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A sailor's Homecoming, Part 3

Mother joins sonand daughter in family incest
A Sailors’ Homecoming. This is Part 3, continuing the story.

I was able to get home for a four day Thanksgiving Holiday. It was Wednesday night and mom was at work. Millie was just over her period. We fucked and fucked. We were cutting it pretty close. We were just getting out of the shower together when we heard mom unlocking the front door. We scrambled and were in our own beds when mom bid each of us Good Night as she opened and closed our doors.

On Thursday afternoon mom, sis, and I had turkey dinner in one of the private rooms at her restaurant where she also worked. She actually owned it as it was her inheritance from her parents. She didn’t have to work, but she liked keeping a hand in to make sure everything ran smoothly. Mom stayed to take care of the large dinner crowd.

After dinner at home, sis and I were eating a more delicious deserrt of pussy and cock flavored with delicious love juices. Our appetites were barely sated before we had to break it off by midnight.

On Friday, the day after turkey day, I had been up as usual at the crack of dawn. After a little running exercises I puttered around outside for a while. There were a few weeds that needed to be pulled. I picked up the morning paper and went inside. I scanned the paper while sitting at the breakfast table in the kitchen. I found a pencil and did the crossword puzzle.

It was 10:30 Saturday morning when I got out the ingredients for an omelet. I found the eggs, bell peppers and a tomatoes in the reefer. The bread was in the toaster ready to be pushed down. The coffee pot was perking away. Everything was ready. The plates and silverware were on the table along with the coffee cups. Before I turned on the gas to heat the pan, I knocked on my mom and sisters doors to roust them out of bed.

“I’m doing the omelet so you better get out here!”

They both straggled in as everything was ready to eat. Mom had on a bath robe that reached an inch or so above her knees. Millie had on her short night gown. Mom came over to me and placed her hands on my bare chest. I am six foot two and mom came up to my chin. I hugged her close to me and we held each other. Mom’s hands went around my waist.

“Johnny, you have become a real handsome young man. If I was twenty years younger, I’d be making a play for you.”

My reply was, “Mom, it doesn’t make any difference how old you are, I’d make a play for you, too.“

Mom went off to work at 4 pm so that she could see how well the restaurant had fared. She also needed to order supplies and to make out the payroll for the week. Millie let Jennifer in when she arrived and the three of us headed for the bedroom. We were expecting a nice long session of unbridled period of a great sexual orgy. Millie and Jennifer had become sexual nymphomaniacs in just the three months that I had been able to get hone from my new base. They were well into girl on girl sex and both had become expert in threesomes sex with me.

It was just after 7 pm when all hell broke loose. I was on my back with Millie humping her pussy of my cock as I was eating Jennifer’s delicious pussy. The girls were facing each other, they were feeling up the other’s tits and French kissing. I didn’t hear a thing until Jennifer suddenly bailed off of me. Millie had just impaled herself fully on my hard cock.

I had to wipe pussy love juice from my eyes to see. There standing in the open doorway was mom surveying the orgasmic scene of her naked son Johnny, daughter Millie and girl friend Jennifer. The three of us had been in the throes of a debauchery scene right out of one of the frescos on the walls of a whorehouse in Pompeii, Italy.

My Navy ship had made a Mediterranean cruise visit to Naples. I had taken a tour to Pompeii where the tour guide made sure that I saw all of the ancient frescos depicting all sorts of pornographic sexual activities. He pointed out the male sex organs, Cock and balls, engraved in the streets that had pointed to a house of prostitutes. I had also gone to the museum in Naples. I had given, actually I bribed, the guard with enough Italian Lira to allow me to go into the Forbidden Room where there was lots of pure pornography removed from Pompeii and Herculaneum. There were paintings and statues galore. It was more than enough sex on view to make any sexual pervert want to find a place to jack off.

Mom scanned the scene as she looked at the two naked teen girls and me. Millie moved off of me. Mom’s eyes were directed right at my throbbing, still erect and dripping cock. I was surprised that I didn’t loose my erection with my mother looking so intently. In fact, I felt my cock swell and get even larger. It started to ache as more blood was pumped into my already engorged cock.

In Pompeii, I had seen an image of the Greek god of fertility, Priapus. He is always depicted with his extremely large cock that was permanently erected. I could now be medically diagnosed as having the same condition.

As Mom approached the bed, her voice was very controlled. “Oh dear, I thought maybe that the genetic incest gene had not been reproduced in you two. Jennifer, I know how your mother feels about men. I am glad that you do not have the same feelings about sex. I might as well tell you all now. Johnny and Millie are both the result of my own very incestuous family life.“

She stood silent for a moment before continuing as she looked at her naked son and daughter as well as Jennifer, “My mother and father were actually brother and sister. Your father is also my father. I might as well use the actual words. Millie, I was your age when my father fucked me for the first time. My own mother helped him take my virginity. She said that it was part of the family ritual. They had done the same thing with my three older sisters. I also had sex with my mother and my sisters. My grandfather was sexually involved in fucking everyone in the family. We are not sure which one, daddy or grandpa, got us all pregnant. I was eighteen when I had Johnny.”

