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A Very Special Love 3

November 16, Hartford vs. Mount St. Mary's
After playing the first three games of the season on the road, we finally played our first home game on November 16 against Mount St. Mary's. Billy was one heck of a standout in his first home game of the season scoring 45 points and 18 rebounds as the Hawks defeated Mount St. Mary's 85-45.

Throughout the entire game, I was proudly cheering on my brother as he was continuing to set the basketball world on fire with his prolific shooting and point scoring. At the same time, however, every time I saw him take the court, I started to develop those wet feelings of lust as Billy's athletic body performed a magnificent display of athletic artistry in front of the sellout crowd. 

After the game we met out in the lobby. I told him what a great game he played.

"Well, well," I said. "Here comes the player of the year in the America East."

"Come on now," Billy replied. "Knock it off."

"Why?" I asked.

"The season's young yet, besides there are a lot of great players from other schools in the conference such as Stony Brook, Binghamton, Boston University, Albany etc. who will give me a run for the award," replied Billy.

"You're right," I replied 

"All right then," Billy said. "Let's go back to the apartment."

And with that we walked back to our apartment.


We returned to our apartment where we took off our coat and settled in for the night. Billy went into the bathroom to take a shower as I sat on the couch watching TV. As I laid back on the couch I heard water running out of the shower. It was Billy taking a shower to clean up. At the sound of the shower, I began to feel considerably horny. I began to feel the sensations of my very own pussy getting wet just from hearing my brother take a shower in the bathroom. I immediately began to take my clothes off. Afterwards, I proceeded to get my purse and take out a large sized dildo that I have kept there in case I had the urge to fuck my brother when we go out on the road.

I began to play with myself sliding my beautiful toy in and out of my wet and sopping pussy. I moaned in excitement imagining that it was Billy's big cock in there instead of my dildo. I played with it for a few more minutes until I was ready to cum all over myself.

"Oh god, I'm CUMMMING!," I screamed. "I'm CUMMING!"

Then, all of a sudden, Billy came out of the shower and came into the living room standing in front of me. Wearing nothing but his bathrobe, Billy asked me if I was all right.

"Are you all right, Jessica?" Billy asked.

"Why, yes," I replied.

"What's going on?" Billy asked.

"While you were taking a shower, I was thinking of you," I answered. "I was thinking of the beautiful way you make love to me."

Billy then took off his robe to reveal his beautiful naked body.

"Is this what you were thinking about, sis?" Billy asked.

I didn't have to answer him. I just took his beautiful cock and placed it in my mouth sucking it to beautiful ecstasy.

"Oh, sis," Billy moaned. "I love the way you suck my cock."

I kept on sucking that beautiful specimen until it was as big and hard as a rock.

"That's it," Billy said. "Keep it up."

And I did keep it up. Soon Billy's cock was as big as I had hoped it would be. 

Then Billy pulled me up off the couch and he began to suck my tits. Billy's tit sucking skills were amazing. Billy took both of my nice big globes and after he would knead them began to not only suck my tits but also my nipples as well. the licking of my tender nipples not only made them feel sensitive but also hard as well.

Then Billy went down on his knees to lick that already wet pussy of mine.

"Were you thinking about me when you placed that thing of yours inside your pussy?" Billy asked.

"Yes I did," I answered. "And it's not a thing, it's a dildo."

"Alright then. I believe you," Billy said.

Billy kept licking my beautiful shaved pussy for 10 minutes. I was once again feeling very excited about the thought of cumming for my brother.

"Oh Billy," I said. "You're so special. I love you."

"I love you, too, sis," Billy said.

Billy and I the sat on the couch where we 69ed together. I sucked Billy's cock while Billy licked my pussy. It was a very special moment as the two of us were combining out two special skills together in very hot sexual bliss.

After a while, I climbed up on top of Billy and I performed a reverse cowgirl position on him. Billy was enjoying the thought of me, his sister, riding on top of him. My riding strokes were slow and gentle for we wanted to make this session last. There is something romantic about a brother and sister in hot sexual bliss. So what if it's incest. We knew that it was meant to be and that we were destined to be lovers together no matter what society said about it.

We both got up from the couch, and we went on the floor together where we performed the missionary position. Billy fucked my pussy with wild abandon. he pushed his big and beautiful cock into my pussy going back and forth first slowly and then faster.

The pace picked up as Billy and I were getting very used to the routine of fucking. His big cock was a fine tuned machine. It was kept in good shape just by keeping it clean and busy with sex.

Our conversation told the story of just how we felt about our incestuous relationship:

"Oh my god, Billy, You're doing me good!" I said.

"Oh, Jessica, I don't care if you're my sister. I think you're the best girl friend I ever had!" Billy screamed.

"That's it, fuck me, Billy, fuck me!" I screamed.

"Keep it up, Jessica!" Billy shouted.

"I am, Billy, I am!" I shouted.

We kept fucking our brains out for what seemed forever. And then just like that, Billy started to cum.

"I'm going to shoot! I'm going to cum on you!" Billy screamed.

"Me too!" I screamed. 

And just like that both Billy and I suddenly came at the same time. Billy shot his hoy creamy load all over my body as wave after wave of cum landed all over my body. At the same time I shot another load of cum all inside my body. The feelings of released cum excited the both of us as we soon collapsed and lay on the floor together in exhaustion.

"Wow, that was a good fuck!" I told Billy.

"Thanks sis," Billy answered.

Billy and I then went into the shower together to not only clean up but also to engage in some hot sexual foreplay. Billy once again placed his huge cock into my pussy and we fucked like two crazy lovers together. Billy and I were going at it with wild abandon for about ten minutes fucking standing up. all this time, Billy was soaping up my beautiful body and washing it to lustrous cleanliness. I, in turn, was giving Billy a beautiful washing over, after all after a hard day of classes and basketball practice he needed some tender loving care and comfort.

We fucked together for a few minutes more before Billy shot another load of cum on the shower floor.

"Oh my god, Jessica," Billy screamed. "I'm CUMMING! I'm CUMMMING!"

"Me too, Billy," I screamed. "Me too!"

That was twice in a row that Billy and I had hot sex together. Twice in a row we discovered that we would be fated to spend the rest of our lives together as lovers and that all that crap against incest be damned.

After the shower, we climbed into bed together naked. After the long day Billy and I both had it was time to get some sleep.

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