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A Sharing Family Chapter 2

A Sharing Family Chapter 2

Mother and Father setup scheme for Dad to pop the cherry of their redheaded daughter.
Vicky's school year ended two weeks before Jeff's. With Fred out of town, Sue drove to pick her up along with all the stuff students accumulate at college. As she drove to the school, Sue reflected on the events of last spring and her recent conversation with Fred.

She found herself daydreaming about her tabooed sex life with Fred and son Jeff. Her pussy was wet thinking about their two cocks and the attention she received when Jeff was home. If she didn't want to end their fucking fun, she and Fred would have to come up with a way to work around Vicky, or better yet, try to include her. It would be difficult to convince her of the latter. Fred suggested Sue raise the subject with Vicky during their drive home.

Vicky seemed irritated when Sue arrived. She had to be out of her dorm room by 5 pm. The two worked quickly, emptying her room and packing the car. After checking in the Marriott they tried to relax before going to dinner. Vicky continued to be curt and unsociable with her mother.

Sue continues the narrative:

"What's wrong Vicky? You seem irritated. Is it something I said? Did you receive some disappointing grades? "

"No, no I just can't talk about it now. It has nothing to do with you or my grades. I'm still on the Dean's List."

After a drink in the lobby we went to a restaurant within walking distance. Little was said as we ate. Vicky hardly touched her dinner. She boxed it with the intent of eating later. I bought a bottle of wine, hoping it would help Vicky open up or at least relieve some of the tension she was displaying.

Back in the room, I uncorked the wine while Vicky showered. She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a fluffy white towel. Pouring a glass of wine, she sat on the bed. I kissed her forehead on the way to my shower. As I soaped my naked body, I tried to figure out how to break the ice. After drying off, wrapped in a towel, I returned to the room.

Vicky’s towel fell on the bed as she rose to pour a glass of wine for me. I was surprised how comfortable she was walking around naked. She is a beautiful young woman with a terrific body. She is a redhead like Fred’s mother. Vicky has soft fair skin with pink puffy nipples centered on her full firm breast, which are larger than mine. I was pleased to see she had trimmed but not shaved her bright red pubic mound. I understand why Fred and Jeff kept trying to watch her undress. Frankly, I got turned on just watching her move around the room.

"Wow, Vicky, you are a very beautiful young woman. You must have more guys than Joe wanting to date you."

"Not so much, that's what has me so pissed off."

"What is it? … I don't want to pry….. Would you like to discuss it?"

"Oh, I don't know. It's difficult for me to talk about. I guess that's been my problem, I've been a bit uptight about it all."

A 'bit' that's something of an understatement, I thought to myself. I remained silent, letting her move at her own pace.

"Joe is so impatient with me. He wants to have sex or at least have me suck his penis. I stroked it, but that's not good enough."

"Does he want to do things too, for you?"

"No, it's all about him."

"We did have several discussions when you were in High School. Do you remember?"

"Yes Mom. I know about all that stuff. It's that I want to save myself for marriage. Apparently the word is out. The guys call me the Ice Queen. Even my female, so called, friends don't respect my position. They all are doing their boyfriends and some do any guy who comes along.”

Vicky paused, continuing she said,

“I don't know maybe they’re right. Maybe I should get it over with, lose my virginity and be a slut like the rest of them. If I was to have sex who would I have it with? I'm so mad at Joe I won't even let him touch my breast."

I thought, this may be my opportunity to see how far she is willing to go.

"Who would you have sex with? Perhaps someone experienced? Someone patient... who would be gentle, take their time… A man who knows how to pleasure a woman… I am willing to answer your questions, make suggestions, show you, whatever you are comfortable with."

"Wow Mom, I have to think about that." Blushing she added, "I know you and Dad still do it. You can be pretty noisy."

We laughed.

"Well, think about it Vicky, I'll be glad to be of whatever help you want."

My towel dropped away as I stood.

"Boy Mom, you still have a great body."

"What, for my age?... Thanks a lot."

"Oh I'm sorry... I didn't mean... "

Laughing I said, "That's okay baby, I know what you meant.”

