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A Sailor's Homecoming

A Sailor home on Leave finds his young sister wants to learn sex.
This story took place forty years ago. This was all before they started Sex Education in schools. Each person got educated by whispered words in the school yard. Or maybe they were behind the garage. The best way to learn sex was by a hands on training. By a guys training with his hands on a girl’s tits and pussy. The best way if he was really lucky, was when his cock was actually fucking in her cunt.

I was home on 30 days Re-Enlistment Leave from the Navy after being away from home for four years. I was twenty-one years old. I had enlisted after high school graduation at seventeen with my mother’s permission.

I would be reporting to my new Duty Station. I had received a nice Bonus that I shared with my mom and a promotion. I had always sent money home to my single mother and young sister.

I had taken my shower and was just wearing my old bath robe that reached mid thigh and without under shorts. I was relaxing and watching the news on the old black and white TV. My mom was at work this evening until midnight.

My 16 year old sister, Millie, she hated the name Millicent, had just taken her shower. She bounced into the room wearing a short night gown that left her arms bare and barely covered her bottom. Her auburn hair was still damp. I checked out her small breasts and I was surprised, and pleased that her nipples were definitely hardened and poking out the thin material of the gown. I inspected her as she stood in front of me. Maybe something could be ahead to offer to my male ego.

“What are watching’ Johnny?”

“Nothing much, you can turn it off so we can talk. I think we each have lots to tell since it has been so long.”

She turned her back on me as she walked to the TV. I scanned her nubile young body. She had a gorgeous body. Her shape was one that no one would mistake for anything but female. I loved her long shapely legs. I was definitely a small tits and long legs kind of guy.

I was trying to visualize what she would look like naked. She bent down to turn off the TV, she exposed her magnificent bare ass cheeks. They looked so nice and firm. They were not like an older woman’s flabby butt. My cock throbbed in response to my thoughts that definitely were of an incestuous nature. What would it be like to do to my kid sister.

She then came and sat down next to me on the sofa. She quickly leaned over toward me as she tucked her feet under her. I placed my arm around her and squeezed her tight to me. I placed my right hand high on her bare thigh and gently stroked the warm firm female flesh. She did not try to stop me, or say anything as my fingers strayed ever higher up her leg. Goose bumps appeared as she shivered under my caressing touch. She snuggled even closer to me. She looked up at me with her deep blue eyes as I kissed her on her forehead.

“Johnny, you have been away for so long. Tell me sailor boy, do you really have a girl in every port?”

I answered, “Of course I do! Doesn’t every sailor? There are lots of girls out there that need a lot of my loving.”

She lowered her voice, “Mom won’t let me go out on dates until my school grades are better. Do you get to kiss those girls? What’s it like to hold a girl in your arms and kiss her/ Do you make out with them? Some of the girls at school talk about all the things they do with their boyfriends. You know, like feeling each other up and all that stuff.”

My fingers had found their way under the hem of her night gown. I tried to visualize the color of the patch of pubic hair I felt. Even today, all these years later, I still like at least a small amount of muff fur down there. I love to put my nose in it while I am kissing a nice juicy cunt and enjoying the sweet musky aroma of an excited pussy.

She jumped a little as I touched her puffy pussy lips for the first time. There was a moistness that I used to lube my finger tips before I quickly found her tiny clitoris. She moaned as I continued to finger her pussy.

She lowered her eyes and quietly whispered, “Oh Johnny, that feels so good. Have you had sex with many girls? What‘s it like? Does it really feel good like what you are making me feel right now?”

“Ah yes! Sex, it is the greatest feeling in the world. The first time I had sex was when I was your age, sixteen. Do you remember Mrs. Morgan that lived on the corner across the street. She asked me to move some storage boxes in her garage. When I bent over and tried to lift one heavy box, she laid over my back. She reached around and grabbed a hold of my cock. She said her husband was away most of the time and she really needed a nice hard cock to keep herself happy. We fucked right there in the garage. She had me come over every Saturday. Each time she gave me some money so that I could tell mom that I earned it doing odd jobs for Mrs. Morgan.”

I now used my left hand to push under the opening at her arm and cupped her small left tit. Again she permitted my actions. She moaned in obvious sexual emotion. I gently tweaked the hard little nipple.

“You actually fucked her? You truly fucked Mrs. Morgan?”

“Yeah, and I fucked her daughter Marci, too! She came home from a friend’s house early and caught us. She told her mother that I had to fuck her or she was going to tell her father. I especially like having two pussies at the same.”

“How do you do that? I don’t believe you! You’re making that up! Tell me that you are just teasing me.”

“No, it’s true, I love having two girls together. I lay on my back and one girl straddles my hips with my big hard cock up in her pussy. The other girl does the same over my face. That way I can fuck one girl and eat the other one’s cunt. That way, I get two pussies at the same time.”

“Eeeahhhh! You mean you put your mouth on a girl’s thing down there?”

“OH Yes Millie, I Love the taste and aroma of a nice hot juicy pussy. I can almost smell and taste a good dripping cunt right now. I bet your pussy would be as sweet as honey!”

