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A Soldier's Story - Part 2

Soldier makes love to his mother and his sister.
A Soldiers Story Part 2

Chapter Four - Christmas Leave

Finally, we were getting ready to head out for our two week Christmas leave. We finished training on Thursday afternoon but I wouldn’t be catching a flight home until Friday evening. Mom was going to pick me up at the airport when the plane landed. All we had scheduled for that Friday was to sit around waiting for our flights and also hiding from any Sergeants or Officers, so we wouldn’t be put on a work detail…”because you guys weren’t doing anything anyway and this will help pass the time.”

On Thursday, all I could think about was Mom’s cooking and how nice it would be eating REAL food again. I couldn’t make myself eat in the Mess Hall all day.

After not eating dinner, I went back to the barracks and packed my duffel bag. I was all ready to leave. At about 1830 hrs (6:30 pm), my Platoon Sergeant walked into the barracks and yelled, “MATSON… GOLDBERG …FRONT AND CENTER.” In other words, get your butts up here. Goldberg and I moaned and the rest of the platoon snickered after breathing a sigh of relief.

When we got in front of the Sergeant, he gave us a funny smile and said,” You have 15 minutes to get packed and into your Class A’s (dress uniforms) and get to the Captain’s office with your gear…He has a detail for you two.”

We gave an audible groan, the Sergeant said, “Quit your bitchin and get a move on; 15 minutes or your butts are mine.”

Knowing better than to be late, Goldberg and I changed into out dress uniforms and were at the Captains office in 14 minutes.

On reporting to the Captain, He told us that we were going to go the armory to pick up an M16 and 40 rounds of ammo each. We were going to be security on a flight to Midway airport.

MIDWAY…Goldberg and I looked at each other…that was HOME, for both of us.

The Captain continued, upon arrival at Midway we would turn the plane over to the MPs along with the weapons and ammo and be on our way.

Goldberg and I were going home a day early. I looked over at my Sergeant and he had a shit-eating grin on his face and he said, “Merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukah, Privates!”

Thirty minutes later Goldberg and I were sitting on a military transport plane, waiting to take off. The flight was not the most comfortable; but we were going home, early.

We were never told what we were guarding, but then again, we never asked. Upon arrival at Midway we turned everything over to the MPs.

I had let Goldberg call his parents from Columbia; one of us had to be on the plane at all times so I let him go and phone home. Mom would be working and I didn’t think Rachel would be home.

His parents were there when we landed. They offered to take me home, but I asked them to take me to the restaurant where Mom worked. It was actually on their way home so it worked out better.

That’s how I arrived at the back door of Chez Rochard at 2230 hrs (10:30 pm).

I had been there many times before and I knew that someone would open when I knocked.

I knocked and Marie Rochard (Who with her husband, Gilbert owned the restaurant) opened the door. Her jaw practically hit the floor. “TERRANCE……what….” She threw herself at me taking me in her arms and hugging me to her more than ample breasts.

She whispered in her lovely French accent, “Hush; come with me.”

She led me by the hand into the restaurant. She held her finger over her lips to keep the others in the kitchen from saying anything. I knew most of the workers in the kitchen, so when I walked in they all came over to the door smiling and giggling but keeping quite.

Mom and Marie had been in the dining room going over the events of the night and preparing for tomorrow.

Mom yelled, “Who was at the door, Marie?”

Marie answered, “A delivery…I have a hunk of beef here…come and decide what we should do with it.”

The kitchen staff were all giggling.

Mom walked into the kitchen saying, “What are you talking about…what hunk of beef…we didn’t order…TERRY!”

She ran into my arms kissing and hugging me. At this point everyone was laughing and talking, asking questions and making comments about how I looked and how I was.

Soon everything quieted down and by 2305 hrs (11:05 PM) everyone but Marie, Mom and I had gone home.

It was usual, after everyone else had gone home, for Mom and Marie to sit for a while and talk about all sorts of things over a glass of wine. Tonight however, Marie broke out a really good bottle of wine, Mom had put a plate of food together for me and the three of us sat and talked and drank wine as I ate. I had to tell them everything about my training and how I got home a day early.

