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A New Years Gift

Feeling down after Christmas, my lovely cousin decides to cheer me up...
It all started at a New Years party a few years back. I was 23 years old and down on my luck. Over the past couple days my ex-girlfriend had taken whatever she could from me (near fucking Christmas I know!). We weren't married, so it's not like she could have taken the house or anything, but we might as well have. She took our pictures, some furniture, the television (how the fuck did she weasel that out of me?), and nearly took Daisy, our husky. Well, at least I kept that.

So here I was, at the party, trying to enjoy myself. The people around me were family, and the post-Christmas atmosphere was treating them well. From my place sitting in a leather chair, watching the hockey game, I could hear, laughing, talking, drinking, and just the well-being of living around family.

"Hey, what are you doing here, looking all glum?" A voice asked me. I turn to my right and see her. My cousin. Paige.

Paige was a cousin of mine that I hadn't seen for a while. the last time I saw here was when I was 19, and a couple of my cousins (including her) and I drove up to Canada because that's what the drinking age is there. Then, she was a little shorter than me, with rosy cheeks and dirty blond hair. Her frame was still forming, as she was 3 years younger than me (16, right. Did I say we went up for drinking? I meant we went up for a vacation--or something). But now she was 20, and her frame was complete. She was much shorter than me now, as I had grown, but she was...well, sexy. Her face was small and delicate, and she had beautifully long, jet black hair now. Her body was in that stage that it seemed to sway in her tight jeans as she walked. Besides the deep blue jeans, she was in a white tank-top and bare-foot: she was hosting the party, so why not, right?

For a second after she spoke to me, I didn't know what to say. Then, like a slap to the face, I remembered where I was.

"You haven't heard?" I asked, trying not to sound as depressed as I was. Though, truth be told, Paige's looks had improved my mood a little.

"Heard what? Did something happen?" Paige asked me. I looked away from her, back onto the game. My Ducks (back then, the Mighty Ducks) weren't doing so well.

"Andrea left me," I said. "Left me for someone else, two days before Christmas."

"Ooh, you poor thing," Paige gasped, and jumped into the chair beside me. She wrapped her arms around my neck in a hug of comfort. I don't know what I had said, or how I had said it, to get this reaction. My family wasn't really one for comforting words or actions outside of: "That's too bad, it happens sometimes" which was even more depressing. But here I was getting a hug from a sexy cousin that had never really liked hugs at all.

Not knowing what to say, I hugged her back, feeling the curves of her hips slightly as I did so. After a second, Paige released her grip, smiling supportively at me. I smiled weakly back, doing my best not to stare at her. Damn, it really had been a long while since we'd seen each other last. Too long.

After a second Paige left without a word. I watched her go, half-curious and half-saddened: another woman walked away from me. I laughed pathetically at the dumb joke, then turned my eyes back to the hockey game. My Ducks were still doing horrible.

I got up from my seat and went to get a drink. A second later Paige is bumping into me, a beer in each hand. Surprised, she stumbled back a step, then thrusts out a beer to me.

"I went to get you this. You look like you needed it," she smiled. I took the beer gratefully, taking a swig and relishing in its taste.

"Paige, it's been a while, why don't we sit down and talk. I'm sure we'd have lots to catch up on," I said suddenly. I didn't think before saying it, but I knew it was harmless as ever.

"Yeah, that sounds like a great idea," Paige said, smiling again. I followed her around the vast crowd of people all cluttered into the dining room and sat down beside her on the black leather couch. I sat sitting directly against the backrest, and she took a more slouched position against the arm of the sofa; a much more relaxed pose.

"So, how have things been for you lately?" I asked, taking another swig of my beer.

"Pretty good. Doug has been an asshole lately, but other than that my schooling is relatively easy," Paige answered, taking a sip from her own beer. It looked uneasy sitting in her small hands, giving me a dirty thought.

"You still with that guy? I thought you broke up a year ago?" I said.

"Off and on. It's tough with him: sometimes he can be infuriating and ignorant, but later on he can be so polite and charming." At this, Paige blushed. For the first time in a while, I smile for real.

"Aww, Paigie's got a boyfriend," I chant childishly. Paige smiles at me, and slaps my knee playfully.

"Stop it, you such a kid." She laughs. I laugh back, taking another, longer drink from my beer.

"So are you and him getting along more than you're arguing?" I ask, pressing the conversation further.

"Most of the time," Paige answered, starting to twirl her hair in her fingers. I know that this is a feminine sign of flirtation. I pretended to ignore it. "As of yet he's been treating me like crap, but I'm hoping that thing's will look up."

