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A Father's Obsession: Chapter Four

Things are about to get even more interesting.
Charlie Hall was having a great night’s sleep. He fell asleep between Diana, his Internet love and Becca, her16-year-old daughter. The night before, with Diana’s encouragement he took her daughters virginity. It was the perfect evening. It definitely took his mind off the troubles with his wife Jill and his longing for Erin, his 16-year-old daughter.

He was woken from his slumber by the sound of moaning and a mouth on his cock. He slowly opened his eyes and could see Diana’s bobbing up and down on his cock. He thought she was a very beautiful woman. He reached toward her beautiful black hair and moved it to the side so he could see her old face. He then turned toward Becca. He expected to see her playing with herself that would explain the moaning. Instead he found her on her back with her legs spread with a young man between them licking her pussy.

“That’s Adam, my son,” Diana said while sucking Charlie’s cock.

Adam is Diana’s 17-year-old son. Like everyone in the family he had jet-black hair. Was 6’1 and had an athletic build. He was also packing an impressive sized unit. Diana and Becca looked nearly identical. They were 5’4 and 5’2 respectively. Both had luscious C-cup breasts. Diana weighed about 135-140lbs while Becca might have been 115-120lbs. Diana wore hair straight and Becca looked like Betty Page.

Diana looked over at Adam and said, “Go fuck your sister.”

Diana moved next to Charlie, stroked his cock as they watched Becca sit on her brothers’ cock.

“Don’t they look beautiful?” Diana asked as they watched Becca ride her brother. She leaned in closer and whispered, “Do want me to do that to you?”

“Yes please,” Charlie responded.

She climbed on top and started riding. Charlie was in heaven.

Soon Charlie and Adam had mother and daughter on all fours facing each other. They started kissing. Charlie slapped Diana on her ass before entering her. Adam did the same to Becca. Watching a mother passionately kiss her daughter, while her son fucked his sister was a huge turn-on. He was driving his cock in and out of Diana’s pussy. The whole scene was overwhelming him that it wasn’t long before he shot his load into her.

After he finished he started kissing Diana. They watched her kids fuck each other. Charlie’s cock was getting hard again. Diana excused herself from Charlie’s side. She kneeled behind Adam and started licking his ass and balls. Charlie kneeled on the bed in front of Becca. He put his cock in her mouth. Grabbed a hold of her head and started moving it up and down his shaft.

Soon after Diana started licking Adam’s balls he yelled, “Oh God,” and unloaded his cum in Becca’s pussy. When he was finished he plopped on the bed as Diana locked his love juices out of her daughters pussy. She then told her daughter to sit on Charlie and ride his hard cock.

Becca sat on it reverse cowgirl. Charlie used his hands to life her up and down on his raging hard-on. Diana layed between his legs licking her daughters’ clit and moving down to Charlie’s balls.

Charlie didn’t know where the energy was coming from but he was going to cum again. He waited until a few seconds before his cock exploded to yell, “I’m cumming.”

As soon as he said that Diana pulled his unit out of her daughters pussy as he came all over Diana’s face and Becca’s stomach. He then watched mother and daughter lick his cum off of each other.

After they were all cleaned-up, the four of them went to a local diner for brunch. Charlie was impressed how easily they all went from being lovers to being a normal family. He really wished he could have that with Erin.

He enjoyed getting to know Adam and Becca. He found that him and Adam shared a lot of the same interests. They even shared the same guilty pleasure of pro wrestling. Diana rolled her eyes at that revelation.

After brunch they returned to her house. Him and Adam tossed the football around. Charlie enjoyed the feeling about being part of a real family. However the illusion was shattered when he turned-on his phone to a voice mailbox filled with messages from Jill. None of them were of her crying and begging him to come home. That would have made him feel guilty for cheating on her. Her messages were of the berating manner. He would love to stay with Diana and hide a way from the world, but he knew he would have to go home and face the firing squad known as Jill.

Before he left he told Diana that he was in love with her. To his surprise she felt the same. He promised her that he would find a way to make this work. She gave him a kiss, not just any kiss but the kiss. The kind that lasts forever, the kind neither person wants to end, but it had to. Then Charlie returned to the real world known as his life.