We talked for about an hour and a half. When the bottle was empty we cleaned up the dishes and Mom and I walked Marie to her car in the parking lot. It was lightly raining. When Marie drove off, Mom and I walked hand in hand toward her car. I was carrying my duffel bag.

When we were about 20 yards from Mom’s car, the sky lit up with lightning and thunder boomed. We started to run for the car as it began to pour. Mom opened her door and then opened my side. We were soaked but were laughing. We took off our coats and threw them in the back seat with my duffel bag.

Mom slid over the seat to me and put her arms around me. I held her in a tight hug. We looked into each other’s eyes. I moved my lips onto hers. Our tongues attacked each other’s mouth. My hands went to her breasts as her hands started to open my belt and pull my zipper down. I reached under her skirt and smiled when I discovered Mom wasn’t wearing panties.

Mom pulled my pants and boxers down. I lowered the back of my seat. Mom lifted her leg over me and straddled me. She dropped and impaled herself on my dick. Here was no tenderness in our coupling. It was pure lustful passion. We went at each other like rutting animals.

We were oblivious to the rain, lightning and thunder. All we knew was our desire for each other. After a few moments, Mom started to scream and shake as she orgasmed. I pushed up into Mom and began to fire off my sperm into her body over and over again.

Finally, we slowed and Mom lay on top of me. We tenderly kissed.

Mom looked into my eyes and said, “Terry, I was afraid that you might have had second thoughts about us. I was so worried”

I whispered to her “Mom, you will never have to worry about that; I will never stop loving you like this.”

We sat up and straightened up. As we slowly drove home, Mom told me that my sister, Rachel was taking her last exams this morning and it would be best that she not know I was home.

She said that Rachel would be so excited about my being home she would find it hard to concentrate on her tests. I agreed, but I asked where would I sleep.

Mom answered, “In my bed…where else. Rachel won’t come into my room as she knows that I get in late and she won’t want to wake me.”

How could I argue with that?

When we got home, we quietly went to Mom’s room. We undressed. Once again I was able to gaze upon my Mother’s beautiful body.

In an instant, I was hard.

Mom smiled and said, “Come to me my lovely son. But we must be quiet. We can’t risk waking Rachel.”

As difficult as it was, we were quiet. Rachel slept. After both of us having orgasmed, we slept.

I woke up a little disoriented I wasn’t sure exactly where I was. I soon came to my senses when I realized that my Mom was slowly stroking my morning hard on. She was looking at me and smiling. I reached for her and tried to grab her. She slipped out of my grasp and moved toward the bathroom, saying, “Shower…Now.”

By the time I got to the bathroom, Mom had the shower running and was standing under the spray. I opened the shower door and Mom said, “What took you so long, sleepy head?”

I walked into the shower, took her in my arms and pulled her close. Our wet naked bodies pressed together. I felt her breasts against my chest. My erection was trapped between our stomachs.

I was looking into her eyes and laughing.

Mom asked, “What’s so funny?”

I answered, “Yesterday I was showering with ten other guys and now I’m standing under the shower with the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m holding her like a lover.”

Mom said, “Well, you are my lover, Terry.”

I kissed her hard and picked her up. She spread her legs, wrapping them around my waist as I entered her.

We slowly started to make love. We kept kissing until we both started to moan and then yell our love as we came.

After toweling off, we went down stairs to the kitchen. Mom started breakfast as I set the table. As we ate Mom said she wanted to talk. She told me that Rachel was having a rather hard time with my being away. She asked me to be good to her and spend some time with her.

“She really misses you. There have been times when I have found her crying at night. She told me that she worries about you all of the time. So please be good to her and let her know that you love her.”

“I had no idea, Mom. She never gave that impression in her letters. But, don’t worry I will do what I have to do to make her happy”

“I’m sure you will Terry.” Mom said, in a funny tone of voice, with a smile on her face.

