to cum, his eyes were clenched shut and I was afraid I had done something wrong. Looking down I wiped his cum from my face with my fingers. Sucking them off slowly I forgot that my father was still in the room, I was completely lost in the taste of his cum on my mouth.

"Baby girl..."

His voice was shaky, scared, raspy. I had never heard him sound this way and in any other situation I would have tried to comfort my father. This wasn't any other situation, the remnants of my father's sperm was sitting on my taste buds. I needed more, and nothing could stop me from getting what I wanted. Sitting up on my knees I grabbed his now soft member. I closed my eyes as I slowly slid the tip into my mouth. The taste of his flesh against me, his manly musk, was overwhelming. I tightened my hold on his shaft and began to suck, searching for any remaining drop of his cum. A few spilled into my mouth and it pressed me on to do more. I wasn't sure what to do, but I had to try.

"Lick it baby... Suck it for daddy."

His fingers became entwined in my hair. His words soaked into my mind and I began to follow them. Pulling away I ran my tongue up the length of his shaft, in circles around the head, and sucked it into my mouth. I took too much in and began to gag. I pulled off quickly, my eyes wide with fear and watery. I looked up at my father, seeing his immense love for me embedded into his expression.

"It's okay, try again."

I nodded slowly, leaning down again and repeating my previous actions. Although, this time I didn't gag. He slid deeper into my mouth before I pulled off and tried again. I began to bob up and down on his cock, reveling in the feeling of him quickly hardening within my mouth. The wonderful tell of his precum was landing on my tongue, overwhelming every sane thought I may have had left embedded into my mind.

I don't know what caused me to do it, but the next thing to leave my mind was an outstanding request. "Dad... take my virginity. Teach me. Please."

He seemed as shocked as I was about the request. I sat back staring at him, scared about what was to come. He stood up and carried me to the bedroom, as if he was Hercules. I clung onto his body tightly, just like I did when I was a little girl. His lips brushed over the skin of my face and neck repeatedly, his breath was hot on my skin and I moaned quietly. I landed on his bed with a quiet thump, he stared down at me, that confused expression filling his eyes again. I flashed him a quick smile before wiggling out of my clothes.

Insecurity was overwhelming me, my body was nothing like my mother's. She was full, grown, a woman. I still felt clumsy and awkward, even at the ripe age of 18. He licked his lips as his eyes trailed up and down my body, goosebumps formed on my skin as I saw his reaction. A blush creeped up my body, I waved him towards me. My voice seemed to have disappeared since I whispered my request. He nodded slowly before sliding onto the bed.

His thick warm form covered me, I felt safe and comforted. His skin caused a fire to break out over my body. I tightened my arms around his torso and clung onto him for dear life. His fatherly nature broke through the heavy sexual air as his fingers pushed my hair back from my face.

"Breathe baby, just breathe."

I nodded silently, gasping for air. it felt as if I was in a room with no oxygen, I felt like I was falling into a never-ending pit, immense darkness. Then his lips crashed against mine, I groaned under the pressure of his mouth against mine. I kissed back roughly, clawing my fingernails into my back. I could feel his tongue pressing against my lips, parting them slowly I allowed the pink muscle to dive into my mouth. I groaned, sucking on it hard, begging for more. His body ground into mine. I could sense his erection pressing into my lower abdomen, his hands grabbing hard onto my shoulders, his lips grinding into mine.

I could feel it all but could not quite wrap my head around what was about to happen. His lips pulled away from mine, and my eyes locked in an intense his gaze. The beautiful color of his irises was a mirror reflection of my own. He nudged my legs apart slowly and I obliged, spreading them even farther than he intended. His hips lowered against mine, and the head of his member pressed against my entrance.

"I love you, baby girl."

His chapped lips pressed against my earlobe as he began pressing into my never opened folds. I didn't think he would fit, and the fears rushed through my mind. After a great effort he popped into me, my walls stretched to accommodate his member.

"I love you too, daddy."

