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A Mother Pleases Her Loving Husband/Master - Part III

A sub mother completes her loving husband/masters tasks
In my first two stories you may recall that my loving husband/Master had given me two tasks to complete during the week while he was gone. I love my husband so much and have enjoyed doing the hot sexy tasks he has assigned me for over 32 years. I knew that completing these tasks was not going to be a problem, in fact, they would be a total and sexually satisfying pleasure. Here is part three of how, being the obedient mother, wife and sub I continue to please my loving husband.

Wednesday - November 7, 2012: I woke in the morning with my son between my legs, eating my pussy and taking me to an intense morning orgasm. He fucked my wet pussy one time before getting up and taking a shower. After that, Steven got dressed and headed out the door for school.

After he left I pulled on a mid thigh length skirt, a t-shirt bra, a conservative blouse and my 4 inch heels. I looked at myself in the mirror, completed my hair and make-up and was pleased with what I saw. I was not slutty but sexy. I picked up my things and then headed off to work. On the drive to work I began to think about my tasks and knew that today at lunch would be a little harder than yesterday and the day before but I was determined to be successful.

The morning moved by very quick and soon I found myself in my car driving to one of the local supermarkets that has a deli that serves wonderful and healthy sandwiches and also has a place for patrons to sit and eat. As I approached the deli I saw this very pretty ebony woman standing there. I smiled at her as I asked her if she had ordered and she returned the smile and said, "Yes, thank you for asking." I said no problem dear and went to order my sandwich.

Once the clerk took my order I moved back over to the ebony woman and engaged her in conversation. I found out that she was not from here and was only in town for a week. She was attending a conference that was being held at one of the local hotels. I asked her if she had the opportunity to venture out from the hotel and see the beautiful country side and she said, "Sadly, no. But I understand that there are several wonderful places to see and wished I had the time." I asked her if she would like to go to a local park and enjoy her lunch instead of sitting in this place or going back to the hotel to eat. She thought about it for only a brief second and said, "Oh yes, that would be wonderful."

After we got our meals we headed to the parking lot and since she was going the opposite way after lunch I suggested she bring her own car. She followed me to the park that was only a couple miles away and we parked side by side and got out. I went to the trunk of my car and got a blanket out and then told her to follow me. I walked around to the far side of the little pond and laid the blanket out. As she sat her lunch down on the blanket I sat down, crossing my legs, allowing this beautiful ebony woman the opportunity to see my bare pussy. I saw her looking at my naked pussy as she sat down on the blanket too.

The way she sat was to where we were both kind of looking in the same direction but she could also turn her head just a little and look directly at me. Several times as we sat there eating and talking I felt her stealing glances at my pussy that was beginning to leak. We continued to talk and discussed everything from our marriages, children, our jobs and soon we found that we had many things in common.

Each time I would catch her looking at my naked pussy I would try and subtly spread my legs wider and pull my skirt up higher, giving her an unobstructed view. Soon I knew that my skirt could not go any higher without me standing up and pulling it over my waist. I acted surprised and looked at my new friend and apologized saying, "Oh, I’m so sorry. I did not realize my skirt had pulled up so far."

Her reaction was very modest and direct as she said that she did not mind. She then surprised me by saying, "I have seen a naked pussy every single day of my life."

I grinned at her saying, "I do too every time I look into the mirror."

She laughed and said, "Yes, that is right." She was easygoing but knew I was trying to seduce her and made me work for it. She asked me why I had asked her to come to have lunch with her at this very secluded park then said, "When you sat down and intentionally showed me your pussy I felt something was up, so tell me girl, what’s going on?"

I blushed knowing that I was caught and decided to be totally honest with this sexually desirable and lovable woman. I told her that my husband was my master and since he is gone until Saturday, he has given me two tasks to complete this week and I was to keep good notes and report to him when he returns. I also told her that one of my two tasks was to seduce one woman every day during my lunch time and I had chosen her today. After telling her this I stood up and pulled my skirt up all the way to my waist and said, "See how wet I am wanting you," as I spread my thick pussy lips.

I again knelt down next to this beautiful woman moving my mouth closer to hers saying, "I want to kiss you." I could tell by the smile on her thick lips that the idea of me kissing her pleased her. I leaned into her, kissing her softly at first but then kissed her more urgently as our lips parted and my tongue began to probe deep into her mouth.

