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A Mother Pleases Her Loving Husband/Master

I love pleasing my husbands desires
A Mother Pleases Her Loving Husband/Master

By iluv2licyurhunyup

I love pleasing my husbands desires

Being an obedient and loyal sub to my loving husband and master I wanted to share my most recent tandem sexual tasks. I hope you guys like it as I truly enjoyed it. I will tell you that being this mans wife/sub has been my pleasure for over 32 years and I hope we get at least another 32 years to play like we have done all these years. First you must know what my tasks were before you will understand the story so please let me tell you about them. Me and my loving husband/master were on a fishing trip over the weekend and when I had to leave and come home alone he kissed me goodbye and then told me that I have two tasks this week. The first task is for me to seduce a woman every day during my lunch time from work. The second task was more daring and hopefully able to be completed and that was to seduce, our youngest son Steven who just turned 17 yrs old the day before Halloween. I looked at my loving husband and smiled as he stepped back away from my car and I watched him in the rear view mirror as I drove away, considering how I was going to complete each task. I knew I had the drive home and all night to formulate my plans to accomplish and complete these tasks and I felt I would be successful.

Monday - November 2, 2012: I got up, showered and even played with my excited pussy before getting dressed and heading out to the office. The other ladies in the office were chatty and asked about my weekend and I told them that it was a lot of fun being down in California fishing all weekend with my loving husband. A couple of the ladies don’t have good marriages and told me to stop and I just smiled at them as I walked to my office. The morning went by quickly as I had several items to do and then found myself looking at the clock, noticing that it was almost lunch time. The receptionist, who I have had the hots for, for awhile came into my office and asked me if I had plans for lunch and I told her that I did but we could go to lunch later in the week. She smiled at me as she turned and left my office and I felt my pussy leak a little bit of hot juice from deep inside it. I hoped that our lunch date later in the week would turn out to be a sex fest as I gathered my things to head out for my first attempt to complete the tasks my husband gave me. I checked my makeup before leaving the office and getting into my car and then headed out to find a hot sexy woman to seduce.

I went to a local hang out in our town that caters to a special kind of client where people go and have fun without the chance of being found out. To go there as a couple one of you needs to be a member and to go there stag that person must be a member too. This place serves a very nice meal and it is pretty dark inside. I was escorted to a nice booth near the back wall of the place and slid in to the very back of the booth. Once there I ordered a very nice Asian chicken salad and waited to see what happened. I watched several people walk in, some singles and some couples. The single people were mostly men and I knew that I was not allowed to approach any of them but then I saw the form of a woman enter the doorway as the sun surrounded her body. It was obvious that she was a full figured woman like me and I smiled as I have always found a woman with curves so beautiful. I watched her walk up to the hostess and I could tell through the dim light that she was disappointed that the person she was to meet was not there. As I continued to look at her I realized that I knew the woman. This was the local Fire Marshall's wife Samantha. She surveyed the booths as she was led to one by the hostess and I casually waved to her. She smiled at me and I could tell she was blushing as she knew that I knew she was there to meet someone who was not her husband. She walked over to my booth after being shown her booth and we started to chat. I invited her to sit with me while she waited for the other person and she again blushed but sat down.

The waiter brought my salad and I told Samantha to go ahead and order and she could eat while she waited on her friend. She ordered a salad like mine and slid further into the booth with me. She was several inches away from me and we began to casually chat. As we chatted I slipped off my left shoe and let my leg extend and touch her bare calf. She looked at me as I said, "Excuse me." She smiled at me and said it was ok and then I did it again. She continued to look at me as I got bolder and bolder and let my foot remain on her calf rubbing up and down on her leg. I could see she was enjoying the physical contact and I moved a little closer to her and let my left hand drop to my lap. As I continued to eat and talk to her I moved my left hand to her thigh and she looked at me and then around the room. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I found her sexy and exciting and hoped she didn't mind me showing her in this way. Her breathing was quickening and I knew she wanted to flee but did not move. The waiter brought her salad to the table as I continued to rub on her leg and she looked up at him and smiled as he smiled back at her. He then said, "Enjoy" in a very suggestive way and turned and left. I now had my hand up under her skirt and was nearing her pubic region and she looked at me and asked me how I knew she was bi-sexual. I told her that I really didn't but when she didn't move away from my foot and then didn't leave when I placed my hand on her thigh I felt it was ok for me to continue.

