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A Mother Pleases Her Loving Husband/Master Part IV

A wife continues to fulfill her husbands desires
In my first three stories you may recall that my loving husband/Master had given me two tasks to complete during the week while he was gone. I love my husband so much and have enjoyed doing the hot sexy tasks he has assigned me for over 32 years and knew that completing these tasks was not going to be a problem, in fact, they would be a total and sexually satisfying pleasure. Here is part four of how, being the obedient mother, wife and sub I continue to please my loving husband.

Thursday - November 8, 2012: I was awakened by my son as he tied my legs spread eagle and my hands above my head. I looked up at him saying, "Steven, what are you doing?"

Steven looked at me saying, "Mommy, I plan on filling your pussy, your ass and your mouth with my cum and then watch as Frank does the same thing too."

I smiled up at him saying, "Well son, you know you do not need to tie me up to do this."

Steven just smiled at me as he continued tying me up then got off the bed and headed down the hall toward the living room. My body was excited and I know my pussy was getting really wet thinking about being fucked to submission by these two young studs but I could not imagine what else they had in store for me this morning.

As I lay there squirming against my restraints, I heard voices then footsteps coming toward my bedroom. I watched the door as first Steven entered the room followed by Frank. Both boys were totally naked and their cocks bounced as they walked toward the side of my bed. I saw a rope in Frank's hand and watched with anticipation as he began to pull on the rope and saw that the rope was attached to a collar that was affixed to his mother Tammy’s neck. I smiled as I saw she was naked, her hands tied behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth.

I looked up at the two boys and watched them grab Tammy and push her down onto the bed beside me. Frank pulled his mother's ass up into the air, moved behind her and started fucking her. Tammy was staring at me with tears pouring out of her eyes and I smiled at her saying, "It's okay baby, I know what these two studs want."

Steven moved between my legs and shoved his hard cock deep into my wet pussy saying, "Mom, Frank and I are going to fuck you two silly and then watch you two eat our cum out of each others bodies." These two young studs planned this fuck session and soon had Tammy and I thrusting against their hard cocks, feeling them flooding us with their creamy cum.

Steven and Frank filled our pussies and both boys moved up onto each side of the bed and over to my mouth. Steven said, "Mom, suck us clean and make us hard while Tammy watches."

I looked down at Tammy as her tears flowed from her eyes and said, "Yes son, I will do as you instruct." I knew that Tammy had not been prepared for the humiliation she was being subjected to but I knew that my task was to please my son and to please him totally.

I sucked on his cock then Frank's. I alternated sucking his and Frank's cocks deep into my wanton mouth. I knew that Tammy was watching me sucking their young cocks and was understanding the pleasure I was enjoying and I also knew that soon these two young studs would be fucking us each in our assess with their revived cocks.

I moaned and groaned around each cock until they were rock hard. The boys moved away from my mouth as I begged them to let me finish them off with my mouth. I wanted to taste their sweet seed but I knew they had other plans.

Steven moved behind Tammy and Frank moved between my legs. I felt Frank shove his thick cock into my cum filled cunt to get it slick for his next entry. Steven did the same to Tammy’s pussy too and then he said, "Frank watch this," as he shoved his cock deep into Tammy's asshole.

Tammy moaned around her ball gag but started to hump her beautiful round ass back against that invading cock. She was definitely an anal cock whore as it was apparent that she loved that long cock plowing deep into her.

As I watched Steven fucking Tammy's ass, Frank lifted my hips up and shoved a pillow under me as he positioned himself at my anal opening. Frank, like Steven, wasted no time in shoving his thick cock deep into me as well and soon the two boys were telling each other to pound each of us harder.

I knew that their conversation was intent on driving them to orgasmic release and knew that soon Tammy and I would be full of their cum. As Frank violently fucked me I watched Steven fucking this beautiful woman on the bed beside me. I loved it and knew that soon I would be feasting on her too.

Frank bellowed that he was cumming and my body tensed as he filled me with his thick cream. I came as his orgasm triggered one in me and knew that Tammy was cumming too by the way she was thrashing her body back onto Steven’s hungry cock and grunting around that ball gag. Steven lasted longer than I thought he would but soon also announced his orgasm as it spewed deep into Tammy’s tight ass.