As we were cleaning up after breakfast, Uncle Freddy came in.

He yelled, “Sarah?”

“In the kitchen Fred,” Mom answered.

“Getting ready for Terry’s home coming, huh?”

“Well it’s a little late for that, I think,” Mom laughed.

“What are you talking about ….TERRY…You weren’t supposed to be home until tonight. What did you do go AWOL?” Uncle Freddy shouted, as he gave me a bear hug.

“No, I didn’t go AWOL…I just got lucky,” I laughed.

We sat and over some coffee, I went through the whole story again for Uncle Freddy.

Uncle Freddy said, “Boy, he really did you a solid.”

I laughed and told him and Mom about the time one of the guys in my platoon backed a jeep into the side of the barracks and busted up some of the water pipes. The Sergeant was so angry he almost killed the driver. The Sergeant was going to hear about it from the Captain. Well, I grabbed Goldberg and told the sergeant that I could have it as good as new in a couple of hours.

He didn’t believe me at first but what did he have to lose? So he left us there and we went to work. Goldberg really didn’t know about plumbing but I wanted company and some help and he didn’t want to go on a 5 mile run.

When the rest of the platoon got back, Goldberg and I were done. You couldn’t tell that anything had happened. The Sergeant was really happy. He told us that we saved him a real ass chewing.

It didn’t seem that he remembered anything the next day because he was just as hard on us as he had ever been. We thought that he didn’t care. Until; last night.

Uncle Freddy laughed and said, “Well, I guess all that time showing you how to do things paid off.”

Uncle Freddy went back to work at about 1430 hrs (2:30 PM), and Mom left for the restaurant at the same time.

When Rachel got home around 1500 hrs (3:00 PM), I was there waiting.

Rachel came in the front door and threw her book bag on the couch and flopped down onto the recliner. She let out a sigh and just melted into the chair, with her eyes closed. I stood in the doorway and watched her.

Rachel was a younger version of Mom. She looked so much like Mom that people thought that they were sisters. Rachel was about an inch taller than Mom. She had the same thin build. However her breasts were slightly bigger than Mom’s.

Finally, I said, “Well, my sister comes home and all she does is flop down on the recliner and just ignores her brother.”

Rachel moaned, “Oh, Terry, I’ve had a rough day, can’t you leave ...What …Terry …TERRY…you aren’t supposed to be home until tonight!”

“Ok, so I will leave and come back tonight, when you are ready for me.”

“TERRY,” she screamed and she jumped out of the chair and leapt at me throwing her arms around me and kissing and hugging me.

“When did you get home?”

“Last night,” I answered.

“Why didn’t you tell me??? You didn’t tell me…WHY?” She cried pushing me away from her.

I looked at her and asked, “Were your tests difficult, today?”

“They were really difficult, unbelievably hard,” she wept.

“How do you think you did?” I asked.

“My teachers told me I aced them,” she answered.

“How do you think you would have done if you knew I was home?”

“I would have been thinking about you.”

“RIGHT; and that’s why we didn’t tell you.”

She ran to me and threw her arms around me, “Oh god, Terry you’re right. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate…but now you are home and I want to spend all my time with you,” she wept.

“I am yours; Rachel…your wish is my command.”

“What do you want for dinner?” she laughed.

“You really want to know?”

“Of course.” Rachel answered.

“I would love a good slice of PIZZA.” I laughed

“Well then off to NICKIE’S,” Rachel shouted. “But first I have to change.”

Rachel ran up the stairs. After about 25 minutes she came down. She was wearing a halter-top, which showed off her breasts in a wonderful manner, and a mini skirt that exposed two of the most wonderful legs I ever saw.

Where had I been and why had I never seen her before. I stood there staring with my mouth open; I couldn’t believe that this was the skinny lanky sister I had known all of my life. She was beautiful.

“Wow, Rachel; you look great,” I gasped.

“That’s nice of you to say; Terry,” she said. “Now let’s go to Nicky’s.”