“I see you don't trim or shave down there.”

“I do trim it back when it gets too bushy. Your dad likes it this way. If you don't mind my saying, I'm glad you have not shaved your pussy. You know, men really like a true redhead."

Blushing she said, "There is one other thing I haven't told you. You know how I quit the sorority my freshman year?”

I nodded.

“The real reason was the hazing. As pledges we had to stand naked in front of all the members who did dirty things to us."

My curiosity got the best of me."What kind of things honey?"

"They made us lie on the floor and let the Pledge Mistress lower her vagina on our face. We had to kiss and lick it. The rest of the sisters cheered and called us whores, sluts, bitches, pussies and cunts. They also made us eat each other's private parts and stuck their fingers and other things in us. I don't talk like that. I didn't do things like that. That is why I quit."

My hand was between my legs, fingering my pussy as she described the sex games the girls played. I pulled the towel over my lap so Vicky couldn't see how much I was turned-on.

"Oh baby, I feel so bad for you. You've been carrying that secret all alone. You went through a lot. I understand your reason for quitting. Just remember you can talk to me about anything."

"I know Mom, I should have told you sooner. I'm ashamed to admit, after all that, I did try oral with my roommate and I liked it. It ended when she left school last year. Does that make me a lesbian? I hope I haven’t upset you."

"No sweetie, I'm not upset; perhaps you will find you can enjoy both worlds."

Vicky began to cry. I held her, our naked bodies touching. My erect nipples pressed into her large breast. I thrust my hairy mound against hers. Oh god, I was turned on by my daughter. Fucking my son was one thing but my daughter? I pulled away and patted her until she stopped sobbing. Vicky sat on the edge of the bed. Falling back, she was soon was asleep. Switching off the light, I laid on the other bed with my hand between my legs. Probing my pussy, I fantasized about my daughter.

The next morning, we headed home after breakfast. Vicky was quiet the first few miles. It soon became clear she was thinking about our previous night’s conversation.

"Last night you suggested the qualities of a person to be my first sex partner,” She quickly added, “did you have someone in mind should I want to do that? You're smiling; you do have someone in mind! Who, who is it?"

"First, you have to decide if that's what you want to do. I mean, really want to do it! If you want to proceed, you'll have to trust my judgment. Do you?"

Vicky nodded yes. The rest of the trip was filled with a discussion of her plans for summer including her job.

Fred greeted us as we pulled up. In a whisper he asked how it went. Did I discuss 'it' with her? I smiled and nodded telling him we would talk later. That evening I told Fred about our conversation and promised to follow up the next day. We figured we needed to give Vicky her 'experience' before Jeff came home. The sex was great that night. I chalk it up to the idea that Fred was thinking he would be fucking his daughter in the near future.

The next morning Vicky was in a better mood as she ate her breakfast.

"Boy Mom, you and Dad really went at it last night. Hearing you have so much fun helped me reach a decision. Will you help me?”

"You're sure?”

Vicky nodded.

“That's great honey. Now you need to trust me and do what I say once things are set up. Okay?"

“Okay, Mom, I trust you.”

That night Fred and I discussed how to achieve our goal. We settled on following the scheme he and Jeff carried out on me. I made reservations at the same hotel. I told Vicky we would go out for dinner Saturday night, check into the hotel and see what followed.

Vicky was nervous throughout dinner, hardly touching her food.

"Who is it? Who is this mystery man who's going to deflower me? It's not Joe, is it?"

"No it's not Joe. Don't worry sweetie, you have to trust me. I won't let anything bad happen to you."

"But Mom, I really don't know how to suck on a penis. My … my vagina is pretty small. I hope he's not too big."

"I'll be there to help you with how to stroke and suck his cock. Do call it a cock, or dick, and refer to your vagina as your pussy, or cunt. Also you're going to fuck or screw, not engage in intercourse. Guys like it when you talk dirty.”

"I know, at twenty-one, I'm pretty naive when it comes to sex."

"Don't worry honey, you'll do okay. I’m here to help."