My voice was shaky and cracking, unable to hold a steady form under such pain. He held my torso against my chest, continuing his ascent into me. I could feel my hymen rip under the pressure, and a trickle of blood trailed out of my tight pussy. I whimpered quietly, willing myself to hold back the tears that were begging to be freed. He finally bottomed out in me and stopped, waiting for me to adjust to his width. I could feel his heart beating rapidly, our bodies were so close, it felt as if his heartbeat was coming from within my own chest rather than his.

I relaxed my limbs and closed my eyes, allowing myself to be overcome with the pleasure of my dad within me. He began thrusting slowly, carefully pulling himself out before pressing back in. I gasped quietly, trembling over the shocks filling my body. I felt as if I was climbing into heaven, having never felt an orgasm before. I was climbing higher and higher, shaking and tightening around his hard member. The very penis that had created me, was now splitting me open. This thought ran in my mind on constant repeat.

His body was sliding against mine, a sweet friction caused by our sweat covered flesh. His scent was strong, a natural scent to send me into a needy frenzy. My limbs wrapped around his waist, pulling him even deeper into my depths. My father groaned loudly beginning a rapid thrusting motion. I pressed back against him with urgency, silently begging him to push me over the edge into the unknown territory that is an orgasm. My fingernails dug into his warm flesh as his thrusts became more urgent.

The wave crashed down on me and I could not hold back the screams. It echoed throughout the house, as my walls tightened repeatedly around his erection. I could hear him gasp and attempt at pulling out before diving all the way back into me. He swelled within my once virginal walls as he exploded, filling the womb he had made with his own cum. I shook violently beneath his body, gasping for air desperately. He collapsed on top of me, a sweating trembling mess as well. He scooped me up in his arms, cradling me against his chest just as he had done many years before.

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Posted 27 Dec 2013 20:45
Very good for your first attempt, you either have experience or a great imagination
Posted 17 Sep 2013 19:00
Excellent story. Thanks for sharing it.
Posted 04 May 2012 15:33
Loved ur story very hot very sexy wish I was your dad
Posted 14 Nov 2010 05:38
The score should be a 6. Should I say more.....
Posted 30 Oct 2010 07:39
that was a fantastic story hot and well written thanks!
Posted 29 Oct 2010 21:19
That was a very well written sory, made me feel like i was part of it..
Posted 12 Aug 2010 23:54
U r gr8, brilliant! u r just.... i dnt have wrd to say! u describe it so brilliantly tht we cld feel as we r actualy watching it or we r doing it! baby u r gr8!!!!!!!!!
Posted 10 Aug 2010 01:57
Holly i have to agree with everyone else's comments this was an amzing well written story, as i read it i could have been watching a film it was so descriptive, you should feel very proud of your ability to wrote so wondefully.

I look forward to reading more from you ;-) Tim x
Posted 04 Aug 2010 03:47
Very hot story! Thanks!!!
Posted 10 Jul 2010 12:40
Holly you have written a wonderful and sensual story, would love to have you continue with the story or write new ones.

Posted 09 Jul 2010 05:00
Terrific story really well written. Looking forward to seeing more.
Posted 08 Jul 2010 21:45
Very well written, loved the build up and the emotions of the girl. Please write some more about their blossoming relationship.
Posted 08 Jul 2010 14:00
Too bad they don't have a 10 rating. It was great and very well written, the feelings they had were explained perfectly. Keep it up..
Posted 08 Jul 2010 12:04
very well written...seems so real...I could see the act and feel the emotion...almost make me hard and horny...that's what an erotic story is all about..well done!!!!
Posted 08 Jul 2010 08:00
awesome story. The emotion and the way it was done make you feel a part of something very hot and sexy.
Posted 08 Jul 2010 06:53
What a hot hot story Holly. You should continue her sexual awakening with her father. Really good writing.
Posted 08 Jul 2010 06:45
I'm not really into Incest, but I have to say that was brilliant. Very well written, excellent details and I love the emotions... well done, more please.
Posted 08 Jul 2010 05:16
fantastic story i would give it a 6. you got into the girls head with the detail. it was like i was the girl. going to see what else you have written . wow
Posted 08 Jul 2010 04:52
Excellent story, Holly. It's very well written and described in loving detail, almost as if actually done in real life. I love it and would like to hear more about her as she continues her sexual adventures. More please......

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