I felt her hands grasp my shoulders and pull me to her and soon we were laying together on the blanket, embracing as our lips continued to mold together. Her hands began exploring my body, feeling my heat through my clothing and I knew she was excited about me pleasing her and soon I had her laying on her back and I was between her long beautiful ebony legs, pulling her skirt up and her panties down.

I lowered my face to her black curly hair covered pussy and it was obvious that she did not shave herself. I had never orally pleased a woman with so much hair but was determined to take her to an incredible orgasm. I moved my face deeper into her heated pubic region spreading her vaginal lips with my fingers, looking at her sweet pink opening. I saw her clit throbbing as I moved toward it, capturing it with my lips and lapping at it with my tongue.

As I tasted her sweet fresh pussy I sucked on her hard clit and soon was being covered in her sweet and magical cum. She had her legs over my shoulders as I grasped her thighs and she ground herself onto my face and came again. I heard her grunting and moaning as she went from one orgasm to another and I loved it. As she began to calm down I saw her huge tits, bare and heaving on her chest as her breath was coming in ragged gasps and I reached up and began pinching and pulling on them as I continued to lick and stimulate her pussy. She finally begged me to stop and let her rest and I sat up and smiled down at her as her pussy juices dripped from my chin.

It was at this time that I realized I did not know this woman's name and she did not know mine. I started to giggle as I introduced myself to her and I found out her name was Ginger. We both laughed at this realization as my hand went back to her pussy and I began to pinch and pull on her clit. She leaned back on her elbows and began to softly thrust her hips up against my fingers softly saying, "Please, lick me again, I loved it."

I smiled at this beautiful sexy goddess as I lowered my face back to her wet pubic mound. I was determined to bring her off one more time as she started bucking against my face. I totally engulfed her large black vaginal lips and sucked her entire pussy as deep into my mouth as I could.

I felt the curly black hair tickling my nose and got used to the feeling of its coarseness as it rubbed against my skin. I was in sexual heaven tasting this woman and using her for my pleasure and giving her pleasure as well. I was now committed to giving her the orgasm she deserved and expected from me, knowing that I am a sub and expected to please her.

I wanted her to know that I was hers to use, to take and make me do nasty things to her and by licking and sucking her entire cunt she understood my desires to please her. She bucked wildly against my face and soon I felt her hands again tangled in my hair, pulling me as deep into her pussy as she could. Her grip tightened as she came and I felt like I was going to drown as she squirted a huge amount of cum and pee into my sucking mouth. I swallowed the copious amount of fluids and still some escaped me. However, she was pleased, breathing hard and ready for more as my mouth now moved over to hers and we shared her sexual delight.

As we laid together I asked her if she had ever tasted her own pussy juices or another woman's pussy before? She looked at me and if I could tell she was blushing she would have been. She lowered her eyes as she said, "I have tasted my own juices from my fingers, my dildos and even from my husband's cock but never have I tasted another woman’s sweetness." I smiled, kissing her again then took her right hand and guided it to my wet pussy. I helped her finger my pussy for a brief second. Ginger smiled at me and asked me to let her do it herself as she knew how a woman's body should be touched from practice on herself.

I lay there as I felt her long fingers rubbing over my clit, dipping into my pussy and even probing down to my anal opening. I loved the tenderness yet firmness of her touch on my private areas and loved the fact that she wanted to please me. I watched her face as she finger fucked me with three fingers then brought her fingers, covered with my creamy juices and brought them to her nose, sniffing them. She smiled as she slowly lapped at them as if tasting them to see if she liked it. Once she tasted my juice on her fingers she sucked them into her mouth and looked at me and a smile creased the corner of her mouth.

I knew she liked what she was doing and tasting and I asked her if she would like to suck my pussy like I had already done hers twice. She nodded as she continued to suck her fingers clean.I moved around and placed one knee on each side of her head and lowered my wet and swampy cunt onto her mouth. It was obvious that she had not eaten a pussy before but she was a willing student. I told her to put her tongue where her fingers were and then stab it in and out of my pussy and if she wanted she could also do the same to my ass.