When he pulled-up on the driveway he saw his pink-haired daughter sitting on the porch looking sad. The moment she saw him she darted off the porch and into her fathers’ arms as he got out of the car.

“Are you okay?” she asked as she pressed her body against his.

Before he could answer he saw Jill. If looks could kill, hers would. Charlie has seen looks like that before but none as bad as this one. It could be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.

He didn’t remember what she said. He couldn’t hear a word she yelled. His mind was in another place. He could only think of Diana and her family, and how desperately he wanted to be with them.

In the days that followed him and Jill barely spoke. He got up in the morning went to work. Every other day he’d go to Diana’s and spend time with her family. Yes there was sex, but there was more. They actually talked at dinner about what they did that day. They joked. They laughed. They even seemed genuinely interested in how Charlie’s day went. As a present she bought Charlie a sketchbook and art supplies. She encouraged him to start drawing again. That small gesture gave him the feeling of belonging. Dinner at home was the exact opposite. They usually dined in silence. Whenever he tried to ask Erin how her day went Jill would interrupt her just as she was about to speak and use the opportunity to berate him. In the past that would have bothered him, but now he had Diana and that made everything ok.

On one of the nights that Charlie was having dinner at Diana’s Erin was driving home. Her phone rang, she picked it up from the passenger seat and looked at the caller-ID, it was her mom. “Groan,” she thought to herself as she answered it. Her mom told her she was going to be working late and to tell her father that they’d have to fend for themselves and the promptly hung-up. This excited her. This would give her the perfect opportunity to be alone with her dad.

As she hurried home thousands of seduction scenarios filled her head. She settled on letting her father catch her playing with herself. When she got home she ran to her room and promptly stripped off all of her clothes. She then stared at her 108lb body with 34C in the mirror and decided to make herself presentable for her dad. She decided to shower and shave her pussy extra smooth.

Once the last of her pubic hairs fell toward the drain and the water removed the soap that covered her body her fingers circled her pussy. As she rubbed her clit she fantasized that her daddy would accidentally walk in and fuck her in the shower. Thinking of her father fucking her against the shower wall as the water sprayed all over them gave her the most intense orgasm she ever got from masturbation.

After the shower she got out and dried herself off. She was very disappointed that her father didn’t “accidentally” walk in on her. She then walked to her room naked in hopes he was home and would catch a glimpse of her body and follow her into her bedroom. But there was no sign of him. She then yelled, “Daddy,” But there was no answer.

In her room she layed on her bed, with her legs spread in the air while she played with her still wet pussy. For 30 minutes she played with it while imagining her daddy walking in on her and then having his way with his daughter. For 30 minutes she was having orgasm after orgasm while imaging what his cock felt like inside her. For 30 minutes she was letting her lust for her father consume her. The only thing missing was Charlie. She wanted to know where he was, so she picked-up her phone and called him. She frantically rubbed her pussy while the phone rang. When he answered her pussy got wetter.

“Dad, when are you coming home?” she asked with three fingers deep in her pussy.

“Not sure,” he replied.

“Mom isn’t coming home for dinner,” she replied with now four fingers in.”

“I wish I knew that before I made other plans,” he answered. “But I’ll be home after nine.”

“Bye dad,” she said getting ready to cum.

After she hung-up she rubbed faster eventually unleashing the most intense orgasm yet. She plopped back down on the bed and sighed. She never had so many orgasms as intense as the ones she had while thinking of her father. The truth of the matter is that she was still horny and needed cock.

She got dressed and decided that her dad’s employee Keith Jablonski. He knew how to fuck.

On the way to his house she passed her dad’s body shop. She could see his car parked to the side. She parked her car next to his and walked toward the side entrance, which Keith usually left unlocked when he worked late. Before going in she peaked to see if any other cars were parked in the front. She was surprised to see her mom’s Volvo parked next to Uncle Paul’s Jeep.

She walked in quietly. She heard moans coming from the garage. She ran there and was surprised to find her mom on all fours. Uncle Paul was fucking her from behind, while she was sucking Keith’s cock.

