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A Father's Obsession: Chapter One

Can desire go to far?
Saturday night was Charlie Hall’s favorite night of the week. Not only was it date night with his wife Jill, but it was also sex night. He’d sit through dinner at restaurants that he’d normally never go to and watch movies that with subtitles. He would do anything Jill wanted just for the few moments of pleasure he got from fucking her.

He sat across from her staring and wondering how his life turned out the way it had. When they got married 17 years ago they made a promise not to turn out like their parents. They promised to stay fit, always talk and most important live life to the fullest. Now at 40 Charlie sadly realized all those promises were broken. Now they weren’t broken intentionally, but rather by time. Less than two months after their wedding they found out they were expecting. No longer did they have time to travel the world as responsibility was staring them in the face. Charlie had to give-up his dream of being an artist and took a job on the line at a Ford plant outside of Detroit. Once Erin was born he never resented the fact that he gave-up his dream. The same couldn’t be said for Jill. She admitted several times to her husband that she felt they wouldn’t have had to settle with their lives if they didn’t have a child so early in their marriage.

While Charlie was picking at a meal he couldn’t pronounce Jill gave him a stern look and said, “I’m sick of being the bad guy.”

Charlie knew better than to respond, if he did there’d be a good chance that Jill wouldn’t spread her legs for him tonight.

“You should have backed me up earlier when I told Erin that she couldn’t get her nose pierced.”

He hated telling his 16-year-old daughter no. He felt that he messed up her life over the past year. A year ago he lost his job at the plant. Instead of being permanently unemployed like many of his friends who got laid-off alongside him, he took his family’s life savings, bought into his brother’s body shop in Sarasota, FL. He thought the change of scenery would be good for the family. He was wrong. His marriage, while already strained, was feeling more broken. Jill hated Florida and she resented Charlie uprooting her life.

The majority of their strife between them lately was about their daughter. Before the move she was a sweet girl, excelled at school and doted on her father. After the move, she changed. She went from having a flat chest to sprouting 34C breasts, which Charlie felt were way to big for her height of 5’2 and 108lb body. Once the boobs came so did the boys. Much to Charlie’s horror she quickly decided that she liked punk/skater boys. To fit in she cut her long brown hair, dyed her hair pink and started dressing like a punk rocker and even worse, acting like one. But he didn’t care, if this is what made her happy he would support her.

During the car ride home Jill was complaining about Erin’s choice of friends. Charlie nodded in agreement. All he could think of was soon that he’d be able to fuck Jill’s pussy, and that’s it. There was a time that she’d do anything he asked. Those days were long gone and he knew better than to ask, otherwise he could face a Saturday night without sex. He felt getting a little something was better than getting nothing at all.

As they got closer to the house Charlie was already getting hard in anticipation. He swore to himself that tonight he’d rip off all of Jill’s clothes if she dilly-dallied picking stuff up around the house before their weekly ritual.

When they got to their house, Keith Jablonski’s truck was on their driveway. He was a 23-year-old redneck who worked for Charlie and his brother. Every time that Erin visited the shop he could see that Keith was checking her out. He was warned several times, but obviously the warnings didn’t take.

“Did you tell her that she could go out with him?” Jill yelled.

“No,” Charlie said.

“Then what is he doing here?” Jill yelled.

Charlie didn’t want to think what they might be doing. Just thinking about it made him sick.

They quietly walked into the house. Load moans were coming from Erin’s room. Charlie’s stomach started to churn. Jill opened her door. Erin was on all fours on her bed as Keith was fucking her from behind. Jill started yelling. Erin looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Charlie had to puke. He ran to the bathroom in his bedroom. Clutched the toilet. Between dry heaves he could hear the yelling coming from Erin’s room. He could hear Keith run out of the house and his truck peel out of the driveway. The yelling got louder and he withdrew from what was going by staying in the bathroom.