We drove her car the couple of blocks to Nicky’s, and had two slices of the best pizza east of the Mississippi.

After we finished eating, Rachel wanted to go to a club she had been going to with some of her friends from the culinary institute.

Of course I agreed, even thought I hated dancing. I knew that Rachel loved to dance.

My idea of dancing was the “Y” dance. I would put my arms around the girl and she puts her arms around me…Why dance???

We went to the club. Rachel just introduced me as Terry, her friend. One of her girlfriends asked, “Where did you find him?” Rachel just said, “He is in the Army and he’s home on leave.”

When the music started Rachel and I danced a few fast dances. We then sat down and Rachel went to the ladies room with some of the girls. Some of the guys who were with the group came over to me and asked me how I knew Rachel. I kept with Rachel’s game and told them that I have known her for many years. But, that I’m now in the Army and haven’t been around.

They laughed and said that if I was expecting anything from Rachel, I was out of luck. Rachel would dance the fast dances but not the slow dances…She was the ICE QUEEN.

“Don’t expect anything from her,” they told me.

I told them, “I know exactly what I will get from her.”

Nothing, I thought, she is my sister.

Rachel then came back and we danced some more. Then a slow song started and I started to leave the dance floor.

Rachel grabbed me and said, “Dance with me, Terry.”

She put her arms around me and started to move. I tried to keep us apart. However, she would have none of that and pulled me close to her. I went with it and held her close as we danced.

We danced a couple of slow dances, really close. I started to get an erection. I tried to keep my distance so Rachel wouldn’t realize I was getting a hard-on from being close to her. But again Rachel pulled me close to her. She must have felt my dick pressing into her. But, she didn’t let on. She just held me close and danced.

The dance floor was rather crowded and most of the couples were making out. Rachel had her head on my shoulder. I turned my head and brushed my lips over hers. She smiled at me and told me that she loved me. I kissed her again.

After a while Rachel whispered into my ear’ “Terry, lets go home.”

We went back to her friends and said good night. Rachel’s friends didn’t seem to have noticed us, as nothing was said and I didn’t get any looks from the guys. There were interested only in what they were doing, not concerned about anyone else.

Rachel and I walked to her car hand in hand.

When we got in the car, Rachel turned to me and put her arms around me and said, “Oh, Terry, thank you so very much…that really helped me. Now maybe, they won’t think of me as the Ice Queen.”

I lightly kissed her on the lips, and said, “No problem Rach. You know that I love you, and believe me, you are no Ice Queen.”

She just smiled and hugged me.

As I drove home Rachel sat close to me with her arms around me.

When we got home, I went to my room and changed into my sweat pants and t-shirt and went down to the living room sat on the couch and turned on the TV. Rachel changed into a very short baby-doll nightgown.

As she came down the stairs, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was so sexy and beautiful. The gown just covered her panties showing off her long shapely legs. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra, as her breasts swayed and jiggled as she came down the stairs.

Seeing Rachel like this reenergized my erection.

She went into the kitchen poured two glasses of wine and came and sat next to me. She handed one glass to me and cuddled up next to me.

She smiled at me and said, “Terry, you were the best tonight. All of the girls wanted you…but…I was the one who had you.”

“Rach, you are the only girl that I wanted to be with.”

Rachel laughed and pulled me close. She kissed me on the lips. I returned the kiss and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She opened her mouth and our tongues met. I held her close and put my hand on her ass, pulling her hips into my groin.

I moved my hand to her breast. I cupped it and started to finger her nipple. Rachel reached down and started to message my dick through my sweats.

Rachel lay back onto the couch and pulled me on top of her. I lay there on top of my sister and moved my hand down under her gown to her panties.

I was filled with love and lust for my sister. I put my hand into her panties and moved my fingers, stroking the lips of her vagina.

Rachel slipped her hand inside my shorts and took my dick in her hand and began to stroke it.

I grabbed the bottom of her gown and began to pull it up. Rachel lifted off of the couch and raised her arms helping me remove it.