"Want me to knock some sense into him?" I asked, laughing again. Its funny because Paige knows that I'm serious. She laughs along as well, and I suddenly picture her naked. I don't know why, hell we're cousins, but it just popped into my head. Gawd, it's been too long for me. I wonder how long it's been for her...

"Oh please, there's nothing I'd like to see more than that," Paige giggled sarcastically. She took another sip of her beer, and I went to take a sip of mine, only to find it empty. Hmm, that can't be right.

"Here, let me get another one for you." Paige offers. I shrug, not minding the offer. As Paige stands up, however, I see her tank-top strap slip a little. Paige bent over the couch to reach for my glass, and I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard. I felt a stirring in my boxers and I quickly averted my eyes, trying to be polite, but Paige caught them before I could escape, and she winked at me.

"Be right back," she whispered. She got up and walked out of the dining room. I sit up more, trying to cover my serious hard-on. I don't know why that turned me on as much as it did: I've seen women's breasts before, and I don't think that it's because the last time I saw them was a week and a half ago. This was different.

Not a second later though, Paige returned with another beer. She handed it to me, and I moved reluctantly to take it from her. God, I wish I could calm down. She looked at me, and my hard-on sprung up in my pants again. Think of something else, I told myself, something sad, boring...

"So when was the last time you got laid?" Paige asked me suddenly. Whoa, holy shit. That surprised me.

"T-that's a very private subject," I responded, cursing myself for stuttering. I tried to pull off a more relaxed tone: a hard thing to do when all you can think about it your cousin.

"So...when's the last time?" Paige persisted.

Knowing that Paige was as stubborn as any girl could be, I gave in at the beginning. "About a week an a half ago. A few days before Christmas," I said. "I guess I could have guessed she was going to leave me then and there too, because she wasn't all that excited." I said, half laughing. Paige smiled at this, taking only her third sip of her first beer. I took a sip from my own, trying yet still to calm myself.

"Why don't you relax?" Paige said. Shit. I was dreading this moment, knowing it would come from a mile away.

"I am relaxed," I answered, trying to skip the request without really doing anything. Paige was harder than that to fool, however.

"No, you're tense, come on," Paige leaned over and put an arm around my neck. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as she did so. Gradually, she began to pull me back from my slightly-hunched over stance. I knew what she was doing here, by refused to believe it. There was no way on Earth that my luck could've changed this much in a week: either Paige was completely oblivious to the male mind, or she was trying to seduce me--and also making sure that it was working.

I gave up and sat back, praying that my boner wasn't too obvious in my sitting position. Paige's eyes widened for just a second--not even, just a little glow and thats all--but it was definitely enough to give me away. Like I did for her, Paige politely averted her eyes away from me, but she smiled deviously.

"You gonna put that gun away? There are children here you know," Paige giggled, placing her free hand on my knee. Every impulse in my body screams for me to move, but I remain still, truly not knowing what to do.

I was silent as Paige's hand slid from my knee to my hip, and from my hip to my waist. How could no one else in the room notice this? There must be two dozen people in here? All talking, all drinking, and all...distracted.

"You're quiet." Paige commented, her hand inching its way towards my crotch. Not knowing how to react in the situation--this is my cousin, no matter how sexy, not my girlfriend--so I answered in the most charming way I can.

"Well, I tend to get nervous around beautiful women, so I'll just stay that way." I said. Paige smiled, then drew her hand back suddenly. I look at her quickly, most of me disappointed, some of me relieved, and look where she is looking. I turned to see my Aunt Sylvia with a camera, and three young kids all looking irritated behind her.

"Do you mind?" She asked kindly. "The kids want a picture for the history books, is it okay if we steal your guys spot for now?" I looked at the kids, seeing in their faces that its really Sylvia who wants the picture, not them, but before I can open my mouth to answer, Paige does for me.

"Of course, Nathan and I can move." She says, taking my hand and pulling me to my feet. I hope my shirt covers what I've been hiding under my belt for the past few minutes. I hear a distant 'thank you' from Sylvia as Paige leads me to her staircase.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked, stopping her on the stairs.

"You know exactly where I'm taking you, Nathan." Paige answers seductively. She takes a step up further, so her body is hidden from the view of the people below, and in one motion drops her tank-top down. I get a view of one beautiful, young breast when I turn away, albeit reluctantly.

"We're cousins Paige, c'mon." I plead. I know if I fail this one last time, I'll be dead for sure.

"I don't think that relative relations has stopped you before, Nate," Paige said cockily. I look at her again, straight in the eye, not her chest: there I can see it, my darkest secret revealed. Jennifer.