The boys crashed after that orgasm and instead of continuing with our sexual abuse they got up and got dressed. Steven reached up and untied one of my hands saying, "Ok mommy, you can get out of the rest on your own and left along with Frank."

I untied my other hand then scooted down on the bed and untied my legs then looked at Tammy who still had her ass in the air and saw the cum dripping from her pussy and ass. I licked my lips as I moved behind her and lowered my face to her and began to lap her son's and my son's cum from her stretched pussy and ass.

As I lapped at Tammy’s pussy and ass she seemed to want more and began to push back against my sucking lips and probing tongue. Tammy’s body responded nicely to my oral manipulation and soon she was grunting as she came all over my face. I continued to lick her pussy and ass until she fell to her side onto the bed. As I moved up onto the bed beside her I released the ball gag from her mouth. I left her hands tied behind her back and kissed her. She looked at me as our lips met and I knew she would not resist my advancements. As our tongues lapped against each other my fingers pulled on her nipples and even found her clit and began to pull and pinch on it.

Tammy moaned into my mouth as my fingers took her to another orgasm. I looked into her eyes and said, "Ok my new lover, its your turn to please me."

Tammy watched as I moved over her face and lowered my nasty cunt and asshole down onto her face and instructed her to clean me. Tammy had no choice but to lap and lick and suck my hidden regions and taste the cum from her son and my son as they dripped and seeped from my pussy and ass.

As Tammy licked and sucked me I ground myself down onto her and she had to suck more and more as I came nicely around her probing tongue. Tammy proved to be a very obedient slut as she lapped me clean and I moved back up to her side. I again kissed her sharing the juices she had been tasting and knew that we would be seeing much more of each other in the near future. I untied her hands and we went into the shower and enjoyed one more sexual encounter before we both dressed and headed out of the house. I was on the way to work and since Tammy did not have a vehicle, I drove her back home to her little world of being a stay at home housewife.

After kissing Tammy goodbye I drove to the office knowing that this was only the beginning of a day of hot sexual adventure. As I pulled into my parking space I checked my bag and did a quick inventory of what I had brought for my lunch date with Laura. I smiled as I pulled out an egg vibe, two 10" dildos, my beautiful strappy and a bottle of nice lube. I knew that lunch with Laura was going to be very intense and the hotel I selected was perfect for this hot sexual encounter.

As I entered the office I saw Laura watching me and I quickly flashed her a view of my freshly shaved naked pussy. I saw her blush as I continued to look at her and asked her if I had any messages. Laura looked up at me and said, "No, Mrs. Ferguson, you don’t have any messages."

I smiled at her and softly said, "Back up and pull up your skirt bitch."

Laura looked at me with a surprised look on her face but did as instructed. I saw she was wearing a knee length skirt and stockings and I smiled as she pulled the skirt up, showing me that she had also put on a very pretty black g-string panty. I said, "Oh very nice my little bitch, now go to the bathroom and take off that g-string and bra and bring them to my office."

Laura gasped as I continued to look at her and she knew that if she wanted me to play with her at lunch, she would do as instructed.

I chuckled and said, "Please hold all my calls for this morning as I have an important task to focus on," as I turned and headed to my office.

I heard Laura say, "Yes ma'am, I will hold all calls and let you focus on your task."

As I walked toward my office, I said, "Hello, Jim," as I passed my boss's office and he asked me how my day was starting. I know I was blushing as I said, "Jim, you would not believe me if I told you." I continued to my office and got started on my daily work.

After checking my mail and turning on my computer I heard a slight knock on my door and said, "Come in."

The door opened slowly and Laura poked her head in asking, "Mrs. Ferguson, may I come in?"

I said, "Yes Laura, come in please." As Laura slowly entered my office I saw her face was red and I smiled up at her. I asked her, "Do you have something for me dear?"

