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A Mother In Need

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She Can't Belive How Wet She Is Watching Her Son Stroke His Cock For Her
Mom wasn't an especially happy lady, but she was very determined to make a good life for us. She had assumed that responsibility after dad, or should I just call him Bill, left us for another woman.I hated it when she would tell me how much I looked like him but then she would smile and the sparkle in her eyes would make me putty in her hands. Mom had asmile that wouldmelt any ones heartwho saw it.

She wasn't a gorgeous woman but she was very neat and clean. Her slight chubbiness added to her full woman like figure. I loved her large breasts with huge dark brown nipples and plump round ass that just begged for fucking, and again, that wonderful smile of hers, so sweet, yet so sexy in a pure way. If only I could get her to smile more.

Yes, I have been sexually turned on by my mother for several years now.Now that I was 18 it seemed that I could hardly contain myself from sexual thoughts about anyone, let alone my own mother. Many nights I would sneak to her room and peek through the crack of her door while she was getting ready for bed. I became addicted to the intense sexual thrill I got when I watched her slowly take off her upper garments then massage the red bra marks surrounding her huge brown nippled breasts.

My excitement was so over powering that I would actually pull my cock out of my briefs and begin stroking it. Oh gawd, I was looking at my mother and masturbating. How wrong. How terrible, but as I said, I couldn't help myself. I so wanted to lift each of her ample tits, bring them to my lips and suckle them.

As she continued to massage her breasts, her nipples would grow to the point that they would actually stand out a full two inches from her silver dollar sized aureoles. Its no wonder my cock would twitch the instant I saw them in full view.

I would usually have enough time to bring myself to the brink of orgasm just before her night gown would slide down over her head and hide those spheres that I was so entranced by.Then, breathlessly, Iwould silently tip toe back to my bed and jerk myself off thinking about mom's sweet wonderful tits.

Then it happened. The night of all nights. I was standing at my usual place just outside her door. This time it was different.While facing away from me, she removed her top and bra. Then much to my surprise, my Mom slid her pants and panties down her smooth round ass. She usually just took them off after her night gown was completly covering her.

This night promised to be very special. She turned and was now facing me. I had a full clear view of my mother's tits and very darkhaired pussy. I gaspedat the sight ofher charms. She then lowered herself to the edge of the bed and absent mindedly began stroking her dark, black pubic hair and protruding cunt lips. The light of the bedside lamp perfectly illuminated her now moistening cunt. The glistening sign of her obvious excitement caused a similar reaction in me considering the amount of precum now oozing out of my cock head.

She leaned back resting one arm behind her and with her other hand she slid her index fingerup and down the entire length of her slit, stopping to moisten her finger deep inside her warm wet center.Once all slippery and wet, she continued pleasuring herself. Her finger motions causing her inner lips to open allowing me glimpses of her pussy inside and out.

The look of serenity on her face was indescribable and there she was once again smiling that oh so heart breaking smile. It made me love her all the more. Gawd I wanted my Mom. No, not just to fuck her, but to make love to her in a way we both so badly needed.

My strokes quickened. I couldn't hold back any longer.I started pumping my cock with such intensity that it didn't take long till I was about to cum.Then it happened, my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. The unfortunate part (or so I thought), was that the first spasm was so intense it caused me to buckle forward. As I did my head slammed against the door swinging it wide open leaving me standing there, cock in hand spewing cum all over the floor. I looked up to see my mother standing there staring at me in total shock.

"Eddie, what are you doing?" she managed to grunt out of her tightened throat.

Her face was red and flushed and her breathing quick and her nipples so errect that you could hang your hat on them. I realized that she must have just cum as well with one of those incredible intense orgasms that happen only when you are interrupted just at that critical moment.

"I couldn't help it mom," I stammered. " I saw what you were doing to yourself and I just couldn't help it.".

"What were you doing peeking at me in the first place?" she asked.

Now slowly she began to regaining her composure. Oddly enough she still had not coved up her nakedness or even looked away from my still dripping cock.

