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A kiss and a spanking: Part II

An affectionate son explores a spanking relationship with his beautiful, young mom.

To say she was beautiful is not enough. Her parents brought her to New York from Argentina so she could pursue her modeling career. She was discovered in Buenos Aires by a famous international photographer, my dad. She was 17, he was 35. She was going to be a supermodel; the next Cindy Crawford.

My father used to say that her arms and legs were too long and that she was too thin but she had perfect breasts and a full round behind. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Twenty years later she was still just as beautiful.

It was a typical Monday morning. We both have early classes on Monday so we drive to school together. She's always running late and that makes me late for class which I hate. This morning I went up to hurry her along and she was still in bed.

"You go Nicky, I'm not feeling well. I'm going to sleep in." What a joke. She only gets sick on Monday mornings. It's like she's twelve.

"Come on," I scolded, "you're not sick and you're going to school." Her complete lack of response lasted until she heard me rummaging around in her bathroom.

"What are you doing in there?

I returned with a thermometer and a hairbrush. If I was going to spank her I wanted to make sure she wasn't really sick. Her eyes opened wide and her face turned bright red when she saw the Vaseline.

"Oh yes," I said before she could complain, "turn over." I pulled back the covers and admired her perfect backside. She couldn't look at me. I parted her soft cheeks and rubbed a little Vaseline on her tight anus.
The thermometer slipped right in.

"Don't you dare move, you naughty girl." 98.5 "You're perfectly fine but you won't be when I get through with you." I heard a little wimper but she did not move or object in any way.

I knew from her stories that the concept of getting an enema from a young man filled her with dread. It was just so shameful. I applied another dollop of Vaseline and rubbed it deep into her silky rectum, taking my time to do a thorough job.

I filled a hot water bottle about half full with soapy water and escorted my naughty girl to the bathroom. After several sharp spanks and some token resistance I had her draped over my lap in a most undignified position.

"I hope you're ashamed of yourself," I scolded as I inserted the nozzle. I rubbed her beautiful, pink cheeks as the bottle emptied. After a few minutes and a rather noisy expulsion, I escorted my red faced mom back to her bedroom.

"First a spanking," I warned, "and then I'm going to fuck that beautiful ass."

The hairbrush made a lasting impression, I'm sure. I spanked her hard and her bottom and the back of her thighs were a dark, angry red. She shed real tears and promised to be a good girl. I piled up three pillows in the center of the bed and made her lie over them which elevated her punished behind perfectly. I took the time to kindly apply another finger full of Vaseline and slowly pushed my cock against her pink asshole. She wimpered as I stretched the tight hole but she didn't resist. She tilted up her ass a little and pushed back to ease the entry.

God she was tight. Too quickly I came, depositing a load of cum deep inside her. Just like in her stories I told her not to move. I was going to diaper her and if she resisted she was going right back over my knee for another spanking. She did not move but now both sets of cheeks were flaming red.

In advance, I had prepared a large triangle of soft cotton for just such an occasion. Just like in the movies I turned her over, lifted her legs and placed the diaper beneath her behind. Carefully, I pinned each corner of the diaper to the front to secure it in place. It wasn't perfect but it would do nicely. I helped her up and marched her into the corner of the room where she would stand quietly and reflect on her naughty behavior.

Downstairs I made breakfast and planned the second part of her punishment. Where was that rubber spatula?
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Posted 09 Oct 2013 09:00
I just LOVE spanking stories!
Posted 16 May 2013 14:47
I loved this story, I hope there are more of a similar nature.
Posted 17 Jan 2013 14:39
you are turning me on!!!!!!!!
Posted 25 Sep 2012 01:48
A real turn on story. Congratulations.
Posted 22 Sep 2012 08:05
I don't like this story. I LOVE it.
Posted 21 Sep 2012 14:35
Nice... Liking this story.

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