She wasn't here at the party, she was out with her friends, but our story was hidden. Or at least, it was supposed to be. In the years since we had first had sex we had grown close, but still more distant. We each had relationships with other partners, part of our experience to keep it hidden from society. She was as understanding to it as ever, as I was to it. Why would she tell anyone?

"Well, you stand here and decide," Paige said, taking my hand and placing it onto her breast. I felt the soft flesh there, and the hard nipple. My member gave another little jump. I made no move to remove it. "While you do that, I'll be in my bed, naked, waiting for you." Paige gave a little wink, and then disappeared.

I stood there on that step for what felt like forever. My member stood as at attention as it had ever been, and it was truly a wonder that no one questioned or even noticed my being there on the stair in the first place, because I would've blurted out the truth. In the end, my decision was set. Hell, I wasn't going to get myself off alone anyway. Not with that smoking-hot cousin of mine waiting for me upstairs.

And I went. I jogged up the stairs, doing all I could to keep my sudden excitement contained. It had been a long while since I'd been to my cousin's last, and I didn't know which room was hers. Wasn't too hard to find, all I had to do was find the one with the naked woman in it.

As I walked down the hall, I heard a soft moaning coming from the room nearest me. The door was closed, and I knew that voice. Slowly, I opened the door. Beyond it was Paige, naked on her bed and playing with herself. The light was off, but the light streaming in from the open door showed me enough. My cock gave yet another jump as I saw her.

"Mmm, it seems you've decided to join me," Paige said, her legs closed as she rubbed her clit. With her other hand she was fondling her breast. As she spoke to me she pinched her nipple, and bit her lip with pleasure.

"You're more than I could have hoped for," I answered. "How could I resist?" I smiled a little as I walked over to her, kicking the door closed behind me with my foot. I reached the bed and Paige sat up, careful to cover her self with her thighs.

I came towards her, and she gasped, as if thinking of something dark.

"Be gentle with me," she whispered. I detected worry in her voice, and I smiled. This would be different than Jen; Paige was more delicate.

"Don't worry," I said. "I'll take it slow."

This seemed to calm her, and I saw her relax a little. One hand over the other, I crawled across the bed to her. Our lips met for the first time, and the flame flourished. Before I knew it my shirt, socks, and pants had come off, and I was kissing Paige furiously. She forced her tongue into my mouth and I welcomed it, meeting her with my own. She tasted wonderful.

Grazing her body with my fingertips, I drew quick circles on Paige's lower back. She gasped, and I smiled. Her soft spot was the same as Jennifer's. I moved my hands quickly and swiftly to Paige's shoulders, then to her chest. Her hands folded back, supporting herself as she leaned backwards: she was showing herself to me.

I kissed her abdomen as I gently fondled her breasts. Paige relaxed more as I worked my way up to her nipples, pinching them before I slipped my tongue over one of them. Paige gasped in pleasure, and I smiled again.

Fondling her free breast more vigorously, I swirled shapes around Paige's nipple with my tongue. She half-giggled, half-gasped as I did. From this I could tell that she hadn't been touched like this before. Suddenly, I wondered if she had ever even had a man before.

Regardless, I continued. Her nipple was ripe and hard, and I bit down on it quickly, then switched breasts, rubbing and squeezing her other one. Paige sucked in hard, and finally opened her thighs, wrapping her legs around my waist. I could feel the heat of her snatch through the thin fabric of my boxers, and suddenly I wanted it.

Slowly at first, I took my free hand from Paige's breast and traced a line down her torso with my fingertips. I felt her tense up, but didn't stop. She said not a word, and I bit down on her nipple again. She gasped, and my hand reached her clit. She gasped again, deeper this time, and I began to rub.

"Oh, god, Nate..." Paige whispered. I rubbed the lining of her pussy gently, feeling the heat and wetness that had accumulated there. Then I began to rub faster, harder. Slowly, as I did, I began to slip a finger into her delving snatch. Even from that, I could feel how tight she was: there was no way that she had ever been with a man before.

"N-Nate..." Paige began.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, my voice barely audible. All I could hear was my head buzzing with excitement and Paige's heavy breathing, but Paige said nothing. I continued, pressing my finger on into her pussy. Damn, it was hot.

Rubbing fast and having my entire finger in her pussy, I decided to simply ask my question.

"Paige, are you a virgin?" I asked. Paige said nothing again, and I began to stick two fingers into her soaking snatch. My hand was now coated with her juice. I began to finger-fuck her faster. She breathed in deeply, trying her best to control herself. Then, I brought my hand away from her and kissed down her body until my face was where my hand had been.