For several moments mom was silent before continuing. “I forced myself not to have sex with you Johnny. I thought that I could break the chain of family incest sex. Now it very much looks like it is stronger than ever.”

Mom looked closer at my extra large erection. It was as if she was a moth drawn to the flame of a candle.

She began to undress with the help of her daughter and Jennifer. She was still a beautiful slim woman with small firm tits and hardly any sag. Her pubic hair was slightly darker and it was neatly trimmed. I still like at least a little soft silky fur down there to put my nose into as I am eating out a nice juicy pussy.

“Johnny, that is the most beautiful and largest cock that I have ever seen. Daddy and grandpa were never anywhere this big.”

I was writhing in pain and needed relief. My own mother provided what I most needed. She sat on the bed and bent over. She licked my cock covered with her own daughters pussy love juices combined with her son’s sperm. She moaned a sigh of contentment combined with the unique sound of pure lust.

I watched as I saw mom start to suck my cock into her warm wet mouth for the first time. The suction was allowing the surplus blood to drain and reduce my over sized erection to return to its normal state. It was ready for the action that we all wanted to see. The four of us now wanted the completion of total family incest.

Ever since I was sixteen, I have a had a number of females that had sucked me off, They were mostly older women that loved young studs. They would do anything, like sucking and fucking to get a virile young cock up their cunt. It reminded them of when they were teen aged cheerleaders getting fucked the high school and college jocks. They would complain that their husbands were impotent and couldn’t get it up anymore.

This was before the introduction of Viagra.

To my mind, my mother actually sucking my cock was the best of all. The broken incest chain of family love was being forever repaired. Her daughter and friend wanted to witness what was about to happen as my now normal sized erection entered my mother’s pussy for the first time. It was very slippery with her love juices and ready to receive her son’s cock. Millie assisted me by spreading her mother’s puffy and wet pussy lips as she guided my hard cock into our maternal vagina. It was ready for me to fuck for our initial copulation. It was a moment of absolute mother and son incest.

Mom’s thirty nine year old vagina was really tight, almost as tight as Millie’s or Jennifer’s teen aged cunt. My mother’s vagina was much more vibrant and hab been so well trained. I could feel it squeeze and relax as I fucked her. She was much more talented than any of the other women that I had experienced with sexual relations. Her hips would move in perfect response to my thrusts. I felt her heels behind my knees as her hands clasped my ass cheeks. My chest was tight against her firm little tits.

“Oh yes Johnny, fuck me, keep making me have the best climaxes that I have ever experienced. I love how big your cock feels in my pussy. I have waited so long for this moment.”

I felt her body spasm several time when my cock was pressed tightly against her cervix. At last I was depositing my incestuous sperm deep into the hot and wet birth canal where I had emerged twenty one years before. I could feel her vagina milking my semen to force it through her cervix into her womb. The uterus is what I had named as a woman’s sperm receptacle. As mom and I fucked, we were closely watched by two excited teen age girls.

Jennifer got up close to watch such an incestuous image. “After my mother talked about what beasts men were, I never thought that I would actually see Johnny’s beautiful cock sliding in and out of his very own mother’s pussy. It is so exciting for me to actually be here to watch them fucking together.”

Millie was on the other side of her mother and brother as they copulated. “Mom, doesn’t he feel real good when he is all the way up inside you? I love the feeling when he fills my pussy full of his sperm. I like it also when he comes in my mouth. I love the taste of all that hot semen as I swallow it. I think of all of those squiggly little tadpoles in my tummy and my cunt.”

Mom told the girls that she was going to provide them with birth control pills at least until they were eighteen.

I moved to withdraw my cock from mom’s pussy. “No, Please Johnny, keep it in me, I need to feel how wonderful it is. I love the feeling and weight of your body on top of mine. I need you to keep fucking me. Just the thought of my son finally filling me with his sperm makes me want him to impregnate my womb. That would be my ultimate desire to complete our incest family.”

For a number of minutes I continued to lay on top of my mom and kept my still erect cock all the way inside. We were French kissing deeply as we were so completely coupled, mother and son. We watched Millie and Jennifer enjoy a sixty nine. At last I felt her hips start moving, again. Mother and son were again acting out that age old custom of incestuous copulation.

To Be Continued.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 06 Nov 2013 11:41
Loved every bit of the story. The ultimate act of incest is mother and son. Keep it going and in the next episode, give us every detail of the impregnation of Mom
Posted 05 Nov 2013 08:59
loved every sexy minute of that story . I am so hard ,I need someone to help me out . 5+

Posted 04 Nov 2013 19:57
hope #4 cums soon
Posted 04 Nov 2013 19:24
Loved it, hope to

Posted 04 Nov 2013 18:29
Loved every sorted sexy detail, great job adding Mom to the story line.

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