Erin had no idea that her mom was such a slut. She reached into her purse, grabbed her Iphone and started taking pictures. She got shots of her mom hitting her breasts with Keith’s cock while Uncle Paul fucked her from behind. She got shots of both Uncle Paul and Keith fucking her pussy at the same time. She got shots of Uncle Paul fucking her ass while Keith fucked her pussy. And she got shots of her mom jerking both of them off before they showered her with their cum. She then quietly got out of there.

During her drive home she started hating her mother even more. On Saturday nights she could hear her father begging for sex. She could also hear her mother refuse. She was angry for her mom for refusing to fuck her dad only to turn around and fuck her uncle and his employee.

At home she sat at her desk and uploaded the pictures to her computer. She was to put them into a zip file and anonymously e-mail them to her dad. Before she could there was a knock at her door. “Who is it?” she yelled.

“It’s dad,” he said from the other side of the door. “I got McDonalds, I figured we could have a peaceful meal without your mom.”

She ran out of the room. Gave him a big hug and had a great meal with her dad. They talked and laughed and talked some more. They were having a good time. She thought about trying to seduce him but was interrupted by mom coming home.

As soon as she walked in the door she started yelling. This turned into a loud fight. Erin left and hid in the bedroom.

The next morning her mom was yelling at Charlie before he left for work. Erin decided that her dad needed to know the truth so she anonymously sent the zip file containing the photos to her dad.

Charlie got home around 4:30. Neither Jill nor Erin was home. He went to his computer and checked his e-mail. He had four new messages. One was from Diana. She sent him a nude pic of herself. She did this for him on the days he didn’t come over. The other three he thought were spam. Normally he didn’t read them but today he wanted to see what European lottery he won this week or which unbeknownst millionaire family member died in Nigeria or what his wife was doing behind his back. The first two read like typical spam e-mails, while the third didn’t. It read:

Charlie Hall,

You need to see what your wife is doing with your brother Paul and Keith Jablonski behind your back.

A Friend.

His hand shook as he downloaded the file. When he opened it he saw pic after pic of his wife doing things she refused to do with him and doing them with his brother and employee. He printed them up. Went upstairs clutching onto them and sat on the couch waiting.

Erin came home first. Before she could even say Hi, he told her to go to her room. She knew what was about to happen and did what she was told.

Eventually Jill came home. Charlie stood-up and threw the pictures at her. She was shocked.

“Where did you get those?” she yelled.

Charlie didn’t say anything.

“Were you spying on me?” she yelled louder.

“How long?” Charlie yelled.

“Right after Erin was born,” she yelled.

Charlie was floored. He had to sit back on the couch. She started telling him that they would fuck everyday and how he begged her to leave Charlie. When she refused he moved to Florida and quickly got married. Every day she regretted that decision and the only reason she agreed to moving down to Florida was so she could start fucking Paul again.

She then started berating Charlie by telling him that he was barely a man at all. That he was weak and how she wasted the best years of her life with him.

Charlie had reached his breaking point with her verbal abuse. He started yelling back. He said, “You wasted your life. Everything I did, I did for you. I gave-up my dreams. I took a job that I loathed. I loved you and did everything to make this marriage work. And you repay me by fucking my brother. That makes you a fucking whore.”

She moved her hand to slap him, but he stopped her. As he held onto her wrist he yelled, “Get out.”

As he yelled that he wondered if he was being a hypocrite. It was easy for him to justify that he wasn’t, after all she cheated first.

He watched her pack. Before she left she tried to say goodbye to Erin, but she wanted nothing to do with her mother. After being rejected by her daughter Jill stormed out.

Charlie and Erin ordered pizza for dinner. He picked at it. For obvious reasons he wasn’t feeling very hungry. He turned to Erin and asked, “Can you go to a friends? I feel like being alone.”

“Yes dad,” she said as she finished a slice of pizza. She then walked over, kissed him on the forehead and then left.

He stood-up, walked into the bathroom, took of his clothes and stepped into the shower. As soon as he turned on the water he started crying. He didn’t cry about kicking his wife out, he cried that he thought his life was a joke. Nothing could make him feel different. Then he heard a knock at the bathroom door. He thought it was Jill back to yell it him some more.

“Go away,” Charlie yelled.