I never stopped eating as my fingers finally reached her panty covered pussy and I pulled on the leg band of her panty and pushed inside. I found her pussy to be steaming and as I found her hard clit I thumped it a couple times and then stuck two fingers deep inside her. I fingered her pussy until she leaned back and softly moaned as she came all over my hand. I pulled my hand free of her pussy and brought it to my lips and sucked her sweet juices from it. She watched me sucking her juices from my fingers and hand and then watched me as I leaned over to her and kissed her passionately and deeply. We then ate our meal and as we ate a man walked in and it was the man she was waiting on. He walked over to our booth and asked if he should join us here or should they go to the booth she was originally to be seated at and not to rain on their parade I suggested they go to the other booth. Before she left I asked her if we were still on for lunch tomorrow at her house and she cheerily said yes. I paid for my lunch and picked up the tab for Samanth’s too and then left and returned to work, happy and feeling hot and sexy.

I got off work 30 minutes early as my boss never returned to the office from his afternoon meeting so I went home, got undressed and sat down in the whirlpool tub and relaxed with a nice glass of Risque and listened to some very soft blues music. I sat in the whirlpool and was enjoying the intense jets as they relaxed my muscles and did not hear the front door open and close. I had my head back and eyes partially closed as my right hand was between my legs, pulling on my clit, thinking about my plan for the night and suddenly I saw some movement through small crack I left in our bedroom door. When this happened I began to wonder if I had shut the front door of the house or if I had merely pushed it closed and the wind had opened it and some stranger had walked in. My mind thought that the person watching me could be a total stranger but I decided what the hell, I'm horny and I'm not going to let the voyeur ruin my state of mind.

From that door I knew whoever was there could see me sitting in the whirlpool tub, naked, stroking myself. I did not move as I continued to look toward the door through my creased eyes and kept my hand rubbing in my pussy. I was excited, however was still not sure who was watching me. I was hoping it was my son Steven but I could not be sure as I looked at the clock I knew it could be him since he would have had enough time to drive home from school but he usually does not get home until an hour or so after I do because he usually stays to lift weights and works out.

As I continued to play with my pussy I got more excited and reached for my glass of wine with the other hand. I could detect movement beyond the crack in the door but still could not see who it was in the dark shadows of the hallway. So, I thought it was time to see if I could get my lurker out into the open. I started to really finger my pussy and moan as I drew myself closer to orgasm. I began to hump against my fingers and began to moan louder and louder. I was hoping this would draw my peepers attention and he or she would walk into my bedroom and let me see who it was. I saw the door open a little more and saw the form of a man still standing in the shadows of the dark hallway and it was obvious he was stroking his hard cock. I smiled knowing that this person was as excited as I was and then I saw a second figure join the first one. This scared me as well as heightened my excitement as my hand was now furiously stroking my clit and driving hard into my stretched pussy. I came and groaned through a very nice orgasm and then melted into the hot water. I continued to lay there in the whirlpool tub relaxing and watching the two figures standing there stroking their cocks. I smiled when I heard them grunting and saw cum spurt out of their cocks and land on the bedroom floor just inside the doorway.

I then watched in disappointment as the two figures moved away from the door and I heard the front door close. I got out of the whirlpool bath and walked naked into the living room and saw the door closed and did not see anyone on the way. I heard a vehicle start and looked out the window and saw my sons 17 year old friends truck pulling away from the curb of our house. I was disappointed and thought that they had both left but when I walked back toward my bedroom I saw my baby, my 17 year old son, sitting on the edge of his bed and he had his face in his hands. I went into his room and sat beside him and pulled him to me. I asked him if he was ok and he looked at me through teary eyes and said yes, but asked me to forgive him. I told him that there was nothing to forgive as he was only doing what nature told him to do when he saw a woman who excited him. He looked at my nakedness and I then realized that I was still wet, naked and holding my son, who had just masturbated with his friend while they watched me in the whirlpool bath masturbating for them. I was still horny and noticed that Stevens zipper was still down and I asked him if he liked watching me and masturbating and he nodded his head. I asked him why he did not come into my room and masturbate while I watched him and he said he was embarrassed and didn't want to upset me. I pulled him closer to me and reached into his pants and grasped his cock that was still slimy with his cum. He looked up at me and I slowly moved down onto my knees in front of him and unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down over his hips and saw his cock peaking out through his boxers. I smiled up at him as I moved my face closer to his cock and then watched him smile as I sucked his flaccid cock into my mouth.