"Speaking of that, won't Dad be upset that you are going to be helping me with another man?"

"Leave your dad to me baby. Leave your dad to me."

In the room I gave Vicky a sheer, white negligee which would reveal her red pussy pelt and pink nipples. While she changed in the bathroom, I called Fred, giving him the room number.

Returning to the room in her sexy gown, Vicky said, "I just thought of something, what about safe sex and birth control?"

"Honey don't worry, the gentleman that's coming takes precautions and is disease free."

"You sure know a lot about this guy. Who is he? …. I guess I'll find out when he comes through that door."

"Well, there's one thing I haven't told you. Here is a blindfold to wear."

"What? I'm going to be blindfolded?"

"Trust me baby, it will be better to start that way. Any time you want to stop, just say so and we'll stop. Okay?"

Vicky nodded.

There was a knock on the door. "Put on the blindfold and lay on the bed."

Vicky followed my directions. I opened the door. Fred rubbed his cock through his pants as he kissed me. Clearly uncomfortable, Vicky lay stiff with her arms tight to her side.

"Relax Vicky, say hello to your date."

"Hello Mm... what do I call you?"

Silently, Fred approached the bed and kissed her hand as she held it out.

"Honey, I will do the talking for your mystery lover."

Fred quickly undressed and sat next to our daughter's outstretched body. He stroked her arms placing a kiss on each area after his hand passed.

"You alright Baby?"

"Yes Mom...yes."

The tension appeared to drain from her body as Fred slowly and gently caressed and kissed her. He pressed his tongue against her lips. Hesitantly, she opened her mouth allowing entree. As Fred's tongue explored his daughter's mouth she began to reciprocate.

Fred's hands glided over her well toned body. Pulling down the top of her scoop necked gown, he freed her alabaster breast. Vicky sighed, as he licked and sucked her erect pink nipples. Fred moved her hand to his ridged rod. Her first reaction was to withdraw, but soon her fingers explored the knob and length of her father's hard-on.

"You okay Vicky? Feel good?"

"Yes Mom, he is very nice and big! Bigger than Joe."

Fred put his hand to his mouth to keep from laughing. I kissed my husband on the back of the neck as he continued to explore our daughter's lovely body. Spreading and kneeling between her legs he raised her gown and kissed her stomach, working his way down to her red bush. Vicky wiggled and let out a long deep breath as Fred's tongue pierced her pussy.

"Okay baby? … Enjoying it?"

She responded with a breathless, "Mmmm....... OH! Mmmmm."

I took that as a yes. Fred's tongue found her clit. Vicky responded with loud vocal approval as he ferociously flicked and sucked her swollen organ. I smiled and fingered my pussy as I watched my husband bring our daughter to orgasm.

Backing off, Fred took Vicky’s hand, pulling her to a sitting position on the edge of the bed.
He placed his swollen shaft on her lips. Vicky hesitated. I quickly responded by rubbing the crimson head of my husband's cock on our daughter's mouth.

"Touch it, take it with both hands and twist in opposite directions. That's it baby. Now take it to your lips and lick it, like an ice cream cone. Start at the base and work up to the head. Good girl. Now go up and down your daa...'s dick.”

Shit. I almost said ‘your dad’s.’ I continued,

“Kiss and nibble and lick..... Nicely done, the recipient of your efforts has a big smile on his face. You're doing fine honey. Now swirl your tongue around the head, open your mouth and take it in. Slowly, that-a-girl. Move your head up and down, slow then faster and faster, deeper."

Vicky choked as she tried to go too deep, too quickly.

“Okay honey? Take your time."

Fred tenderly held his daughter's head between his hands. Controlling the depth, he face fucked his pretty little girl. Taking great restrain to keep from yelling out, he mouthed to me, 'God, she was good.' Not wanting to cum in her mouth, he withdrew, and kissed her forehead.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No Vicky, you were so good you almost made him cum. He wants to save that for later."

I got so turned-on, watching my husband and daughter, I stripped naked. As Fred positioned himself between Vicky's legs he stopped and fingered my pussy and sucked my erect nipples.