I made sure that she could feel my fingers probing the entrance to her vagina.

“I never believed one girl at school, Gina Jefferies. She talked about how she sucks her boyfriend off. Does that mean that she actually puts his thing in her mouth?”

“That’s exactly what it means. Did she swallow his load of cum/”

“I don’t know what you mean, load of cum!“

“That’s what a guy does when he is sucked or fucks. He ejaculates. He empties his semen in his ball. His semen is filled with sperm.”

“Well, I don’t know. She does say that she has had sex with him. She told me that the best is when his thing, I mean cock, is inside her.

“So Millie, you have never put a guys cock in your mouth? You never had your pussy eaten or never even been fucked. You are still a nice young virgin. Right now, I bet that your cunt is tingling. I know that it is certainly getting sloppy wet. You are wondering what it would feel like to have a guy eat your cunt. I can tell, you are wanting a nice big cock to deflower your sweet tasting virgin cherry pussy. How about mine? I would love to be the first one, the one that gets your virginity. I’ve wondered what a little incest would be like. Would you like for your big brother to eat and fuck his little sister?”

I used my fingers to quickly scoop up some of her pussy love juice. I brought them to my nose and sniffed and then to my lips as I experienced the aroma and tasted the essence of my sister’s feminine mystique.

She gasped, “You really did taste me, didn’t you?”

“That’s your pussy love juice.”

I put my fingers back in her cunt, and again brought them to my mouth. Only this time I pushed them under her nose and against her lips. I was somewhat surprised when she sniffed and then opened her mouth and accepted my offering.

She used her tongue to clean my fingers and her lips, “It doesn’t smell or taste bad at all, does it?”

I removed my hand from her small firm tit. I grabbed one of her hands and placed it under my robe and over my erection.

She gasped, “Oh, Johnny, I didn’t know that it would be so big! It feels so hot. It is so hard and yet it is so soft on the outside. It is getting all wet and slippery. Is that your love juice like my pussy love juice?”

“For me it is called pre cum. It helps to lubricate a girls pussy to help me slide my cock up inside her nice juicy pussy. I have never had any complaints about how big my cock is. I have had a number of compliments about how they rather like a big cock fucking their cunts most of all.”

I was happy that she didn’t resist or remove her hand. In fact. I was somewhat surprised when she started to jack my cock up and down. It seems to be an inborn trait that a girl that has never been involved in that sex act before will automatically and instinctively know what to do.

I was actively finger fucking my sister’s pussy as she continued to jack off my cock. I made sure that I made gentle contact with her clit. I told her that her clitoris was her joy button that was responsible for much of the pleasure that a girl received when her clit was stimulated as I was doing right then.

“Are you going to kiss my pussy? Do you really want to fuck me/”

“Yes Millie, I want that more than anything. Do you want me to do that to you?”

“Oh yes, oh Johnny, I really want to find out everything about sex. I want you to show me everything that you ever did with all of those other girls. I want to feel your mouth down there licking me. Most of all, I want to know what it feels like to have your cock fucking deep into my pussy. Yes Johnny, do it all to me!”

I stood and pulled her up too. I grabbed the hem of her night gown and pulled it up over her head. My robe now stood open and Millie pushed it off my shoulders. We had never seen the other naked before. We each looked at the other’s bare body. Brother and sister naked and ready to totally cross the line of incest with the physical act of intercourse. We both wanted to fuck.

I pushed her down on the sofa as I dropped to my knees. It took little effort to spread her legs. I could not hold back any longer. My mouth engulfed her entire pubic area as my lips and tongue really tasted her feminine sexual area. I licked her clit and sucked on it. I rubbed my nose in her pubic hair. My hands reached up to enclose her firm tits.

Millie moaned out loud in pleasure at my assault. She put her hands on my head to prevent me from moving away, as if I wanted to. I used my tongue to burrow into her vaginal opening. She soon began to buck and writhe in ecstasy.

“Oh, I have never felt any thing so good like this before. It is so wonderful. Oh Johnny, is this what making love is really like?”

A few moment later, she tried to push my head away, “Oh Stop, you have to stop Johnny! I am going to pee. I really have to go pee!”

I was able to tell her, “Let me keep doing it, something really wonderful will happen to you!”

I put my tongue back on her clit. She immediately shook violently and went rigid. My face was trapped between her gorgeous legs. It was several minutes before she began to relax.

“I take it that was your first ever orgasm, wasn’t it?”

Millie tried to focus on me through blurry eyes. “OH Johnny, that was out of this world. Wow, I never even come close to dreaming that it would be that great.”

“And that was only an oral cum. Just think what it going to feel like when my cock is filling your pussy totally and then I cum in you. Then you will have a vaginal cum that‘s even better than an oral one..”

My cock was throbbing and leaking copious amounts of pre cum as I moved closer. My sister watched intently as her brother’s cock touched her pussy for the very first time. I started rubbing my cock up and down her cuntal slit, making sure that my cock head contacted her clit that was poking out from under its protective hood.

Gently as I could, I started to enter my sister’s very tight vaginal canal.

“Oh, Johnny, it’s too big, it won’t go in.”