Her breasts were magnificent. Her areolas the size of a silver dollar and her nipples were puffy and hard. I bent down and took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked it and lightly bit it.

I moved from one breast to the other licking, sucking and biting. Rachel was moaning and holding my head to her.

She was saying, “Terry…Terry…Oh god…I love you…I love you.”

I started to move my kisses lower on her body. Moving to her stomach kissing and licking her belly button.

Rachel kept her hands on my head. She continued moaning.

As I approached her pubic hair, I began to spread her legs. As I did, Rachel spread them wide for me. I breathed in the bouquet of her excitement. Now, I had to taste her, I wanted to drink in her wine of her love, the nectar from her body. I kissed her inner thighs moving from one to the other. Then I moved up and started to kiss and lick the lips of her labia.

Rachel gasped, “What are you doing, Terry? Oh god…OH GOD…that feels so good…OH TERRY…SO GOOD…SO GOOD.”

She was writhing under my face as I attacked her clitoris, sucking and licking it. She was pushing my face into her vagina. It seemed she wanted to force me completely into her.

She started to scream as her body went rigid and she trembled.


Finally, she began to calm. She lay moaning. My face was coated with her love juice. I licked her vagina trying to clean her. I just loved the taste of my sister.

She pulled me up to her face and kissed me with a passion I couldn’t believe.

She said, “Take me up stairs, Terry. I want you…but not here. In my bed.”

I got up and picked Rachel up in my arms. She put her arms around my neck and put her head on my shoulder. She began to kiss my neck and cheek.

She was saying “I love you…I love you.” between the kisses.

When we got to her room, I walked to the bed and lay Rachel on top of the bedspread. She pulled the spread off and lay on her back. She held her arms out to me and I went to her. I took her in my arms and kissed her. She opened her mouth and took my tongue as I took hers.

She spread her legs and said, “Terry, I need you…I want you to make love to me.”

I said, “I want nothing more that to make love to my beautiful sister.”

I rose up and positioned myself between her legs. She took hold of my penis and lined it up with the lips of her tight wet vagina. I ever so slowly push into her. I wanted this moment to last as long as possible, the first time I entered my sister Rachel.

I hadn’t gone very far when the tip of my dick met with an obstruction. It took a second, but then I realized that Rachel was still a virgin.

I looked at her in surprise and said, “Rachel, your...”

Rachel smiled up at me and whispered “Yes, Terry, I saved myself for you. I have always wanted you to be my first. I have always loved you. Now please take me.”

Rachel lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. As I started to once again push into her, she threw her hips up at me and pulled me into her with her legs. I broke through her hymen and was completely inside my sister.

Rachel, gasp in pain as I burst through. We both stopped moving and just lay there, breathing hard.

I asked her, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, it hurt but the pain is easing…It really wasn’t so bad. It was worth it, having you make me a woman.”

Slowly, Rachel started to move beneath me. I started to move my dick in and out of her vagina. She was so tight, so wet and so hot that I felt the sperm start to boil in my balls. I started to pull out, afraid to cum into her unprotected womb.

“What are you doing, Terry?” She whimpered

“I am going to cum and I don’t want to cum inside you.” I answered.

She smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill.”

With that I pushed myself into her as far as I could and started to shoot my cum into her virgin womb. The pleasure was indescribable. Just knowing that my sperm was the first to enter my sister’s body was almost too much for me to handle.

“Oh, Rachel…Rachel…OH RACHEL…I love you…I love you…Rachel… Rachel…Rachel,” I yelled as I continued to pump my cum into her body

As I started to slow, I realized that Rachel was on the brink of her orgasm. I increased the speed of my humping and soon she began to scream “Oh God, Terry FUCK ME…FUCK ME.”

I slammed my dick into her again and again, until she started to go limp. I held her and as I slowly pulled out of her she whimpered.

I asked, “Are you alright? Do you have any pain?”

She said, “Just a little…I just don’t want you to pull out.”

The combination of my cum and her lubrication leaked out of her. Neither one of us cared. We just held each other closely.