"Okay baby, this is it. Your lover is going to break that sweet cheery of yours. He'll be gentle but let us know if it hurts or you want to stop. Okay?"

Vicky nodded and took a deep breath as her father licked her slit and spread her labial lips with his thumbs. Inserting one then two fingers he felt how tight she was. Looking back at me, he mouthed, 'She's so tight!' I nodded and handed him a tube of lubricant. As Fred applied the substance, Vicky wiggled and pushed against her father's fingers, clearly enjoying the experience.

Stroking his cock, he laid the crown of his manhood on the entrance to his daughter's maidenhead. Slowly he entered the virgin vagina. Vicky's body jumped as he penetrated her pussy.

"Are you okay Vicky?"

Fred slowly slid the remainder of his rod breaking what was left of his daughter's hymen. Vicky cried out in pain. Fred stopped and kissed his daughter. Her mouth opened inviting his tongue.

Fred paused and thought, 'Here I am sliding my cock into this innocent little girl. It was the same cock that entered her mother some twenty-two years ago, filling Sue with the sperm that created our daughter. Now I’m going to shoot my semen in that beautiful daughter.'

Slowly, Fred renewed his motion. Vicky responded in rhythm. The pace quickened. Faster, faster, their bodies flowed as one. Vicky began to shake and stiffen. Her fingers dug into her father's back as she cried out, this time with pleasure.

"Oh... Oh... god.... yes… Yes… Holy Shit holy Fuck... Fuck... Oh... Oh!"

Fred exploded in his daughter's, no longer virgin, vagina. Surprised by Vicky's outburst, I matched them stroke for stroke, bringing me to climax.

"You're officially a woman, Vicky. Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh yes Mamma, Oh yes. I didn't know what I was missing."

Fred withdrew his cock from his daughter's cunt. Leaning forward, he kissed her. Bringing her to a sitting position he offered his semi-hard, cum dripping, dong to Vicky's mouth.

"Lick it baby clean up your daa... “ Shit, I almost did it again, “your date's dick. Taste your juices mixed with his."

Vicky licked the jizz from her dad's joint. She smacked her lips as she nibbled, kissed and engulfed him.

"That's it sweetie, like you're licking and eating a Popsicle."

Fred withdrew, kissed his daughter and went to the bathroom.

"You know Mom; there was something familiar about him. His smell, his touch....."

“Do you want to see who it is or would you rather not know?"

"I'm not sure but curious..... Yes I do want to meet him."

"Okay baby but before you take off your blindfold. I want to remind you that you had to trust me and I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. I told you the man I chose would be tender and loving."

"Yes Mom I remember and he was. He was wonderful for my first time. Can I meet him now?"

Vicky took off the blindfold and noticed the spot of blood on the sheet resulting from her loss of her innocence.

"Mom you're naked!"

"Yes baby. Watching you really turned me on."

"Did that man touch you?"

Sue nodded.

"Are you concerned Dad will find out?"

I smiled, calling out, "Come out mystery lover man."

Fred strolled out of the bathroom stark naked with a growing boner.

"Oh my god... Daddy? Mom how could you... Daddy... Oh I'm so embarrassed."

I approached our daughter and hugged her. "Baby I'm sorry if we upset you. We felt Dad was the safest and best way for you to experience your first fuck."

Breathless, Vicky spoke; "It's such a shock. I guess…. I trust you and Daddy more than somebody like Joe, but......"

Her eyes focused on her dad stroking his cock as he looked lovingly at his daughter, the woman.

"It takes some getting used to." She said as Fred joined us in a family hug.

Fred said, "You know the shower in there is pretty big. Perhaps we could take a family shower and later, discuss what just happened over this bottle of wine."

We entered the shower. I demonstrated how to wash Fred's butt and cock. Vicky finished up, giving her father a soapy hand-job. Fred soaped both of us down, making sure he paid proper attention to our every nook and cranny.

Back in the room, Fred opened the wine as we sat wrapped in towels.