“Yes it will, just try to relax. I need to fuck you, I almost have a case of ’Blue Balls’ I need to fuck you now.”

I continued to gently fuck up into her tightness. I then hit the fleshy barrier of her virgin hymen.

She squealed, “It stings, Johnny, it stings!”

I couldn’t stop now, I didn’t want to rape her, but I couldn’t stop. My need to complete my penetration was my paramount concern. I pulled back for a few seconds to give her a little relief. My cock was starving for some sustenance. It desperately needed to eat my sister’s ripe for picking cherry. My erection wanted, it, My cock needed the taste of cherry juice. I had fucked five women, but only had one other virgin. That was back when I was 16 and fucked Marci Morgan.

I again pushed deeper in her pussy. I felt the wonderful feeling of my cock feasting on my very own sister’s fresh fruit. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she quietly sobbed.

‘I’m sorry, Millie, I didn’t want to hurt you, but I had to take your virginity in order that we could fuck, You wanted me to fuck you, didn’t you?”

She nodded. “I knew that it would hurt from what Gina Jeffries said about when she was fucked the first time. She also said that after that it felt so good that she really likes fucking. She says that she loves a cock filling her pussy full of hot sticky stuff.”

All this time, my cock was barely inside her, just past where her hymen had been. My cock had lost some of its erection those few moments. It now flew to immediate hardness. I slowly pushed deeper into my sisters vagina until my cock head finally reached her cervix.

My cock was now completely filling up her hot, wet and tight cunt with all of my big and extremely hardness. I had to fuck her gently so that her cunt would relax and stretch. Finally, she could take the entire length of my cock to fill her completely. My cock hit her cervix again. She moaned in pure sexual pleasure

“What just happened, Johnny? I love how that felt. It was so wonderful!.“

“My cock just hit your cervix! That is what separates your vagina from your womb. Some women like that feeling, you’re one of them. Some women don’t like me to fuck them real hard because they do not want me hitting their cervix. When I get to fuck, I love battering at their door of their sperm depository.

“Your cock fills up my pussy, it makes me want all of you inside me. I liked how that feels when you do that”

I made sure that when I was totally inside her that my pubic hair was mashed against her little hairy muff. My pubic bone was pressed against hers so that it would massage her clit and her cervix at the same time. It gave her much greater pleasure. She began to respond to our sexual union. Her hips began to move with mine. She had her first vaginal orgasm and it triggered my own climax. My cock was jammed tight against her cervix and most of cum shot through the small hale directly into her womb.

She had numerous mini climaxes before her major orgasm. She had her first vaginal orgasm that triggered my own climax. My cock was jammed tight against her cervix and most of cum shot through the small hale directly into her womb. I filled her cunt and womb completely with a hot load of my incestuous sperm. My cock was still fully embedded when I then had a horrible thought. What if my sister was fertile right then?

“Millie, when did you have your last period?”

“Why do you want to know that, Johnny?”

“Because I just filled you with my sperm. What if I knocked you up. Mom would kill me because you are my sister. I would get into a lot of trouble if my own sister had my baby!”

“ Oh Johnny, I didn’t think of that. My period ended the day before yesterday. Will it be OK? Can we still fuck? I love the feel of you fucking me. Oh Johnny, I would love to have your babies, fuck me Johnny. Fill me with your cum and one day you can make a baby in my womb. Fuck me!” Please Johnny, tell me that you can do it to me some more, I need to know now?

I released the pent up air that my lungs had been holding in a loud exhale.

“It’s OK sis, we can fuck for a few days yet before I can’t put my cock anywhere near your pussy. But I will be able to show other ways of how we can make each other cum.”

It was a few minutes later of my hard fucking and my cock head was again bouncing off her cervix. She had another orgasm. Again, my cock was jammed tight against her cervix and my sperm shot directly into her womb.

As I finally withdrew my cock from her no longer virgin pussy, we both looked at the mixture of our love juices and traces of cherry juice from her no longer existing hymen. We gave each other incestuous kisses that led to more brother and sister fucking that night and whenever we could be alone after that first night.

We fucked whenever I thought it was safe to do so. I taught her various methods of fucking positions. She was a quick and skillful student. She enjoyed the sixty nine position when we sucked each other off.

My thirty days at home ended all too soon. But I promised my sister that I would be coming home every chance that I could. My next Duty Station would be less than 50 miles away. Millie promised me that she wouldn’t fuck around and I knew that I now had a very reliable steady source of all the pussy that I would be able to service. I found that to be a very agreeable solution to my need to fuck a pussy.

My new Duty Station for the next several years was less than 50 miles away.

My sister and I continued our incestuous relationship. Incest is Best.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 29 Oct 2013 13:23
Sailors eh........don't you just luv 'em
Posted 29 Oct 2013 07:47
wow great job got this cock hard
Posted 28 Oct 2013 19:33
Love it, hope their is more to cum.
Posted 28 Oct 2013 13:59
that was so hot !!!!!
I am so hard .5+
Posted 28 Oct 2013 13:49
Very hot !!!! I almost shot my load just from reading it !!!!

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