Laura blushed a deeper red as she handed me a small plastic bag and I opened it and looked inside. There, inside was that beautiful g-string and her lace bra. I looked up at her and watched her face as I pulled the g-string out and smelled the small string that was soaked with her juices and then sucked it into my mouth. Laura groaned and grasped at her crotch as I sucked on the string and I knew she was close to cumming.

I continued to smile at Laura as I sucked on that tiny string that, only moments before had been pulled up tightly between her sexy pussy lips. She continued to watch me sucking on the string as her hand now openly pushed her skirt into her pussy, pounding on her excited clit.

I pulled the string from my mouth and motioned for her to come to me and as she did I pushed the string to her lips and said, "Open up my sexy little bitch and suck on your own juices as I watch you finger yourself." Laura opened her mouth as I shoved the entire g-string into her oral cavity then pulled her skirt up so I could watch her strumming her clit like a guitar string.

Laura moaned as she humped her hand, cumming there as I watched this hot sexy older woman pleasing me. As Laura came I looked into her eyes saying, "Just think Laura, you are going to be tasting my hot pussy at lunch time." I raised my mid thigh skirt up just enough to show her my bare pussy and she moaned again as she shoved three fingers deep into her soaked pussy.

After Laura regained her composure I told her, "Thank you for bringing in that information I needed Laura, I really do appreciate it and know it will help me finish this task." I said this louder than necessary so my peers would hear me and not think anything was going on in my office.

Laura then handed me the g-string back and I returned it to the bag she had give me earlier and I smiled at her as she smoothed out her skirt, leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left my office, closing the door behind me. I smiled knowing that in just a few hours this hot sexy woman would be between my legs pleasing me and I would be using her and satisfying my tasks that Master James had assigned to me.

I settled into my work and focused on the case that my boss had given me late yesterday afternoon. I knew he would be very proud of me if I finished this case before the end of the work day. I wanted his praise and if I was lucky there would be a nice bonus in it for me too. The case was easy and the research was fun as it pertained to an audit conducted by another firm and I was to evaluate their findings and see if my findings equaled theirs.

In no time I realized that their accountant had messed up by not indicating a comma, and a decimal point where necessary in some figures and the client was shorted some three million dollars in the sale of some property. I was elated and took this into my boss and he was very happy with me. He contacted the other firm and was told that this was great news and that the client would be very happy.

As my boss told me how good of a job I had done he was staring at me and I asked him if everything was okay. He told me that it was, he just noticed that I was not dressed like I generally am. I knew I was blushing at his comment but had not realized that this very professional man, a man who is held in very high regards in the community and his church would notice how I dressed at work. I asked him if what I was wearing was okay and he said, "Yes Sonya, it is fine. It’s just not what I have become accustomed to seeing you dressed like." I asked him to explain and he said, "Oh you know, more sexy and more skin showing."

I felt pride that my boss had noticed me dressed sexually and also felt myself getting wet. I said, "Jim, I will try and dress the way you are accustomed to from now on. I want my boss to be proud of me and how I dress."

Jim now blushed, knowing that I knew he had been watching me and liked the way I dressed for work. After this I left Jim’s office, stopping in the ladies' room to give my clit a few hard tugs. I was wondering while my fingers found my clit if this was Jim's way of making a play on me? I got my clit to quiet down and it would be happy until my lunch date with Laura.

The rest of my morning passed very quick and I met Laura in the foyer of the office. I had told Jim that Laura and I would be going to lunch together and he said for us to enjoy our meal. I assured him that we would and we walked to my vehicle. Laura got into the passengers seat and I instructed her to pull her skirt up to her waist. Once she did this I handed her a 10 inch vibrator and told her to put this into her pussy and leave it there until we got to the hotel. Laura was obedient and pushed the vibrator into her wet pussy and did not say a word as I drove us to the hotel. Once there we got out, I got the room key and we entered the room. Laura moved over to the bed and stood there awaiting my next command.

I looked over at Laura as she stood by the bed and I instructed her to removed her skirt and blouse and then take the dildo and start to fuck herself with it while I watched her. Laura blushed but did as instructed and once she started pushing that long dildo into her pussy and fucking herself I could see her cum dripping from between her legs.

