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A Mother's Job

It's a mother's job to teach her daughter to shave. But sometimes mothers go above and beyond.
It was Summer, so the Roberts family was relaxing at their coastal beach house, soaking up the sun. Clair stretched out on a big beach chair and watched her 16 year-old daughter Lilly frolicking in the waves. Clair was 35, but she seemed younger, not that she looked younger, but she oozed with the playfulness and vivacity of a woman half her age. Of course, Clair's secret source of energy wasn't some sort of a miracle diet or a workout regime, it was her sexuality. Clair was a slut, and she always had been. Though she'd been married for years, her age had not toned down her sex drive.

She lay on the chair in her bikini. A size too small, the tiny top strained against her C cup breasts, holding them up firmly. Her tight pink bottoms clung to her ass, and slid down low, exposing almost half of her shaved pubic area. She felt her bikini pushing into her vag, forming a cameltoe, and she reveled in the feeling of the tight fabric pushing against her bare skin.

Then she took a look at Lilly. This was the first time she had seen her daughter in her bikini since she had gone through puberty. Lilly was something of a prude, perhaps in some sort of strange rebellion to her mother's sluttiness, and always wore long sleeved shirts and long pants. But now, Clair could clearly see that she had a different reason for dressing like that. Lilly was hairy, her legs were hairy, her pits were hairy, and Clair could see that her muff was hairy too, the pubes were almost poking out of her bottoms, and pushing on the front of her bikini. 

Clair recoiled in disgust. She hated hair, and had always been clean shaven. She didn't even know what she looked like with a bush, and she didn't care to know either.

That night, after dinner, Clair called Lilly over to her, and told her to meet her in the bathroom.

"Lilly," she said softly "I'm afraid I've disappointed you, I've failed in my job as a mother."

"What?" Lily said, surprised "you're a great mom, mom."

"No, I've failed to do one of the most important things a mother should do for her daughter- teach her how to shave."

"But I don't want to shave mom, its a lot of work and I feel fine with the hair."

Clair couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Alright young lady. If you don't want to shave, that's fine, but I am going to shave you. I don't want to have to look at that unsightly hair again while we're at this beach. Now take off your shirt and your pants.

Lilly complied, unzipping her tight jeans and slipping her blouse over her head. Clair stepped back to admire her daughter. She was the picture of blossoming womanhood, with her mother's dirty-blonde hair, a slender curvaceous body and beautiful B-cup breasts. The only thing that marred her was the hair, brown and filthy looking, poking out from under her arms and covering her legs. 

Something had to be done. With an almost religious fury, Clair reached into the shower and pulled out shaving cream and a razor. She started with the underarms, trimming away the hair and then swiping the razor viciously over her armpits in all directions, removing each hair meticulously. Then she swiftly coated her daugher's legs in the soft white foam. Then she filled a basin with water, took out the razor and began to shave. As each strand of hair was slashed off, she began to uncover the beauty of her daughter's long legs.She shaved the lower legs first, then moved on to shave up the thighs. As she moved up her daughters legs, her razor teased ever closer to Lilly's soft flowery panties, which barely covered her bush. She at last moved into the inner thigh, and she came so close with the razor she was almost under her daughter's underwear. 

Could she do it? Did she dare? Lilly was already looking uncomfortable. No. It's too risky. But then Clair dived in anyway. She grabbed at her daughter's panties hungrily.

"Arg, mom! What are you doing?"

"There's still more I have to shave."

"Mom, that's disgusting!"

"No, what's disgusting is you not taking care of. Now you are my daughter, and no daughter of mine is going to go walking around with a hairy monster in her pants, so take off your underwear and shut up!"

Surprisingly, Clair's advance worked. Lilly pulled down her panties, revealing her big brown bush. Clair immediately fell upon it with the scissors, trimming so fast she was almost attacking her daughter's pussy, until the bush was mutilated, hacked down to stubble. There was no going back now. With trembling hands, Clair picked up her razor and the shaving cream and got to work. She noticed now that the sight of her daughter's pussy, almost exposed, ready to be fully bared, was beginning to turn her on. She felt her own pussy growing moist in her underwear as she worked. She reached down and undid the button of her jeans, giving herself a little air. She found her razor on her daughter's tender young lips, gliding gracefully down them while decimating her horrid bush. She moved up the other labia, then cleaned up the pubic mound and the inner thighs. Finally, she took a cloth and tenderly brushed away the last remnants of her hair. 

"Well, how do you feel?"

"I feel...naked."

"And that's exactly how a woman should feel without her clothes. You are naked after all. Tender, exposed. You are beautiful. Look at yourself."

Lilly walked into the mirror.

"Wow," she said. Everything about her now was smooth, soft, feminine. As if seized by a newfound sexual freedom, she said "time to complete the picture." She unhooked her bra and let her tits bounce forth. 

This was more than Clair could take. She began to rip off her clothing frantically, first her top, then her jeans, then her bra and last of all her panties. She stood there, naked, by her daughter, each of them smooth, exposed, sexy. As if by common compulsion, the two embraced each other. Clair felt her lips meet her daughters, and at the same instant she felt her daughter rubbing her pussy up her leg, and she felt the smoothness of her daughter's newly shaved legs on her own. They stood there a moment, appreciating the softness of each others bodies, before Clair began thrusting at Lilly, scissoring her. They rubbed their smooth pussies together, enjoying the electric sensation of clit against clit, lips against lips, smooth skin against smooth skin. Then Clair picked Lilly up and held her on her shoulders so that her pussy was right against her face. She began to lick at it ravenously, and Lilly let up a great moan as Clair's tongue entered her soft cleft. Clair put her daughter on the ground and got down on all fours, moving towards the pussy. Lilly moved up to her mother and began thrusting her pussy into Clair's face. Clair curled her tongue and rubbed it in and out of Lilly's pussy against her sensitive clit. Lilly began to tremble, and breath heavily. She shook and moaned and Clair licked harder, kissing her pussy, almost devouring it. As Lilly came, Clair felt an orgasm surging up inside her too at the sight and feeling of her daughter's newly shaved pussy. But it wasn't over yet. As soon as Lilly finished, she pushed her mother over onto her back, and began to eat her out. Clair gasped as she felt a pleasure far greater than she expected, Lily was a novice, certainly, but her soft tongue gave Clair shivers the likes of which she had never experienced. Clair moaned softly and reached her hand down, rubbing at her clit, thrusting into the air. She grabbed at her tits and shook as her daughter licked her clean. She felt the tension build in her pussy, and then, in a sudden flood, release. She moaned even more loudly as she came, and then stood and looked up.

"Congratulations Lilly, you're 100% woman."

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Posted 12 Dec 2013 17:02
Posted 05 May 2013 11:09
lets say that I like this so far so keep it going.
Posted 10 Jan 2013 12:59
great story! No woman should be hairy.
Posted 01 Mar 2012 01:51
nice one hot as hell
Posted 09 Mar 2011 12:50
Terrific story. A little fast but really great.
Posted 09 Mar 2011 08:04
I loved this story, its so nice when a mother and daughter connect. Have to continue this relationship...
Posted 09 Mar 2011 06:26
Excellent way to satisfy both of their feelings. Hot Pair, tell us more. "V=5."

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