"I know this has been a big shock for you, baby-girl. Are you alright?"

"Yes Daddy, I'm okay. You were wonderful."

"You know honey, your dad has been fantasying about you for some time."

"I have noticed he seemed to hang around my door at bedtime." Pausing, she said with a smile, "Of course Jeff tries the same thing."

We all laughed.

"What about Jeff? How do we keep this from him?"

"Well sweetie, he has been involved with your mother."

Vicky gasped.

"Yes, your dad and Jeff pulled the same ruse on me last spring. We continued our threesome until he went back to school."

Fred sat on the king size bed between his two women, as he put his arms around us; I began stroking his cock, inviting Vicky to join me. Her fingers cruised up and down her dad's dick, while I cupped his balls. I knelt between Fred's legs, licking and sucking his testicles. Fred was in heaven. His horny wife and beautiful daughter were giving him such pleasure. Playing with our tits and tweaking our erect nipples, he soon was sucking tit and fingering pussies. I pushed him back on the bed.

"Sit on your dad's face Vicky."

Straddling his head, she lowered her pussy on Fred's face. I mounted my husband facing our daughter. Fred's tongue slid through her swollen pussy lips, nestling his nose in her butt. As I rode up and down on my husband's rod, I stroked Vicky's full tits. Returning the pleasure, she played with my bouncing boobs. Leaning toward each other we kissed. I thrust my tongue in my daughter's mouth. Mother and daughter exploring each other at the same time pleasuring our husband-father.

Fred sucked on Vicky's enlarged clit bringing her to orgasm. "I'm cumming Daddy... I'm cumming.."

"Me too baby... me too." Fred and I shouted in unison.

I dismounted and cleaned my husband's pipe. Vicky joined me. All the action brought 'The Man,' as he referred to his cock, to attention.

"Here Vicky, get on this and go for a ride."

I held the base of my husband's cock placing it in our daughter's sopping cunt.

Vicky rode up and down. I licked the balls and base of his cock as it slid in and out. The pace accelerated, providing the opportunity to run my tongue up his shaft, licking and tasting my daughter's pussy as well, breathlessly she responded,

“Oh Mom… that feels so good!”

"Fuck your daughter you dirty old man, pound her pussy with that prick. Make her cum, make her cum!"

"Oh Daddy fuck me …fuck me. Yes….. Yes…. Make me cum Daddy, make me cum!"

Fred exploded in his daughter for the second time. Her body stiffened and jerked as she experienced one more organism. Exhausted, we fell asleep on the big bed.

The next morning Vicky woke to her father tongue fucking her twat while I sucked her erect nipples. Swinging around, I straddled her head. Lowering my pussy I wasn’t sure if she would accept my invitation. Vicky didn’t hesitate. Her tongue pierced my labial lips, driving deep in my quivering canal. My body shook as I pressed my pubis against her face and climaxed.

My juices dripping from her face, we kissed. Fred rose from between Vicky’s legs, her love lotion running down his chin. He tongue kissed her, savoring the sweet taste of our mingled nectar.

On the drive home Vicky said, with a laugh, "I guess Dad won't have to hang around my room to see me naked anymore." She continued, "What about Jeff?"

I asked, "What do you think about fucking your brother? Would you be interested? I'm sure he would be."

"Yah, I'd be open to that but I'd like to tease the little pervert and make him squirm first." She said with a laugh.

"Perhaps we can devise a scheme similar the one played on the two of us.”

Vicky nodded as she said, “That would be fun.”

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Good story, it'll get even better once the brother/son gets home I'm guessing!
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That is one off the best stories i have read in a long time keep them coming please
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very well written
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Now that was a "hardening" read! More of this one please. 5++
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Excellent!!! Bring on Jeff. Super hot. Great story. Thanks for sharing. More, please.
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loving this story so far. keep it going

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A very exciting and erotic tale !!

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A fun, sexy romp - great stuff!

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Very arousing story. Love it.
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Nice read looking forward to more
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Wow makes me want to go home and fuck my sister
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OH better then the first one by far... BTW i am a redhead LOL

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