Her juices dripped onto the carpet and also some ran down the inside of her legs. I reached over and pulled the sting on the curtains and opened them wide so anyone who walked by could see this sexy woman masturbating with that long dildo. Laura looked at me and begged me to close the curtains but I said, "Oh no my little slut. I am going to use you while the world can see."

I moved over to her and told her to sit on the bed and leave the dildo in her pussy. After she was seated I said, "Laura, now take my clothes off of me." Laura did as instructed and soon I was as naked as she was and I pulled her head to my crotch. I pushed my crotch into her face and ground my clit along the bridge of her nose. Laura moaned in delight as some of my juices dripped off her nose and she was able to taste me. I loved it and then stepped back. I reached into my purse and pulled out my strap on and said, "Laura, I brought this just for your pleasure my beauty."

Laura looked at the long menacing rubber cock that was affixed to my leather straps, then at me. I slipped one leg though the leg opening of the leather strap and reached around an grasped the open end of the strap and pulled it around my other leg and tightened it. Laura now saw that long rubber cock sticking out from my pubic area and I said, "Ok bitch, get on all fours on that bed."

Laura looked at me as I moved toward her but did not move. I gently slapped her in the face with that long rubber cock and she finally moved. I grasped her hips, pulling her closer to the edge of the bed, pulled that dildo our of her pussy and started fingering her wet slick cunt. I intended on getting it wetter so that my strappy would slide into without problems and create an intense pleasure as I fucked deep into her womb.

Laura watched over her shoulder as I continued to finger her pussy and get the rubber cock wet as I smiled down upon her. I looked at her asking, "Are you ready to be my loving fuck slut?" Laura began to nod as I began to shove that rubber cock into her sweet pussy and soon I was riding her like her husband would be doing if he knew she was here with me at this seedy hotel using her like a slut.

I fucked Laura endlessly until she collapsed and could not remain on her knees any longer. I moved over her and had her suck my rubber cock clean as I unbuckled it and handed it to her.

Laura licked and sucked my artificial cock like she would her husband's cock and I knew that she had lots of practice doing so as she practically engulfed it. As she continued to suck that cock I moved between her legs and found her swollen pussy lips and spread them with my fingers. Her clit was hard, throbbing and in need of some oral stimulation and I knew I was the woman for the job.

I sucked her clit hard and she groaned. I continued to suck it and started fingering her pussy and ass as she started to rock against my lips. I took Laura to a new high as she squirted her juices all over me. I loved the feel of her hot liquids splashing on my face and into my hair and smiled inside knowing that this hot sexy woman had chosen me to see her in orgasmic bliss.

After Laura came I moved over to her, kissed her and said, "Ok Laura, now it's your turn to do what you have wanted to do since you came to work at the office."

Laura did not hesitate as she moved off the bed and got down on her knees and dove between my legs capturing my ready pussy. Laura was very attentive to my needs as her tongue moved from my clit, down my slit, into my pussy and even probed at my anal opening. She made sure that my entire sex was pleased as she took me from one orgasm to another. I came three times as she orally ministered to my sexual desires and I knew that this was only the beginning of our new found relationship.

After Laura and I came again we cleaned up and prepared to return to work. As we left our hotel room I noticed a vehicle in the back of the hotel parking area near mine and it belonged to my boss and his wife. I smiled, wondering what Jim or Sharla was doing at a hotel like this.

As Laura and I got into my car we saw Jim come around the corner of the building and he hurried to his car. He got in and started it then drove to the corner and his wife and another woman appeared there and they too hurried to get into his vehicle. I laughed as Laura asked me what I was so funny and I said, "Oh Laura, in time you will find out."

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Posted 27 Nov 2012 15:19
I loved the ending, want to hear more...
Posted 26 Nov 2012 10:54
What a wonderful continuation of your adventures for the week. I like the bit of a twist at the end.

Posted 21 Nov 2012 10:08
Nice you ever find the energy to work I will never
After two good orgasms all I want to do is fall asleep....
Posted 21 Nov 2012 09:45
What a hot and sexy story. I love it and hope to get to read much more about your hot experiences that your husband tasks you with.

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