Rachel looked at her clock and moaned, “You better go to your room, Mom will be home from work soon.”

MOM, I thought as I walked to my room. Mom, my first lover, my very first woman. Here I was not home two days and I had been unfaithful to my lover. Not only was I unfaithful, but unfaithful with her own daughter, my own sister. What kind of bastard was I?

I was filled with guilt and remorse. I lay in my bed and wept. When Mom found out she would be so hurt. I had hurt the most wonderful woman in the world. Not only that, but what would Rachel think when she found out about Mom and I.

As I lay in my room, with the light off, I heard Mom come in from work. I heard her walk up the stairs and stop by my room. The door quietly opened. I pretended to be asleep and Mom closed the door and walked down the hall to her room.

I didn’t sleep at all that night. Around 0930 hrs (9:30 AM) I heard Rachel start moving around. She looked into my room. Again I pretended to be asleep, but she came in and lightly kissed my cheek. She left, quietly closed the door and went downstairs to the kitchen.

A few moments later Mom got up and went down to the kitchen. I cold hear them talking but couldn’t make out any words. I heard Rachel leave and her car start up. She did volunteer work at the Church soup kitchen a couple times a month.

I lay in bed for a while longer working up the courage to go down and confess everything to Mom. I would just tell her and let the chips fall where they may.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and could hardly recognize the face I saw. I had dark bags under my very bloodshot eyes, I was pale and looked like I had been hit by a semi-tractor trailer. In other words I looked like hell. But, I looked a lot better than I felt.

As I walk down the stairs, Mom yelled, “It’s about time you got up sleepy head.”

Then she added as she came out of the kitchen, “What would you like for brea…TERRY are you okay…what’s wrong?”

Mom ran to me and wrapped her arms around me. “Terry, my love, tell me what’s wrong.”

My tears started to flow as I cried, “Oh Mom, I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…I …couldn’t.”

Mom looked at me and said, “Is this about what happened between you and Rachel?”

I felt even worse, “Mom, you don’t understand. You just don’t know.”

“Terry, are you upset because you and Rachel made love, last night?”

“You know? Was Rachel upset about what we did?” I stammered.

Mom looked at me and smiled, “Rachel was not upset. The way she was smiling and singing this morning, it was as if she were on cloud 9. I don’t ever remember Rachel being so happy; the change in her is wonderful. In fact, I knew that this was going to happen long before you came home.”

“You mean that you are not upset about me and Rachel?”

“Sit down with me, Terry.” she said patting the couch next to her.

“Mom,” I asked, “What’s going on?”

“Terry, I told that when you left, Rachel really took it hard. There were times that I would find her in the bedroom crying. She would be crying because she missed you and was worried about you. She was in a bad state.

“But, after I came home from visiting you and told her that you would be home for Christmas. She seemed to get better. Then about three weeks ago she came to me and said that there was a boy at the Culinary Institute that she liked and that she thought she should get some birth control pills just in case something happened between them.

“Terry, I didn’t believe a word of it. I knew that the only boy that she was interested in was you. I knew that she was intending to get you to make love to her. I took her to the doctor so that she could get on the pill.”

“But, Mom I was unfaithful to you.” I sobbed.

Mom put her arms around me and said, “Oh Terry, You didn’t do anything I didn’t know would happen…Remember, I told you to let Rachel know that you lover her. What better way to show your love for her? Terry, when I saw her this morning, laughing and singing. I knew that what I did was the right thing. You love her and that doesn’t lessen your love for me. I know that.”

I pulled her close and said, “You are the most wonderful mother…no, wonderful person in the world. I love you so much.”

I moved toward her and kissed her lips. We passionately kissed our tongues entered each other’s mouth.

When we broke Mom looked at me and laughed, “After Rachel is through with you will there be anything left for me?”

I took Mom’s hand and placed it on my hardening dick.

I told her “There will always be enough for you.”

I kissed Mom again as she stroked my dick. I put my hand inside her robe and caressed her breast, squeezing and rubbing her nipple as it began to harden.