"Are you?" I repeated. Again, she didn't respond. I brought my lips near her pussy, then gave her a gentle kiss. She shivered. "Well, I guess you know what it's like for someone to do that to you then, right?" I looked up at her, and our eyes met. I began to lift away from her, when she placed her hand on my forehead.

"Please," she said. "I've...never spent a night with a man before." She admitted. I didn't know how to respond to this. Paige was a very sexy girl, saying the least, and I always assumed she wouldn't wait to sleep with the sexiest man she could get (which as an easy thing). Now she was telling me the exact opposite.

"What, never with Doug?" I pressed on, teasing her.

"Doug, doesn't deserve you do..." Paige mumbled.

"Hmm?" Teasing her more.

"Please, Nathan, please..." She gave me a sexy, wanting look, and I couldn't resist. I aimed to please, what could I say?

In a quick and sudden movement, I stuck my tongue into her hot, wet snatch. Paige gasped deeply and arched her back in pleasure. I reached up with my hands as I ate her out, drawing light circles around the base of her back. Paige was completely under my control from here on out.

Drawing my tongue around her, I flicked Paige's clit. She shuttered, and I did it again before returning to her pussy. I drew shapes in her pussy like I had with Jen. She tasted different than Jen, but delicious all the same. I realized then how much I truly loved eating out my women.

Suddenly, I felt Paige's snatch clench and throb. Her breath quickened in pace and her chest rose and dropped heavily. Knowing what came next, I licked and tongue-fucked Paige furiously. Finally, she lost control. She gave a pleasurable squeal, loud but hidden by the booming music coming from downstairs. Her pussy juice flooded over my lips, and down onto the sheets of her bed. I had never made a virgin cum, so I honestly didn't know what to expect, but this was as good as any.

I wiped my ,mouth with my wrist, licking what remained on my lips. Paige lay out before me, breathing heavily, and beginning to sweat.

"Oh fuck, Nate. I've never cum like that before," she said.

"That's because you've never slept with a man before," I answered, lowering myself over her and kissing her. She broke off from me, and kissed down my shoulders to my chest. With a somewhat forceful push, she forced herself on top of me, her hips balanced over mine.

"Are all men like you are?" Paige asked dreamily.

"I don't know, how many of them would sleep with their sexy cousins?" I inquired. Paige smiled, seeing my cheap attempt at a compliment.

"Well, regardless, it's my turn now," she said. I lifted my eyebrows, and Paige giggled. "I've seen enough porn to know how to do this, just watch." And with that, Paige pulled my boxers off, revealing my rock-hard cock. At first she smiled, but then that smile disappeared as it formed an O as she kissed it.

Paige spared no expense waiting. She licked me from the base of my cock to the head, then swallowed the head in her virgin mouth. I moaned and laid my head back. Paige swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, then dipped down and engulfed it. It was my turn to gasp in pleasure.

Paige sucked my off like a pro would, and if I hadn't been feeling her up a second ago, I wouldn't believe for a second that she was a virgin. She laced her tongue around my shaft as she stoked, up, then down again. She made cute slurping sounds as she blew me, then she drew my cock out of her mouth and spat on it, lubing it up. Yeah, there was no way that she had never done this before.

"Ahh, damnit Paige that's good," I moaned, and Paige smiled. She licked my cock like a popsicle, then moved down my shaft back again. I intertwined my fingers in her hair, guiding her a little. With her free hand she massaged my balls. Damn that felt good. When Paige swallowed my cock again, I felt close to a climax. Not only that but I was starting to lose my composure: I felt like I was 16 again, fucking Jen for the first time. As the ecstasy built up in my cock, I couldn't help but think of her.

"P-Paige, I'm gonna cum," I said. Paige said nothing, only continued to pump me with her lips and hand. I was so close now. "Paige." I hissed, then lost it. I shot my load deep into her mouth, and through half-closed eyes I saw Paige's eyes widen. Nonetheless, she swallowed without thinking, and I moaned loudly.

"Oh, shit..." I said, feeling my body relax immensely. Paige lifted her mouth from my cock, swallowed hard, and brought her hand (which had been pumping me) and licked it clean. My cock was still rock-hard.

"Mmm, men taste better than I thought," Paige said, than giggled naughtily. I gave her a look, smiling despite myself.

"You slut." I said, and Paige responded by lifting herself over me, positioning my cock to the entrance to her snatch. "Are you ready?" I asked. Paige nodded.

"Please, Nate, treat me like you treated Jen. I want you inside of me." Paige placed her hands on my muscled chest and took a deep breath. Then, quickly, she lowered herself onto me.

In less than a second, Paige squealed: half in pain and half in pleasure, and I felt what must have been her hymen break. I felt the trickle of blood slide down my cock, but Paige didn't wait. She moved up again, shaking with excitement and pleasure, and lowered herself over me again. Soon, the movements of her hips were matched with my own.

