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A Son’s Love for his Mother – Part IV

A Son’s Love for his Mother – Part IV


The next morning Brian’s mother woke at about four o’clock. She lay there in bed thinking about the previous three mornings and what she and her son had done. How she has tried not to give into temptation but has failed miserably. As she lay there waiting for the alarm to go off so her husband will get up, get ready for work, and again leave the two of them alone. As she thinks about her son’s naked body and his cock and how it feels to be fucked by him, again tears well up in her eyes.


The alarm finally goes off and her husband rolls out of bed. She pretends to be asleep and wait for him to leave…a wait that seems to be an eternity. But, her mind keeps telling her to jump up and beg him to stay, to be with her so she won’t have to face another morning of forbidden temptation. However, she feels a soft peck on her check and then hears the bedroom door gently closing.


Across the hall, Brian hears his father’s footsteps in the hall and then down the stairs. He lays there listening for the car to leave their driveway. As soon as he hears the engine disappear down the street his cock becomes fully erect and he moves to his bedroom door. He knows in the back of his mind that this is wrong, that sons don’t fuck their mothers, that this is incest. He knows that his mother is fighting within herself to not give in to her sexual desires. But, he can’t help himself he loves his mother and he loves her body.


He opens his door and creeps across the hall, pauses at his mother and father’s bedroom door then softly knocks, as before he doesn’t wait for an answer before opening the door. Mostly because he is afraid his mother will tell him to go away. He opens the door and looks to the bed; he is astonished at what he sees. The bed is fully made with the silky, light blue bedspread with the gold thread running through it. The pillow shams are pushed up against the head board and there in the middle of the bed on her back with one leg bent at the knee and the other leg spread slightly exposing herself to anyone coming through the door is his mother…stark naked.


She smiles at him, stretches out her arms and say, “Come to mother.” Brian, moves to the bed, crawls up onto it and enters his mother’s arms. They kiss…at first a rather platonic, loving kiss then as the thought of his mother’s naked body fills his mind and the sexual arousal of the feel of his skin against her skin stimulates him, the kiss becomes more passionate, more forceful, more erotic, as he forces…a force finding little resistance…his tongue into her mouth. Surprising both of them she eagerly sucks his tongue in and lets her own tongue twirl and dance with the welcomed invader, and the tips of their tongues touch as if the tongues were kissing one another.


Brian’s moved his hand up to fondle his mother’s breast, caressing it, kneading it, running his finger around the nipple feeling the goose bumps rise on her areola. They were locked in passion with the kiss going on and on with first one tongue in the other’s mouth then switching as the defending tongue became the aggressor and moved to the other’s mouth. Mouths wide open, kissing hard and long, lips against lips, heads moving ever so slightly to add the sensation friction between lips. It was a kiss even her husband had not bestowed on her in many years. Then when Brian pinched her hard nipple she came as close as she had ever come to an orgasm with out any pussy stimulation.


Brian broke the kiss and moved to his mother’s neck, licking it, kissing it. She moved her head up and to the side allowing him access. She loved to have her neck kissed it was one of her sensitive erogenous zones. He sucked in on her neck giving her hickie. But, she didn’t care she was being made love to by someone who truly loved her. He moved from her neck down to her breasts finding the one he had been playing with. The nipple was hard, protruding, waiting. He looked at it; it was so beautiful with its tan areola and ever so slightly darker nipple. Brian became a child again lowering his head to the nipple and sucking it into his mouth. He sucked on it as if expecting the worm, nourishing milk he received as a baby. She loved the hard suction on her nipple, the force with which he was pulling it into his mouth. She reached down and supported her breast, pushing it into his mouth. Then as if it had gone dry, Brian moved to the other breast and started milking it with lips and mouth.


Brian’s mother was so caught up in the fervor of the moment and her loins ached so from the near orgasm and the leaking of her lubrication fluids that she instinctively pushed his head from her breasts, pushing him down her body, down as far as her bellybutton, where he lingered momentarily to let the tip of his tongue feel the small hole before intuitively moving down farther and farther until his kissing lips entered the forest of her pubic hair. Her legs were already spread wide and waiting for the invasion of his lushes lips, the lips that so captivated her own lips only a few moments ago.


Now so close the aroma emanating from her filled his nostrils with a desire more intense than ever before. Without hesitation, he continued down and with hormones at full throttle he vigorously ate at the trough of his mother’s pussy. Licking and sucking and kissing and licking and lapping up any liquid his tongue could find. He found her inner lips and sucked them into his mouth, savoring the silky smooth skin and flavor so foreign to his taste buds, yet so delicious that he could not stop gorging himself. His tongue found an opening and he knew what opening it was, it was where he had fucked his mother the morning before and the morning before that and the morning before that. But, this time he started fucking that hole with his tongue. Darting in and out, in and out, in and out then pushing it in trying to see how far he could get it inside his mother.


