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A Shoulder To Cry On? - Part 3 - Love On The Run

Part 3 of A Shoulder To Cry On - Decisions, Decisions...
We retreated to her bedroom, stunned at what we'd just been told. What could we do? Did we have a choice? Dee had us right where she wanted us, and there was nothing we could do about it.

Dee was the same age as my cousin. You wouldn't think it. Dee was a plump woman, with dank gingery hair and a turned up nose. She wore stained tracksuits and generally looked like one of those people to avoid. I didn't fancy the prospect, but we had to discuss it. Either we fucked her, or she would tell people.

"I wish I'd never called you here" she said, sobbing on the bed. "This is my fault, I had to tell her. I didn't think it'd turn out like this." I sat down beside her, hugging her. You could tell she felt safe in my arms. "Well, what about if we told her its over, and we take this to other places?"

"What about if we just end it now?" she said regretfully.

"Is that what you really want?" I said.

"I think it's for the best. Maybe you should go now." I wanted to stay and fight for her, but there was no winning this time. This wasn't like any other relationship I'd ever had. Unconventional to say the least.
I got up and left. I was driving home when I felt my phone vibrate. I knew who it was, but I simply refused to answer. I was hurt, although this relationship was purely based on sex, she'd more than made her mark on me.

When I arrived home, she'd left me a voicemail. "Call me" she said "please baby" before hanging up. I could hear she was sobbing as she'd called.

I left her alone for a couple of weeks, ignoring her calls and texts. Somehow I knew it was for the best. She called again, and this time I answered. "Meet me" she said "come and pick me up around the corner, I want to sort this out."

I couldn't resist the urge. This had been driving me wild. Just thinking about her made me rock hard every time I thought about it .

I pulled up at our meeting place. It was raining heavily. I pulled the car towards her as I saw her approaching, clutching on to her umbrella that was being swept away. "Fucking hell, I'm soaking" she said as she got into the car.

"I hope so" I said, winking at her.

"Stop it you"

"Or what?" I said. She gazed at me straight in the eye. I knew what. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Let's go somewhere quiet, away from her and everyone else, so we can sort this out."

We talked as I drove. We were both scared of this getting out. We decided that we would now meet in hotel suites and tell her it was still off.

"I've missed you" she said. "Every time's been unbelievable."

"I know" I said. "I haven't stopped thinking about you." As I started to think about it all again, I looked at her. I could feel the hardening bulge in my pants begin to grow. Just thinking about this woman made me want to cum.

She knew this, as she reached over and put her hand on my lap. "I fucking love you" she said. She moved her hand from my lap and began stroking the gearstick suggestively. I pretended not to notice, but out of the corner of my eye, I could see her teasing me. She took off her seatbelt, and bent over to the gearstick, where my hand was. I could feel her warm, hot breath under my hand as she licked and sucked her way up and down the gearstick. My cock grew harder and harder.

By now, we were out of town, heading towards the leafy villages, where the hotels were. I saw the signs for a country park. "Pull in here" she said. I asked why. It was a strange request. Why did she want to go into a country park in the middle of the day while it was pissing down so heavily?

I pulled into a space as she unzipped my fly. As she took my throbbing cock out, I began to open her shirt, massaging each of her soft warm breasts. She pushed her head down towards my lap and began sucking my cock. I lay there, motionless, unable to speak. My eyes rolled back in my head as she massaged my cock with her tongue. Her tongue piercing catching the most sensitive part of my cock each time she rubbed past it. Her hand was now tugging. Each time she pulled her hand up, she took more of my cock into her mouth. Each time she pulled down, she teased the head with the tip of her tongue.

I felt myself reach across and up her skirt, and her knickers were soaked in cum. The warmth of this invited my fingers in. I pulled them out to suck them. I had to taste her juices. She moaned in delight each time I arched my fingers inside her, as if I was beckoning her towards me. I could feel her beginning to cum as my hand became more and more soaked.

The windows began to steam up at an alarming rate, as I could feel both our breathing becoming heavy.

I stopped fingering her tight wet hole as I began to feel myself starting to cum. She stopped for a moment. She was teasing me.

I felt the cum drain back from my cock towards my balls as the orgasmic sensation faded. She was still holding my cock tight at the base. I could feel it throbbing as she began inserting it into her mouth, gently gagging as she tried to slip part of me towards her throat. I stroked her hair, before running my fingers through it.

She began tugging faster and faster until I couldn't take any more. I started spraying hot jets of
cum into her mouth and throat. She sat up, lovingly gazing at me, cum just edging on the corners of her mouth. She opened her mouth, grabbed my hand for me to squeeze her tit as she looked at me and swallowed everything that I had given her. She had blown my cock and my mind to pieces.

"I can't stop this" she said. "We've got no choice now. I really enjoyed myself today. Hopefully I've made up for kicking you out the other week. I'm sorry." I knew that if I wanted to keep this up, which I couldn't help, we would have to do something.

She couldn't afford to move out, and there was no way she could live with me because we'd get caught.

It seemed that going back and talking to Dee was the only thing we could do.

We arrived back at her flat soon after. Getting out of the car and walking up those grid irons stairs brought even more dread with every step.

We opened the door. Although I hadn't seen her for weeks, Dee was in the exact same spot, wearing the same clothes, vegetating.

We sat opposite her, still a word unspoken. She turned the tv down and looked at us. "Well?" she gleefully panted. "What's it to be? You should be ashamed of yourselves. How can you be so selfish. Didn't your mother ever tell you that sharing is caring?" She pointed to my cousin "You don't need to answer that. We all know what your mother was capable of."

I had to restrain her, as she lunged towards Dee, fists clenched, shouting "You 'orrible slag!" "Now, now" she said. "I thought all this wonderful, 'illegal', filthy sex you've been having with him would've got rid of all this tension." I asked them to calm down.

Both receded. Dee slumped back in her chair. Face filled with pride. "So what do you want?" I said intently. I had to know my fate, one way or the other.

"I think you two should put on a little show for me." I was confused. "Well" she said "I wouldn't want you putting that thing anywhere near me, seeing as I've seen and heard about where you put that. You can be my puppets for the night. It's been a good long while since I could tell a man what to do. It'll be like my own porno... Maybe I could film it." She was so proud of herself. As if her word was gospel. But we'd put ourselves in a corner.

"And you won't say nothing to anyone?" "Not a soul. And if you ain't good enough... You'll do it again til it is." I was shocked. "When?" I asked. "Not tonight, my programmes are on. Be here tomorrow. Oh, and wear something nice. Have a shave. I can't stand hair down there. It's filthy, it's disgusting, it's immoral, it is wrong. But hey hunny... You'd know all about them things."

I couldn't believe it. We'd become her puppets. She was the mistress of puppets, and there we were, dangling on her strings.

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Posted 26 Apr 2012 08:05
This was hot, but now it is getting strange. Guess I'll reserve judgement for the next chapter.

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