Mom lay back on the couch and pulled me on top of her. “Terry, please make love me. I want you in me. I want your dick filling me. I want you filling me with your cum. Please make love to me.”

I untied Mom’s robe and spread it open. I smiled at her as I gazed at her beautiful body. I bent down and kissed her breast and then took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it as it hardened.

Mom spread her legs, draping one over the back of the couch and placing the other foot on the floor. She took my dick in her hand and pulled me to her. She stroked my dick over her vaginal lips to lube it up. I lowered my hips as Mom guided my dick into her vagina. As I slowly pushed my dick into her, I told her how much I loved her.

Mom wrapped her legs around me and we started to fuck hard and loud. We were both shouting our love for each other as she started to stiffen and arch her back pushing her hips into me.


I was yelling, “MOM I LOVE YOU…OH GOD…I LOVE YOU.” as I exploded into her vagina, shooting blast after blast of my semen into her womb.

Our passion spent we lay on the couch locked in our embrace. We were kissing and whispering our love to each other. I got up and held my hands out to pull her to her feet.

She got up and put her arms around me and said, “Terry, you have nothing to worry about…I will always be yours, even if there comes a time when you no longer want me.”

I looked at my Mother and told her, “Mom, there will never come a time when I will no longer want you.”

“I hope so,” she sighed.

We went upstairs and showered together. It was a very enjoyable experience. Afterwards, we came down and had breakfast and went to the church to help Rachel out, serving the food she had prepared.

Mom left for work at 1530 hrs (3:30 PM). I was sitting on the living room couch, watching TV and vegging out. Rachel walked into the room and asked, “Whatcha watchin?”

I looked up said, “One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.”

Rachel giggled, “OH who…Where is she?” as she looked around.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my lap. I put my arms around her and said, “You, you silly goose.”

“So, I’m a goose, am I?” she laughed

Holding her tight I answered, “You are MY goose…I’m going to pluck you…cook you and eat you.”

She looked me in the eyes and whispered, “I don’t know about the plucking and cooking; but if you are going to eat me like you did last night; I’m all for it!”

I pulled her into me and mashed my lips to hers. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and her tongue pushed into mine.

I reached into her blouse and began to caress her breast. She moved her hand down and unbuttoned my jeans then unzipped them. She slid her hand inside and grabbed my dick and started to stroke it. All of a sudden she stood up, pulled me up and pulled my jeans and shorts off. She pushed me back into the chair and fell to her knees. She grabbed my dick and started to kiss it. She licked up and down the shaft of my dick.

Rachel looked up at me and smiled she took my dick in both hands and brought her lips to the tip and took it into her mouth. She began to suck on the head of my dick. Ever so slowly she began to take more and more of my dick into her mouth. All the while she was using her tongue along the sides of my dick.

I put my head back and began to moan. I put my hands on Rachel’s head and held it to my crotch. I began to hump her mouth.

I moaned, “Rachel, that feels so good…Oh God…I’M GOING TO CUM.”

Rachel sucked even harder. I stiffened and began to shoot into her mouth. Rachel sucked and sucked. She swallowed all of the cum I shot into her mouth. She didn’t miss a drop.

When I finally stopped, Rachel licked the tip of my dick removing all traces of cum.

She looked up at me and smiled.

She laughed as she said, “Looks like the goose has eaten you.”

I took her hands and brought her up to me.

I hugged her close and whispered, “That was wonderful, and having you do it to me made it so much more fantastic.”

“I didn’t know if you would like it, I never did that before…but now that I know it gives you pleasure I intend on doing it a lot,” she said as she nuzzled her face into my neck.

I lifted her face to mine and softly kissed her lips. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. I unhooked her bra and took it off. Reaching down I removed her jeans and her panties at the same time.

I looked at her and marveled at how beautiful my darling sister was.

She smiled at me and said, “Like what you see?”

“You are so beautiful Rachel…sometimes I can’t believe that you would want me.”