Meanwhile, his mother was going into a frenzy on the bed her head moving from side to side franticly, her hands reaching down to pull his head deeper between her legs, but stopping inches from him as her fingers stiffened and her body arched up against him. He was starving and she was the horn of plenty. The term, ‘eating her out’ was never truer than Brian’s gorging himself on his mother. Finally, she grabbed his head and pulling him up her slit she cried out, “Find my clit, find my clit.” His tongue was franticly searching for what he did not know. Within seconds it ran across a bump within her smooth cunt. He quickly moved his tongue back to the bump and poked at it. “Yes, yes that’s it, that’s it.” She screamed and instantaneously went into a convulsion of an orgasm of the likes she could not remember. She could hardly remember this one once it was over, as she nearly blacked out. Her body went into spasms, her hips started bucking, and her moans would make anyone think she was in pure agony rather than the sheer rapture of the climax of climaxes. The frenzy frightened Brian and he started to pull away, but his mother’s hands were already on his head and holding him to her with such force he was unable to move. He continued to lick that bud that had grown beneath his tongue. Liquid squirted everywhere, on his face, in his mouth, down between her legs and ass cheeks forming a large wet area on the light blue bedspread with the gold thread.


It didn’t take Brian long to realize he had done something special for his mother. As she came back down to earth her convulsions subsided, her hands fell away from his head and her body went limp on the bed. Brian rose up and looked down at his mother’s gaping pussy. It looked beautiful, pink skin surrounded by a tangled carpet of pubic hair.


He crawled up his mother’s body and kissed her again, a long passionate kiss, but not hard and forced but loving and soft. As he kissed her, he reached down, took his cock in hand, caressed his mother’s pussy slit then sunk his cock, to the hilt, into his mother’s still throbbing cunt. She wrapped her arms around his back as his chest pushed down onto her mounds of flesh, tissue, and nipples. His hips started to rise and fall slowly with long smooth strokes. He was no longer the impatient teenager wanting to hump the first pussy that came along; he was learning to enjoy the experience of sex, of doing it with someone you loved, of sharing the pleasure with them.


His mother’s hips started gently moving under him as he glided in and out of her twat. Her hands slid down his back and she dug her fingernails into his ass as she started pulling him into her encouraging him to pick up the pace. She whispered in his ear as his hips quickened and his thrusts became more powerful, “Fuck me, baby, fuck mommy.” Brian put his arms around his mother’s neck, kissed her, and then buried his face in the crook of her neck as he started driving his cock into her with an erotic obsession to fulfill their need for one another. Faster and faster, now he felt the burning desire for release building in his body and his penis screaming for more friction, so the faster he jabbed his dick into her and the more she whimpered, “Yes, yes, yes, yes.”


She heard Brian starting to moan and whine in her hear between the grunts as he was fucking with the force and speed of a jackhammer. She knew he was getting close and she could feel another climax building within herself. The sheer thought of her son again filling cavity with the seed of his loins increased her own excitement to a point where she was loosing control and began shouting, “Oh my baby, give it to me, fuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee. Cum baby cum, do it to me, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhhh fill me up, I want to feel you put it in me.” At that point no matter how hard he fought it, he could contain his sperm no longer and slammed down into his mother firing off cannon blast after cannon blast.


His mother felt his warm shots of milky cream filling her, his garbled groans and she, too, let loose her own pleasure sensations. She clamped down so hard with her pussy muscles that she almost forced his cock out of her if it weren’t for the tight grip he had on her, and the force and depth with which he had slammed his final plunge into her. It almost became a war within her cunt with her trying to push him out and he pushing back into her just as hard. The sensation drove their joint orgasms to greater heights.


When they were finished Brian started to get up to go back to his room as he had in the past, but his mother held onto him saying, “Stay, lay her with mommy, hold me.” And he did. This time there were no tears.


To Be Continued


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Posted 07 Feb 2014 14:37
Great story with just the right amount of guilty pleasure and fantastic fucking.
Posted 15 Jan 2014 00:23
Just excellent
Posted 06 Dec 2013 10:25
Good and nice story it make me jerk off
Posted 05 Oct 2013 04:24
Ah, relief - so well done! I hope you continue with another and they are being fulfilled!
thank you
Posted 28 Aug 2013 18:14
So hot It reminds me of the day i lost my virginity to my step mother...
Posted 25 Apr 2013 13:23
good story
Posted 05 Apr 2011 21:54
My god, I love this story. I think everyone would love this story more if the mother gets pregnant. I know I absolutely love love love dramatics in books, so keep writing!
Posted 05 Feb 2011 09:35
Amazing series. Read all 4 parts. Voted a five on each. Is there more?? "V=5+++."
Posted 24 Sep 2009 15:45
Just a wonderful story
Posted 16 Dec 2007 01:05
Mom son incest at its best ,the desire to penetrate her must be overpowering as is her desire to accept her sons sperm .This can only lead to impregnation desired by both.
Posted 29 Nov 2007 19:47
dude this is so amazing i think u should keep going untill he gets to the part were he pregnants his mom, men i love this story that i wish i could do this to my mom.... can i ask u a question thoe have u done this to ur mom or something cuz this are such total amazing stories... send me ur reply and if u have more of this send it to me at

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