After Jill was done yelling and grounding Erin she laid into him. Calling him weak and worthless. That he should have been the one yelling at Erin and kicking Keith’s ass. “What happened to not being like their parents?” Charlie thought. When he was Erin’s age he fucked his then girlfriend at her house every time they left the house. Grounding her he felt would make him a hypocrite.

When the yelling finished he knew there was no chance in hell that he’d get laid. He went to the shower. As the water hit his body he clutched his hard cock and started stroking. At first he was thinking of Rita, the red head who worked the counter part time at the body shop. Within seconds Erin replaced the images of Rita. This wasn’t intentional, but the moment he saw her getting fucked his perception of her changed. She went from being his daughter but to a woman that he was attracted to,

As he stroked his cock his head was filled with images of his pink haired daughter sucking his cock. At first he felt guilty jerking it to his daughter, but his desires quickly deleted any feeling of guilt he might have as he imagined cumming all over her face.

During the days that followed he tried his best to block out the fact that he was now attracted to his daughter. He tried not to hug herm let her sit on his lap and avert his eyes as she walked from the shower to her room wearing only a towel. The only time that he did not deny his lust for her was when he was alone during his evening shower.

He got home around three. He opened the door and heard loud music coming from Erin’s room. All he wanted to do was sit back relax and not have to listen to what his daughter called music. All he wanted was peace and quiet.

He knocked and knocked and knocked on her door.

No response.

When he opened it he saw Erin completely naked on her bed. Her legs were spread open as she played with her pussy.

The music she was listening to no longer mattered. Her shaved pussy hypnotized him. His cock was growing larger in his pants. He was at a crux in his life. He could have walked out. That would have been the sensible thing to do. But he was no longer thinking.

He walked over to Erin’s bed, kneeled down and touched her hand. She stopped rubbing and looked at him. His heart was pounding fast. He thought that she’d scream and tell his wife what he just did. Instead she smiled and said, “It’s okay daddy.”

It’s been since he ate pussy. He thought he might have forgotten how, but like riding a bike, the moment his tongue touched her clit all of his skills returned to him. She squirmed with delight as his tongue explored every inch of her pussy.

“Daddy I want your cock,” she screamed.

He stood-up. She moved toward him. Her hands unzipped his pants. Took his cock out. She smiled when she grabbed a hold of his 8-inch cock and started jerking him off.

“Do you like that daddy?”

He nodded yes.

“Do you want me to put this in my mouth?”

Once again he nodded yes.

Before she put it in, she used her index finger to wipe away the pre-cum that was leaking out of his cock. After she wiped it all away she tasted it and said, “You taste so good daddy.”

Then she started licking.

As much as Charlie enjoyed this, he knew he wouldn’t last long. He desperately wanted to fuck her.

“Baby, can I fuck you?” he nervously asked.

He then climbed on her bed, got on his back and stroked his cock as she climbed on top.

“You feel so good daddy.”

He started fucking her faster and faster.

“Oh god daddy,” she screamed.

He had to slow down or else he’d quickly cum.

He then had her lie on the bed. Once again he started eating her pussy. Her moans were deafening.

Then he stood-up spread her legs and resumed fucking her. Her pussy was so hot. Her nipples erect. Unlike his wife, he knew his daughter was enjoying his cock. He could tell from the sound of her moans. The squirms of her body. The way she cried out for more. Jill never did any of those things.

The speed of his thrusts increased. He was ready to cum.

“I’m cumming baby.”

“Daddy, cum on my face.”

She got on her knees. Started to stroke Charlie. He closed his eyes as he ejaculated all over the shower wall and his hand.

He used the running water to wash away the cum on his hand.

Jerking off to his daughter was no longer fulfilling. He now wanted desperately to fuck her.

To be continued.
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Posted 26 Jan 2014 20:02
loved the twist.
Posted 17 Sep 2013 01:57
Nice story. Enjoyed reading it.
Posted 06 Nov 2010 08:53
Good Job ! ! ! !
Posted 05 Feb 2010 20:18
Posted 16 Nov 2009 13:15
So.....where is part 2??

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