Rachel took my face in her hands and between kisses she softly said. “Baby brother, you are the only one I want, have always wanted and will always want. Come to me my sweet lover, come and make me yours again.”

Rachel lay back and spread her legs for me. I rose up and positioned my self between her out stretched legs. She took my dick in her hand and rubbed it over her vaginal lips spreading her lubrication over my dick. Then she guided it into her. I pushed and she moaned as I entered her most holy of holies.

Our lovemaking was slow and tender; I didn’t want to cause her any pain. I was ever so gentle with her, moving my dick in and out of her vagina in slow easy strokes.

I kissed her lips, her face, neck over and over. I kissed my way down to her neck and then to her chest, coming finally to her most wonderful breasts. I began to kiss them, licking and sucking her nipples.

Rachel was holding my head to her chest telling me to suck her breasts, that she loved the feeling of my feeding on her. All the while she was moving her hips in rhythm with my strokes into her.

Slowly as our passions mounted the speed of our lovemaking increased, as did the volume of our whispered love.

Finally, I raised her legs until her knees were up around my shoulders. She was totally opened to me as I pounded my dick into her.

She moaned and thrashed underneath me, saying, “Make me yours, Terry. I only want to be yours. Make me your woman…I want you and only you.”

I panted, “You are mine and only mine. I have you and will never give you up. I want you and will always want you.”

Rachel then wrapped her legs around me and locked me into her as her whole body stiffened. Realizing that my sister was cumming sent me over the edge and I began to shoot load after load of my cum into her body.

When we calmed down we continued to lie on the couch still joined. I told Rachel I wanted to stay inside her for a while longer.

She said, “I want you in me all of the time.”

Then she giggled, “But, that could cause some problems when we went out or someone came over for a visit.”

I hugged her tight and said, “You are a silly goose.”

She nuzzled me and said, “Yes I am and I’m your silly goose.”

At that moment I knew that I never wanted to give her up. I wanted to be with her forever.

We got up off the couch and had dinner, and spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching TV. We went up to bed at around 2300 hrs (11:00 PM). As this was a Saturday night, the restaurant would be closing late and Mom wouldn’t be home until after 0200 hrs. (2:00 am).

Rachel and I made love again, and once again I filled her with my cum.

I went back to my room around 0145 hrs (1:45 am). Rachel was asleep even before I closed her door.

I heard Mom come in around 0230 hrs. (2:30 am). She came up stairs quietly looked in on Rachel and then came down the hall and opened my bedroom door. I looked up and said, “How was your night, Mom?”

Mom smiled and walked toward my bed, “It was tough, up until now. But I have a feeling that it’s going to improve now.”

As she came close I pulled the blanket down. Mom unbuttoned her blouse and skirt and dropped them to the floor. She reached up and unclasped her bra and then dropped her panties. She got into the bed, pushed me to my back and straddled my hips.

Once again my dick was hard. Looking at Mom, crouched above me was a real turn on. She just stayed there for a few moments. It seemed like she was savoring the anticipation of our lovemaking. Then she lowered herself, taking my dick into her body.

She slowly lowered her hips until I was completely in her. We slowly and tenderly started to move. There was no wild passion in our lovemaking. We were in control at all times. Even when we achieved orgasm it was quiet and reserved, but no less pleasurable.

The rest of my two weeks home followed the same pattern. Making love to Mom late at night and in the early morning, and loving Rachel in the afternoons and evenings.

Finally. I had to return to South Carolina. Mom, Rachel and Uncle Freddy took me to the airport and stayed by the gate until my plane took off. Naturally, Mom and Rachel cried. Uncle Freddy fought back his tears as did I. It was difficult leaving my two loves.

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Great writing. Excellent story.
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a 5
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that was awsome i realy enjoyed this im giving this a 5
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beautiful love story
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just going to say theres 3 series altogether and each are quite long but all have a rating of 5. about mom and sis thing you just have to wait
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That was Beautiful Thank you. Now, did you get one last leave B4 going to Nam? If so, did your Sis find out about Mom, etc. Let us know. V=5

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