She did not hesitate following my directions as I began grinding myself down onto her beautiful ebony face. I looked down at her as she licked and sucked me and I could see her eyes. They were glowing as she really got into what she was doing. I was still grinding myself onto her and she knew it would not take me long to cum since I had been holding myself since we had arrived at the park. I needed to cum and I wanted her to taste her first woman's orgasmic fluids from me. I wanted to be her first female lover and I knew that soon I would be humping her face harder as I creamed all over her.

As I continued to look at her beautiful eyes I said, "Oh baby, I’m going to cum now," and started to orgasm as she continued to suck on my hard clit. Ginger never stopped licking and sucking me until I collapsed beside her on the blanket. Ginger moved up to me, kissing me, sharing my cream. I loved it and held her closely to my overheated body telling her that I really loved spending my lunch time with her.

Ginger looked into my eyes saying, "I had a wonderful time too and would love to do this again one day." We continued to lay there for several minutes basking in the warm sunshine, holding each other closely enjoying the post euphoric feelings in our sexually charged bodies.

Ginger said, "You know I am staying at the local hotel and I would like to know if you would like to have dinner with me tonight?"

I smiled at her saying I would but my son would be home with me. She knew that Steven was 17 years old and drove so she said, "Oh please, bring him along."

I had not told her about my incestual relationship with him or any of our other children. I smiled at her and said, "Ok, we would love to join you for dinner tonight." Ginger gave me her hotel room number and asked me to just come to her room to get her for dinner and we picked up the blanket and put our trash away. Ginger and I kissed as we got to our cars saying goodbye until later tonight.

When I got back to the office after my wonderful lunch with Ginger, the receptionist followed me into my office and said she had to tell me something privately. I asked her to shut my door and once it was closed I asked her what she needed to tell me. She was blushing and not looking me directly in the eyes and I heard her begin to mutter that she had left the office shortly after I did for lunch and had followed me to the supermarket. She said she did not go in but waited in her car and watched as I came out of the store talking to that beautiful black lady.

I smiled at her choice of words because she too thought that Ginger was beautiful. Laura continued talking and she admitted that she also followed me and Ginger to the park and watched us get out, go set up our little picnic area and then watched us making passionate love together. I asked her why she had done that and she said that she had wanted to make love to me ever since she had been hired at the law firm and I smiled at her, thanking her at the same time.

It was obvious that Laura was very nervous as she told me this and I stopped her and asked her if she had enjoyed what she saw and she tightened the grip on the side of my desk and said, "Yes, oh yesssssssssss, very much so."

I said, "Laura, it’s okay that you watched us and its even better that you enjoyed yourself, you did enjoy yourself didn’t you?" Laura was now very red as she only nodded her head. I said, "Ok Laura, show me how you enjoyed yourself." Laura looked up at me through fearful eyes and I said, "You liked it so much, now show me what you did to yourself while watching Ginger and I engaging in some bi-sexual sex."

Laura tentatively lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties to her knees and started fingering herself, right there beside my desk. I watched her quickly get herself off then pull her wet slimy fingers from her stretched cunt. I asked her to let me taste her sweetness and she slowly put her fingers in front of my face. I sucked them clean as I stared into her eyes. I smiled up at her and said, "Oh Laura, very nice. Your juices are very sweet and tangy and I love how thick it is." Laura blushed again as I said, "Okay, now tomorrow we will have our lunch together and I want you to be ready to be used like I used Ginger today, do you understand?"

Laura nodded her head again as she heard me making a phone call to one of the seedy hotels and reserve a room for tomorrow. Once I hung up the phone I turned my chair toward Laura, pulled my skirt up to my waist and said, "Here taste this pussy right now and be quick, because tomorrow you will drink all of my juices from it." Laura quickly bent over and lapped at my still wet pussy.I pulled her head up and kissed her,telling her to go to the bathroom and straighten up and wash her face. Laura left my office and my mind was flooded with all the hot sexual fun I am going to have.