"I'm sorry mom, please forgive me. I never wanted to hurt you. I love you."

"Eddie, I am so ashamed that you saw what I was doing," she said, her voice now returning somewhat to normal.

She now sat on her bed and pulled the bed spread over her covering her partially but leaving one breast and so suckable nipple still exposed. I dropped to my knees now in an effort to hide my still throbbing cock. I felt the tears well up in my eyes.

"Oh my god, what have I done?" I thought. "She must think I am a total monster." The tears started to flow.

I was so emotionally confuse and embarrassed. Mom saw it clearly.

"Come here Eddie, come sit here with me and we must talk," she offered with the sincerity and compassion that only a mother can posses.

I got up and tried my best to cup my semi hard cock and balls in my hands as I walked towards her. I noticed her staring at it as I shuffled over to her bed. I sat down and she wrapped the blankets around both of us then took my head in her hand and lowered it to her shoulder like she had so many times when as I child when I was hurt or scared.

"There there Eddie, there is nothing to be that upset about. It is only natural for a young man to be curious about the opposite sex and sex in general, and it is also very natural for you to pleasure yourself. There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to sex and love. I am just so glad that we have this out in the open and can talk about it," she said with total sincerity.

I began to feel so relived.

"Honey, let's just lean against the head board, so we can be more comfortable."

With that we both shifted back, her leaning on the head board and me in her arms laying on her upper chest and shoulder . She went on to say how she was flattered that a young handsome man was even remotely interested in her let alone sexually excited by her.

"Oh Gawd Mom, you are one of the sexiest women I have ever seen, I think about you all the time in that way."

"You do?" she replied with real amazement in her voice.

"Yes, I do," I said with no longer ashamed. "In fact, I have been looking at you for a long time now and I love you. I can't get enough of seeing you naked. Mom, please don't be mad at me." I looked up at her and she was smiling.

"Do you also masturbate while watching me?" she asked.

My heart leapt in my chest and I couldn't answer her. I just layed back down and this time was slightly lower then before.I was now resting my ear on the upper part of her pillowy breast.

"Mom, I am so sorry if I upset you, but I love you."

"Well son, I really don't know what to say. So you really enjoy looking at me naked then huh?"

The blankets had now slid down her body exposing both breasts. She was totaly aware of her exposure but made no attempt to cover up.This caused my cock to raise to full attention. At that moment, I was bound and determined to fuck my mother this very night.

I slid a little closer to her so that my hard on was just lightly touching the outside of her thigh. She actually responded by shifting her leg slightly so my cock was wedged between us. I asked her if she and my father had good sex.

"What kind of question is that to ask your mother?" she replied.

"Well, you did say sex natural and not to be ashamed of it right?"

"Ok then smartie pants, yes, we did have very good and exciting sex. I really do miss that. I miss it very much," she said with a heavy sigh.

I decided to go for all or nothing, mustered up my courage and said in a low yet strong voice.

"Well, then just call me Bill tonight Mom," and with that I lifted her breast to my lips and began to suckle her nipple.

She gasped, put her hands on my head to push me away but stopped. She then held me tight to her bosom and said

"Eddie, what are you doing, we can't, it's not right. I am your mother."

I looked up at her held her face in my hands, kiss her full lips and said.

"I love you and want only want us to be happy."

She smiled and returned my kiss then in a firm and determined voice said, "Fuck me Bill!"

I took her in my arms and almost fainted. Her hard nipples were boring two holes in my chest. My cock twitched in anticipation. The silkiness of her naked thigh against my rock hard cock was causing my head to spin. I could feel the trail of precum spreading against her leg. I now kicked off the blankets and rolled over on top of her.

I thrust my hips forward causing my cock to wedge itself between her closed thighs. She gasped then spread her legs wide offering herself to me. I pushed further ahead and felt her warm wet folds begin to open up to the onslaught.

She gasped again. Then in one quick upwards thrust I entered her. My cock slide in to her like a hot knife through butter. As soon as I was deep inside her aching cunt, she let out a loud low moan then whispered.