Steven moaned as he felt my lips encase his 17 year old cock and I knew he liked what his horny mother was doing to him. I sucked his young cock back to total erection and I was enjoying the sensation of it pulsing in my mouth. I knew he was liking it too as he grasped my hair and began to slowly thrust gently into my mouth. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed as he was in sexual heaven. I felt Steven's cock swell and knew he was not going to last long and then I heard him say, "Mommy, I'm going to squirt." I looked up at him again and he looked like he was in severe pain and I sucked harder and he could not hold himself any longer. I swallowed every drop of his cum and as his cock shriveled up I let if fall from my mouth and then stood up in front of him. I told him that he needed to come with me and I led him to my bed. Once there I undressed him and then we laid together and I told him that it was ok, and I had wanted him to make love to me. I also told my loving son that his father and me knew he watched us regularly making love and we hoped he would join us one of those times. Steven was shocked but did not run away and laid there as my hand began to rub on his flaccid cock. I took one of his hands and showed him how I liked to be touched, fingered and played with. I even told him that in the next three nights he was going to sleep with me and play with me every minute we are home together. He smiled at me and I felt his cock starting to harden again.

I asked him if he would like to put that hard cock where it should be put when making love to a woman and he blushed. I had him lay on his back and I moved over him and then slowly lowered my pussy onto his nice cock and began to rock back and forth over him. I felt him trying to thrust up into me but I told him to just relax and let me do the work the first time, there would be time for him to thrust into me later in our lovemaking. Steven relaxed and I rocked and ground my cunt down onto my sons cock and took him to new heights. I came hard on his cock and he felt my cream coating his cock and I knew he would not last long after that. I soon felt his cum, coating the inside of my pussy and I collapsed down onto his sweaty body. I was in sexual heaven knowing that my youngest son was now a man and would learn from his mommy how to make love to me as well as every woman who ever comes into his life.

After we rested a little while I asked him how his friend Frank liked watching me in the whirlpool and he said he loved it mommy. He even said that it was Frank who saw me first and he caught Frank jacking off while watching me and then joined Frank and they came together. I smiled saying, "Honey, I knew you both came because I saw your cum spray into the bedroom as you both grunted through your orgasms." Steven blushed again and I asked him if he would like to have Frank join us tomorrow or Wednesday night and Steven was excited and said, "Oh yes mom. We have watched you many times like we have his mother." I looked at my baby boy and said, "Oh, you have watched Frank's mom Tammy too?" "You are a naughty and horny boy, aren't you?" Steven blushed again and I asked him if he and Frank had ever made love with Tammy and he said that he had not, but Frank had made love to his mother many times since his 17th birthday. I said great, now make love to your mother. I got on all fours and let him get behind me and he actually knew what to do. He fucked me nicely and I asked him how he knew how to get behind me and fuck me like that and he said he had watched daddy fuck me many times and also watched Frank fucking his mother too and knew many positions but had never gotten up the nerve to join us in our fucking. I smiled and screamed as I came and knew that the next three nights were going to be filled with hot sexual moments.

Tuesday - November 6, 2012: In the morning Steven woke up and moved closer to me and took me as his hot sexual toy before getting up and going to shower. He filled me with his sweet cum and then I watched him walk into our bathroom and turn on the water. I got up and went into the bathroom with him and he and I entered the shower together and I sat on the shower seat and took his semi erect cock into my mouth. I sucked off my loving son as the warm water cascaded over his young body and he grunted and filled me with his cream. I swallowed every drop then helped him wash his young body, paying particular attention to his beautiful young cock and his sweet ass. After our shower I helped him dress before giving him one more motherly blow job and then watched him walk out the front door and head for school.