"Fuck. Fuck that feels so good," Paige hissed. With my hands on her hips Paige continued to bounce on me. With one hand she fondled her breast, and with they other she stuck two fingers into her mouth.

Her pussy was tight. Tighter than any other women I have had sex with until then. Maybe even ever. With her pussy walls clenched around my cock, the feeling was unmatched.

"Goddamn, Paige, you feel so good," I said, pounding her faster now. Paige squealed again, something I was beginning to love, and her breathing increased.

"Yeah, you like fucking your sexy little cousin don't you?" Paige teased, now fondling both of her breasts as she bounced on me. "You fuck my little pussy harder, you should--" I cut her off as I slapped her ass, hard. She sucked in quickly, and I fucked her harder. Her moans became more commonplace as I slapped her again. The bed started to bounce as we fucked, and Paige moaned loudly.

For a second we thought that the others downstairs had heard her, but the music continued. We never broke pace. Soon I felt another orgasm coming to me, and I slowed down, pulling out of Paige and getting behind her, gently laying her down on the bed.

"What're you--uugh!" Paige moaned loudly again as I pushed into her. She was lying on the bed with her hips bumped up, and her head in her pillow: she was muffling her moans. Meanwhile, I was thrusting into her from the behind.

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" Paige yelled, her moans breaking through the barrier of the pillow as I screwed her. I felt her pussy clench and knew from experience that she was having an orgasm. I wanted to increase my thrust speed but at the same time didn't want to hurt her. Either way, Paige began to tremble as she orgasmed. She let our a tiny squeal as her juices squirted out, and I felt them flow from my cock and to the bedsheets again.

"You alright Paige?" I ask, concerned as she relaxed suddenly. She looked at me, then smiled naughtily.

"You call that a fucking? Do me harder your perverted bastard!" I listened, thrusting into her strongly. Paige's breathing increased again, and her moans were synchronized with mine. "Oh god, fuck your cousin, yes!" She moaned.

"Shit, Paige your so good!" I moaned, sliding my hands under her chest and grabbing her breasts forcefully as I fucked her.

"You like fucking your cousin don't you?" Paige asked through her moans. I couldn't resist: I aimed to please.

"Yes, oh god I love it. I think I love you Paige." I said, heat-of-the-moment-wise. Paige moaned again loudly and that sent me over the edge. Again, I felt Paige's pussy walls clench.

"Shit, shit, I'm cumming Nathan!" Paige yelled, and I suddenly became aware of the sound from downstairs: it was the countdown to the New Year.

"Paige, I'm cumming too," I moaned, barely able to contain myself anymore.

"Fuck, cum in my pussy, fill me with your hot load!" Paige yelled, and that's when I lost it all.

I ejaculated, filling her with my hot cum. She came at the same time, her pussy clenching and flexing in reflex, squeezing every ounce of sperm I had in me up into her. We both shook, and as I gave out a loud moan, Paige squealed.

My cock twitched inside of her, silently wanting more of what I could no longer give. As I fell over her, completely exhausted, both Paige and I heard the call from downstairs.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" Everyone yelled. whistles and horns went off, celebrating the first minute of the new year.

"" I whispered to Paige.

"" Was all that Paige could say. I laughed, then moved off of her and laid beside her. She drew my hands over her waist and turned around, so that we were facing each other.

"That was amazing Nate." she said after a while. "Jen wasn't lying when she said you were good." Paige smiled. I smiled too. I had taken her virginity, and was feeling a lot better about my girlfriend leaving me. But I didn't want to think about Jen right now. I wanted to think of my current lover.

Leaning forward, I kissed Paige hard, our lips moving in sync. I licked her lips gently, then kissed her nose, and then her forehead. 

"You were amazing too, Paige," I responded. Paige blushed, as if suddenly realizing what we had done. I brushed her lips with my finger, then turned so I could lay on my back. She rested her head on my chest, twirling circles around my nipples.

Not really putting up a fight, as I was exhausted and thoroughly drained, my eyes began to slip closed. Not thinking of the reaction to the others if they happened to come up and see Paige and I, I felt myself drift off. Soon, I was out like a light, the recent events of the past two weeks far from my dreams.
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Posted 05 Jan 2011 08:08
great story, brings back memories of my cousin
Posted 04 Jan 2011 22:27
tangina sarap kumantot
Posted 03 Jan 2011 09:12
Fantastic story. I loved it. Keep em cummin.
Posted 02 Jan 2011 19:07
God, a definate 10, too bad that choice wasnt there. Keep up the good stories.

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