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A Sailor's Homecoming Part 2

Brother has sex with sister and her virgin girlfriend
I had reported in for my new assignment at the Naval Base. It was three weeks before I could get away to go home. It was a three day Labor Day weekend. I was able to be on my way early on Friday afternoon and didn’t have to get back until 8 am Tuesday morning. My sister met me at the bus station. She kissed me like a boyfriend that was returning after a long time at sea. I looked around to make sure that no one recognized us as being brother and sister.

We stopped at the Restaurant where our mom was the manager. She would be working until closing at midnight. She always had the Saturday and Sunday dinner shifts. Mom looked at us with a funny look when we said that we weren’t hungry. We left the cafe and hurried on home.We were barely in the door before Millie started stripping. I wasn’t far behind her as we dashed to her bedroom.

When we got there I asked her, “Did you make out a calendar like I asked you? You need to be very accurate with when your periods start and stop. We can’t risk getting you pregnant!”

Millie replied, “Yes Johnny, I made one out.”

She dug in a dresser drawer and fished out a small memo book of daily activities. As she opened it I saw the days that I had spent at home on leave. She had noted that her next period had started the day that I reported for duty at my present station. It had lasted six days. I starting figuring and found out that she was most likely in the middle of her fertile period cycle.

I told her, “Oh no! It’s not safe to fuck. But we can only do sixty-nines while I am home this time.”

“It’s okay Johnny, I love doing it that way too. It feels so wonderful with you kissing my pussy and making me climax that way. I also like when you fill my mouth with your sperm. It tastes so good. It is almost as good as fucking.”

I lay on my back on her bed as her naked sixteen year old female body straddled my twenty one year old nakedness. We quickly brought each other to rapid and very satisfying first orgasms. We continued having other climaxes during the evening. In the course of that evening, I gave her more than a dozen or so cums. That was way more than I could possibly have. We found that she would have multiple orgasms.Even as young and prime as I was, I could only manufacture enough sperm filled semen for four or five good cums.

Millie told me that she loved swallowing my sperm filled semen. There were times when I came in her mouth that she would quickly turn around and kiss me. My lips were covered with her tasty pussy love juice. She would exchange some of my sperm for the taste of her own pussy. At 11 pm we took our shower together. We had opened the windows and used aerosol spray in Millie’s room to remove the very distinct odor of sexual activity. We had to make sure that mom thought that we both had gone to our own bedrooms and to bed before she came home shortly after midnight.

Saturday morning I was up at 6. I had become used to the Reveille at that time during my Naval service. I dressed in just a pair of gym shorts and running shoes and ran around the block a few times. I took a shower and changed my sweaty shorts for a pair of dungaree pants. I still didn’t wear a shirt. I ate some cold cereal and milk as usual. Millie and mom slept in as usual.

My sister and I were able to have lots of oral sex on Saturday and Sunday evening while mom was at work. I had to return to Base early Monday morning. What better weekend could a young stud like me expect? I had just had an incestuous sex session with my very sexy young sister. I had a tight feeling in my groin from all the working out it had received that weekend.

I was only able to get home a few on weekends due to my rotating duty schedule. I worked a couple extra Saturdays and Sundays for a couple of buddies. It was with the promise they would stand duty for me if I had the duty over long holidays. We did that so that I could get home.

On one occasion when I was at home in October, Millie said, “Johnny I have to tell you something. It’s something that I did that you told me not to do.”

I suddenly had a pang of fear in my stomach. Was the long arm of the law about to descend on me because of my incestuous sexual relations with a sixteen year old girl that was also my sister?

“My very best friend is Jennifer. Last week she turned sixteen and is now my age. On her birthday the two of us had a sleep over at her house. She told me that her mother was a man hater. Her mother wouldn’t let Jennifer have any contact with boys. She was told all that happened to her mother when she was young. Jennifer was told that her mother’s parents made her mother marry an older man when she turned eighteen.”

I was uncertain where Millie was going with this. What did it have to do with Millie doing that I had told her never to do?

My sister continued telling me what Jennifer had related to her, “Jennifer’s mother told her that all men are just like her husband, they are beasts. On her wedding night it was horrible. He had insisted that she be totally naked and the lights had to be on. He was nude. She had never known what a man’s sex organs looked like. He had climbed all over her body in his lust to copulate. He had brutally deflowered her. All men are like rutting animals. They want only want one thing. They want to stick their thing into a women’s privates and pour sticky man’s stuff into her body."

Millie paused as she told me about what she had learned from Jennifer. Then she continued with what he best friend told her. “As soon as he was done he pulled out. All the blood and that sticky man stuff stained the sheet. He then rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning he assaulted her again several times. He made her do unspeakable things. She complained to her mother who dismissed everything. She told her daughter that it was her duty to accept sex as part of a women’s way of life. Jennifer’s mother told her that the only good thing that resulted from all that horror was Jennifer. She also told Jennifer that was why she was not allowed to date boys. She didn‘t want her daughter to go through that. Boys were no better than beasts just like men.”

We both sat there quietly for a few minutes.

“Millie, do you mean your friend told you all of that? What did you do and say to her?”