The knocking continued.

“Jill I said go away,” he yelled.

The knocking stopped. Hopefully Jill got the hint and left. Then the door opened. He then heard footsteps. He opened the shower curtain to tell Jill to get the fuck out. When he opened the shower curtain he didn’t see Jill, he saw Erin, his pink haired daughter, wearing a white bathrobe. It was obvious to Charlie that she didn’t leave after he told her to.

She dropped the bathrobe. Charlie couldn’t help but stare at her fit petite body. She walked into the shower and gave him a passionate kiss.

“I had no idea,” he said.

She put a finger on his lips signaling him to shut-up. She then got on her knees in the shower. She marveled at his meaty 8-inch cock before putting it in her mouth. She looked at him and could see the joy she was bringing her father.

She then took out his cock and spit on it before putting it back into her mouth. This was making her pussy very wet. She reached down with one of her hands and started rubbing her clit.

Charlie looked down and said, “Does your pussy need attention?”

She then took his cock out of her mouth and said, “Yes daddy.”

They got out of the shower and walked toward the bathroom sink. He picked her up and placed her on the marble counter. She spread her legs while he got on the floor to eat her pussy.

“Oh god daddy you’re so good,” she cried as he circled her clit with his tongue.

She was right her daddy was the best pussy eater in the entire world. Well at least he was better than the 5 guys she’s been with. He had technique. She was about to cum so she screamed, “I’m cumming.”

Charlie stuck his face deep into her pussy so he could taste her juices.

Minutes later she laid on her back on the bed in her fathers’ room. She spread her pussy lips for him as she wrapped her legs around him as he entered her wet pussy. She was in ecstasy at how her fathers’ large cock felt as it went in and out of her. She started quivering as her fathers’ cock gave her another intense orgasm.

As soon as Charlie heard her scream out in bliss he started moving his dick in and out of her at a more frantic pace. She loved the way his balls felt as they slapped against her ass. He took his cock out of her, which pissed Erin off, and had her lick her cum off of his hard throbbing shaft.

She then got on all fours. This was her favorite position. She wiggled her ass for Charlie. He slapped his cock on her butt cheeks before putting it in her pussy. She wanted him to fuck her furiously, but he was going slow and savoring every stroke. She wondered if he knew that every slow movement of his cock was driving her crazy? Did he know that he was giving her orgasm after orgasm?

All Charlie could think about was how lucky he was and how much he loved his daughter.

Minutes later she was riding his hard cock. He was now pounding her hot wet pussy. Her entire body was quivering in delight. He reached around and started playing with her asshole. This caused her to scream in ecstasy as she came all over Charlie’s cock.

With every thrust he started to moan louder.

“Oh God, oh God,” he cried.

She started riding faster up and down his unit.

Charlie had lost control and shot a river of cum into her pussy.

She collapsed on top of him and proceeded to kiss him passionately.

Charlie Hall went from having the worst day in his life to the best, and he couldn’t wait to call Diana and tell her everything that happened.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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A wonderfully hot series. Good job.
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we really really need to know what happens next, its not fair to stop there, been an amazing 4 parter but needs to be 5 at least, if not more
Posted 24 Jan 2011 12:47
Rob, I just finised read this 4 part series and found it to be very erotic, warm, personal, & well written. I know it ahs been over a yr since you did part 4, but I have to agree that it needs at least one more full lenght chapter. We'd like to know what happens after Charlie calls Diana, Please don't leave us hanging like this. Voted a 5 for all parts. It should be higher. "V=5."
Posted 12 Dec 2010 01:22
out of this world!!! GREAT!! please tell some more all four stories were fantastic. please give us at least one more tell us what happens after all of this
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i loved your work and i look forword to reading your next one
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Loved all 4 stories, would love to hear another chapter when he calls the other woman and see what happens......please consider doing another chapter....
Posted 05 Feb 2010 20:44
Keep 'em cumming!
Posted 30 Jan 2010 00:49
Definitely MORE - please!!!!!
Posted 01 Jan 2010 22:49
At least one more - PLEASE PLEASE
Posted 25 Oct 2009 14:49
I think one more with Erin and Diana's family would be great. Love the story and the whole line.

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