After Laura’s admission, the afternoon flew by and I went home and picked up Steven and headed back into town to meet Ginger. We arrived at her hotel and went to the third floor and knocked on her door. Ginger met us at the door and invited us into her room. Ginger was dressed in a fresh skirt and blouse that looked beautiful on her ebony skin and I hugged her telling her how beautiful she was. I then introduced Steven to her and I told Steven to have a seat in the sleeping area. Ginger went into the bathroom to complete her hair and I followed her inside. I had not told him about my meeting with Ginger earlier in the day as I did not want him to be too excited if he was lucky to get to shove his cock into this beautiful woman's pussy.

As Ginger continued to get ready in the bathroom I pulled her to me. I kissed her on the lips and held her body close. I could feel her heaving breasts on mine and knew that she was already horny like I was. I looked at her as my hands pulled the hem of her dress up and she softly begged me to stop. I told her that I couldn’t stop and soon had my hands feeling her beautiful round ass and my fingers were pushing between her legs. She groaned as my fingers found her clit again and her head fell backward.

I had learned from our earlier sexual encounter that her husband was the only man she had ever been with. I was insistent with my manual stimulation of her clit and pussy and knew that this would be the way to get her to let Steven fuck her. Ginger continued to writhe against me as she whispered for me to stop and I smiled at her saying, "Oh no baby, I’m going to have you here and now."

She looked at me and softly asked me, "What about your son?"

I smiled saying, "Oh well, he can join us if he wants." Ginger looked at me knowing I was serious as her pussy finally gave way to my probing fingers and she melted into my arms. Once she gave herself to me I called Steven to the bathroom door and asked him if he wanted to stay while I made love to this woman or if he wanted to leave.

Steven watched me fingering her wet pussy and a huge smile framed his boyish face as he said, "Oh, Mommy, I would love to stay and watch and even help you please her if she doesn’t mind." I looked at Ginger and she only nodded her head as she could not believe that I was going to let my son help satisfy her sexual desires.

Steven reached his hand out and grasped Gingers arm, helping me lead her to the bed, unzipping the back of her dress as we moved through the room. Once at the bed we let Ginger's dress fall to the floor in a heap around her ankles. I looked at her saying,"Sit down darling and let us please you."I undid her bra and then helped her pull her panties off, leaving her only in her garter, stockings and heels. I said, "Ok baby, sit down and let Steven enjoy our oral talents."

Ginger looked at me through glassy eyes as she softly sat on the edge of the bed, looking up at Steven. I undressed as I watched Steven move in front of Ginger, unbuckle his pants and let them fall to the floor. He looked at Ginger who was staring at the bulge in his boxers and said, "Take them off for me." Ginger looked up at him as he smiled down at her and he repeated his desires.

Gingers fingers moved to the waistband of Steven's boxers and she slowly pulled them down, freeing his virile cock. Steven was ever so gentle as he told Ginger to hold his cock,then put his hands on her head and gently guided her mouth to him. Ginger looked up at Steven saying, "I have never had another man's cock in my mouth except for my husbands." Please don’t make me do this. Steven smiled at her and said, "I’m not going to make you do this, you are going to do this because you want to experience my cock in your mouth, your pussy and even your sweet and beautiful ass." Ginger gasped as she opened her mouth and his cock entered her and she sucked him in.

Gingers head slowly bobbed up and down savoring the texture and taste of his cock. I watched her black lips sliding all the way down onto my sons cock and then all the way back up. Ginger was a very talented cock sucker and I was enjoying watching her taking good care of my son.

Steven reached out to me and said, "Mommy, help Ginger, I want you to suck my balls and lick my ass while she sucks me off and swallows my cum."

I said, "Yes son, I will obey your desires like I would your daddy's." I got on my knees and scooted up and under my son and took his scrotum into my mouth and sucked on his balls then pulled off them and moved my tongue to his ass. I tongue fucked him in his ass as I watched Ginger sucking Stevens cock and loving every second of it.

Steven started to move his hips more and more and was soon fucking Gingers mouth. I knew that he would soon be filling her mouth with his thick orgasmic fluids. Ginger was grunting and I could see some saliva dripping from her lips and chin as she continued to suck that long white cock that was pistoning in and out of her mouth. Steven said, "Okay you hot sexy lady, here it comes and you had best drink it all."