My sister didn‘t look up at me, “I told her that sex wasn’t like that at all. I said that it was the greatest feeling in the world to have a man put his cock into a girl’s pussy and to fuck. She asked me how I knew that. I told her but I didn’t tell her who I’d been with. I promise that I didn’t tell her that it was my own brother.”

I was somewhat relived as I asked my sister, “So what happened then?”

“Jennifer asked me what it felt like. I told her it was better than masturbating. She didn’t even know what that was. So I showed her. I fingered my pussy and then got her to try it on herself. After awhile I had the urge to help her.”

I was feeling elated, my sister was engaging in sex with another female. “So what did you do?”

Millie still wouldn‘t look me in the eyes. “I guess that I got carried away. I wanted to know what another girl’s pussy love juice tasted like. I bent down and used my tongue on her. I finally got her to do a sixty nine with me. She had her first ever orgasm and really liked my giving her one. I told her how much better it felt with a nice hard cock fucking my pussy. Johnny, I am quite sure that she would let you fuck her. She is still virgin like I was. I know that you would like to take her cherry.”

I was real interested in the possibilities, “What does Jennifer look like? You know that there has never been a pussy that I didn’t love fucking. I love pussy of all ages.”

My sister said, “She’s real cute, about my size. Yesterday she said that she had thought it over. In spite of what her mother has told her about men. She now really wants to find out what it is like. I can call her to come over if you would like. I would like to watch you fuck her and have your cock eat her cherry just like you did mine. Do you want to fuck her?”

“Millie, I told you that I love pussy. I would also like to watch you two eating each other if I get to fuck my cock in each of you afterwards. Remember that I told you how I love to have one girl impaled on my cock while I am eating the other girl’s pussy. I would also love to fuck another virgin so my cock can taste her juicy cherry.”

Millie bounced out of the bedroom. She was naked as she made the phone call. When she returned, she related their conversation. “Jennifer said she would be right over.”

We both put on our bath robes and waited in the living room for the arrival of Jennifer. I was sitting on the sofa as Millie answered the door. It was true what Millie said about the girl. She was really cute. Jennifer had dark hair and brown eyes. She was still a little shy as she approached me.

The first thing she said was, “Is it really true? Are you her brother and you have sex with your sister? I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I don’t even remember my father. My mama hates men. Millie just told me how she likes doing it with her brother. She says she loves having orgasms with you inside her like the ones we gave each other on my birthday. Is it true that your cock is as big as she says it is? I can’t see how anything that big could go up inside a girl down there.”

Millie was now standing next to her girlfriend. She had stripped off her robe and stood naked. My sister then dropped down on her knees between my legs as she parted my robe. Jennifer gasped as she viewed her first sight of a male sex member. I was glad that was my fully engorged cock. I had learned that a girl always remembers the first cock that she ever saw. Even more so, no matter how many men she fucks in her life time, It is the one that deflowers her virgin pussy that she never forgets. It is the same for me. No matter how many different girls I fuck, I will never forget the ones I am lucky to fuck that are virgins. There is something that really boosts my male ego knowing that my cock is the first one to fill her vagina. I like knowing that my sperm laden semen was the first to go deep into her womb. I like to call a womb a girl’s sperm depository.

Jennifer watched closely as my sister licked and sucked on my pre cum oozing cock. I reached for her and she didn’t resist as I pulled her tee shirt over her head. Her nice small tits were just slightly smaller than my sister’s. She had to help me undo the button on her shorts. I then unzipped them and pulled them down. Lust filled my whole being as I stared at the patch of dark pubic hair over the plump and pouting and sweet looking pussy.

She knelt down besides Millie. My sister encouraged her to touch my cock. As she touched me for the first time, she was startled as it throbbed in her hand. With my sister’s urging, She bent down and kissed it. She even stuck out her tongue to taste my pre cum. She wrinkled her nose, but she licked again. For her first time, she was doing nicely in actually sucking me into her mouth.

I wanted my sperm to be placed elsewhere. The three of us were naked as we walked to Millie’s bedroom. I sat on the bed to watch the two girls have sex together. Then it was my turn. Jennifer’s pussy was sloppy wet from her pussy love juice and Millie’s saliva. I had to savor this new young virgin. I spent only a couple minutes tasting Jennifer’s love juice.

I asked my sister to help me. She used her thumb and forefinger to spread her best friend’s pussy lips. She then rubbed my dripping cock up and down the virgin cunt. She made sure my cock head kissed the tiny clitoris. Jennifer moaned as Millie pushed the business end of my cock into the vaginal opening.

Jennifer cried out, “Stop Millie, please stop! He’s too big. It Hurts, it hurts.”

Millie told her, “It’s not too big! Relax so that he can get it inside your pussy. Do you want to stay a little girl virgin, or do you want Johnny’s cock to eat your cherry? You need to loose your virginity like I did. Once he actually fucks you and you feel his semen fill you up, you will love to fuck him.”

It was a short time later that I had the exhilarating feeling and the knowledge that Jennifer was the third girl that would remember forever that it was my cock that deflowered her no longer virgin cunt. She was satisfied that she had a sperm filled pussy and womb.

To Be Continued!


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Great story can't wait for 3
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can hardly wait for #3
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Nice story .....

Posted 03 Nov 2013 04:26
I love the virgin part of your story the most. Great detail!!

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