After Steven was gone I went back into the bedroom and dressed for work. I put on a mini skirt, shelf bra, very sheer blouse with a plunging neck line that would allow anyone who desired to look at my motherly 46DDD tits. I then slipped on my four inch heels and looked at myself in the mirror and smiled at the site before me. I did not put on any panties as my loving Master forbids them and being the obedient sub I am never wear them. After putting on a long pearl necklace to complete my ensemble I headed out the door for work. One of our neighbors saw me and gave me an appreciative stare and a very long cat call. I smiled at him as I walked and he could see my ass cheeks swaying under my tiny skirt. I knew if he was given the opportunity he would love to get his cock into my hot wet pussy and ass, but I figured, I could save that for another day.

At the office I continued to watch the clock and the hands seemed to barely be moving. I was anxious for lunch and hoped that Samantha would not chicken out on our lunch date as we agreed from yesterday. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as the time finally got closer to lunch and I even talked to my boss and asked him for an extended lunch. He told me that I could be later since he had two meetings out of the office after lunch and did not know if he would be back in again today. I thanked him and was very happy for his flexibility and then headed to my car. Once in the car I pulled my skirt up, started the engine, put it in drive and then headed to Samantha’s house. I fingered my pussy as I drove and hoped she would be as receptive to me today as she was yesterday. As I approached her house I did not see her car but turned into her drive anyway. I went to her door and rang the doorbell. When Samantha opened the door I know my eyes must have bugged out because I could not help but stare at this beautiful lady.

Samantha was dressed in a very sheer dressing gown and nothing else. I could see her nipples, her sparse pubic hair and her naked flesh through the thin material. I immediately grabbed her once the front door was shut and ripped that dressing gown off of her. She led me to her bedroom and once there I pushed her on the bed and dove onto her. Our lips met as our pussies began to grind together. After several minutes of hot sexy kissing I began moving down her body. I sucked on her nipples as my fingers found her pussy and ass probed deep into her sexy treasures. My lips then started moving down her body and I was finally at her pussy and I began to lick and suck on her entire sex. I licked her clit and then nibbled on it and had her thrashing around begging me to get her off. I shoved two fingers into her sweet ass as I devoured her sex and I knew she was near her climax. She screamed as I began to taste her sweet honey and then I felt her body go limp.

I relaxed too as I slowly suckled on her raging clit and then moved up over her again, kissing her passionately. I stood up and removed all of my clothes and crawled back onto the bed with her. She spread her legs for me again as I hovered over her face and lowered my own pussy down onto her open mouth. I told her, "Lick me you hot slut, lick, my hot wet motherly pussy and make me cum." Samantha did not disappoint me as she pulled my fat pussy down onto her face and sucked me like a professional. I ground my pussy onto her face, covering her face with my cream. I also lowered my head to that beautiful pussy that awaited my lips again and together we took each other to new heights. Our orgasms were almost simultaneous as she got off just a moment or two before me. As my body began to relax I moved off of her and we laid together, kissing and fondling each others sexually charged bodies.

After approximately 20 minutes more I told her that I had to return to work but we could do this again very soon if she liked. She said she would like that very much as I was dressing and I kissed her goodbye. I left her house without washing my face and did not realize I had female cum stains on my face until I went to the bathroom after I returned to my office. I smiled wondering what the receptionist thought about me when I walked back in after lunch. If she only knew I was eating sloppy pussy for lunch she would probably pass out. My thoughts then turned to the task at hand for later in my day when I would be being used by my loving 17 year old son and his hot and horny friend. Oh what a nice tasks my loving husband gave me to enjoy while he was gone. I love him so very much.

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Posted 17 Dec 2013 00:49
OMG it is great... I only wish my husband was like your ..but my lot is do different damn it

Posted 19 Feb 2013 19:12
Great beginning please to see someone has been in the lifestyle almost as long as I have
Posted 21 Nov 2012 09:46
Great story. Wish more women would be as obedient and ready to please as you are. Thanks for sharing and keep writing more please.
Posted 20 Nov 2012 13:29
good story
Posted 07 Nov 2012 13:55
Super hot story, and it's expertly written
Posted 07 Nov 2012 13:34
very hot exciting story, can't wait for the next chapter
Posted 07 Nov 2012 12:27
Great story!! I was hard all the way through it! Keep on writing!

Posted 07 Nov 2012 11:56
Wow Sonya...these are great stories...Easy to read and follow. Passion, Lust and Love all mixed into these advntures.....what a treat!

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