Ginger increased her sucking and her cheeks were caved in as she lavished that piece of male meat in her mouth. Steven continued to fuck her face and soon was grunting louder as he filled her mouth with his cum. Ginger did not spill a drop of his cum as he insisted and then shared the last spurt with me. I loved it and tasting it from this hot sexy woman's lips and mouth made it even hotter. Steven moved away from us and sat in the chair facing the bed. I moved over to Gingers body and we both slid up into the bed.

We continued to kiss, touch and feel every pore of each others treasures and soon we were in the perfect 69 position. I raised my head to her hairy pussy and again got to taste that pure sweetness of her juices. She also began sucking on me and soon we were both writhing on that bed, drawing each other closer and closer to orgasm. As I was under Ginger I saw Steven move up behind her and he held his rigid and revitalized cock in his right hand.

I looked up at him and put my hands around Ginger's hips and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Steven moved closer and shoved his hard cock deep into her pussy with one thrust and began to fiercely fuck her. Steven wasted no time in taking this woman to her first orgasmic plateau and was relentless in trying to get her to her second one. Once Ginger screamed through her second orgasm with Stevens cock in her pussy she pulled her head from my dripping cunt saying, "Oh please, no more, please, I’m begging you."

Steven was intent on taking this hot woman to a third plateau as he pulled his cock out of her stretched pussy then shoved it into her ass. Her creamy cum helped his cock slip all the way into her bowels and she screamed into my pussy as I kept her there by clamping my legs around her head. Ginger was screaming and I wondered if this was the first time she had ever had anything in her ass. I looked up at Steven and he understood to slow down and take it a little more easy as she may be a anal virgin. Steven continued to fuck Gingers ass slowly and soon she became accustomed to that invading cock. As her ass muscles stretched around that young fuck stick, Ginger began to hump back against it. Steven, feeling Ginger's ass tighten around his manhood grabbed her hips and really fucked her hard.

As Ginger and I came I moved out from under her and I watched my son fucking this woman from the same chair he was sitting in when I started seducing her in the bathroom. I loved watching him driving his cock into her upturned ebony ass and loved it when her cheeks vibrated each time his hips slapped the back of her legs. Ginger was about ready to explode again as she felt Steven's cock swelling in her tight ass and then it happened. Steven grunted and started filling her ass with is cum. He was ready and needed to explode and Ginger humped back against that cock and she was rapidly becoming a total slut.

Ginger was delirious with lust and I knew that she would crash in just a few minutes as her orgasm gripped her belly and sent her soul over the edge. Ginger bucked, groaned and even screamed how good things were as Steven's cock finally finished filling her ass. Ginger collapsed onto the bed and I crawled over to her. I kissed her and said, "Ok darling, now its time to go get that dinner we planned, what do you think?" Ginger just giggled as we lay there holding each other until she was relaxed enough to get dressed again and go eat something other than a wet pussy or hard cock.

As we ate, Ginger asked, "Steven, did you like fucking me?"

Steven smiled at her saying, "Yes Mam, I loved it and I’m glad mommy brought me along for a new experience."

Ginger thanked him as we continued to chat and enjoy our dinner. Before we lft that night Steven fucked Ginger’s pussy, filling it with his fertile cream. I did not ever ask Ginger if she was on birth control or other protection as I did not think about it, and I don't think Ginger did either. I gave Ginger my phone number before we left and told her to call me as often as she wanted. Steven and I left Ginger, laying on her bed, naked and so very sexually satisfied. As Steven drove home I laid across the seat sucking his semi hard cock, cleaning Gingers cum off that sweet rod of his.

I hope you like my story and will continue to send me comments as to your personal feelings.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 26 Nov 2012 08:15
Hot story from a hot woman with a really tremendous life.
Posted 21 Nov 2012 09:48
You are a very good writer. Keep it up please. Hope to hear more about your tasks
Posted 20 Nov 2012 15:11
Great story cant wait for the next one!!
Posted 20 Nov 2012 14:15
very hot story. great job
Posted 20 Nov 2012 09:13
Loved the story hope for more...
Posted 19 Nov 2012 15:40
OH MY GOD! So fucking hot, I can't wait for your next fuckathon!

Posted 19 Nov 2012 14:54
Another great story Sonya...well written, very descriptive and hot as always. another 5.

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