" Fuck me Eddie, fuck mommy."

Those words thrilled me like never before. I guess she wasn't fucking Bill any more,she was fucking me. I reached down, grabbed her ass cheeks and began slamming my cock in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could.

"Woah, slow down lover," she grunted"or this will be over before it starts. Here, let me."

She rolled me off of her then squatted over me then looking me straight in the eyes, she took my cock in her hand and guided it into her cunt. The look of passion and excitement on her face was so over whelming that I almost died. I thrust my hips up and my cock slide deeply inside her, totally engulfed. She began to move in a slow but sure dance of love. Each exit motion was accented by her pelvic clenching that blew my mind. It was as if her cunt didn't want me to leave her empty.

I reached up to caress her pendulous breasts.

"Oh yes baby, squeeze mammas tits for her MMMMMMM."

She sensed I was close to cumming and she sped up the action. Her clit was bumping against my pubic bone she shifted slightly for a bit more direct contact, to speed up her own impending orgasm.

Her loud moans caused me to pound into her faster. Then in her sexy womans voice she almost yelled.

"Yes baby, Fuck me, please Eddie, fuck me, I am cumming."

Now each hard and determined thrust into her brought out a loud and sexy grunt of satisfaction.

"That's right baby, come on, fuck me harder. Make Mamma cum."

I reached down between us and slid my finger across her clit. I pinched it now just at the right moment to cause her to convulse in a preorgasmic spasm.

"Oh Gawd baby, please keep going, fuck me faster." I could feel her cunt walls tighten around my cock even tighter. She wouldn't quit.One more powerful thrust and I started spewing my cum into her. She reached around and squeezed my balls as if to try and force more of my sperm into her yearning and neglected cunt.

We both were grunting, crying and moaning in our mutual orgasms. It was like no other orgasm I had ever experienced in my life, even with the teenage cheer leader types I dated.When it was all over she flopped over on top of me with my cock still buried in my her cunt. She was breathing hard and crying softly.

"Mom, have I hurt you?" I asked hoping that I hadn't ruined our lives.

"No honey, you have just made me so very very happy."

I looked up into her face and saw that oh so wonderful smile and I knew every thing wasperfect. As we layed there enjoying each others small little after orgasm contractions, she said to me, "We really must have a good long talk about what just happened.".

With that, she slid off me, got up at the edge of the bed and gave my cock one more long approving stare, licked her lips took a deep breath and said

"Yes" I said to myself, "a long, long talk indeed." I am sure glad I am a good listener.
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Posted 08 Jul 2013 23:01
loved the story and hope to read more. what happens now since he is just now attending school. let say four years and will she become pregnant, by accident of on purpose. will they get discovered and by how? I know lots of questions, will wait to see what happens.
Posted 02 Jun 2013 06:30
The story was good. However, there were a couple of things I have to point out. I have never seen a nipple extend two inches on its own. This is plainly over exaggeration and made me suspicious early in the story. Secondly, there are numerous spelling and grammar issues. This story lays a great foundation for you to continue and add more chapters.
Posted 19 Jan 2013 10:49
nice a 5 for sure
Posted 27 Dec 2012 13:15
a very good start. where does it go from here? how much does Mom teach him?
Posted 23 Dec 2012 08:00
Posted 17 Nov 2011 05:34
loved the approach and story line. Good to see the love bong between mom and son
Posted 11 Oct 2010 04:17
Hope Mom is young enough to fall pregnant - and have a girl LOL
Posted 03 Sep 2010 13:34
A really sexy mum there is mileage in this story for another couple of chapters lets see these two get more adventurous
Posted 22 Aug 2010 22:41
Gave this a 5 - give us the rest of the sotry - PLEASE

Posted 22 Aug 2010 21:41
Great story, good content. Got me a happy. Gave it a Solid 5
Posted 21 Aug 2010 12:47
5 out 5 from me great story,please continue

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